Updating CAND Firmware

					Updating Firmware for the CAND Series NAS Disk Array

Open the NAS configuration utility by opening your web browser and choosing from the
following options:

      If you have your NAS connected directly to your computer’s network adapter, go to:

      If you have a 2-bay CAND Series set to default, go to: http://nas

      If you have a 4-bay CAND Series set to default, go to: http://gigabit-nas

      If you changed the network name of your CAND, go to: http://”your set name”

Follow the instructions below to update your NAS Firmware. Refer to the screen shot, whose
numbers correspond with the steps below.

NOTE: Before starting installation, you must disconnect the hard drives from your CAND case.
To do this, make sure your CAND is turned off, open the enclosure, and disconnect the drives.
Then turn on the CAND (with the drives disconnected) and follow the steps on the next page.
After completing the update process, you may turn off your CAND and reconnect the drives.

If you need assistance disconnecting and reconnecting your drives, contact customer support
at: customersupport@cavalrystorage.com
Step 1: Click “Control Panel”

Step 2: Click “Maintenance” and then “Firmware Upgrade.”

Step 3: Click “Browse” to search for the Firmware file on your computer. If you have not
already downloaded the Firmware update, you may do so by going to
www.cavalrystorage.com/su_download.htm and clicking on “CAND Firmware Update.”

Step 4: Double-click the Firmware file.

Step 5: Click “Start Upgrade” to update the firmware. This may take several minutes.

NOTE: Never turn off your unit during the firmware upgrade procedure. This may damage
your device and render it unusable. If for any reason (e.g. loss of power during firmware
upgrade) the procedure fails, there is a chance your device may be inoperable.

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