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					Updates on Experiential Learning Projects at
 Four Davenport Campuses—February, 2010

                                   By: Dr. Wayne Sneath
                  Program Director—Experiential Learning
            Definition of Experiential
                 Learning at DU

“Experiential learning is personal experience outside of the
classroom that adds value to the individual’s educational
objectives and development through practical application of
program and course outcomes and written reflection”

The added value includes:
•       Cultural immersion
•       Civic and community engagement, including
•       Continuous professional learning
     Purpose of Experiential Learning
                  at DU

“In alignment with Davenport University’s Mission, Vision,
and Excellence System, Davenport University recognizes the
importance of integrating experiential learning outside of
the classroom. Experiential learning partners with the
degree to provide students with broader perspectives in the
areas of :

1) Globalization
2) Civic and community engagement
3) Professional & lifelong learning, including leadership

The end result is a student who is prepared to succeed in—
and contribute to—today’s complex real world.”
A growing number of Experiential Learning projects have been
happening across the DU system. Many have been facilitated with
the help of DU’s Experiential Learning Faculty Liaisons.

EL Faculty Liaisons assist Dr. Wayne Sneath, the Program
Director for Experiential Learning, to help facilitate information
about and the development of a number of different types of
Experiential Learning including:

               •Academic service-learning
              •Internships and practicums
                     •Study Abroad
        •Assignment-based experiential projects

                   Continue on to see
      highlights of Experiential Learning Projects
               on several DU campuses.
Dr. Terri Tomaszek                      Tammy Stachowicz
 Lettinga Campus                         Holland Campus



Linda Haberaecker                   Dr. Deanne Cranford-Wesley
 Livonia Campus                           Warren Campus
                     Experiential Learning Project Highlights
                            at the Lettinga Campus

                                            BUSN 495 and MKTG 441 students are
                                            producing strategic business and
                                            marketing plans with DeWys
                                            Manufacturing, Zocolo Tax Systems,
                                            and the Kent District Libraries

Students in the FRSM 100 Business
Living Learning Community course
planned a Wares Fair Event for clients of
Hope Network’s Microenterprise
       Some of the Other Experiential Learning
         Project s at the Lettinga Campus

   HEROES Mentoring Program in the Caledonia Schools
   Field Trip: Bich Minh Nguyen presentation at GVSU
   Field Trip: Vandana Shiva presentation, West Michigan
    Women’s Studies Council
   Nursing program: Observational Experiences in ICU
   Hope Network DU Cares Projects in ENG 311
   ENG311 Service Learning Projects with: Wedgwood
    Christian Services, Lowell Historical Museum, Renal
    Food Bank, Hope Network – Supported Employment,
    Hope Micro Enterprise, Hope – Placement Department
   Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program in the
    Maine School of Business
   Online MKTG 441 project with the American Association
    of University Women
   Study Abroad, Spring/Summer 2010: Ningbo, China;
    Germany/Austria/France/Czech Republic; Kenya; Costa
    Rica; London/Paris/Barcelona
        Some of the Other Experiential Learning
          Project s at the Lettinga Campus

   Experiential Learning Newsletter production in ENGL 311
   Alternative Spring Break
   Michigan Service Scholars AmeriCorps program
   Athena Connections (West Michigan Universities,
    Networking opportunity for College Women)
   MLK Day Silent March and Day of Service at YMCA
   Grand Rapids Children’s Museum Days of Service
   Resourceful Women’s Conference: Paper Presentations by
    DU Students
   Field Trip: Judy Chicago, Multi-Media Presentation, Grand
   Judy Chicago Display for Tunnel of Oppression. Tri-fold
    brochure describing Judy Chicago’s Art
   Young Women, Strong Leaders Conference
   Women’s History Month: Panel of Professional Women
   ACCESS Poverty Simulations: Fall and Winter Semesters
   SHRM students:
         •    Gordon Manufacturing HR Handbook project
         •    Collecting and Donating Goods and Services to
              Women’s Resource Center.
         •    Proposal to Offer Resume Writing and Interviewing
              Skills training to WRC Clients
                Experiential Learning Project Highlights
                       at the Holland Campus

                                 Math 125 students designed a
                                 cribbage game to play with
                                 residents of a local assisted living

SOSC 201 students attended
field trips to Detroit area
religious and cultural centers
       Some of the Other Experiential Learning
         Project s at the Holland Campus

   Business Field Trip--―Pitch Night‖
   Off-campus Presentation on Middle East
   Scavenger Hunt: Collection of Food and
    Christmas Gifts for Holland Rescue Mission
   DU Cares: Maintenance on a City Trail, Dune, and
   Field Trip: Art Museum
   MATH 125: Off-Site Individual Work Measuring
    Angles and Heights of Buildings
   Re-Organized Instructional Community Site on
               Experiential Learning Project Highlights
                      at the Warren Campus

                                   Technology Club students conducted
                                   a PC repair clinic for the Warren

BPA students collected food for
the Gleaners Food Bank
         Some of the Other Experiential Learning
            Project s at the Warren Campus

   TECH 497: Developed EL project with ISM Surety Bonds
    in Detroit, including updating the client’s website and

   Tech/Business organization is planning a Technology
    Clinic for Senior Citizens. The purpose is to train seniors
    to use e-mail, send/receive pictures, and become familiar
    with a PC.

   Faculty assisted in developing a needs assessment and
    project planning day for Warren-area non-profits
                Experiential Learning Project Highlights
                       at the Livonia Campus

                              TECH 497 students designed the
                              Novi Chamber of Commerce
                              Members Directory

Students from the ―70 Nichols‖
student service organization
created and maintain its website
       Some of the Other Experiential Learning
          Projects at the Livonia Campus

   Westminster Child Development Center website developed
   Draft of website for DU Experiential Learning Program
   Developing website for Southeastern Michigan Service
    Learning Collaborative
   Website developed for Precision Machine & Manufacturing
   Nursing Home Photo Album and Poster developed
   HINT 295: Detroit Receiving Hospital—conducted study to use
    administration and clinical databases to monitor and improve
    quality of healthcare
   HINT 295: Researched why ICD-9-CM is being phased out and
    ICD-10-CM will be implemented and delivered presentation
   HINT 295: Researched Electronic Health Records and how
    they are implemented
   HINT 295: Developed educational tool to provide training
    regarding HIPAA guidelines
   HSAD 495: Conducting nutrition research and benchmarking
    pertaining to patients with Dementia
   ENGL 311 developed a newsletter for Livonia campus
   CISP 314 developed a website for the Livonia Lions Club
       Some of the Other Experiential Learning
          Projects at the Livonia Campus

   TECH 497: Project to analyze and make suggestions for
    improving user experience for student side of the Portal
   CISP 111: Automate parts of course assignment process for
    Online Coordinators; Provide ability to view credentialed
    instructors and select criteria for preferences
   CISP 111: Developed changes necessary to allow view of
    Banner information to students in an improved way
   CISP111: For Student Life—enhanced website application to
    allow advertising (Menus and Specials) and Accounting
    services for student meal services
   CISP 111: Automated portions of Graduate Application Audit
   Revamping Library of Kigali website
   Revamping NuVision School website
   Gathering of Social Media Information for Livonia Optimist
   BPA website developed
   IAAS 245: Students attended tour of a working disaster
    recovery site
    Benefits of Experiential Learning
               for Students
•   Students are required to take initiative to be active
    learners and to be responsible and accountable

•   To become active learners , students have to engage
    in higher-order thinking tasks such as analysis,
    synthesis, and evaluation

•   Experiential techniques involve the cognitive,
    affective, and physical domains of learning,
    allowing success through a variety of learning

•   Students are encouraged to work with others in a
    community, thus learning interpersonal and
    relational skills

•   The learning environment generally resembles the
    “real” world learning environment into which
    students will graduate
For more information about Experiential
Learning at DU, contact:

Dr. Wayne Sneath
Program Director—Experiential Learning
Davenport University—Lettinga Campus

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