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					Patrick             McDonagh,                       Student,         Charles        Lee Nichols,              Class        C,      ~BEST~
Woodridge,              Ill.                                         Boerne,     Texas.                                                      @])rnIT@LrV:.Xt~l(~
Peter        M. McDonough,         Class B,                          Ken Novak, Class                A, GCSA      of
Treasure        Coast GCSA, Fort Pierce, Fla.                        Southern      California,    Chatsworth, Calif.
                                                                                                                                    "BEST" TRAP SANJDS
Steven L. McGinnis, Class B, Bran-                                   John       Noyes, Student,               San     Luis
don,     Fla.                                                        Obispo,     Calif.                                             "BEST" TOPDRESSINJG
John L. McLeod, Ciba-Geigy                               Corp.,      Stephen Olthof, Class B, Ontario,                                                 SANDS
Affiliate,      Greensboro,               N.C.                       Canada.
Leo Kevin McManus, Class                                       C,    Ernesto Hermosa Parilla, Class B,                             "BEST" GR .VELS
Garden        City, N. Y .                                           Saipan.
                                                                                                                                           • C9rf1Pe.t~ly                     washed
Alison Mary McRae, Student,                                Union     Thomas G. Parker Jr., Student,                   Has-                         &:>c,\,_"ti   :'-;>:;-

Lake,      Mich .                                                    lett, Mich.                                                           • Off white color
Scott David Melby, Class C, For~st                                   Craig      Parsons,          Student,          Myrtle
Lake,      Minn.                                                     Beach,     S.C.                                                       • SuJ) angular, shape

David M. Meldrum, Student,                               Aiken,      Paul Pera, Class B, Valparaiso, Ind.
                                                                                                                                           • Av~ilable                      ;f"~'om two
                                                                     Ronald Perrott, Class A, Florida                                        Ideations
Sewell S. Metcalf, Class A, Kezar                                    GCSA,      Leesburg,        Fla.
Falls, Maine.                                                        Evelyn Phillips, TKE Corp., Affiliate,                                • Prefer~~ebY                           leading
Carl O. Metzner, Student,                           East Lans-       Douglas,      Ga.                                                         cou ntrx;;':clubs
ing, Mich.                                                           Dwight V. Pickett                  Jr., Class         A,
Lee S. Meverden, Class B, Manistee,                                  Florida    GCSA,       Jensen      Beach,      Fla.              ~BEST~
Mich.                                                                John       E. Pratt,        Affiliate,      Ontario,            11830 Ravenna Road, State Route 44
Mark            M. Michaud,                        Class        C,   Canada.                                                          P.O. Box 87, Chardon, Ohio 44024
Rochester,          N.Y.                                             Norman            David Prior,           Class C,                          (216) 946-3441
Daniel Bruce Miller, Class B, Boca                                   Johannesburg,                South          Africa.          (800) 237-4986-0hio (800) 237-4987-0ther
Raton,       Fla.
                                                                                                                 Continued                     Circle (18) on Reply Card
Doug            Scott            Miller,      Class    A,
Louisiana-Mississippi                   GCSA, Lafayette,
John H. Mills Jr., Class B, Madison,
Louis E. Mitchell, Affiliate,                              Buras,
Thomas W. Mittlesteadt, Student,
Pulaski,        Tenn.
Antonio Montes, Class                              B. South
Texas        GCSA,             Magnolia,         Texas.
Amy L. Moore, Student,                            Carpenters-
ville, Ill.
David P. Morse Jr., Student,                             Marble-
head,      Mass.                                                          Introdudng Fore-Par's ALL NEW Rustic TeeMarker.
Arthur S. Moskos, Class B, Central                                                  he Rustic Tee Marker is the                   markers, the tubular swivel flag, the
Richard S. Murphy, Student,


Richard J. Nack, Class Northeastern
                                                             East         T          newest addition to our distinc-
                                                                                     tive line of elasto-markers. Cast
                                                                                     of durable polyurethane in
                                                                          the classic shape of a pine branch, these
                                                                          rugged tee markers measure 10" long,
                                                                                                                                  modular flagpole, the Pathfinder and our
                                                                                                                                  virtually indestructible elasto-signs.
                                                                                                                                        So equip your golf course with the
                                                                                                                                  finest accessories ever made. Send today
                                                                                                                                  for your Fore-Par catalog and buyers guide.
GCSA,           Craryville,             N.Y.                              weigh almost two pounds and are mount-
                                                                          ed on two sturdy spikes. They are avail-
Kevin Garrett Neal, Class C, West                                         able in a natural pine bark color with the
Orange,          N.J.
Mark Charles Nebesnyk, Class B,
                                                                          ends painted red, white, blue, yellow or
                                                                          the color of your choice.
                                                                                                                                       AT THE FOREFRONT IN PRODUCT INNOVATION.
University          Park,        Ill.                                           Fore-Par delivers the finest golf course
                                                                          accessories ever made. Among our better                  16761 Burke Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Steven R. Neuliep, Student,                                 West          known innovations are the classic golf ball                              CALL TODAY
Lafayette,          Ind.                                                  on a tee marker, the wedge-shape anti-                        In California 714-842-8494
Jim Newkirk, Student,                              Levelland,             rebound tee marker, custom cast tee                         Outside California 800-843-0809
                                                                                                                       Circle (48) on Reply Card

Golf Course Management                         / January 1990                                                                                                                            211
Reel                                                           NEW MEMBERS

                                                               Jeffrey A. Prochaska, Student, East
                                                               Lansing, Mich.
                                                                                                     from p. 211     Jeffrey E. Schwartzenberg, Student,
                                                                                                                     St. Clair Shores,         Mich.
                                                                                                                     Glenn Seay, Student, Liberty, Texas.
                                                                                                                     Dave Shannon, Student, Pasadena,

                                                               Christopher E. Pulliam, Student,                      Md.
                                                               Larkspur,    Colo.                                    John M. Shaver, Student,                     North
                                                               Bradley J. Pylant, Student, Snyder,                   Myrtle Beach, S.C.
                                                               Texas.                                                Lowell D. Shaw, Class C, Sioux City,
                                                               Todd A. Rainville, Affiliate,                   St.   Iowa.
                                                               Johnsbury,       Vt.                                  John Nicholas Shortt,                   Class    C,
                                                               Randy Allen Ray, Student,                  Snyder,    Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
                                                               Texas.                                                Steven N. Sidebottom,                   Class C,
                                                               Gary R. Reynolds, Class B, Miami,                     Topeka,      Kan.
                                                               Fla.                                                  James Eric Sinkel, Class B, Min-
                                                               Gary S. Rhea, Student, Acme, Mich.                    nesota GCSA, Princeton,              Minn.
       A truly versatile :3gang for the money-$6,510
 list. Exclusive lightweight "hollow-roller" design            John C. Rogers, Class B, Louisiana-                   F. Gary Sloop Jr., Student, Cheraw,
 is excellent for fairways and commercial use. Unique
                                                               Mississippi GCSA, Gretna,             La.             S.C.
 rear wheel drive design eliminates bouncing and
 allows for close trimming.
                                                               Mark Ronnei, Affiliate, Nisswa, Minn.                 David R. Smith, Class A, Northern
       For over 75 years Roseman has been building                                                                   California GCSA, Berkeley, Calif.
 durability into each mower. Whether you choose the
 3,5,7,9 or 11 gang model, you can be sure it's
                                                               Michael A. Sandburg, Student, Man-
 made to last. Call or write today.                            hattan,   Kan.                                        Richard W. Smith, Affiliate, Milford,
                           ROSEMAN                             Harrel Sanders,               Class   A,     Iraan,
                           MANUFACTURING                       Texas.                                                Van A. Smith, Class A, Northwest
                           COMPANY                                                                                   Pennsylvania        GCSA, Butler, Pa.
                                                               John Scheleur, Class C, Pasadena,
                           Po. Box 158. Route 29                                                                     Thomas         A. Snyders,              Class    A,
                           Collegeville. PA 19426              Md.
                                                                                                                     Waukegan,       Ill.
                           I-BOO-752-ROSE                      Wilmer       R. Schmidt,              Class     A,
                           In PA (215) .J89-1400
                                                               Neosho,     Wis.                                      Eugene Thomas Sours, Class A,
             Circle (107) on Reply Card                                                                              Danville, Va.
                                                                                                                     Thomas E. Spani, Class A, Panama
      "INNOVATION:                             ideas coming to fruition."                                            City, Fla.
      MEET OUR INNOVATIONS.                                                                                          Patrick P. Spillers, Class B, Okla-
                                                                                                                     homa GCSA,             Elk City, Okla.
                                                                                                                     Mark Stephen Stanchina, Class B,
                                                                                                                     Casselberry,     Fla.
                                                                                                                     Mary A. Stancik,                  Student,       St.
                                                                                                                     Joseph,     Mich.
                      J                            .   f                                                             Kevin M. Staudenmier,                   Class A,
      DIVOT SEED and SOil                                  TRASH'M                    DUBicie   CUBicle
                                                                                                                     Orange,      Texas.
                                   :~~"dUit"'lttt_"';;                                                               Joseph James Stefanski, Class C,
                                    L:~ .... ~<ijm~.~.t,u""
                                                                                                                     Brigantine,     N.J.
                                                           CORE BRUSH
                SCATTER                                                                                              Kim Suzanne Stegh, Class C, Beach-
                                                                                                                     wood, Ohio.
      SCATTER    lOG                                                                      BRRRR ETT
                                                                                                s                    Pat      Stewart,      Stewart Agricultural
                                                                                                                     Research,      Affiliate, Macon, Mo.
                                                                                                                     Clement Wayne Stewart, Class A.
                                                                                                                     Everglades      GCSA, Naples, Fla.
                                                                                                                     Mike F. Stieler, Student,                Sonora,
                                                                                        ~~                           Calif.

      PIG TAilor                          BAllMARK             REPAIRER                          SEAT'N
                                                                                                                     Samuel A. Stimmel, Affiliate, Cuya-
      CLOSED EYE ROPE'R                                                                      bench ends              hoga Heights, Ohio.
                  Ask Your Golf Course Distributor                                        for                        Roger Sturgis, Roger B. Sturgis &
                     INNOVATIVE             MAINTENANCE                    PRODUCTS                                  Associates,      Inc.,     Affiliate,    Weston,
                             From:       MASTER of the LINKS
                                           Post Office Box 52                                                        Steven St. James, Affiliate, Bay City,
                                        Lombard, IL 60148-0052                                                       Mich.
                                      (708) 627-8379 (MASTERY)
                                                                                                                     Duane L. Tarnacki, Affiliate, Detroit,
                                             Circle (73) on Reply Card

212                                                                                                                    Golf Course Management / january              1990
Mich.                                                Nekoosa,      Wis.
Rick Wayne Tatum, Class C, Naples,                   Jeffrey A. Yarborough, Class C, Wil-
Fla.                                                 liamsburg, Va.
D. Michael Taylor, Affiliate, Colum-                 Stephanie A. Zanieski, Cadwell &
bia, S.C.                                            Jones      Inc.,     Affiliate,         Manchester,
Mark R. Thibault, Student,                 Pewau-    Conn.
kee, Wis.                                            Joseph Zering, Student,                      Westfield,
Thomas G. Thiede, Class B, Florida                   Mass.
GCSA, Clearwater,          Fla.                                                                                             • Non compacting                    aerofier

Owen Towne, Ciba-Geigy                      Corp.,                                                                          • Drills      0-10" with 60-10"                bits

Affiliate, Greensboro,
John Michael Trelford, Class B,
                                                     newly certified                                                        • Penetrates
                                                                                                                            • Drastically
                                                                                                                                                      hard pan
                                                                                                                                                     increases         percolation
                                                                                                                            • Fast clean             up
Ontario,     Canada.
                                                                                                                            • 2.4 days healing                  time
Ian True, Brouwer Turf Equipment                     Patrick Berger, Texarkana CC, Tex-
                                                                                                                            • Increase             root depth
Ltd., Affiliate, Ontario,         Canada.            arkana,    Ark.
                                                                                                                            • 3-4 greens             per day at 10"
J. Richard Tuck Jr., Tuck & Associ-                  Robert F. DiRico, Brae Burn CC,                                        • Up to 8 greens                per day at 5"
ates, Affiliate, Winter Park, Fla.                   Newtonville,       Mass.                                               • Easy to use -                 labor saving
Leigh Tyrrel, Student, Floral Park,                  William Y. Forden, Desert Hills GC,
                                                     Yuma, Ariz.                                                                Remember                "no"      compaction
J. Bryan Unruh, Student, Manhattan,                  Cary N. Lewis, Country                           Club       of                 Some distributorships
Kan.                                                 Orlando, Orlando, Fla.                                                     and contract drilling available
Frank Vance, Class B, Olive Branch,                  Kevin Pryseski, Sparrow Point CC,                                          Floyd-McKay Aerofier Co.
Miss.                                                Baltimore,     Md.                                                                      P.O. Box 191
Robert R. Vecchio, Student, Myrtle                   Bill Samuels,               The         Champions,                                    Dunn, NC 28334
Beach, S.C.                                          Nicholasville, Ky.                                                                     (919) 892.7806
Thomas R. Vlach, Student, Madison,                   William        K. Shirley,                 Idle       Hour
Wis.                                                                                                  Continued                             Circle    (47) on Reply    Card

Luther C. Waldon, Class B, Plano,
Dana Randall Waldor, Class B, St.
Helena,      Calif.
                                                                                                                         Why wetting
Ken Wallace,             Class      B,     Lively,
Ontario,     Canada.                                                                                                  agent users are
David Warman, Ciba-Geigy Agricul-
tural Products,       Affiliate, Greensboro,                                                                             turning to
                                                                                                                       Pene- Turf soil
Christopher J. Webb, Student, Mul-
lins, S.C.                                                                                                              treatment.
Jeff     Weber,        Class      B,     Ontario,
                                                           A continually growing problem for turf managers is that of compaction
Frank B. Whitbeck, Winrock Grass                         reduces pore space. resultingin decreased air and water movement through
Farm, Inc., Little Rock, Ark.                            the soil. Wettings agents are often used to temporarily relieve the
                                                         symptoms.but wetting agents work only of the surface tension of surface
Earl M. Wild, Class B, Central Florida                   water .improving infiltration in the top several inches of the soil.
GCSA, Barefoot Bay, Fla.                                   Pene-TurfSoilTreatment does what a wetting agent will do. but where the
David Lee Williamson Jr., Student,                       wetting agent stops. Pene-Turfcontinues. Pene-Turfworks on the real prob-
                                                         lem. compaction. Pene-Turfreduces the surface tension of soil water.which
Inman, S.C.                                              allows the compacted soilto shift. and it works several feet deep in the soil.
Michael         Dean     Willis,         Student,        Thisresultsinincreased pore space. improved percolation. and deeper water
Lenoir, N.C.                                             infiitration. In addition. Pene-Turf requires less applications than wetting
                                                         agents and isnon-phytotoxic.

Mervin Wolf, Affiliate, Modesto, Calif .                                       URSTAR                                      2275 N. State Road 1, P.O.
Bill J. Wood, Class A, Scaly Moun-                                                                                         Box 463, Bluffton, IN 46714
tain, N.C.                                                                   GRICULTURAL                                   Toll-Free: 1-800-348-2608

Fred Donald Wucherpfennig, Affili-
                                                                            SERVICES, INC.                                  Indiana: 219-824-5384
                                                                        This product   is available   as Perk Soil Treatment    in the following     states -
ate, Bloomington,        Minn.                                                         AK. AZ. CA,CO,HI,ID,MT,NV,OR,UT,WA.

James Richard Wunrow, Class B,
                                                                                                       Circle   (45) on Reply   Card

Calf Course Management         / january    1990                                                                                                                                     213
                     soa                    NEWLY CERTIFIED               from   p.   213   Lake CC, Ill., is now at Wapsi Oaks
                                                                                            CC, Calamus, Iowa.
                                            G&CC,    Macon, Ga.                             John A. Ford, CGCS,     formerly at
          Fine Fescue                       Ron P. Tyler, Palm Harbor Golf Club,            Overlake G&CC, Wash., is now at Fort
             Blends                         Palm Coast, Fla.                                Lewis GC, Fort Lewis, Wash.
                                            Lee A. Wagner, Vista Hills CC, El               C. Frielinghaus, formerly at Pine
           Bluegrass                        Paso , Texas.                                   Valley GC, N.J., is now at Glens Falls
                                                                                            CC, Glens Falls, N.Y.
             Blends                         Lawrence J. Wimmers, Champaign
                                            CC, Champaign,     Ill.                         Richard C. Haas, formerly at Corpus
                                                                                            Christi CC, Texas, is now at Crescent
                                                                                            Oaks CC, Palm Harbor, Fla.
           Special Orders                   reroutings                                      Craig L. Healey, formerly             at
             Grown To                                                                       Maplecrest CC, Ind., is now at Big Pine
            Specifications                                                                  GC, Attica, Ind.
                                            W.A. "Bo" Alexander III, formerly at
                                                                                            Edward J. Hock Jr. , formerly     at
                                            CC of Sapphire Valley, N.C., is now
            Tee and                         at Gasparilla GC, Boca Grande, Fla.
                                                                                            Meadowbrook CC, Mich., is now at
                                                                                            Grosse Isle G&CC, Grosse Isle, Mich.
           Green Sod                        Christopher G. Ansley, formerly at
                                            Willowbend GC, Kan., is now at Bayou
                                                                                            Ray Lee Jacomo, formerly at Jimmie
               P.o. Box 418                 Barriere GC, Belle Chasse, La.
                                                                                            Austin GC, Okla., is now at Lake
                                                                                            Murray State Park GC, Ardmore, Okla.
          Exeter, RI 02822                  Greg R. Bailey, formerly     at Briar
                                                                                            Joseph A. Kennedy, formerly at Fair-
                                            Heights Pub GC, Pa., is now at Willow
          Phone 401-295-1870                                                                mont CC, N.J., is now at Green Brook
                                            Run Inn & GC, Berwick, Pa.
                         or                                                                 CC, North Caldwell, N.J.
                                            Chipley Eugene Baston, formerly at
             401-789-8177                                                                   John    Francis Kois, formerly at
                                            West Lake CC, Ga., is now at Gordon
           Fax 401-789-3895                                                                 Greenbrier CC, Va., is now at Elizabeth
                                            Lakes & Center GC, Fort Gordon, Ga.
                                                                                            Manor G&CC, Portsmouth, Va.
                                            Richard M. Bator, formerly at Blue
                                                                                            Lawrence D. Kreh, formerly at Dye
               Circle (144) on Reply Card   Heron Hills CC, N. Y., is now at Merion
                                                                                            Designs, Colo., is now at Carlton Oaks
                                            GC, Ardmore, Pa.
                                                                                            CC, Santee, Calif .
.....               BIG FOOT                Michael J. Benecke, formerly        at
                                                                                            Frank K. Kynkor, formerly at CC at
                                            Prince William GC, Va., is now at Aer-
                                                                                            Jacaranda West, Fla., is now at Innis-
••             SPRAY PATTERN                opines GC, Virginia Beach, Va.
                                                                                            brook G&CC Resort, Tarpon Springs,
      ,            INDICATOR                Kent C. Coburn, formerly at Riverside           Fla.
                                            Club, Texas, is now at Milorganite, Mil-
                                                                                            Steven A. LaFrance, formerly         at
                                            waukee, Wis.
                                                                                            Boca West, Fla., is now at Marsh Land-
                                            Stephen E. Cohoon, CGCS, form-                  ing CC, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
                                            erly at Tantallon G&CC, Md., is now
                                                                                            Thomas K. Lavrenz, formerly        at
                                            at Stonehenge G&CC, Midlothian, Va.
 ~~N~N-STAINING    FORMULA                  James  David Curlee, formerly at
                                                                                            Jones Park GC, Iowa, is now at Squaw
                                                                                            Creek GC, Marion, Iowa.
       16 OZ. PER 100 GAL.                  Brownwood    CC, Texas, is now at
                                                                                            Timothy D. Madden, CGCS, form-
      HIGHLY ECONOMICAL                     Corpus Christi CC, Corpus Christi,
                                                                                            erly at Edison Club, N.Y., is now at
    PREVENTS OVERLAPPING                    Texas.
                                                                                            Mount Snow CC, West Dover, Vt.
       ELIMINATES WASTE                     Mark E. Dahill, formerly at Ridgefield          Linda A. Mascaro, formerly at Hun-
     HELPS PREVENT DRIFT                    CC, Tenn., is now at Oyster Bay GL,
                                                                                            nicutt International Co., Hawaii, is now
                                            Sunset Beach, N.C.
Big Foot's new non-staining for-                                                            at Earthworks       Turfscaping,   North
mula is being acclaimed as the              James  Brian Daniel, formerly at                Miami, Fla.
best of it's kind. See for your-            Bryan GC, Texas, is now at George-
                                                                                            Tim F. McKenna,
                                                                                                         formerly   at
                                            town CC, Georgetown, Texas.
selfl! Ask your local Turf Dealer                                                  Summer Beach Resort & CC, Fla., is
for Big Foot, or call for informa-          Timothy R. Dark, formerly at Mary- now at Glen Cannon CC, Brevard,
tion on a Big Foot Dealer near              wood CC, Mich., is now at Barton Hills N.C.
you.                                        CC, Ann Arbor, Mich.
                                                                                   Christopher  Myers, formerly at
  PARKWAY RESEARCH CORP.                    Daniel Lloyd Dau Jr., formerly at Cypress Lake CC, Fla., is now at Quail
                                            Canyon Gate CC, Nev., is now at Creek CC, Naples, Fla.

                 BOX 5441
           KINGWOOD, TX 77325               Brookside GC, Pasadena, Calif.         Edward Nickelsen, formerly at Mont-
              1-800-442-9821                William Davis, CGCS, formerly at clair GC, N.J., is now at Gambler Ridge
                                            Vintage Club, Calif., is now at Spyglass        GC, Cream Ridge, N.J.
            DEALER AND REP.                 Hill GC, Pebble Beach, Calif.
           INQUIRIES INVITED                                                                Robert M. Painter, CGCS, formerly
                                            Gerald A. Flint, formerly at Hidden             at Canyon   Gate   ee,   Nev., is now at
               Circle (86) on Reply Card

214                                                                                           Golf Course Management    / january   1990
Paicines Ranch, Paicines, Calif.
Dennis Parker, CGCS, formerly at
                                             Guyan G&CC, W.Va., is now
                                             Cheval Polo & GC, Lutz, Fla.
                                                                                                  Bent Sod
Wedgefield G&CC, Fla., is now at
Euroactividade Golf Inc., Orlando, Fla.
                                             Rick A. Welton, formerly    at The
                                             Boulders, Ariz., is now at Mountain                  That Fits
Robert Pearce, formerly at Odessa
CC, Texas, is now at Las Cruces CC,
                                             Ridge CC, West Caldwell, N.J.
                                             Tim Scott West, formerly at Sun Bird
                                                                                                  Your Course
Las Cruces, N.M.
Benny A. Peta, formerly at Hershey's
                                             Golf Resort, Ariz., is now at Cypress
                                             GC, Scottsdale, Ariz.
                                                                                                  from tee to
Mill GC, Pa., is now at Bedens Brook         Jerry A. Whitaker, CGCS, formerly                    green ...
Club, Skillman, N.J.                         at Baldwin County Recreation Depart-
                                             ment, Ga., is now at Georgia Veterans                • PENNCROSS
James Prucnal, formerly at Latrobe                                                                  BENT SOD
Elks GC, Pa., is now at Kings Creek          State Park, Cordele, Ga.
                                                                                                  • PENNLlNKS
CC, Rehoboth Beach, Del.                     Kenneth D. Williams, formerly at                       BENT SOD
David Pulley, formerly   at Linville         Monterey CC, Calif., is now at La                    • PENNEAGlE
                                             Quinta Hotel G&TC, La Quinta, Calif.                   BENT SOD
Ridge CC, N.C., is now at Quail
Hollow CC, Charlotte, N.C.                   Mark A. Willmore, CGCS, formerly                     • Xl-l00 BlEN D
Joel A. Ratcliff, CGCS, formerly at          at Bayou Barriere GC, La., is now at
                                                                                                  • A FUll LINE OF
Indian Spring CC, Md., is now at             Shawnee CC, Topeka, Kan.                               LANDSCAPE
Sedgefield CC, Greensboro, N. C.             Ken G. Wright, formerly at National                    SUPPLIES
Timothy W. Rayboro, formerly at              GC, Canada, is now at Devil's Pulpit
Newnan CC, Ga., is now at Baldwin            GA, Caledon, Ontario, Canada.

                                             .           .
County     Recreation Commission,                                                                 Illinois'      largest sod grower
Milledgeville, Ga .
F. Jeff Robinson, formerly at River-         In     memorIam
wood GC, Mich., is now at Canadian
Lakes GC, Stanwood, Mich.                                                                         3900 West 167th Street,
                                             John    J.   Ermer    (Class AA Life                 Markham, I L 60426
Sid Salomon IV, CGCS, formerly at            member), 72, died Oct. 25, 1989. Mr.                 708-596-7200
Turtle Creek GC, Fla., is now at Dayton      Ermer joined the association in 1954
Valley CC, Dayton, Nev.                      and received his 35-year pin. He was
                                                                                                                 Circle (50) on Reply Card

Michael Sauls, formerly at Spyglass          also a member of the Northern Ohio
Hill GC, Calif., is now at Butler National   GCSA. Mr. Ermer was superintendent
GC, Oak Brook, Ill.                          at Ridgewood GC, Parma, Ohio, from                    YOU CAN BE YOUR
Frank T. Siple, formerly at Lake             1945 until his retirement in 1980. He
                                             is survived by his wife Dorothy Ermer,
                                                                                         TREES BEST FRIEND...
Arrowhead CC, Ga., is now at Royal
Lakes CC, Flowery Branch, Ga.                6381 W. 54th St., Parma, Ohio 44129.
                                             Roy B. Gregory (Class A Retired
Timothy C. Smith, formerly at Baker
Vehicle Systems, Ohio, is now at Pine
Ridge CC, Wickliffe, Ohio.
                                             member), 78, died Sept. 24, 1989. Mr.
                                             Gregory joined the association in 1966                    ACEOtR97
                                             and was a member of the South Texas                              POWERFUL SYSTEMIC
Mitch W. Stamey, formerly at Pine            GCSA. Mr. Gregory was superinten-                               INSECTICIDE IMPLANTS
Wild CC of Pinehurst, N. C., is now at                                                                      FOR ORNAMENTAL    TREES
                                             dent from 1955 to 1958 at Meadow
Governor's Club, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Kenneth J. Sutherland, formerly at
                                             Lake CC, Angleton, Texas. From 1958
                                             to 1960, he was superintendent at Dick-                    MEDIOtP@
                                                                                                     MULTI NUTRIENT IMPLANTS
Rockland CC, N.Y., is now at Passaic         enson CC, Dickenson, Texas. In 1960,
                                                                                                   OR SPECIFIC MICRO.NUTRIENTS
County GC, Wayne, N.J.                       Mr. Gregory became superintendent at
                                             Houston GC, Houston, Texas, and                                  EASY-TO-USE
Rick Tegtmeier, CGCS, formerly at                                                                       ENCAPSULATED   IMPLANTS
                                             remained there until 1963. He became
Des Moines G&CC, Iowa, is now at                                                                       THAT WORK SYSTEMICALLY
Elm Crest CC, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Jack I. Thomasma Jr., formerly at
                                             superintendent at Long Meadows CC,
                                             Houston, Texas, in 1963. The club was
                                             sold in 1974 to the Cameron Iron
                                                                                         •                  INSIDE THE TREE!

                                                                                                                               -NON-RESTRICTED             INSECTICIDE
Point O'Woods G&CC, Mich., is now            Works and became the Cameron                                                      -EASY       ONE-STEP      APPLICATION
at L.E. Kaufman GC, Wyoming, Mich.           Employees CC. Mr. Gregory continued                                               -NO     CONTAINER         DISPOSAL

                                             with the new club until his retirement in       ~.                                -IDEAL       FOR   TALL    TREES
Gregory V. Vadala, CGCS, formerly
                                              1976.                                                •   -.                      -PRECISE.       TARGET      APPLICATION

at Southward Ho CC, N.Y., is now at
Montclair GC, Montclair, N.J.                Charles E. Jordon (Affiliate member) ,             _I.         CREATIVE      SALES                   CALL US TODAY FOR
                                                                                              ...           P.O. BOX     501                      THE NAME OF OUR
                                             55, died Aug. 3, 1989. Mr. Jordon            ~                                                       DISTRIBUTOR NEAR YOU
Michael Ventura, formerly at Club                                                        CSI
                                                                                                            FREMONT.       NE 68025
                                             joined the association in 1973 and was                         (402) 727-4800                        1-800-759-7739
Med, France, is now at Pevero GC,
                                             a member of the Carolinas GCSA.                           SEE US AT BOOTH NO. 702
Sardinia, Italy.
                                             From 1955 to 1965, he was sales                            ORTHENE     j,   the Reg. T.M.      of Chevron   Chemical
Dean E. Watkins, CGCS, formerly at                                          Continued
                                                                                                                 Circle (32) on Reply Card

Golf Course Management    / january   1990                                                                                                                               215
                                                     IN MEMORIAM                from p. 215   ,parks and recreation area management
                                                                                               from Kansas State University. Seven
                                                   manager of the Eastern Dehydrating           years' experience       as a golf course
                                                   Co., Lexington, N.C. From 1966 to superintendent with the last five years
                                                    1977, he was the professional account       as superintendent of construction and
                                                   manager for Agrico Chemical Co.,             maintenance of a new 18-hole public
                                                   Tulsa, Okla. Mr. Jordon left Agrico golf course. Duties included the super-
       TURFGRASS                 GOLF COURSE
                                                   Chemical Co. to become the regional          vision of contractors for dirt work and
                                                   turf manager for USS Agri Chemicals,         irrigation installation, hiring and train-
                                                   Atlanta, Ga. In 1987, he became a ing of in-house staff for greens construc-
                                                   sales representative for LaRoche Indus- tion, final grading, seeding and tee and
                                                   tries Inc., Greensboro,      N.C., and bunker construction. Looking for posi-
                    COMPUTER FOR
                   SUPERINTENDENT                  remained in that position until his death.  tion in golf course construction. Willing
                                                   Robert      C. Skrocki        (Class     C to relocate. Available immediately.
                                                   member), 35, died April 14, 1989. Mr.
                 LIQUID NUTRIENTS
                                                   Skrocki joined the association in 1987.
                                                   At the time of his death, he was the
                                                   assistant superintendent at the Atlanta
                                                   National GC, Alpharetta, Ga. He is sur-    directory
                                                   vived by his wife, Rita L. Skrocki, 2515
                         4-PUMP                    Ridgecrest Drive, Kennesaw, Ga.             John N. MacLeod, 1276 Whiting-
                 NUTRIENT DELIVERY
                         SYSTEM                                                                ham,        Naperville,        IL    60540

                                                      employment                                (312/420-8733)
                                                                                                                     . Certificate in turf
                                                                                                                   from Michigan State
                     PROGRAM                                                                   University. Two summers' experience

                                                      assistance                               in golf course management.          Seeking
    2201 W. DESERT CoVE, PHOENIX, AZ 85071                                                     position in Chicago area as an assistant
      (602) 870-5229, FAX (602) 997-6254                                                       superintendent. Available immediately.
                                                      Rodney L. Hruza, 8238 Steadman,
                                                   Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (719/            James E. Robinson Jr., Eastview
              Circle (61) on Reply Card
                                                   282-9083). Age, 30. Single. B.S. in Drive, Cheshire, MA 01225 (413/
                                                                                               743-0003).      Age, 25. B.S. in golf
                                                                                               course operations, University of Mas-
                                                                                               sachusetts and associate's degree in turf
                                      TEE UP FOR '90                                           management         from the Stockbridge
                                                                                               School of Agriculture, Amherst, Mass.
               DISTINCTIVE • HIGH QUALITY                                                      Small-engine golf course mechanic cer-
             LOW COST • LOW MAINTENANCE                                                        tificate from Lake City Community Col-
                                                                                               lege, Lake City, Fla. Several years'
              GOLF COURSE MARKERS FOR:                                                         experience      in both Northern         and
                                                                                               Southern turfgrasses. Seeking position
                                            ~ OUT-OF-BOUNDS MARKERS                            as assistant superintendent.       Willing to
                                        o    YARDAGE MARKERS
                                                                                               relocate. Available immediately.
                                                                                               Steven J. Sump, 3287 Sand Beach
                                        ~    GROUND UNDER REPAIR MARKERS
                                                                                               Road, Bad Axe, MI 48413 (517/
                                         EB TEE MARKERS                                        269-7339     or 517/269-6703).      Will
                                                                                               graduate with honors in March from
                                        •    HAZARD MARKERS
                                                                                               Michigan State University Turf Manage-
                                             • SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY                        ment School. Experience in all phases
                                                                                               of golf course maintenance on estab-
                                             • SPEEDS UP PLAY                                  lished and newly constructed courses.
                                             • ATTRACTIVELY MARKS YOUR                         Seeking position as golf course superin-
                                               COURSE                                          tendent or chief assistant.
                                                                                               Troy R. Zufall, 131-1 Nimitz Drive,
                                                    See Us In ORLANDO                          West Lafayette,       IN 47906     (317/
                                                   FEBRUARY 24-26                              743-8987). B.S. in agronomy and turf-
                                                                                               grass management          from Purdue
                                              Booth #5824 GCSAA SHOW                           University. Experience at Big Pine GC,
                                                                                               Attica, Ind., and Honors Course,
                                STOCKING DISTRIBUTOR DISCOUNTS                                 Ooltewah,     Tenn. Did research        at
                                                                                               Purdue University. Seeking position as
                                NC.              Call for more information and samples.
                                            33597 Pin Oak Parkway, Avon Lake, Ohio 44012       assistant superintendent. Willing to relo-
~                               .'---             (216) 933-5927 FAX (216) 933-7839            cate. Resume and references available
                                                                                               upon request.
                                        Circle (72) on Reply Card
216                                                                                              Golf Course Management / january      1990
looking back
   Ten years ago, Golf Course                tive Committee had recently approved                            broke down costs. Labor costs, which
Management reported on the increase          the formation of a new home study pro-                          are generally the highest, should be
of on-site golf course laboratories.         gram that was the first program of its                          supported with detailed employment
These labs varied from the expensive         kind in turf management ....                                    records, the article said. Pay increases
and complex to a simple microscope.             Another article suggested effective                          can then be justified by using docu-
The article said the improved lab train-     budget strategies for superintendents                           ments indicating productivity, atten-
ing of superintendents and turf school       negotiating budgets with their golf                             dance and attitude.
graduates     made on-site labs more         course's board of directors.                                       The article suggested that superinten-
feasible.                                       The article said superintendents                             dents use their time with the board of
   Before establishing a laboratory, the     needed to develop specific budgets that                         directors to explain purchases and detail
superintendent     must determine what       not only detailed expenditures      but                         equipment uses and costs.
problems exist that could be solved with
a lab. Then the superintendent should
start his laboratory with those requisite
pieces of equipment and add new
pieces as the need arises, the article
                                                                                                                                                  GOLF COURSE
                                                                                           TOP DRESSING AND                                  TOP-DRESSING
said.                                                                                      SOIL CONDITIONER
   The article spotlighted      Augusta                                                 IMPROVES  DRAINAGE
                                                                                       YET HOLDS MOISTURE
                                                                                                            BETTER THAN SAND,
                                                                                                           IN HOT DRY WEATHER,
                                                                                          FOR HEALTHY TURF WITH DEEP ROOTS'
National Golf Club's laboratory, saying
it had one of the finest and most
elaborate    golf course labs in the              THE PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE
                                                        . , . SINCE 1922
country ....
   Another article focused on ways to
                                              THE BASEBALL DIAMOND       MIXES USED                                                         ~~~~I~~~   /   VI~1ffffi!fl'rJ~'/Jf
                                              BY OVER SO PROFESSIONAL    TEAMS PLUS       The Ultimate Solution to Unsightly
                                               TOWNS AND SCHOOLS        ACROSS THE        Divots at Televised Golf Tournaments              AMERICA'S PREMIUM
tame high equipment costs by deter-            U.S.A. AND CANADA. SPECIAL MIXES
                                                                                                and other Sports Events!                       TOP-DRESSING
                                                FOR INFIELDS, PITCHER'S MOUNDS,
mining when to rent, lease or buy.                     HOMEPLATE AREAS &                     AVAILABLE    NATIONWIDE                           HEAT TREATED
                                                        WARNING TRACKS.
   The article recommended        renting                    AS WELL AS                      1-800-247-2326                                   CONTROL THATCH,
                                               • TENNIS COURTS.    BOCCIE COURTS               IN N.J. 201-637-4191                        PROMOTE HEALTHY TURF
equipment used infrequently and leas-         AND OTHER NATURAL SPORT SURFACES             PARTAC PEAT CORPORATION                      & SMOOTH PLAYING SURFACES
                                                                                       KELSEY PARK, GREAT MEADOWS,               N.j.
ing equipment that might soon become                                                                     07838
obsolete or was too expensive to buy.
                                                                                           Circle (87) on Reply Card
Buying, the article said, was generally
the least expensive option in the long
run. But, before buying equipment,
                                                       Now                                        you can schedule work crews regardless
superintendents     should consider the
additional costs of service, maintenance           Spray d a
                                                     . d y Oll                              of the wind. The WindfoWs patented shroud
                                                                                            conta~ns the spray, controlling drift while
 and repairs. These costs may have been
 covered by rental or lease agreements,            WIll     ay                              reducmg operator exposure.
the article said.                                                                     What's more, the Windfoil helps keep your
   Twenty years ago, The Golf                      with the                           neig~bors happy. No worrisome clouds of spray in
                                                                                      the aIr - no damage to nearby plants from
                                                      . 101
                                                   WIIId~ '1
Superintendent     featured five related
articles on lakes and ponds written by                                                drifting.
a panel of superintendents,     engineers                                             Call us today to find out more about the good
and landscape architects .
   The articles focused on solving                 sprayer                   •
                                                                                      neighbor W~ndfoil sprayers that let you spray-
                                                                                      even on a wmdy day.
seepage problems, location considera-
tions and using ponds as hazards,
storage or as an aesthetic feature ....
   The issue also featured an article for-
casting golf course trends for the 1970s.
The article said golf was the fastest
growing competitive sport in the United
States, forcing changes in golf course
   The most significant change was the
national move to automatic sprinklers,
the article said, because no region
                                                   .. 15 ft. golf truck skidmount Windfoil                                              .. 48" hose fed Turfoil
maintained adequate rainfall through-
out its turf season .                                                      RO
                                                                          OL.=J INNOVATIVE

   Thirty years ago, the Golf Course                                               EOUIPMENT INC.

Reporter announced plans to expand
                                                   ~       .......        626 - 47th Street East, Saskatoon, SK Canada
                                                                          S7K 5X3 FAX (306) 9754)49Q
its scholarship programs for under-                Windfoil               (306) 975-0500

graduate turf management students.
   The article said the GCSAA Execu-
                                                                                            Circle (51) on Reply Card
 Golf Course Management   / january   1990                                                                                                                                  217
turf and maintenance marketplace

  E-Z Rake .. xpands
     E-ZHakehas added seven new
  products to its Eas~Rake line of
  lawn-care equipment.'Th~ .. ompany
  has two new EasyVac           lawn
  vacuums, the 40-cubic-foot Model
  86 and a.six~bushel.Model 344.
  EasYf{akehasalso ..?troCiuced four
  powered dethatchers, an 18-inch
  and a 24~inchwalk~behind model
  and two.puH-type38-incI1Todels. A
  new t~aiIe~-Il1~unted~prayer, the
  EasyHakemodel 84 h~s~~3-gallon
  capacity for spraying liquid pesti-
  cides, herbicides and. fertilizers.
  EasyRake, Box 506, Lebanon, IN
  46052; 800/777-6074.

                                          Enclosure Adds Comfort
                                            A new enclosure for the Kawasaki
                                          Mule 1000 features a tempered glass
                                          windshield, steel roof, clear vinyl
                                          windows and baked enamel finish to
                                          match Kawasaki red. Removable
                                          doors and back curtain are for
                                          summer comfort. Hand windshield
                                          wiper is standard. Femco, Inc., Box
                                          1186, McPherson, KS 67460; 800/

                                                                                Pump Extracts Engin~ Oil
                                                                                   The ThoTas Oil-yacisciesigned
                                                                                for oil extraction from mowers, trac-
                                                                                tors, blower~and ...otherhigh~
                                                                                maintenance engines. The .. il~Vac
  RemovingUeaves.Andi Debris                                                    reportedly canexft'actus7?~H. from
     Intake and exhaust. hose options                                           a small engine in. 9q~~<:0IfCl~~nd
  onthe ReVac reducer vacuum facili-                                            collect it in a 40-ounce, hi9h-i1J1pact
  tate the removal of leaves and                                                jar with overflow shutoff valve. The
  debris. Additional applications                                               unit also comes with 6 foot cord,
  include bale chopping. The rear                                               on/ off switch, thermally protected
  chute accepts limbs up to 3 inches                                            motor, carrying handle, jar holder,
  in diameter and an optional front                                             6 feet of tubing and two flexible oil
  hopper swallows saplings, prunings                                            pick-up tubes. Karen. Spreng~r,
       brtlsh. The ..•
  and •.            R.0t~-Ho~<?o:,..100                                                                  1
                                                                                'Thomas ..Industries, .... 419 Illinpis
  Aubum.. oad, Newbury,0H44065.
           R                                                                    Ave., $h~boygan,W153082.414/

  New Recriprocating Edger                    Biodegradable Mulch Blanket
  Keeps Walkways Neat                            Proseed (U.S. A.) recently intro-
     RedMax's new Reciprocating               duced PS100, a mulch blanket for
  Edger features two 20-tooth                 use in establishing grasses, legumes,
  reciprocating steel blades that move        wild flowers and ornamental plants.
  like scissors. This scissor action          Each 5-by-90-foot blanket covers 50
  reduces the risk of flying debris, the.     square yards. The company says
  company says, making the edger              bonded organic fibers hold the
  safer than the traditional edger            blankets together instead of netting.
  placies that spin. The edger is             The blankets, which are packaged in
  propelled by a three-wheeled carri-         rolls, are designed to be rolled over
  age, weighs 41.9 pounds and fea-            a seeded area and then secured with
  tures a 32-inch adjustable handle, a        standard sod staples or wooden
  two-stroke gear-reduced engine and          stakes. Proseed (U.S.A.) Inc., P.O.
  a diaphragm carburetor. RedMax,             Box 1250, San Marcos, TX 78667;
  Komatsu Zenoah America Inc., P.O.           512/392-1900.
  Box 1545, Norcross, GA 30091-
  1545; 404/381-5147.

   Inlets, Outlets for Swing Joints
      Four inlet fittingsand three outlets    Hedge Trimmer Introduced
   an~ offered with Lasco's "Full Circle
                                                 This 10-poundheclge trimmer,
   Swing Joints. "Inlets include socket,
                                              the CHT230, features a 22:Scc
   spigot, male thread and 4-inch
                                              engine with solid-state ignition, a
   niI?ple.versi~I1s; outlet choiCes are      1.27-pirit fuel tank, and dOllble-
   s?<::~et,mal~~.~reCldandan~~l?rg-          sided ,dollble-reciI>roc~tingblad~s.
   ing eUto fit the 11/Z-inchthreads/of
                                              The unit also features a stop switch
   sprinkler heads. All are available in
                                              on the rear handle, a 24-inch,oscil-
   1-, 11/4-and ll/z ...inch sizes.. Lasco    lating blade and a diaphragm carbu-
   Fittings, PhillipsIndustriesInc. , 3255
                                              retor. RedMax, P.O. Box 1545,
   East Miraloma Ave., Anaheim; CA
                                              Norcross, GA 30091-1545; 404/
   92806; 714/993-1220.

                                             Two Units In One
                                                Thi~~ydr?ulic?lly driven, .. five-
                                             gangyerti-r~elctitting    unit is.two
                                             units in one--      a cut blade reel
                                             mowerthafconverts to averticutting
                                             unit. The cutting height can be pre-
                                             ciselyset from 3/8 to 3 inches in any
                                             increment. The unit is partofa new
                                             product line designed for / sports
                                             fields, sod farms and other commer-
                                             cial mm.ving applicationsa,sVJ~!Las
                                             golf courses. Kub()ta Tract()r ~()rp",
                                             550 W~stb.rte~iaBlvd., Comp~()n,
                                             CA 90220; 213/444-7000.

G()lf Course Management   / January 1990
ad index
Advanced Drainage System                                    59   Lesco, Inc                                       Cover III
Aeration Ind. Int'l Inc                               120-121    Lester Electrical, Inc                                179
Agri Diagnostics Assoc                                    113    Lofts Seed, Inc                                        29
Alex Rohoza                                               208    Maibo, Inc                                            206
American Cyanamid Co. (regional ad)                       129    Markers, Inc                                          216
American Eagle Golf Products                                39   Master of the Links                                   212
Amiad USA, Inc                                            198    Melex USA, Inc                                         77
Andersons, The (regional ad)                              153    Micro-Trak Systems, Inc                               208
Aqua Master                                                 91   Mitsubishi Motor Sales, Inc                           139
Aquatrols Corp of America                                 167    Mobay Corp                                          94-95
Associated Golf Concepts                                    65   Montco Products Corp                                  185
B.H. Sales                                                193    National Mower Co                                     169
Barebo, Inc                                                  4   Neary Manufacturing Co                                146
Barlow Tyrie, Inc                                         154    Neogen Corp                                           196
Beauty Lawn Zoysia                                        207    Nor-Am Chemical Corp                                   17
Best Sand Corp                                            211    Normarc Seed Co                                        35
Bios Technology Inc                                  80A-80B     Northrup King Co                                       51
Broyhill Co., The                                         202    Olathe Mfg. Inc                                       199
Brouwer Turf Equip., Ltd                                    89   O.M. Scott Prof. Service                  30-31, 132-133
Buckner Irrigation Equip                                  148    Oregon Fine Fescue Commission                         123
Bunton Co                                                   13   Orival, Inc                                           188
Carroll Childers Co                                       177    Par Aide Prod. Co                                      43
Century International Corp                                200    Parkway Research Corp                                 214
Ciba-Ceigy Corp                        8-9, 116-117, 142-143     Partac Peat Corp                                      217
Classen Mfg. Inc                                          141    Pickseed West, Inc                                  84-85
Cleary Chemical Corp., W.A.                               149    Plant Food Co. Inc                                    164
Club Car, Inc                                         19, 180    Plant Marvel Labs, Inc                                 55
Columbia ParCar Corp                                        73
                                                                 Precision Labs, Inc                              152, 173
Commercial Pump Service                                   137
                                                                 Proseed USA, Inc                                      190
CoRoN Corp                                                  41
                                                                 Prom ark Products, Co                                 197
Creative Sales, Inc                                       215
                                                                 Pumping Systems, Inc                                     1
Cushman-Turl                                              105
                                                                 R&R Products Co                                       191
Dayton Stencil Works                                      206
                                                                 R.G.B. Labs, Inc                                    78-79
Dedoes Industries, Inc                                    194
                                                                 Rain Bird Sales, Golf Div                         100-101
Deere & Co                                              52-53
                                                                 Range Servant USA                                     183
DICKEY-john Corp                                          166
Douglas Products, Inc                                     172    Ransomes, Inc                                         125
Dow Elanco-Specialty/Tech. Products Co                    115    Ree~harp USA                                          205
Easy Picker Golf Products, Inc                              57   Regal Chemical Co                                      83
E.F. Burlingham and Sons                                    61   Rhone-Poulenc Ag. Co           36-37,68-69,87,    110-111
E-Z-Go Division of Textron                                150    Ringer Corp                                           151
Farmers Marketing Corp                                    131    Roseman Mfg. Co                                       212
Fermenta ASC Corp                                           75   Salsco, Inc                                           207
Fine Lawn Research, Inc                                71, 93    Seed Research of Oregon, Inc                     64A-64D
Finn Corp                                                 162    Side-Winder                                           147
Four Star Agricultural Services                           213    Smithco, Inc                ,                97,109, 119
Fuerst Brothers, Inc                                      204    Soil Technologies Corp                                163
Floyd-McKay Aerofier Co                                   213    Spring Valley Turl Prod                               176
Foley-United Ind. Products                                201    Standard Golf Co                                       11
Fore-Par Inc                                              211    T. Christy Enterprises                                199
GSI/DonuTTrimmer                                          189    Technic Tool Corp                                     203
H&E Sod Nursery                                           215    Tee and Green Sod                                     214
Hahn, Inc                                               20-21    Tee-2-Green Corp                                  Cover II
Hall-Kimbrell Environmental Services, Inc                 145    Terra Equipment Ltd                                   158
Hyundai Precision and Ind. Co., Ltd                         15   Tex-Net, Inc                                          181
ICI Professional Products                                   49   Textron Financial Corp                                135
Innovative Equipment, Inc                                 217    The Toro Co., Comm., Prod. Div              25, 46-47, 81
International Seeds, Inc                             Cover IV    Turlco Mfg. Inc                                       190
Ironite Products Co                                       159    Turl-Seed, Inc                                         99
J.A. Cissel Mfg. Co                                       184    Unit Structures, Inc                                  156
Jacobson Div. of Textron, Inc                           62-63    Van Waters and Rogers Inc                             157
J.J. Mauget Co                                            165    Verti-Drain                                       186-187
Karsten Turl Co                                           216    Vicon, Inc. Turl Div                                  182
Kohler Co., Engine Div                                      33   Watertronics Pumping Systems                           27
Koos/Shore                                                 161   Willamette Seed Co                                    155
Kubota Tractor Corp                                        103   Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A                              127
Lebanon Chemical Corp                            160, 170-171    Zajac Perlormance Seeds                                45

220                                                                                    Golf Course Management   / January 1990

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