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									                                OBAP Summer Ace Camps
                             Programs and Services Committee
                               Proposed 2006 Camp Schedule
          The Program and services committee is in the planning stages for the 2006 Summer Ace Program

          There will be several Ace camps that will be sponsored and funded entirely by their local
          communities or other solicited organizations and will be planned and are noted as such.

          All camps will be conducted in accordance with the Ace camp procedures and policy manual.
          There will be an extensive revision of the current manual, which will be distributed to each camp
          director no later than May 2006. This revision will incorporate basic Ace camp policy, start-up
          procedures, insurance policy, procedural guidelines etc. This will assist in standardizing basic Ace
          camp set-up but is not intended to limit individual camp creativity and methods by which it
          provides a full aviation experience for its students.

          Ace program national director is Cliff Curtis. His e-mail is lleecurtis@aol.com and can be reached at (703)

         The following are the proposed Ace camps and Flight academies for the 2006 summer season.
         There will be an update with specific camp dates to the website as they become available.

        Location             Dates                Director               E-mail                     Budget

   1. Dallas                 June 6-10                Greg Mazyck         airmazyck@earthlink.net

   2. Memphis                June 12-16            Frank Wallace         flwallace@email.com

  3. Southern Illinois       July 17-21            Bill Norwood         BillNorwood727@Aol.com
Wings of Charity

   4.   Ontario              Cancelled             Houston Mills       flt1hmx@ups.com

   5. San Antonio            July 10-15             Calvin Allen        Callen43@earthlink.net

 6. Pensacola            June 12-17                Craig Abernathy          CraigAB737@aol.com
 7. DC/Virginia          June 26-30                Robert Newkirk          newkirkr@alum.mit.edu

 8. Seattle                TBD                  M. Fambles                mfambles@hotmail.com

 9. Louisville           June 25-30                Raymond Robinson        Robinshood@hotmail.com

10. Atlanta              July 17-21                Guy Stallworth          Guystallworth@aol.com
    Ace 1

11. Atlanta            July 24-28                Guy Stallworth                 Guystallworth@aol.com
    Ace 2

12. Atlanta              July 10-14                Guy Stallworth          Guystallworth@aol.com

13. Los Angeles        July 10-14                Eric Braxton            Embrax@cs.com
    Ace 1

14. Los Angeles    Sept 30, Oct 7, 14, 21,26      Eric Braxton             Embrax@cs.com
    Adv Ace

15. Dover Delaware       June 26-July 1           James Gordon            Aceobap@cs.com

16. Phoenix            May 30-June 2             Mike Toliver             toly1@cox.net

17. Denver            June 1-2                  Steve Stevens            sspilot141@aol.com

Yergey Insurance will write the policies again this year to cover liability for the camps. The estimated cost
for insurance will be 10,000.00

Total Budget request including insurance is 50,000

Camp dates will be updated as soon as the information is available, please refer to the website for the most
current information.

Respectfully Submitted
Clifton W. Curtis Jr.
National Ace Camp Director

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