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100 milllion dollar c_ascii


									STATE      CITY/COUNTY  ZIP                      DISTRICT
                                    Contaminated FacilitiesSOURCE
AK         Adak Island                           Air
                                    Adak Naval N/AStation, AK**
AK         Fairbanks                             N/A
                                    Fort Wainwright, AK**
AK         Anchorage                             N/A
                                    Elmendorf Air Force Base, AK**
AK         Bristol Bay                           N/A
                                    King Salmon Air Force Base, AK
AK         Anchorage                             N/A
                                    Fort Richardson, AK**
AL                                  Redstone Arsenal, AL** 5
AL                                  Fort McClellan, AL
AR                                  Southwestern Proving Ground, AR
AZ                                  Laguna Maneuver Area, AZ
AZ                                  Camp Bouse, AZ
AZ                                  Air Force Plant #44, AZ**
CA                                  McClellan              3 the city
           Sacramento, Sacramento County Air Force Base, CA**of Sacramento is wholly w/in the 3rd district. See Sacramen
CA                                                       17 Zip - see CA**
                            93944 Fort Ord (Presidio of Monterey),"Active Army"É pdf/CQ
CA                                                       22 Zip - see
                            93524 Edwards Air Force Base, CA** /CQ
CA                                                         8 rand mcnally
                                    Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, CA** p13-14/NG/ the entire peninsula is located within Dist
CA                                  Iron Mountain & Kilbeck Hills, CA
CA                                                         3 CA**
                            95655 Mather Air Force Base, AF zipcodes from
CA                                                       24 Zip -see
                            93437 Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA
CA                                                       53 Zip - see CA
                            92135 North Island Naval Air Station, CA - Naval Air Station North Island pdf/ CQ
CA                                                       10 Zip see region 9 EPA (
                            94551 Alameda Naval Air Station,-CA**
CA                                                       10 Zip
                            94535 Travis Air Force Base, CA**- see / CQ
CA         Atwater,
Merced                  Castle Air Force Base, CA**
CA                                                       49 Zip - see
                            92055 Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, CA**
CA                                                         7 rand CA
                                    Mare Island Naval Shipyard, mcnally p13-NB-15/ the entire peninsula on which Mare Island
CA         Victorville,
San Bernardino          George Air Force Base, CA**
CA                                                       45 CA
                                    Needles Division Camp,Zip - (aka California-Arizona Maneuver Area) see
CA         near Mountain View,
San Mateo                                    Air Station, CA
                        Moffett Field Naval 14 rand mcnally p13-NK-18/ southwest shore of the innermost part of San Fran. B
CA         Rice,
San Bernardino                      41/45??
                        Camp Iron Mountain, CA
CA         Riverside,
Riverside County        March Air Force Base, CA**
CA                                                         CA
                            95903 Beale Air Force Base,2 Zip - /CQ
CA                                                       43 CA**
                            92408 Norton Air Force Base, Zip - /CQ
CA                                                       25 Zip -
                            93555 China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, CA
CA                                                       47 See
                            92709 El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, CA**
CA                                                       51 Zip -
                            92136 San Diego Naval Station, CA
CA                                                       40 See
                                    Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base, CA**
CA                                  Tracy Defense Depot, CA**
CA                                                         8 See
                                    Treasure Island Naval Station, CA
CA                                  Carrizo Impact Area, CA
CA                                                       46 Zip /CQ
                            90740 Seal Beach Naval Weapons- Station, CA
CM                                  Ordnance Plan, Northern Marianas
CO         Commerce City            Rocky Mountain Arsenal, CO**
CO         Leadville              Camp Hale, CO
CO         Pueblo                 Pueblo Chemical Depot, CO
CO         Denver                 Lowry Air Force Base, CO
CO         IDAHO SPRINGS          Buckley Field, CO
DC                                Spring Valley, DC
FL         Cape Canaveral         Cape Canaveral Air Force Station,FL
FL         near Pensacola         Pensacola Naval Air Station, FL**
FL                                Andersen Air Force Base, FL**
FL         near Panama City       Tyndall Air Force Base, FL**
GA                                Robins Air Force Base, GA**
GA         Rantoul                Chanute Air Force Base, IL
HI                                Waikoloa Maneuvering Area, HI
HI                                Kaho'olawe, HI*
HI                                Hickam Air Force Base, HI
IA                                Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, IA**
IL                        61074   Savanna Depot Activity, IL**
IL                                Joliet Army Ammunition Plant, IL**
IL                                Jacksonville Naval Air Station, FL
IN                        47522                          8 Zip - /CQ
                                  Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, IN
KS                                Smoky Hill Air-Air Gunnery Range, KS
LA                                Breezy Hill Artillery Range, LA
MA                                Massachusetts Military Reservation, MA**
MA                                Fort Devens, MA**
MA                                Watertown Arsenal, MA**
MD                                Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD**
MD                                Andrews Air Force Base, MD**
MD                                Patuxent River Naval Air Station, MD**
ME                                Loring Air Force Base, ME**
ME                                Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, ME**
MN                                Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant, MN**
MO                                Weldon Spring Ordnance Works, MO**
MO                                Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, MO**
MS                                Van Dorn Army Training Camp, MS
NC                                Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, NC**
NC                                Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, NC**
NE                                Nebraska Ordnance
Plant, NE**
NE                                Blaine Naval Ammunition Facility,NE**
NE                                Moody Air Force Base, GA
NE                                Offutt Air Force Base, NE
NH                                Pease Air Force Base, NH**
NJ                                Raritan Arsenal, NJ
NJ                                Picatinny Arsenal, NJ**
NM                                Kirtland Air Force Base, NM
NV                                Nellis Air Force Range, NV
NV                                Fallon West Aerial Gunnery, NV
NV                                Fallon Aerial Gunnery, NV
NY   Northeastern Industria, NY
NY   Griffiss Air Force Base, NY**
NY   Seneca Army Depot, NY**
NY   Plattsburgh Air Force Base, NY**
OH   Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH**
OK   Tinker Air Force Base, OK**
OK   Altus Air Force Base, OK
OR   Camp Adair/Adair Air Force Station, OR
PA   Letterkenny Army Depot, PA**
RI   Newport Naval Station, RI**
SD   Pine Ridge Gunnery Range, SD
SD   Armstrong County Air-To-Air Gunnery Range, SD
SD   Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD**
TN   Milan Army Ammunition Plant, TN**
TN   Spencer Artillery Range, TN
TN   Arnold Air Force Base,TN**
TX   Camp Bowie, TX
TX   Kelly Air Force Base, TX
TX   Camp Howze (Felderhoff), TX
TX   Lackland Air Force Base, TX
TX   Camp Maxey, TX
TX   Reese Air Force Base, TX
TX   Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant, TX**
TX   Dallas Naval Air Station, TX
TX   Fort Barkley, TX
UT   Hill Air Force Base, UT**
UT   Dugway Proving Ground, UT
UT   Yellow Jacket Ranges, UT
UT   Tooele Army Depot, UT**
UT   Dugway South Triangle, UT
VA   Norfolk Naval Base, VA**
VA   Quantico Marine Corps Base, VA**
WA   Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, WA**
WA   Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, WA**
WA   Bangor Naval Submarine Base, WA**
WA   Camp Bonneville, WA
WI   Badger Army Ammunition Plant, WI
WY   Split Rock Air-To-Air Gunnery Range, WY
WY   Warren Air Force Base, WY**
 /in the 3rd district. See Sacramento County pdf, 3rd District pdf &

re peninsula is located within District 8 / CQ /CQ
rth Island pdf/ CQ / CQ
 l/news/ / CQ

.com/military_bases/camp_pendleton,_ca_marine.shtml / CQ
re peninsula on which Mare Island resides is within the 7th district

uver Area) see / CQ

the innermost part of San Fran. Bay is in 14th district

bout/branchinfof.html /CQ
m/military_bases/china_lake_air_weapons_station_ca_navy.shtml / CQ
/united_states/california/san_diego.html /CQ


/Misc/Contact.htm /CQ
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