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					                              Biographical Sketch: Sidney Lin

                   Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Department
                              Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas

                    Institution                       Degrees                   Dates
        National Cheng Kung University      BS, Chemical Engineering          1980-1984
        National Cheng Kung University      MS, Chemical Engineering          1984-1987
        University of Houston               PhD, Chemical Engineering         1989-1993
        Prairie View A&M University         Postdoctoral                        1994

   2005-Present   Assistant Professor, Lamar University
   2003-2005      Senior Engineer, NanoDynamics, Inc., Buffalo, NY
   2001-2003      Staff Scientist, Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc., Albany, NY
   1999-2001      Senior Research Scientist, NASA Center for Applied Radiation Research,
                  Prairie View, TX
   1997-1999      Research Scientist, NASA Center for Applied Radiation Research, Prairie
                  View, TX
   1994 -1997     Visiting Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Prairie View A&M
                  University, Prairie View, TX

• Jiri Selig, Sidney Lin, David L. Cocke, and Dan Luss, "3-D Temperature Distribution during
  Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of Advanced Ceramics", presented in 2006
  COMSOL Conference, Las Vegas.

• Sy-Chyi Lin and Richard Wilkins, "High-Pressure Self-Propagating High-Temperature
  Synthesis (SHS) of Cd-In-Ga-O Powder for Novel Substrate Used for Gallium Nitride Based
  Thin Film Growth", Ceramic Transactions, pp. 23-33, 108, 2000.

• Sy-Chyi Lin, Richard Wilkins, and Zachary Henry, "High-pressure Self-propagating High-
  temperature Synthesis (SHS) of Silicon Carbide-Silicon Nitride composites", Ceramic
  Transactions, pp. 51-61, 103, 2000.

• Q. Ming, M. Nersesyan, S. Lin, J.T. Richardson, and D. Luss, "Chemical Rate Processes
  Involved in SHS of La0.9Sr0.1CrO3", International Journal of Self-Propagating High-
  Temperature Synthesis", pp. 447-463, 7(4), 1998.

• Richard Wilkins and Sy-Chyi Lin, "Analysis of Phase Separation in Czochralski Grown Single
  Crystal Ilmenite", NASA University Research Center, Technical Advances in Aeronautics
  Space Science and Technology, Earth Systems Sciences Global Hydrology and Education, pp.
  569-576, Vol. 2, 1998.
• Jeorge Gabitto and Sy-Chyi Lin, "Modeling and Simulation of Photo-CVD Reactors", NASA
  University Research Centers Technical Advances in Education, Aeronautics, Space,
  Autonomy, Earth and Environment, pp. 809-814, Vol. 1, 1997.

• Sy-Chyi Lin, James T. Richardson, and Dan Luss, "Continuous Synthesis of YBa2Cu3O6+x by
  Thermal Explosion in a Rotary Kiln", Physica C, pp. 321-326, 260, 1996.

• Sy-Chyi Lin, James T. Richardson, and Dan Luss, "YBa2Cu3O6+x Synthesis using Vertical
  Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis", Physica C, pp. 281-291, 233, 1994.

• B. Allen, N.M. Faulk, S.-C. Lin, R. Semiat, D. Luss and J.T. Richardson, "A Continuous Co-
  precipitation Process for the Production of 1-2-3 Precursors", AIChE Symposium Series, pp.
  76-81, 88(287), 1992.

• Ting-Chia Huang and Sy-Chyi Lin, "Kinetic Study of Alkylation of Isobutyraldehyde with
  Benzyl Chloride using Tetrabutylammonium Iodide as a Phase Transfer Catalyst", Journal of
  the Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineering, pp. 193-200, 19(3), 1988.

• Ting-Chia Huang, I-Kung Lin, Sy-Chyi Lin, and Mu-Chang Shieh, "Hydrolysis of
  Dioxouranium (VI) in Sodium Nitrate Solution", Nuclear Science Journal, pp. 1-8, 24(1), 1987.

1) Novel catalyst for catalytical regeneration of diesel particulate matter filters.
2) Development of ceramic thin film coater for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) cathode
3) Commercialization of Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) of advanced
   ceramic powders.
4) Design and development of high pressure SHS reactor for micro-composite ceramics.
5) Design and construction of continuous belt filter for fine ceramic powder separation.

   Tomohiro Akiyama, Hokkaido University, Japan; David Cocke, Chemical Engineering,
   Lamar University; Kuyen Li, Chemical Engineering, Lamar University; Hua-Tay Lin, Oak
   Ridge National Laboratory; Richard Wilkins, NASA Center for Application Radiation

   Graduate Advisors:
   Doanh Tran (Ph.D. dissertation, Lamar University), 2007-
   Jiri Selig (Ph.D. dissertation, Lamar University), 2007-
   Ramya Kantheti (M.S. thesis, Lamar University), 2007-
   Ding Wei (Ph.D. dissertation, Lamar University), 2006-
   Kiran Admuri (D.E. thesis, Lamar University), 2006
   Niraj Desai (M.S. thesis, Lamar University) 2006
   Guanghui Yao (M.S. thesis, Prairie View A&M University), 1995-1997
Femi Uzuafa (M.S. thesis, Prairie View A&M University), 1994-1996
Timing Wang (M.S. thesis, Prairie View A&M University), 1994-1996
Guanghui Yao (M.S. thesis, Prairie View A&M University), 1995-1997
Shakir Ahmed (M.S. thesis, Prairie View A&M University), 1996-1998

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