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Don't Choose Inexperienced Dentists!
                                   As we were growing up, one of the things our parents taught us that never really we tend not to forget is to take
                                   care of our teeth and make sure to visit a dentist every six months. But alas, no matter how fastidious we are with
                                   taking care of our teeth, there are times when we'd need to have emergency dental care. Now, the question is,
                                   what would you do if you were forced to find a dentist other than your regular one?

                                   Here's something to think about, let's say that you are on vacation or a business trip, many miles from
                                   home. Then suddenly, you feel a pain so excruciating, that you cannot even think or see straight. After a
                                   few consultations with friends and colleagues, the problem was obvious. You need to have a wisdom teeth
                                   removal procedure done. However, with the pain and your proximity from your regular dentist, that being a
                                   thousand miles away, you cannot wait to have the offending tooth removed.

                                   No problem right? But say the part of the world you are in, you know nothing about and you have no idea
                                   which dentist to visit. What do you do? Would you go ahead and visit the first one you find on the yellow
                                   pages? Or do you try to seek out the most experienced and trustworthy dental hygienist around? The answer is
                                   obvious of course, choose the experienced one. But what are the dangers of choosing just some hack fresh out of
                                   medical school? Even if he or she is not a hack, but the class valedictorian of their dental school, the spectre of
                                   inexperience looms like a dark cloud. Now what?

                                   For the sake of this discussion, let's say you choose the inexperienced one. Given your current pain, that is not far
                                   fetched. What can happen with this decision? Well, to begin with, an inexperienced dentist will most likely lack all
                                   the necessary tools. The problem with that is obvious. Let's also say that the dentist you chose has never
                                   performed a wisdom teeth removal procedure before. To add, when the time comes for anesthesia, the chances
                                   of your dentist administering too much or too little, is a hazard all its own. There are many more risks, but you can
                                   see where this is going. By choosing an inexperienced dentist to help you with your dental emergency, the
                                   chances that you will be worse off than before you went to the dentist is all the more likely. These are the risks of
                                   choosing hastily, whether it because you need help immediately or lack funds, it makes no excuse.

                                   Of course, good common sense dictates that it is always recommended to go to the more experienced
                                   dentist. Even if you are in a dire state of pain, like needing gum disease treatment, or in dire straits financially,
                                   those are not reasons to choose an inexperienced dental hygienist. The way you take care of your teeth, and the
                                   way you opt to visit your regular dentist shows that you care for your teeth. In an emergency, shouldn't you care
                                   for it even more lest you suffer more unbearable pain? So be good to yourself, and your teeth. Whenever
                                   possible, choose the experienced dentist over the one fresh out of dental school. Your maw would be eternally
                                   grateful you did.

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