Food Stamp Program State Issuance and Participation Estimates by farmservice



      Notices                                                                                                       Federal Register
                                                                                                                    Vol. 68, No. 187

                                                                                                                    Friday, September 26, 2003

      This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER                    lists to assure access to sources and to              can be obtained by contacting Ms.
      contains documents other than rules or                  obtain meaningful competition (41 CFR                 Hallman.
      proposed rules that are applicable to the               Section 1–2.205). In compliance with                     Comments are invited on: (a) Whether
      public. Notices of hearings and investigations,         this requirement, USAID’s Office of                   the proposed collection of information
      committee meetings, agency decisions and                Small and Disadvantaged Business                      is necessary for the proper performance
      rulings, delegations of authority, filing of
      petitions and applications and agency
                                                              Utilization/Minority Resource Center                  of the functions of the Agency,
      statements of organization and functions are            has responsibility for developing and                 including whether the information will
      examples of documents appearing in this                 maintaining a Contractor’s Index of                   have practical utility; (b) the accuracy of
      section.                                                bidders/offerors capable of furnishing                the Agency’s estimate of the burden of
                                                              services for use by the USAID procuring               the proposed collection of information
                                                              activities. (AIDAR 719.271–2(b)(4)).                  including the validity of the
      AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL                                   Annual Reporting Burden:                           methodology and assumptions used; (c)
      DEVELOPMENT                                                Respondents: 1,000.                                ways to enhance the quality, utility, and
                                                                 Total annual responses: 1,000.                     clarity of the information to be
      Notice of Public Information                               Total annual hours requested: 250                  collected; and (d) ways to minimize the
      Collections Being Reviewed by the                       hours.                                                burden of the collection of information
      U.S. Agency for International                                                                                 on those who are to respond, including
                                                                Dated: September 22, 2003.
      Development; Comments Requested                                                                               through the use of appropriate
                                                              Joanne Paskar,
      SUMMARY: U.S. Agency for International                                                                        automated, electronic, mechanical, or
                                                              Chief, Information and Records Division,
      Development (USAID) is making efforts                   Office of Administrative Services, Bureau for         other technological collection
      to reduce the paperwork burden. USAID                   Management.                                           techniques or other forms of information
      invites the general public and other                    [FR Doc. 03–24355 Filed 9–25–03; 8:45 am]             technology.
      Federal agencies to take this                                                                                    All comments will be summarized
                                                              BILLING CODE 6116–01–M
      opportunity to comment on the                                                                                 and included in the request for Office of
      following proposed and/or continuing                                                                          Management and Budget approval of the
      information collections, as required by                                                                       information collection. All comments
                                                              DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE                             will become a matter of public record.
      the Paperwork Reduction Act for 1995.
      Comments are requested concerning: (a)                  Food and Nutrition Service                            FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
      Whether the proposed or continuing                                                                            Barbara Hallman, telephone number
      collections of information is necessary                 Agency Information Collection                         (703) 305–2383.
      for the proper performance of the                       Activities: Proposed Collection,                      SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
      functions of the agency, including                      Comment Request—Food Stamp                               Title: Form FNS–388, State Issuance
      whether the information shall have                      Program: State Issuance and                           and Participation Estimates.
      practical utility; (b) the accuracy of the              Participation Estimates—Form FNS–                        Title: Form FNS–388, State Issuance
      burden estimates; (c) ways to enhance                   388                                                   and Participation Estimates.
      the quality, utility, and clarity of the                                                                         OMB Number: 0584–0081.
      information collected; and (d) ways to                  AGENCY: Food and Nutrition Service,                      Expiration Date: November 2003.
      minimize the burden of the collection of                USDA.                                                    Type of Request: Extension of a
      information on the respondents,                         ACTION: Notice.                                       currently approved collection.
      including the use of automated                                                                                   Abstract: Section 18(b) of the Food
                                                              SUMMARY: In accordance with the
      collection techniques or other forms of                                                                       Stamp Act of 1977 (the Act) (7 U.S.C.
      information technology.                                 Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the                  2027(b)) limits the value of allotments
                                                              Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) is                   paid to food stamp households to an
      DATES: Submit comments on or before
                                                              publishing for public comment a                       amount not in excess of the
      November 25, 2003.
                                                              summary of a proposed information                     appropriation for the fiscal year. If
      FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:                        collection. The proposed collection
      Beverly Johnson, Bureau of                                                                                    allotments in any fiscal year would
                                                              would extend a currently approved                     exceed the appropriation, the Secretary
      Management, Office of Administrative                    collection under OMB No. 0584–0081
      Services, Information and Records                                                                             of Agriculture is required to direct State
                                                              for the Food Stamp Program for the form               agencies to reduce the value of food
      Division, U.S. Agency for International                 FNS–388, State Issuance and
      Development, Room 2.07–106, RRB,                                                                              stamp allotments to the extent necessary
                                                              Participation Estimates.                              to stay within appropriated funding
      Washington, DC 20523, (202) 712–1365
                                                              DATES: Comments on this notice must be                limits. Timely State monthly issuance
      or via e-mail
                                                              received by November 25, 2003 to be                   estimates are necessary for FNS to
                                                              assured of consideration.                             ensure that it remains within the
        OMB No: OMB 0412–0506.
        Form No.: AID 1420–50.                                ADDRESSES: Send comments and                          appropriation, to timely request a
        Title: Vendor Database (formerly                      requests for copies of this information               supplemental appropriation if
      known as ACRIS) Instruction Books for                   collection to Barbara Hallman, Chief,                 appropriate, and to reduce allotments if
      the Organization Profile.                               State Administration Branch, Food                     a supplemental appropriation is not
        Type of Review: Renewal of                            Stamp Program, Food and Nutrition                     provided. While benefit reductions have
      Information Collection.                                 Service, USDA, 3101 Park Center Drive,                never been ordered in the past under
        Purpose: USAID procuring activities                   Alexandria, VA 22302. Copies of the                   section 18(b), nor are they anticipated
      are required to establish bidders mailing               estimate of the information collection                based on current data, the Department

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      55576                       Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 187 / Friday, September 26, 2003 / Notices

      must continue to monitor actual                         agencies submit the FNS–388 data                      for at 36 CFR 219.35(b) of the current
      program costs against the appropriation.                electronically and 7 State agencies                   regulations). The existing Forest Plan for
        Title: Form FNS–388, State Issuance                   submit paper reports.                                 Mississippi was approved on September
      and Participation Estimates.                               Respondents: State agencies that                   16, 1985. On December 14, 1999, a
        Section 11(e)(12) of the Act (7 U.S.C.                administer the Food Stamp Program.                    Notice of Intent to revise the Forest Plan
      2020(e)(12)) requires that the State Plan                  Estimated Number of Respondents:                   was published in the Federal Register
      of Operations shall provide for the                     53.                                                   (FR 69686, December 14, 1999). This
      submission of reports required by the                      Estimated Number of Responses per                  2003 Notice of Intent updates the
      Secretary of Agriculture. State agencies                Respondent:                                           projected schedule for Forest Plan
      are required to report on a monthly                        Form FNS–388: 53 State agencies 12                 revision and provides an opportunity
      basis on FNS–388, State Issuance and                    times a year.                                         for additional public comments. The
      Participation Estimates, estimated or                      Form FNS–388A: 53 State agencies                   agency invites written comments and
      actual issuance and participation data                  twice a year.                                         suggestions from American Indian
      for the current month and previous                         Estimate of Burden:                                tribes, Federal agencies, State and local
      month, and actual participation data for                   Form FNS–388: The State agencies                   governments, individuals and
      the second preceding month. The FNS–                    submit Form FNS–388 10 times per year                 organizations on the scope of the
      388 report provides the necessary data                  at an estimate of 5.60 hours per                      analysis to be included in the draft EIS
      for an early warning system so that the                 respondent, or 2,970 hours annually for               (DEIS) (40 CFR 1501.7).
      Department may stay within its                          all respondents. The remaining two
      appropriation.                                          FNS–388 submissions with a public                        This Notice of Intent affects the
        State agencies in general only submit                 assistance (PA) and non-public                        following counties in Mississippi:
      one Statewide FNS–388 per month. The                    assistance (NA) caseload breakout are                 Adams, Amite, Benton, Chickasaw,
      exception is that State agencies which                  covered under the FNS–388A twice a                    Choctaw, Copiah, Forrest, Franklin,
      choose to operate both a coupon system                  year submissions (see below).                         George, Greene, Harrison, Jackson,
      and an electronic benefit transfer (EBT)                   Form FNS–388A: The State agencies                  Jasper, Jefferson, Jones, Lafayette,
      system, or which choose to operate an                   submit a more detailed FNS–388 (with                  Lincoln, Marshall, Newton, Oktibbeha,
      approved alternative issuance                           PA and NA breakout) twice a year and                  Pearl River, Perry, Pontotoc, Scott,
      demonstration project such as a cash-                   FNS–388A project area breakdown                       Sharkey, Smith, Stone, Tippah, Union,
      out system, submit a separate report for                twice a year at an estimate of 14.8 hours             Wayne, Wilkinson, Winston, and
      each type of issuance system. State                     per respondent, or 1,572 hours annually               Yalobusha counties in Mississippi.
      agencies are converting from coupons to                 for all respondents.
      EBT. In June 2003, 52 State agencies                                                                          DATES: Comments concerning the scope
                                                                 Estimated Total Annual Burden on
      operated an EBT system and 49                                                                                 of the analysis should be received on or
                                                              Respondents: The annual reporting and
      operated EBT statewide. With almost all                                                                       before 45 days from publication of this
                                                              recordkeeping burden for OMB No.
      States agencies now EBT and with the                                                                          Notice. The agency expects to file the
                                                              0584–0081 is estimated to be 4,542
      single remaining State agency moving                                                                          draft EIS with the Environmental
      from paper coupons to EBT by October                                                                          Protection Agency and make it available
                                                                Dated: September 10, 2003.                          for public comment in November, 2005.
      2004, few State agencies will be
      expected to temporarily submit more                     Roberto Salazar,                                      The agency expects to file the final EIS
      than one FNS–388 report per month at                    Administrator.                                        in November, 2006. See SUPPLEMENTARY
      any one time. With State agency                         [FR Doc. 03–24353 Filed 9–25–03; 8:45 am]             INFORMATION section for meeting dates.
      automated information systems, the                      BILLING CODE 3410–30–P
                                                                                                                    ADDRESSES: Submit written comments
      separate report for a secondary issuance                                                                      to Forest Plan Revision, National Forests
      system or an alternative issuance                                                                             in Mississippi, 100 West Capitol St.,
      demonstration project should have a                     DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
                                                                                                                    Suite 1141, Jackson, MS 39269.
      negligible impact on the burden.                                                                              Electronic mail should include ‘‘Forest
         In addition, State agencies are                      Forest Service
                                                                                                                    Plan Revision’’ in the subject line and
      required to submit a project area
                                                              Revised Land and Resource                             be sent to:
      breakdown on the FNS–388 of issuance
                                                              Management Plan for the National
      and participation data twice a year. This                                                                     FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
                                                              Forests in Mississippi
      data is useful in identifying project                                                                         National Forests in Mississippi:
      areas that are required to do photo                     AGENCY:Forest Service, USDA.                          Planning Team Leader Jeff Long (phone
      identification of heads of households or                ACTION:Notice of intent to prepare an                 601–965–4391; TTY 601–965–6038).
      to operate fraud detection units in                     Environmental Impact Statement.                       Electronic mail should include ‘‘Forest
      accordance with the Act.                                                                                      Plan Revision’’ in the subject line and
         Beginning July 1993, State agencies                  SUMMARY: The Regional Forester for the                be sent to:
      were allowed to submit the FNS–388                      Southern Region gives notice of the                   Information about Forest Plan revision
      data electronically to the national                     agency’s intent to prepare an                         and future opportunities to participate
      database files stored in FNS’ Food                      Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)                  will be posted at the following Web
      Stamp Program Integrated Information                    for revision of the Forest Land and                   site:http://
      System in lieu of a paper report. The                   Resource Management Plan (Forest            
      voluntary changeover from paper to                      Plan) for the National Forests in                     mississippi/.
      electronic reporting of FNS–388 data by                 Mississippi. According to 36 CFR
                                                                                                                       Responsible Official: The Regional
      States was done as part of FNS’ State                   219.10(g), Forest Plans are ordinarily
                                                                                                                    Forester for the Southern Region,
      Cooperative Data Exchange Project. This                 revised on a 10–15 year cycle. The
                                                                                                                    located at 1720 Peachtree Road, NW.,
      project is being expanded over time as                  planning process will be initiated under
                                                                                                                    Atlanta, Georgia 30309, is the
      more FNS forms are transferred to                       the 1982 Forest Service planning
                                                                                                                    Responsible Official.
      electronic formats for State data entry.                regulations (36 Code of Federal
      As of May 2003, a total of 46 State                     Regulations 219 et seq., as is provided               SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:

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