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									 Sponsorship Opportunities for
Children’s and Family Activities

      For more information, please contact
       Heather Hunter, Festival Marketing

In 2006, the Texas Folklife Festival will celebrate its 35 th anniversary honoring the rich and
colorful cultures of the Lone Star State’s original pioneers. As the signature event of UTSA’s
Institute of Texan Cultures, the Texas Folklife Festival brings more than 70,000 people
together to learn about, share and celebrate diversity and cultural traditions at this annual
four-day extravaganza. Held the second week of June, the 35 th anniversary will begin
Thursday, June 8 and continue through Sunday, June 11, 2006.

Located in downtown San Antonio’s HemisFair Park, visitors are invited to engage all five
senses as they revel in a smorgasbord of ethnic foods, world music, traditional folk dance,
artistic demonstrations, crafts and children’s activities at this family reunion of cultures. What
makes this event so unique is that over 40 cultural groups from (64 counties and 99 cities)
across Texas share their traditions to ensure the legacies of these rich customs continue.

Event proceeds ensure the preservation of our state’s many ethnicities and their customs. In
today’s multicultural and global world, the Texas Folklife Festival’s purpose becomes more and
more important as we recognize the value in diversity and cultural awareness.
                                 About Sponsorship

This event is made possible through the support of our generous corporate and foundation partners,
many of which are also celebrating 35 years with us. Through their generosity, the Texas Folklife
Festival is able to continue to provide free activities and entertainment for visitors.

Through the Texas Folklife Festival’s sponsorship program, your company or organization can
position itself in a family environment and reach a diverse audience. The sponsorship opportunities
are as varied as the Festival’s programming.

The 35th anniversary of the Texas Folklife Festival is a perfect venue for you to reap the rewards of
sponsorship. When you partner with the Texas Folklife Festival, your products and/or services are
seen by a broad demographic base, all of which provide your company with an opportunity to
increase visibility, image and brand awareness.

Whether you seek to sample and promote a new product, one that is currently on the market but in
need of additional visibility and name recognition or simply want to meet and greet your customers
in a family environment, the Texas Folklife Festival is where your company needs to be.

In addition to the tangible benefits, the goodwill of knowing you are supporting cultural preservation
and promoting diversity will go a long way in enhancing your marketing efforts and overall brand.

An on-site   survey of 8,447 visitors was conducted in 2005 and reflected the following demographics:
• 60.89%     are female
• 39.11%     are male
• 46.52%     are between ages 20-50
• 47.86%     are married
• 45.72%     are single
• 48.82%     are Hispanic
• 27.36%     are Anglo

In 2004, an on-site survey of 8,896 visitors showed the following demographics:
• 64.33% are female
• 35.67% are male
• 56.34% are between ages 21-50
• 45.04% are married
• 51.98% single
• 40% are Hispanic
• 33.68% are Anglo
                               Sponsorship Benefits

As a sponsor of one of the children’s and family activities, your company will reach a targeted audience,
which w ill positively affect your corporate image and imprint your company’s name with this market. We
welcome the opportunity to discuss other promotions of your company’s products and services.

              •   Named recognition as the activity sponsor in the San Antonio
                  Express-News Visitor Guide, which is distributed to all newspaper
                  subscribers as well as to the visitors as they enter the gates.

              •   Company banners featured in or around the activity area.

              •   Promotions through verbal snippets at nearby entertainment stages
                  directing visitors to your activity.

              •   Company logo featured on the home page and sponsor pages of the
                  Texas Folklife Festival Web site, with a click-thru to your company’s
                  Web site.

              •   Complimentary tickets and VIP passes to the Hospitality Tent.

              •   Opportunity to have employees serve as activity volunteers.

              •   As a sponsor, you will establish your company and/or services as one
                  that values diversity, culture and the family.
                   Children’s and Family Activities

Balloon Sculptures          SOLD                                                   $5,000.00

Experienced entertainers who specialize in world-class balloon art create dogs, cats, giraffes and other
animals and objects for kids. People of all ages are fascinated watching the talented artists turn
balloons into recognizable objects.

As the Balloon Sculpture sponsor, everyone will be talking about who supplied the entertainment and
they will have a reminder in their hand. If your company supplies the balloons, every balloon
sculpture can feature your company. Each balloon will then become a portable billboard that will be
carried around the Texas Folklife Festival and taken home, thereby establishing resonate ties between
your company, product and/or service and a good memory for the visitors.

Face Painting                                                                      $4,000.00

The Texas Folklife Festival is a family event and children (and their parents) love activities created
especially for them! Face painting is one of accessories children display with pride at the Festival, as
countless children line up at this ever-popular activity.

Our team of dedicated painters interacts with each child and painstakingly creates a work of art on
each face. As a sponsor, your company will provide innumerous children with a happy memory of
their visit to the Texas Folklife Festival and your support allows us to continue providing this beloved
activity for children at no charge.

Kid’s Train                                                                        $3,500.00

The Wiggle Waggle Kids Express is a colorful and fun miniature train that features a conductor along
with individual carts for the children to enjoy a ride. A 10’ x 10’ tent serves as the train station, along
with space for your company to feature its product or service and interact with parents.

Rusty Gears                                                                        $5,000.00

This cool, quick-witted robot electronically entertains and educates visitors while promoting your
product or company as he strolls the festival grounds. He is mobile, has a built-in sound system,
outstanding communication skills, programmable LED signage, can distribute printed material from a
slot in his body and is fully interactive.
The Side Street Circus                                                          $13,000.00

The Side Street Circus is a nationally acclaimed performance group who enjoyed great success at
their inaugural performance at last year’s Festival. This ensemble of zany, multi-talented
performers will entertain visitors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with magic, music, mime,
juggling, ventriloquism, escape, polkas and comedy.

Using their creative energy, experience and talents, the performers preserve an age -old art that is
at the very root of the art of theater. Roaming the 22-acre grounds as well as performing on
stages, they attract crowds as their engaging talents entertain and mesmerize people of all ages.

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