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At the monthly meeting of the Hanborough Parish Council held at 7.15 pm on Tuesday 9 September
2008 in the Welcome Room of Methodist Church, the following were present:

Mr Peter Brittin (Chairman)
      Mrs Gill Battams                            Mrs Jeanette Braybrooke-Tucker
      Mr Hugh Burton                              Mr Steve Griffiths
      Dr Peter Hacking                            Mrs Jane Lewis
      Mr Michael Rogers                           Mrs Laura Rostron
      Mr Peter Thorn                              Mr Colin Dingwall (District Councillor)

73.Apologies for Absence.
Apologies were received from County Councillor Mrs Louise Chapman, Mr George Gasiorowski,
and Mrs Janet Witcomb.

74.Declarations of Interest.
Mrs Jeanette Braybrooke-Tucker, Personal and Prejudicial as Treasurer of HPFA.
Mrs Laura Rostron: Personal as Secretary of HPFA.

75.Minutes of the last meeting.
The Minutes of the Meeting of 12 August were approved as a true record of the meeting.

76.Matters arising from the minutes.

76.1. Requested meeting with Paul Wilson, Northern Highways. (59.1.)
A site meeting would be held at 12 midday, Monday 15 September.

76.2. Flow of water by Station Hill railway bridge, Hanborough side.(59.3)
Water was still lying on the carriageway by the railway bridge. The WODC Flood report had
highlighted this problem and this report would be forwarded to Highways.

76.3. . New Parish Notice Board. (61.2.)
Members noted that the new notice board had been installed and was excellent.

76.4. Dell Performance Area Project: (62)
The Chairman had not yet received any plans for this project.

76.5. Estimates for installing the new electrical system for lighting the Hurdeswell Christmas Tree.
Members of the Finance Working Group had recommended that the PC award the contract to Mr
Booth for the electrical work (in partnership with Mr Nash for the excavations) as the best value

76.6. . Purchasing a PA system for the PC and community events. (63.6.)
Agreed: Mr Griffiths would proceed to order the 2100/R/UHF model designed for exterior PA
sports days.
As this would be rechargeable it would be a safe model to loan out. The Finance Officer had
circulated a draft procedure for loaning the system which the PC insurers had been invited to
approve. Members discussed the pros and cons of hiring/lending out such a piece of equipment.

76.7. Budget Preparations.(63.8.)
The Finance Officer invited project requests for inclusion in the 2009/10 Budget.

76.8. Further delays to the scheduled tree management in the Pit.(64.1.a.)
Mr Foster, OCC Landscape Project Officer, would be carrying out the scheduled work in October .
He would reassess the site to carry out any extra work required.

76.9. Church Road speeding problems. (65.4.)
Members noted the following clarification: the speeding vehicles causing problems were those
entering Long Hanborough from the Church Hanborough direction and speeding in the first wide
straight stretch of road approaching the Pinsley Road junction.

77. Financial Matters.

77.1. September schedule of accounts for payment approval by Parish Council.

Agreed: the following schedule of accounts was approved for payment.

Data protection Act

August receipts.

                         Description of receipt                 Amount
                   cemetery fees
                   bank interest                                       2.47
                                           Total receipts              2.47

78. Village Amenities.

78.1. Leisure Areas Management Report.
In the wet and warm conditions the grass was growing too rapidly in the leisure areas. The
conditions in which it could be cut were restricted by the weather.

a. The Pit.
No safety matters to report.
b. Recent vandalism at the Pit steps.
Someone had hacked at the bottom posts supporting the steps. The steps remained sound but
chunks had been hacked out of the wood.
Agreed: The Police would be informed.
c.The Children’s Playground.
There were no safety issues to report. The bark areas would need replenishing next April.

d. Hurdeswell: Residents’ request for a litter bin adjacent to the Hurdeswell seat.
Members noted that although litter was dropped by this seat, it was not a daily occurrence. A new
bin would cost £400 at a time when vandalism had just cost the PC £500. In addition, a bin would
require an emptying rota. At present the Leisure Areas Manager was happy to remove litter as were
some residents.
Agreed: The PC could not currently justify expenditure on a bin when the litter problem was not
significant enough to be a hazard. The PC would be guided by the Leisure Areas Manager if the
need arose.

2.Playing Field Matters.
The HPFA was holding monthly meetings and recently these were better attended. HPFA members
had noted the PC’s request for a meeting to discuss the matters raised by the registration of the PC
as owner of the Playing Fields.

Agreed: Mrs Rostron and Mrs Braybrooke-Tucker would have a pre- meeting discussion with the
Clerk and Finance Officer to review the issues raised in the Finance Officer’s paper before setting a
date for a formal meeting.

Members noted that the Chairman of the HPFA was suffering from ill health and asked Mrs
Rostron to pass on their good wishes for his recovery.

3. Other Community Initiatives,

Full House Touring Theatre 2009 Programme.
Agreed: Mrs Rostron would book a performance of ‘Rapunzel and the Tower of Doom’ for 2009.
The PC would underwrite the cost of £380 + VAT which would be recouped through ticket sales.

79.Community Police Matters.

79.1 Police Report for September Council Meeting

15 August. Pedlars from Nottingham had visited the area – one was found to be without a trading
certificate. The advice was: always ask for one – and read it carefully and inform the police so that
they can check them all.

16 August. A Neighbourhood Refresher Evening would be taking place on October 23rd from 7pm
until 9pm at WODC offices The Green Witney. Trading Standards – Age Concern – Fire & Rescue
and many other agencies would be there.

21 August. Seven cars on Oxford Hill Witney were broken into and items such as Sat Navs, child’s
car seats, and cash were taken. Never leave anything on show in your car at night.

21 August. A 12 year old boy had been cold calling in Witney asking for business for driveways to be
paved. The boy had an Irish accent and carried a card printed McKenna Drives, Diamond
Construction. A woman was noted sitting in a van nearby, reg no. LL04 NVC while an older man
was also calling on homes nearby. Ring Witney Police on 0845 8 505505 if you are approached.

29 August. A salesman saying he was from the Fire Service was calling on businesses selling
advertising space for Fire Awareness leaflets. He wasn’t and the leaflets do not exist. Ring Trading
Standards 0845 0510845.

1 September. Sheds at the allotments in Hanborough were damaged, the culprits were recognised.


     A barn at Mr Barry Faloon’s field was broken into. The stored hay was ruined, rubbish
      spread around and there were obvious signs of smoking as well. Culprits were seen
      jumping up and down on the roof.

     A hedge was ruined in Churchill Way.

     And more: There seems to be a group going around causing as much trouble as possible –
      where do the parents think their children are – do they know?

Members were reminded that: if a crime is committed on or in your property or if you
witness a crime you should report this to the police yourself on 0845 8 505 505.
You must report this yourself – others cannot do it for you.

79.3. PCSO Tina Townshend was allocated one hour a day for patrolling in Hanborough. She was
meticulous about patrolling in different areas and at different times of the day and liaised with Mrs

Braybrooke-Tucker at times during the week. However in spite of this police presence there was
currently an unacceptable amount of vandalism.

79.4. Two new Police Officers had now been appointed to this area.
Agreed: The PC would invite a newly appointed Officer to meet the PC and take questions about
the amount of Police cover at weekends and the issue of photographic evidence and civil liberties.

80. Highways and Footpaths.

80.1. WODC Flood Report.
This was an excellent document and would be circulated to all members. Although only one house
had been flooded the report highlighted all the vulnerable areas in the parish with remedial
recommendations which would be reported to Highways. The problems at Riely Close were clearly
dealt with.
District Councillor Colin Dingwall emphasised that the full range of parish reports would enable the
District Council to identify landowners, problem ditches and work to get the recommendations
acted on.

80.2. A4095 Matters: Drivers disregarding the 30 MPH VAS system.
Agreed: The Clerk would check when the proposed review of the system would be held.

80.3. Church Road : Parking and Speeding concerns.
PCSO Tina Townshend had asked the Clerk to raise these concerns at the Pavilion NAG Meeting on
23 September.

80.4. The School Crossing Patrol Supervisor’s Safety Concerns.
A site meeting was being arranged with PCSO Tina Townshend, Mrs Partlett and her Manager to
discuss the problem of drivers approaching the zebra crossing in an intimidating and dangerous

80.5. The new reflectors at the Long Hanborough chicane.
Members noted that these were more effective and it had been worthwhile requesting this

80.6. Other Highways matters.
Heavy goods vehicles travelling through Church Hanborough.
The Chairman asked members to note any increase in heavy goods vehicles using the route through
Church Hanborough. The regular commercial deliveries were to Field Fare and the creamery.

81. Planning

81.1 Planning Applications: decisions notified by WODC

08/0991/P/FP and 09/0992/P/LB: Installation of solar Panels and external alterations
(Retrospective) Mill Farm Lower Road Long Hanborough
Granted without conditions.

08/1040/P/FP: Erection of rear conservatory. 2 Hurdeswell, Long Hanborough
Granted subject to conditions.
1. The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the
date of this permission. REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the
requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended).
2. The plinth wall of the conservatory shall be constructed of materials to match those used on the
existing dwelling. REASON: To ensure the development matches the existing building. (Policy BE2

of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).
3. A close-boarded fence, 1.8 metres high, shall be constructed along the southern boundary of the
property adjacent to 4 Hurdeswell, along the whole length of the conservatory. This fence shall be
constructed in the same material and design of the original fencing. No development shall take
place until the associated screen fence has been erected and the fence shall be retained thereafter.
REASON: Such screening is required in the interest of the privacy of the occupants of 4 Hurdeswell.
(Policy BE2 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).

08/1091/P/FP: Conversion of existing outbuildings to form bed and breakfast accommodation.
Swan Inn, 4 Millwood End, Long Hanborough
Granted subject to conditions. As this permission was contrary to the comments of Parish Council
WODC has sent the full report that went to the planning committee and is attached as an appendix.

1. The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the
date of this permission. REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the
requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended).
2. The car parking areas (including where appropriate the marking out of parking spaces) shown on
the approved plans shall be constructed prior to occupation of the development and thereafter be
permanently retained and used for no other purpose. REASON: To ensure that adequate car
parking facilities are provided. (Policy BE3 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).
3. The roof and walls of the proposed extension shall be constructed of materials of the same
colour. type and texture as the materials used in the construction of the existing building. REASON:
To ensure the appearance of the extension matches the original building. (Policy BE2 of the West
Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).
4. The walls of the proposed building shall be laid and pointed with "bagged" joints unless
otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. REASON: To ensure that a traditional
practice of the area is carried out in the interests of the finished appearance of the building. (Policy
BE2 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).
5. The window and door frames shall be recessed a minimum distance of 100mm from the face of
the building unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. REASON: To
ensure the architectural detailing of the building reflects the established character of the locality.
(Policy BE2 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).
6. Detailed drawings of the windows and external doors shall be submitted to and approved in
writing by the Local Planning Authority before work on that part of the development takes place;
with elevations at a scale of I :20 and sections at a scale of 1:5 minimum. REASON: This
information has not been submitted with the application. (Policies BE2 and BE? of the West
Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).
7. The occupation of the accommodation provided shall be limited to holiday tenancies not to
exceed eight weeks (in each case). REASON: The accommodation is provided on a site where
development would not normally be permitted, and the nature of accommodation provided makes
the units unsuitable for continuous residential occupation. (Policies BE2 and H2 of the West
Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011)

08/1092/P/LB: Internal and external alterations to existing outbuildings. Swan Inn, 4 Millwood
End, Long Hanborough
Granted subject to conditions.
1. This Listed Building Consent is granted subject to the condition that the works to which it relates
must be begun not later than the expiration of three years beginning with the date on which the
consent is granted. REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the
requirements of S.18 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 (As
2. All new works and works of making good shall be carried out in materials, and detailed, to match

the adjoining original fabric except where shown otherwise on the approved drawings. REASON:
To preserve the architectural integrity of the Listed Building. (Policy BE7of the West Oxfordshire
Local Plan 2011).
. demolitions, stripping out, removal of structural elements, replacement of original joinery or
fittings and finishes shall be carried out except where shown and noted on the approved drawings.
REASON: To preserve internal features of the Listed Building. (Policy BE7 of the West Oxfordshire
Local Plan 2011).

08/1168/P/FP: Alterations and increase in roof height to form first floor with front and rear
dormer windows. First floor side and two storey rear extensions. 12 Main Road, Long Hanborough
Refused. As this permission was contrary to the comments of Parish Council WODC has sent the
full report that went to the planning committee and is attached as an appendix.
That the proposed development, due to its scale, height and massing would have an unacceptable
overbearing impact on the neighbouring residential properties. As such the proposal is contrary to
Policies BE2 and H2 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011.

08/1189/P/FP: Erection of 1.8m fence and gates to side. 14 Pinsley Road, Long Hanborough
The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the
date of this permission. REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the
requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended).

81.2. Other Planning Matters.
Mrs Witcomb had noted an inaccurate article in an Oxford publication stating that the fields at the
far end of Millwood End were definitely due to be developed. She had alerted WODC staff who
would take steps to refute the error.

81.3. Treejumpers’ proposed application to develop an activity centre in Pinsley Wood.
Members noted that Steve Etherton of Treejumpers had informed the PC that the firm would not be
continuing with this proposal.

82. Affordable Housing.
Councillor Colin Dingwall confirmed that negotiations with between Blenheim Estates and
Cottsway were well under way. The key discussions would now be those with OCC Highways as to
the best access to the former Blenheim Allotments site. In addition to the 20 affordable homes
agreed for the Hanborough Project, Blenheim would be able to build 4 homes for estate employees.
Negotiations were still active with Myrtle Farm but not at such an advanced stage. The site under
discussion was one corner of the farm.
Members noted Councillor Dingwall’s appreciation of the crucial role Adrian Miller had played in
moving these negotiations forward.
Both the project sites would be developed as Rural Exception Sites in which the allocation of homes
would be related to people with a Hanborough connection.
Mr Griffiths welcomed this commitment to homes for people with parish links but pointed out that
year on year it was likely that total number asking for such homes was likely to have increased. He
proposed that even when the two projects were completed the PC should maintain its interests in
obtaining other Rural Exception Sites if a need had been established.
Agreed: The PC would support the search for other sites if a future need for extra affordable
housing was established.

83. Allotments.
Nothing to report.

84. Cemetery Administration.
Nothing to report.

85. Transport Matters: Improvements to the access drive to Hanborough Station.

The resurfacing of the access drive to Hanborough Station had now been completed.

86. Report of District Councillor.
Councillor Dingwall reminded the PC that WODC could provide grant help for local projects.
He reported that a Government Scheme now provided Direct Payments for Carers to improve their
lives but that this scheme was very complicated. Carers needed awareness about the advantages
and disadvantages of the scheme.

87. Report of Clerk.

a. Progress towards a pharmacy being developed at the Surgery.
This application was now progressing through a further set of tests before final approval. The
Surgery had submitted an excellent presentation to meet the remaining tests. The PC could
comment before 19 October.

b. The Big Tidy –Up Initiative.
The guidance on the web about Health and Safety emphasised risk assessment in great detail. It
was clear that carrying out litter clearance as a group project would require a great deal of planning
and supervision. The amount of detail was daunting.

The meeting ended at 9.19 pm

The next ordinary meeting of the Hanborough Parish Council would be held at 7.15pm on Tuesday
14 October 2008.

The Chairman 14 October 2008


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