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					                                              Kevin Earnest

                 As founder of Real Property Group, Kevin Earnest is an expert in Real
                 Estate Investing and Banking. The vision for this company came to Kevin
                 while living in Southern California. He knew that the Orlando area was
                 poised to make a significant move when he returned to the area in 2002.
                 His vision included a group of companies all aligned to take care of his
                 clients through the entire real estate investment process. Real Property
                 Group provides Real Estate, Property Management, and Construction
                 services throughout Florida. The Real Estate division is an affiliate of Real
                 Living Group.

Kevin Earnest    Kevin has 20 years of experience in the real estate and construction
 Founder / CEO   industry. He has bought and sold real estate since he was 18 years old and
                 currently owns multiple residential and commercial properties.
                 While working as Chief Operating Officer for a national, publically traded
                 bank in New England he learned the importance of building an
                 infrastructure that truly puts the client first. He has always provided a
                 premier service to his clients and is the trusted advisor to many investors
                 throughout the United States. He has been providing a one-stop-shop
                 approach to real estate investing for many years.

                 Kevin ran his father’s construction company for nearly 10 years while
                 simultaneously attaining his BS in Business Management from the
                 University of Central Florida. Using his background in construction, Kevin
                 has completed many real estate projects, including new construction and
                 rehabs on both residential and commercial properties.

                 Kevin completed his MBA in Finance from the University of Maine. He later
                 sought his fortunes in California during the dotcom boom. He raised over
                 $60 million dollars for start-up companies in the United States.

                 Kevin currently lives in Orlando with his wife and two kids.

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