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G342 U S. History

Chapter 25                                            The United States in World War II
                                                                    The Americans, Pages 768-805

Section One - Mobilizing for Defense

List five ways that America prepared for World War II.






What made the Hull 440 so unusual?

What event caused President Roosevelt to issue an executive order calling on employers and labor
unions “to provide for the full and equitable participation of all workers in defense industries,
without discrimination because of race, creed, color, or national origin”?

What contribution did “Hollywood” make toward the war effort?

What achievements were made by the Office of Scientific Research
and Development?

How did the government regulations impact the lives of citizens?

What is the message of the World War II poster and WHY was it IMPORTANT?

Directions: Match the policies below with the agency or law which administered it.

                                             ___ 1. Raised the top personal-income tax rate to
A. Office of Price Administration
                                             88%; added lower and-middle-income Americans to
B. National War Labor Board                  the tax rolls.
C. War Production Board
                                             ___ 2. Limited wage increases; allowed negotiated
D. Department of the Treasury                benefits such as vacation, pensions and medical
                                             insurance; kept unions stable by forbidding workers
E. Revenue Act of 1942
                                             to change unions.
F. Smith-Connally Act

___ 3. Fought inflation by freezing wages, prices, and rents; rationed coffee, sugar, vegetables, cheese, butter

___ 4. Issued war bonds to raise money for the war.

___ 5. Limited the right to strike in industries crucial to the war effort; gave president the power to take over s

___ 6. Rationed fuel and materials vital to the war effort, such as gasoline, heating oil, metals, rubber, and pla

*During World War II, President Roosevelt asked citizens to do all of the following




Section Two - The War for Europe and North Africa
Directions: Matching
___ 1. The largest amphibious operation in history also known as D-Day.         A. Ireland
                                                                                B. Partisans
___ 2. The battle in which Allied troops were almost overran by the
     German troops in Belgium.                                                  C. Poland
___ 3. The official end to the war in Europe.                                   D. Convoy
___ 4. The turning point in the war on the European Theater.                    E. Battle of the Bulge
___ 5. Members of underground resistance movements.                             F. Operation Overlord
___ 6. Groups of merchant ships, troop carriers, and protective escort          G. V-E Day
     ships sailing across the North Atlantic.
                                                                                H. Battle of
___ 7. Neutral nation during World War II.
___ 8. An invasion of North Africa by Allied troops.
                                                                                I. Operation Torch
___ 9. This 18 month battle was the hardest fighting encountered in
                                                                                J. Bloody Anzio
     Europe by the Allies.
                                                                                K. Metal Toy Cricket
___ 10. Signaling device used by American paratroopers on D-Day.

*What was the turning point of World War II in Africa?

Section Three - The War in the Pacific
Directions: Describe the significance of key military actions in the Pacific during World War II.

Doolittle’s raid


Leyte Gulf




*What was the Manhattan Project?

Answer the following using the map on pg. 786

       Which island served as a jumping off point for several Pacific battles?

       How do you think the distances between the Pacific islands affected U. S. naval strategy?

                               *Summarize the main points in -
                     POINT                                COUNTERPOINT

Do you think the U.S. was justified in using the bomb against the Japanese? EXPLAIN WHY.

Section Four - The Home Front

What gains were made by each of the following groups?

      Industrial Workers                    Farmers                  *Women

 1.                               1.                       1.

 2.                               2.                       2.

Different experiences of each group during World War II
      *African Americans               Mexican Americans        *Japanese Americans



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