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Unit 9K Speeding up - Edublogs by gegeshandong


									   Unit 7L The Solar System and Beyond           B   A   T   I can use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to
LEVELNESS 3                                                  explain the apparent movement of the stars in          
                                                             the night sky.
I know that the Sun gives out light.                   
                                                             I can explain what a day and a year is.                
I know the shape of the Moon changes.                  
                                                             I know there are nine planets in the Solar
I know that there are other planets in the
                                                          System and that they have different                    
Solar System.
I know that the other planets are different to
                                                          I can explain why planets orbit round the Sun.         
                                                             I know that the Sun is a star and can explain
LEVELNESS 4                                                                                                         
                                                             how this is different to a planet.
I can explain why the sun appears to move.             
                                                             I can explain how eclipses of the Sun and Moon
I know how long the moon takes to orbit the                                                                         
                                                          occur.
                                                             LEVELNESS 6
I can describe the way the moon changes
                                                          I can relate the conditions of a planet to its
shape.                                                                                                              
                                                             distance from the Sun.
I know why we get seasons.                             
                                                             I can use big space numbers.                           

I can use a simple model to show the axis of
spin of the Earth is at an angle to its orbit          
around the Sun.

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