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					                                                                                       All that is Argentine wine
                                                                                                             ISSUE No. 5

                                                               INSIDER’S GUIDE TO MENDOZA

                                                                          Private Vineyard Estates - Uco Valley, Mendoza

Welcome to Mendoza! We are excited to share our secrets   offer accessible in a single location, we opened
for experiencing this region. Mendoza is wonderful,       Argentina's first tasting room where you can taste
but sometimes it can be tough to get around with          more than 100 of the greatest Argentine wines - from
many of the best spots well-hidden. We have               different bodegas and all price levels. We also
developed this guide to help you experience the best      developed our Private Vineyard Estates, which offers
of what Mendoza has to offer. The places listed are       people the opportunity to own a small vineyard (3-10
simply the places where we eat, drink and send our        acres) and make their own wine.
friends and family when they come to visit - none of
them have paid to be included.                            Enjoy your time in Mendoza, and if we or our team can
                                                          be of any assistance or if you have any questions, just
The Vines of Mendoza                                      let us know.
We met over five years ago - a tourist from the U.S.      Michael Evans and Pablo Giménez Riili
and a Mendoza lawyer whose family has been making         Co-founders
wine for generations. Together we saw Mendoza
becoming a truly world-class wine destination. In
order to make the breadth of wines Mendoza has to

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
  1. Visit The Vines of Mendoza's Tasting Room- and add   5. Bring cash (pesos), as many wineries do not accept
  50 bodegas to your trip in one stop!                    credit cards.
  2. Make reservations for all bodegas and restaurants.   6. Tours generally last 60-90 minutes.
  3. Plan on visiting only 3-4 bodegas per day.           7. Some bodegas are closed Saturday and Sunday, so
                                                          call ahead.
  4. Plan your trip by region - Maipú, Lujan de Cuyo or
  Uco Valley.                                             8. Hire a remise (unmarked numbered taxi) for the day

                                                     Ruta 89 s/n - Gualtallary - Tupungato
                                                     (02622) 423-226 -
                                                     Ensconce yourself in this scenic setting and experience authentic
                                                     Argentine cuisine created in the warm exhibition-style kitchen.

                                                    La Vencedora y La Costa - Tupungato
                                                    (0261) 155-080261 -
                                                    Enjoy a multi-course, intimate lunch at this beautifully appointed
                                                    cocina situated on the grounds of Bodega Altus. Savor the classic
                                                    Argentine tapas and dishes featuring fresh herbs and vegetables.

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
Ruta Nacional N°7 Km 1059 - Agrelo - Luján de Cuyo
(0261) 562-8357 -                       (0261) 498-9400
Indulge in a five-course exquisite wine pairing luncheon
situated at the winery with commanding vistas of the snow-      La Bourgogne, at Bodega Vistalba, features famed chef Jean-
capped Andes.                                                   Paul Bondoux’s signature blend of classic French techniques
                                                                and premium local ingredients.
MELIPAL                                                         CLOS DE CHACRAS
Ruta N°7 Km 1056 - Agrelo - Luján de Cuyo                       Monte Líbano 1025 - Chacras de Coria - Luján de Cuyo
(0261) 524-8040 -                         (0261) 496-0321 -
Chef Lucas Bustos creates a multi-course lunch offering with    This family winery offers the best of all worlds - lush
all the essence and tradition of Argentine cuisine. Feel        Argentine wines with a decadent traditional Italian menu.
welcomed by the warm hospitality and leave perfectly sated.     Indulge in a tasting of their boutique wines and stay for a
                                                                relaxed lunch amidst tangled vines and high mountain peaks.
                                                                URBAN AT O.FOURNIER
Carril Perito Moreno 572 - Coquimbito - Maipú
(0261) 481-3501 -                            Calle Los Indios s/n - La Consulta - San Carlos
                                                                (2622) 451-579 - (261) 154-671021 -
This relaxed patio setting overlooks the vineyards and offers
lighter gourmet fare including soups, salads and sandwiches     The owner’s wife expertly prepares lunches in this
paired with Tempus Alba's delicious wines.                      contemporary restaurant, melding Argentine, Spanish and
                                                                Mediterranean traditions to create innovative dishes.

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
Ruta 89 s/n - Los Árboles - Tunuyán                            Ruta Prov. N°86 Km 30 - San José - Tupungato
(02622) 4295000 -                      (0261) 156 855184 -
Look out at the dramatic rise of the Andes from this modern    Tour the cutting-edge Atamisque winery and visit their cozy
restaurant that offers a delicious assortment of regional      restuarant that specializes in trout - a welcome respite from
dishes made from local ingredients. Pair with any of the       an overabundance of meat. They source almost everything
wines and create a perfect match.                              from their own property.


                                                              Housed inside Bodega Escorihuela, 1884 features Francis
                                                              Mallmann’s exquisite dishes made with seasonal ingredients.
                                                              Opt for a coveted garden table for a glimpse of the traditional
                                                              wood-fire oven.

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm

Juan B. Justo 161 - Mendoza City
(0261) 425-1818 -
Offering one of the best outdoor dining spaces in town, the      Azafrán, meaning saffron, exudes the warmth and exoticism
French-influenced menu is packed with rich, tantalizing          of the spice that inspired its name. Chefs cook meat to
fare. This is an ideal spot for a café cortado, afternoon        perfection and lend a creative touch to each dish from this
cocktail or a full meal.                                         eclectic menu. Choose a bottle of wine from the restaurant's
                                                                 vast "library" (where you can also request to sit).

(0261) 439-4838                                                  This warm, festive restaurant/bar is where locals come to
                                                                 nibble, sip and be seen (especially at the sidewalk tables).
Ask Mendocinos where to find the best steak in town and          Traditional fare with a modern twist pairs perfectly with a
they will undoubtedly direct you to Don Mario. This no-frills    bottle from their selection of local wines.
Argentine parrilla is famous for its hefty portions of bife de
chorizo (sirloin steak) and bife de lomo (filet mignon).

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm

                                                                  Belgrano 1069 - Mendoza City
                                                                  (0261) 420-4322
Francesco’s sophisticated menu, elegant ambiance and              This family-run restaurant is both quaint and cozy, offering
attentive wait staff make for truly exceptional Italian dining.   delicious and fresh plates including sandwiches and salads.
Excellent meat and pasta dishes in a beautiful and romantic       If you are looking for something on the lighter side after a
outdoor garden await at this centrally located restaurant.        full day of wine tasting, this is the place to go.

GRILL Q PARRILLA                                                  PH PUBLIC HOUSE AT DAMAJUANA
Chile 1124 - Mendoza City                                         Aristides Villanueva 282 - Mendoza City
(0261) 441-1225 -                      (0261) 155-684384 -
A new venue for traditional Argentine asado located in the        Looking for a good cocktail? PH located in Hostel Damajuana
Park Hyatt. They serve authentic Argentine meats in a cozy        has the best in town, not to mention the people-watching.
atmosphere. Join in the craze for delectable bife de chorizo,
lomo de cerdo and heavenly matambre.

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
          -                                                    BODEGA BENEGAS
Cobos 2601 - Perdriel                                          Acceso Sur y Ruta 60 (Carril Araoz 1600) - Mayor Drummond
(0261) 488-1131                                                (0261) 496-0794 / (0261) 496-3078                                                           
                                                               A historic treasure, constructed in 1901, this bodega is one
Passionately committed to producing small quantities of
                                                               of the oldest wineries in Mendoza with ancient vines growing
fine red wine, this boutique winery scored 95+ points in
                                                               along the banks of the Mendoza river. All grapes for their
The Wine Advocate with their 2007 Finca Altamira Malbec.       wines are estate-grown and th wines are quickly garnering
Santiago Achával also leads the winemaking team at The         international prestige.
Vines of Mendoza Private Vineyard Estates in the Uco Valley.   *Our Pick: Sangiovese
                                                               Cochabamba 7725 - Agrelo
                                                               (0261) 524-9161/62
                                                               Be sure to make a reservation at this beautiful family-run
                                                               winery. Owner/winemaker Walter Bressia designed his
                                                               winery after an old train station. He crafts delicate wines
                                                               in small quantities using the highest quality grapes and
                                                               technology with a "minimalist" philosophy.
                                                               *Our Pick: Conjuro

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
J. Cobos s/n- Agrelo                                            Bajo las Cumbres 9003 - Agrelo
(0261) 413-1100                                                 (0261) 524 4748                              
Learn about one of Argentina’s great winemaking families,       Decero is one of the most visually impressive new wineries
along with the microclimates, soils and elevation that define   in Mendoza. Both the architecture and the views are
the Mendoza terroir.                                            unmatched and their wines - Malbec, Cabernet, Petit Verdot
                                                                and Syrah - follow suit. Their restaurant is open Saturday
                                                                and Sunday (reservations required).
                                                                *Our Pick: Petit Verdot
Ruta Provincial 86 Km 6.5 - Agrelo                              EL LAGAR CARMELO PATTI
(0261) 155-076426                                      San Martin 2614 - Mayor Drummond                                           (0261) 498-1379 / 155-601020
Eduardo Pulenta has created a simple and casually elegant       Carmelo personally conducts tours, drawing wine straight
winery with beautiful concrete construction, where an           from the barrel. If your Spanish isn't fluent, bring a translator
informative tour and impressive tasting are offered. We’ve      as you don't want to miss this charming wine legend's
never met a Pulenta Estate wine that we didn’t like.            anecdotes and philosophies on winemaking.
*Our Pick: Gran Corte                                           *Our Picks: Gran Assemblage

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
MELIPAL                                                         MENDEL
Ruta 7 km 1056 - Agrelo                                         Terrada 1863 - Mayor Drummond
(0261) 524-8040                                                 (0261) 524-1621                                                                 
This state-of-the-art winery, surrounded by some of             This charming winery wins you over not only with their
Mendoza’s oldest vineyards, is one of the area’s most up-       amazing wines, but also with their gracious hospitality. The
and-coming producers. Family owned and operated, you will       wines are made by famed Argentine winemaker Roberto de
feel welcomed by their warm reception.                          la Mota, who is unquestionably dedicated to producing
*Our Pick: Malbec Reserva                                       singular wines from their 80 year-old vineyards.
                                                                *Our Pick: Mendel Unus
                                                                Brandsen 1863 - Luján de Cuyo
                                                                (0261) 524 4416 - 524 4417
(0261) 498-9400

Carlos Pulenta created this lovely winery to offer guests       Their popular and hip wines reflect the synergy between
luscious wines, luxury accommodations and La Bourgone,          joint winemakers Alberto Antonini, one of the most renowned
a world-class French restaurant. Take a break from wine         winemakers from Italy, and Mendocinean Héctor Durigutti.
tasting and sit outside to enjoy one of Mendoza's best dining   They offer informative and interesting tastings - try their
experiences (with more wine, of course).                        wine blending session.
*Our Picks: Corte A and Corte B                                 *Our Pick: Punto Final Reserva

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
MELIPAL                                                           TEMPUS ALBA
Ruta 7 km 1056 - Agrelo                                           Carril Perito Moreno 572 - Coquimbito
(0261) 524-8040                                                   (0261) 481-3501 / 528-3885                                                                     
This state-of-the-art winery, surrounded by some of               The Biondolillo family shares every detail of the
Mendoza’s oldest vineyards, is one of the area’s most up-         technological and manual processes that produce "honest,
and-coming producers. Family owned and operated, you will         noble, complex and unique" wines, tended, as they will
feel welcomed by their warm reception.                            proudly tell you, "Just as a father raises a son."
*Our Pick: Malbec Reserva                                         *Our Pick: Tempus Pleno

Ruta Provincial 89 s/n-Tupungato, Mendoza
(02622) 423-226
Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the Andes as you are swept
up in the tradition of the Old World and the excitement of
the New. This state-of-the-art winery is set in the spectacular
Uco Valley and offers intense wines.
*Our Pick: Pasionado

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
LA AZUL                                                           MONTEVIEJO
Ruta Provincial N° 89 - Agua Amarga - Tupungato                   Clodomiro Silva - Vista Flores - Tunuyán
(02622) 42-3593 / 42-2108                                         (02622) 42-2054                                                                 
With a commitment to contemporary, boutique artistry,             Monteviejo is the main winery in the Clos de los Siete project,
winemaker Flavia Manterola selects only a fraction of each        a dream of winemaker Michel Rolland. Owned by Catherine
season's grape harvest to produce exclusive, first-rate           Peré Vergé, who is also the proprietress of Chateau le Gay in
wines. The personalized attention at this tiny and humble         Pomerol, France, this impressive winery produces some of the
winery is a real treat.                                           best wines in the Uco Valley.
*Our pick: Malbec Reserva                                         *Our Pick: Lindaflor Malbec

O. FOURNIER                                                       SALENTEIN
Calle                       - San Carlos                          Ruta 89 esquina Elías Videla - Los Árboles - Tunuyán
(02622) 45-1579 / (0261) 154-671021                               (02622) 429500 ext 3                                   
It is well worth the trip to the southern tip of the Uco Valley   Grand production meets high style at this magnificent steel
to see this marvel of ultra-modern architecture and to taste      and concrete, cross-shaped monument to winemaking.
their award-winning tempranillo blends.                           Guides conduct dramatic tastings from behind an impressive
                                                                  marble altar.
                                                                  *Our Picks: Primus Pinot Noir

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
PARK HYATT MENDOZA                                               NH CORDILLERA

Chile 1124 - Ciudad +54(0261)441-1234/5                          España 1324 - Ciudad +54 (0261) 441-6464 |          |
Its beautifully restored 19th-century Spanish colonial facade,   NH caters to business travelers. Its four floors of minimalist,
is considered the finest hotel in the city of Mendoza.           compact rooms, half of which face Plaza San Martín, offer
Conveniently situated on the Plaza de la Independencia, the      every modern convenience.
elegant hotel features 186 guest rooms and suites decorated
in a cosmopolitan yet intimate style.

ACONCAGUA                                                        PARK SUITES

San Lorenzo 545 - Ciudad +54 (0261) 520-0500                     Mitre 753 - Ciudad +54 (0261) 413-1000 |         |
Characterized by its style and simplicity, offes standard        The Park Suites draws businesspeople during the week and
accommodation with city or mountain views, suites with living    tourists on weekends. It offers "suites," which are single
rooms and jacuzzis, and apartments with interconnecting          rooms,while its apartments accommodate up to six people.

HUENTALA HOTEL BOUTIQUE                                          POSADA SALENTEIN

Primitivo de la Reta 1007 - Ciudad +54(0261) 420-0766            Ruta 86 y Videla Finca La Pampa - Los Arboles - Tunuyán |                         +54 (02622) 42-3550 / 42-9000 |
This chic, intimate hotel, one block away from San Martin        An oasis in the foothills of the Andes, the Posada is located in
Avenue, the city's main thoroughfare, and Sarmiento Street,      the middle of the impressive Bodega Salentein vineyards. The
a popular pedestrian walkway, enjoys a spot in the heart of      inn offers five warm, tastefully decorated bedrooms.
the downtown Mendoza.

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
POSTALES DEL PLATA                                               ALTO CHACRAS LODGE

+54 (02622) 49-0102 / 496-1888 or US phone 541-963-7878          Paraiso 2861 - Chacras de Coria - Luján de Cuyo |             +54 (0261) 4963582 |
This exclusive 15-acre country retreat features Malbec           This peaceful lodge, located in Chacras de Coria, is surrounded
vineyards, tree-lined paths flanked by small streams, fruit      by vineyards, spacious gardens and a huge pool. It combines
orchards, and a swimming pool surrounded by rose gardens.        19th century charm with modern facilities you would expect
All rooms have views of the vineyards and the Andes.             for business and leisure.

FINCA ADALGISA                                                   CASA MARGOT

Pueyrredón 2222 - Chacras de Coria - Luján de Cuyo               Italia 6016, Chacras de Coria - Luján de Cuyo
+54(0261) 496-0713 / 3512 |             +54 (261) 4961877 |
This rustic winery, covering two hectares of Malbec vineyards    The only Hotel Champagnerie in Mendoza, luxuriates in the
planted in 1916, offers lodging in attractive, antique-filled    "bubbly" culture that is champagne.They offer a French Cafe
rooms. Family furniture, vineyard views.                         experience with breakfast served amidst antique and modern

CARLOS PULENTA                                                   POSTALES DEL PLATA

Roque S. Peña 3531 - Vistalba - Luján de Cuyo                    Viamonte 4762 - Chacras de Coria - Luján de Cuyo
+54 (0261) 498-9400 |                 +54 (0261) 496-1888 / 429-6210 |

Experience the luxury of Carlos Pulenta's multi-million dollar   Set against the backdrop of the glacier-draped Andes
winery first-hand . Two warm, modern 70 square meter rooms       Mountains, there are dramatic new concept wineries mingled
overlook the vineyard from the ground floor and have             with old and quaint family bodegas.
spectacular views of the Andes.

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
CAVAS WINE LODGE                                                 LARES DE CHACRAS

Costaflores s/n, Alto Agrelo M 5507, Mendoza Argentina.          Larrea 1266 Chacras de Coria | Mendoza | Argentina | tel/fax: | + 54 (0261) 410 6927 / 28          54 261 4961061 | |
Nestled in a 35 acre vineyard, Cavas Wine Lodge is     
strategically located between the best known wineries and        This country style house reflects the art of combining Andean
the magnificent Andes Mountain range.                            stone with typical desert wood, bringing out a natural, simple
                                                                 and modern look.

Belgrano 1041 Ciudad + 54 (261) 4051900
It is endowed with the most exquisite details, which provide
elegance and class to its impressive structure and its refined
services: spa, spacious rooms and La Bourgogne Restaurant.


25 de Mayo 1010 - Ciudad +54 261-524-5200 / 524-5240 |
Villaggio Hotel. Villaggio Boutique hotel is designed to meet
all the needs of a demanding market, with modern architecture,
personalized service and high technology.

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
UCO VALLEY                                                      LUJÁN DE CUYO
FLECHA DE LOS ANDES (0261) 420-4575                             ALTAVISTA (0261) 496-4684                            
FRANÇOIS LURTON (0261) 441-1100                                 CHANDON (0261) 490-9968                                      
                                                                LUIGI BOSCA (0261) 498-0437
DOMAINE ST. DIEGO (0261) 524-3762                               RUCA MALEN (0261) 562-8357                          
FAMILIA ZUCCARDI (0261) 441-0000                                SOTTANO (0261) 496-4684                               
TAPIZ (0261) 490-0202                                           VIÑA COBOS (0261) 479-0130                                      
TRAPICHE (0261) 520-7666

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
  For a departure from wine tasting, head to the mountains for rafting, ziplining and outdoor adventures. Ride through
  the Andes on horseback or hike toward the highest mountain in the Americas, Aconcagua.

  The place to go for a full day of fun - rafting, ziplining or horse riding. They have it all!
  Amigorena 86 - Mendoza City | +54 (0261) 429 6325 |

  Specializes in Mountain treks to Aconcagua and surrounding summits.
  +54 (261) 156-71967 |

  Outdoor adventure including bikes and wines, horse riding and trekking.
  San Martin 1134 - Godoy Cruz | +54 (0261) 424-3380 |

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
   If you need some help organizing your winery visits or full itineraries while you are in Mendoza, contact one of
   these tour agencies for private or group tours. They all speak English so don't worry if you haven't yet mastered
   advanced Spanish.

   AMPORA WINE TOURS                      AMAZING MENDOZA TOURS                  AVENTURA AND WINE                      
   Tel (0261) 429-2931                    Tel (0261) 423-3629                    Tel (0261) 429-3014

   KETEK                                  SOUTHERNMOST                           TASTING MENDOZA                                            
   Tel (0261) 420-1226                    Tel (0261) 155-412881                  Tel (0261) 426-6191 / 164-544322

   THE GRAPEVINE                          TROUT AND WINE                         UNCORKING ARGENTINA                  
   Tel (0261) 429-7522 / 429-6596         Tel (0261) 425-5613                    Tel (0261) 429-6955

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm

      Espejo 567, Mendoza City
      Located around the corner from the Park Hyatt Mendoza, The Vines of
      Mendoza Tasting Room offers wine lovers the chance to discover over
      90 of the very best boutique Argentine wines by-the-glass and guided
      wine flights. Visiting the Tasting Room is like adding 50 wineries to
      your visit without having to leave the city.

      Chile 1124 , Mendoza City
      Argentina’s 100 best wines are available for purchase to carry or ship
      home. Located next to the Grill Q restaurant in the prestigious Park
      Hyatt Mendoza in the center of Mendoza City, the vinoteca offers
      visitors an exceptional collection of wines to purchase or enjoy by-

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm
   ONLINE WINE SHOP AND ACEQUIA WINE CLUBS                                

   Experience Argentina's best wines from the comfort of your own home in the United States, Canada
   and Europe!

   Shop online for the most extensive collection of premium, boutique Argentine wines from small
   producers or join one of our Acequia wine clubs and explore new and unique Argentine wines,
   shipped quarterly directly to your door. For more information visit

   PRIVATE VINEYARD ESTATES                                                                        Uco Valley

   Imagine owning a private vineyard at the base of the towering Andes and crafting your own wines
   with Santiago Achával, one of Argentina’s most acclaimed winemakers. Set amidst 900 acres in
   the prestigious Uco Valley, a limited number of professionally-managed Private Vineyard Estates
   are offered in 3-10 acre parcels. | US 707 320 2699

567 Espejo (around the corner from the Park Hyatt) Mendoza 0261 438 1031 open daily 3-10 pm

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