Teaching Strategies for Behaviorist_Cognitivist_Constructivist_and Social-Psychological by keralaguest


									      Teaching Strategies for: Behaviorist, Cognitivist, Constructivist, and Social-Psychological

 Perspectives:           Strategies:                                       Elements:

Behaviorist       Use silent signals like          Advantages: No loud interruption noises are used when a

                  finger snapping,                  behavior becomes out of hand. Saves the teacher from

                  pointing to a word on             distracting other students as they work while he/she deals

                  chalk board that reads-           with the behavior problem.

                  silent time, shutting off        Limitations: This may not work on all students. Also, it

                  light, two fingers held           may work for two weeks and then the student’s behavior

                  in the air, make a                may recur.

                  serious face, etc. . . can       Types of technology that could be used to enhance

                  help a behaviorist when           learning: There is a mini traffic that one could get that has

                  dealing with certain              the red, yellow, and green light on it. A teacher could use

                  behaviors in the                  turn the devise on when a behavior is not acceptable.

                  classroom.                       Impact on student in terms of learning: The student will

                                                    notice that their behavior is not acceptable and get back on

                                                    track. Also, it will help those who are doing their work,

                                                    continue doing their work without interruptions.

Cognitivist       As a teacher, one could          Advantages: Helps students to recognize their learning

                  use Concept Mapping,              strengths. It also assist them with finding out what their

                  Visualization,                    weaknesses are so the teacher and student could work on

                  Sounding out words to             that specific skill.

                  help students develop            Limitations: This may not work with ESE or ESOL
                 and perform task that          students. They have other issues like behavior which can

                 may be difficult for           interfere with their learning. Those who take medicine

                 them to do.                    may not grasp the concepts because they did not take their

                                                medication therefore, they are off task and not paying


                                               Types of technology that could be used to enhance

                                                learning: Cassette tapes may be good for those who are

                                                audio learners while a PowerPoint would help those who

                                                are visual learners. Drawing out a Map Organizer on

                                                WhiteBoard could help those who are tactile learners.

                                               Impact on student in terms of learning: The cognitive

                                                approach is a great way to teach because it reaches all

                                                learners. Also, we need to become a cognitivist teachers

                                                so we can make sure we reach all learners to help them be

                                                as successful in the 21st century.

Constructivist   Have big group                Advantages: A student knows the subject at hand because

                 discussions, have small        of their own experiences or beliefs. They can use their

                 group discussions, have        social and physical experiences to relate to the lesson or

                 peer talk with their           task.

                 elbow partners, share         Limitations: Some students do not have the same

                 book reports, or have          knowledge or experience as another student may have.

                 students bring photos in       Some student are disabled and cannot physically do what
                the classroom could            other student can.

                help others gain              Types of technology that could be used to enhance

                knowledge of the               learning: Present an online Field Trip. This will help the

                outside world around           student who never see the beach, experience what it would

                them.                          look like and how it would sound. Use a Digital camera

                                               for students to take pictures of their experiences during the

                                               Winter Break.

                                              Impact on student in terms of learning: The world would

                                               become a bigger place for the student when finding out

                                               new things they know about. I believe their IQ could even

                                               go up because the more one knows things, the smarter

                                               they are.

Social-         A teacher could have          Advantages: This teaches the students to become better

Psychological   their students do a            citizens when they go out into the working field. Also, it

                Book Talk with the             can assist them when helping others with problem solving.

                younger age group,             A student’s self confidence can become stronger as this

                have older age group           skill is mastered.

                students come in the          Limitations: Not all student will respond to these

                class to teach a subject       strategies because some may have speech problems or

                lesson, or have the            English may be their second language. Some students may

                guidance councilor talk        have a bad home stead and are brought up abusive,

                to the students about          therefore speaking socially to others may not be an option
social skills. Reading        for them.

books on students their      Types of technology that could be used to enhance

age who are shy,              learning: Audio Enhancement could help those who are

bulling others, or            shy by them practicing reading with the enhancement.

sharing are great             Web Cam can boost up a student’s self confidence of

strategies.                   speaking to others on the webcam. Even blogging, texting,

                              or instant messaging could help a student with their

                              Social-Psychological skills.

                             Impact on student in terms of learning: I believe a

                              student’s self confidence could expand to a new level

                              when socially speaking to others. Let them hear what the

                              younger or older students have to say as they read to each

                              other. I am not a social person but TEC has taught me that

                              I can learn to talk to others (web-socialization) through

                              blogs and discussion boards.

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