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					Presented by the
Office of Diversity
     Grillin’ on the Grass             PURPOSE
     Thursday, September 8th, 2011      To celebrate and appreciate each
     CCLC Open House                      other’s differences and to
     Tuesday, September 13, 2011           enhance personal leadership
     Blueprint for Success                capabilities
     Saturday, September 24, 2011
     The Amazing Race
       Saturday, October 8, 2011

  Contact Information:
(530) 898-4101
Office Hours: 8am-5pm M-F MLIB 172
                                     Come out and support students of
                                       various cultural backgrounds
    Asian Graduation                  being recognized for their
    Black Graduation                  graduation accomplishments!!!
    EOP Graduation
    Latino Graduation                      SPRING 2012

  Contact Information:
Office of Diversity
(530) 898-4764
Office Hours: 8am-5pm M-F KNDL 110
                                          Black Welcome Reception
 All are welcome to attend these              August 29th at 6:00pm
     great opportunities to network.          Selvester’s Café
     Get involved and build               Native American Welcome Reception
     friendships.                             August 30th at 4:30pm
                                              Selvester’s Café
                                          Veteran’s Welcome Reception
                                              September 1st at 3:00pm
                                              BMU 210
                                          Pride Welcome Reception
                                              September 7th at 3:30pm
                                              Selvester’s Café
                                          Asian Welcome Reception
                                              September 9th at 3:30pm
  Contact Information:                        Selvester’s Café
Office of Diversity                       Bienvenida Reception
(530) 898-4764
                                              September 14th at 3:30pm
Office Hours: 8am-5pm M-F KNDL 110            Trinity Commons
 Shows                        KCSC is student-owned and
     Mackin’ Monday            operated since 1951
     Tenacious Tuesday
     Wicked Wednesday
     Thrashin’ Thursday
     Fresh Friday
     Sinful Saturday
     Swanky Sunday

  Contact Information:
For DJ or General Questions
(530) 898-6228
     Take a Saturday in Chico to
      support diversity through a   Coming Spring 2012
      showcase of 30+ groups
      representing their culture
      in the form of food,
      performances, and

 Contact Information:
     Enjoy culture? Come check out
      the annual Multi-Cultural Affairs
      Council’s cultural talent show
      case featuring groups from          October -- 2011
      diverse backgrounds such as:
      Latino/Hispanic, African
      American, Hmong, and many
      more cultural communities!

 Contact Information:
        Support the movement! March
         to celebrate the work and
         commitment of Cesar Chavez to
         improve working conditions of
         migrant workers and educate
         Chico State student s on the
         importance of honoring his

                       Spring 2012

   Contact Information:
Cross Cultural Leadership Center
(530) 898-4101
Office Hours: 8am-5pm M-F MLIB 172
      Themes from previous                   Events:
       semesters include highlighting             September 28th
       collaborations between                     October 12th
       faculty/staff, students, and               October 26th
       community members to create
                                                  November 9th
       change, teaching diversity in the
       university classroom, and
       revealing and combating

     Location: BMU 210 at noon

  Contact Information:
Office of Diversity
(530) 898-4764
Office Hours: 8am-5pm M-F KNDL 110
   Have You Heard Series held      Have You Heard Series is a
    monthly                          time for students to gather
     E-mail for more details        to discuss relevant issues
                                     facing college students as
                                     well as the world we live in.

                                                        Contact Information
       Featuring poetry, live shows, and
        classes, Café Culture practices all
        facets of culture and brings a
        cultural dynamic to the
        community that has rarely been
        seen in Chico

  Dance: Salsa, Afro Caribbean, Capoeira,
     and more!
  Performances: Open Mic, Poetry, Reggae,
     and more!
  Classes: Yoga, Aikido, and more!

  Contact Information:
(530) 345-6045 or (530)277-5353
931 W. 5th Street Chico Ca 95926
     Enjoy the 26th Annual Taste of Chico,
      featuring highly acclaimed food,
      beverage, music, and fine-art festival.
      Over 100 restaurants, breweries,            Sunday, September 12th
      wineries and beverage distributors treat
                                                   from noon until 4:00pm
      event participants to fabulous fare while
      they stroll Downtown streets brimming
      with culture. Four main stages host
                                                    Sponsored by: Downtown Chico Business
      continuous, live music and                                              Association
      performances while the “Open Air Art
      Gallery” previews fine artists from the
      Chico Art Center’s Studios Art Tour

  Contact Information:
(530) 345-6500
     Farm-fresh produce, delicious food, arts
      and crafts, and live entertainment! A
      diverse selections of local musicians and
      entertainers showcase their talents each
      week. Performances range from magicians
      to African dancers and from classical jazz
      to bluegrass.

               Weekly April-September
            Broadway St. from 2nd to 5th St.
         Lead Contact: 330 Salem Street, Chico

                             Sponsored by: Downtown Chico Business

  Contact Information:
(530) 345-6500
                                                 Every Thursday Evening
      Featured Events:                              7:30 – 9:00pm
         Buddha Dharma Sangha
                                             689 E. 18th St. Chico, CA 95928
        “The Three Jewels” in Buddhism
           The Enlightened or Awakened One
           The Teaching
           The Community

  Contact Information:
(530) 828-2589
Because despite differences in appearance, all Jews do have a great deal in common - in Heavens Name.

             Tuesdays at 7:30pm                                  Featured Events
          440 W. 4th Street, Chico Ca                     Torah Class
                                                              Based upon the weekly Torah portion
                                                              or approaching holiday, this class
                                                              focuses on basic and fundamental
                                                              Jewish concepts as they relate to our
                                                              daily lives. Explore, question and
                                                              delve into our rich heritage and Torah

                                                                                       Contact Information:
                                                                                            (530) 809-1662
Featured Events
    Being Out in Chico for LGBTQIQ
    Discussions

        Sunday Worship
           10:30am                            “No matter who you are, no matter where you are
                                              on life's journey, you are welcome here”

     1190 E. 1st Avenue Chico, CA

                                        Contact Information:
                                      (530) 342-4913
              FEATURED EVENTS
        KARAOKE NIGHTS- Thursdays
    LIVE MEXICAN MUSIC – Saturdays
                           9:30 PM

  Contact Information:
(530) 345-6053
2601 Esplanade Chico, Ca
  Featured Events                 Congregation Beth Israel is a warm and
                                  friendly Jewish community in Chico,
       Exploring Judaism
                                  California. Their historically rooted
                                  synagogue embraces a diverse
        Starting September 15th   membership of Jews from all backgrounds,
        Every Thursday 5:30pm     as well as those exploring Judaism. "CBI" is
                                  a place to find community, nourish your
                                  soul, raise kids to love Judaism, and call
                                  your spiritual home.

  Contact Information:
(530) 345-6053
2601 Esplanade Chico, Ca
  Featured Events:
      Queer Week                           Take Back The Night…
           October 10th – 15th               A day long event focusing on the education and
                                              eradication of sexual assault and rape in our
      Women’s Conference                     community and the world, including a
           November 5th (TENTATIVE DATE)     information fair, keynote address, survivor
      Take Back the Night                    speak out and candle-light vigil. In addition,
                                              there will be a free self-defense workshop
           December 1st (TENTATIVE DATE)     offered the previous week.

  Contact Information:
(530) 898-5724
BMU 002
Coming Spring 2011
      Contact Information:
       Office of Diversity
       (530) 898-4764
 Featured Events
      Sacred Places, Dreams of Leisure: The
       Anthropology of Tourism

      Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-3pm

       December 7, 2010 – July 28, 2011

  Contact Information:
(530) 898-5397
                                                Featured Events:
                                                  Niana Liu: It’s All Your Fault
                                                Date: August 24th – September 25th
                                                 Collector’s Choice: James Snidle
Located at 111 Taylor Hall, on First Street     Date: October 6th – November 4th
between Normal and Salem Streets
                                                Thursday, October 27: Turner Prize and
                                                   reception, Turner Print Museum, 5:30pm;
                                                   collector’s talk and collection viewing,
                                                   University Art Gallery, 6:30-8pm

                                                 Contact Information:
                                              Curator Jason Tannen
                                              (530) 898-5864
                                     FEATURED EVENTS
 Into the Light                                                Aug. 22nd – Sept. 24th
 Revisiting Japan Oct.                                         Oct. 7th – Oct. 29th
 6° of Wayne Thiebaud                                          Nov. 3rd – Dec. 17th
 9th Turner National Print Competition                         Jan. 30th – March 4th
 Sustaining Cultures: Native Peoples                           March 26th – April 15th
 17th Juried Student Printmakers’                              April 26th – May 15th
 Exhibition & 9th Ink/Clay
                                        AYRES Hall Wall Cases

                                 Museum Gallery Hours
                               Monday-Friday, 11am – 4pm
  AS LIVE! provides featured performances such as Chico Idol, Comedy
    Competitions, Live Performances on a wide range of genres for all of
    the student body to enjoy! Check out the latest upcoming events on

   Contact Information:
Jody Strong
Assistant Director of AS Programs
(530) 898-5702
Featured Performances:
   Metales M5                                          Performances at Laxson Auditorium
       Swinging Mexican Brass                           will once again spring to life with
       September 13th                                   incredible dance, creative theatre,
   National Acrobats of the People’s Republic of        extraordinary music, and spoken
    China                                                words from the leaders of the world.
       Chico World Music Festival
       September 16th
   Herbie Hancock
       Jazz Master
       September 20th
   Academy of St. Martin in the Fields               Contact Information:
       Chamber Ensemble
                                                    (530) 898-6333
       September 28th

           OVER THE GLOBE!!!
                                    Sponsored by: Downtown Chico
                                              Business Association

         Located in City Plaza, in the heart of
      downtown, the concerts offer entertainment
     to suit every musical preference - styles range
     from blues to swing & from country to reggae.

                     EVERY FRIDAY
                May 20th through Sept. 9th

  Contact Information:
(530) 345-6500
                                      Trivia Night

               Sign ups start at 7:30 and trivia questions begin
               at 8pm. Every week we have a different topic.
                Check with the shop to see what the topic is.
                     Date: WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT 7:30pm

  Contact Information:
(530) 893-1500
166 E. 2nd Street in Downtown Chico
                          OPEN MIC NIGHT
    Come out and witness the oratorical talents of
          poets from all over the north state.
                      Every Thursday 7-10pm

  Contact Information:
(530) 894-3033
501 Main Street in Downtown Chico
        FOR 2011-2012

 Contact Information:
Featuring some of Chico’s most talented artists,
  celebrating diversity through art and expression!
                      Kendall Rotunda
                 During the Month of March

                       Contact Information:
                       Office of Diversity
       Explore and gain perspective on issues including
         Sexual Diversity, Multicultural Studies, African,
       Asian, Indian, Chicano American, and many more!!!

  Contact Information:
 Check out al the events and classes that are offered

                             1316 Nord Avenue Chico, CA

  Contact Information:
          Conversations on Diversity
          Bienvenida Reception
          Fun Facts Posted Around Campus
         And So Much More…
         Contact Information:
       Office of Diversity

(Sonya Sotamayor)      (Placido Domingo)   (Roberto Clemente)   (Cesar Chavez)   (Pablo Picasso)   (Freda Kahlo)
Featured Cuisines:
   Mexican- Tres Hombres, Taco Cortez, and many more!
   Japanese- Gen Kai Japanese Cuisine, Rawbar, and
   Chinese- Hulas Chinese BBQ, Peeking, and many
   Thai- Cocodine Thai Cuisine, Chada Thai Cuisine, and
   Italian- Italian Cottage, Christian Michael’s Ristorante,
    and more!!

                                                         Contact Information:
Serving the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender
Community in Northern California Since 1990
 358 East 6th Street (at Flume), Chico, CA 95928
 Local HIV/AIDS Planning Group
 Youth Services
          SAYes (teen suicide prevention program)

  Contact Information:
 Explore the Exciting Exhibits at the Chico Museum!!!

 141 Salem St. Chico, CA

 Thursday through Sunday
 11am to 4pm
  Contact Information:
Celebrate Diversity by viewing a great
variety of musical performances with
genres ranging from reggae to heavy

                                Contact Information:
The African dances are high energy and
polyrhythmic, with fast footwork, expressive and
sweeping movements and free use of the back, head,
shoulders, and pelvis. Haitian dance mixes African
roots with indigenous, Spanish, and French colonial
influences to create a unique form emphasizing spinal
waves and torso, hip, and shoulder movements over
rhythmic foot patterns

                                         Contact Information:
                                        AFRI 115 1.0 Units FA
 Dance with some of Chico State’s premier ballroom
 dancers and enjoy diverse musical genres including
 Salsa, Tango, etc. Expect to learn, laugh, and have
 a great time!!!

 Every Friday Night from 7-12pm

 Contact Information:
Location: ACKER GYM
 Want to learn how to Salsa dance with the
 best of them? Take a class and become a

 3028 Esplanade, Chico

  Contact Information:
 Enjoy an annual month-long festival of arts & culture
 featuring over 130 art exhibits and music performances in
 31 days!!!

 For a listing of events please visit
  Contact Information:
    Explore the Thrill of a Treasure Hunt
     and Whimsy of Camping with the
     Fall Exhibits!!!

 Fall Exhibits open at noon on
 Saturday, September 10th
 Located at:
          625 Esplanade, Chico
 Hours: Wed-Sun: Noon-5pm

  Contact Information:
   Queer Week will focus on a diverse range of
    gender, sex, and sexuality issues. The event
    consists of performances, panels and info fairs
    promoting human rights.

Date: October 10th – 15th

                         Contact Information:
                   Gender & Sexuality Equity Center
Filled with exhibits, lectures, and classes, the Chico Arts Center Helps the
    community appreciate visual art in our society!

                        450 Orange Street, Suite #6

                                 Contact Information:
 Participate in World Aids Day at Chico State!!!

                                      December 1st
                                   Chico State Campus

  Contact Information:
Gender & Sexuality Equity Center
  Showings are on Tuesdays at       University Film Series:
  7:30 – 9:30 pm                     Sept. 6th Chinatown (1974, USA) 131min
  In the Little Theatre (Ayers 106)  Sept. 13th On the Bowery (1957, USA) 65min
  $3 donations appreciated!          Sept. 20th Shower (Xizao) (1999, China) 92min
                                     Sept. 27th The Last Emperor (1987, Italy) 160min
                                     Oct. 18th Shanghai Noon (2000, USA) 110min
                                     Oct. 25th If You Are the One (Fel Cheng Wu Rao-
                                      “if not sincere, do not disturb”) (2008, China)
  Contact Information:
Featured Events:                 September 16th – 18th

   Friday: The National Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China will be
          kicking off the Festival with a ticketed performance.
   Saturday & Sunday: Events and performances are FREE and open to the
    public. Daytime performances and workshops on the stages in Laxson
    Auditorium, Sycamore Stage (outdoor stage in front of Kendal Hall) and
    Taylor Recital Hall

                                                    •   A Kids Stage featuring performances by kids
                                                        for kids!
                                                    •   FREE art classes by Chico Art Center instructors
                                                    •   FREE children's crafts by the Museum of
                                                    •   Crafts from around the world
                                                    •   International food booths
                                                    •   The Sawmill Puppets

                                                    Contact Information:
 Events:                             Located on the 3rd Floor of the Bell
                                       Memorial Union (BMU)
 September 4th – October 9th
 “Aprapos Appropriation”                        Gallery Hours:
                                                 M-Th 7-11
 October 14th – November 20th                      Fri 7-10
 “Manga Poewe! The World Through a                Sat 11-10
   Child’s Eyes”                                  Sun 12-11

  Contact Information:
AS Carnival & Involvement Fair is      September 16th, 11am – 2pm
  an exciting event to learn about
  the activities and programs the      Cost: FREE
  Associated Students has to
  offer. This is also an opportunity   Location: Trinity Commons/Free
  to be informed about all the           Speech Area
  student organizations and
  programs here at CSU, Chico.
  Join us for FOOD, MUSIC, and

                                                                Contact Information:
                                                                            BMU 203
                     Every Wednesday from 12-4pm
                  In the Student Services Center Plaza

   Organic produce and recipes for healthy living.

   Information regarding health and wellness.

   A reconnection with your food.

   We Can help you know more about where your food comes from, how its grown
    and who grows it.

                                                                     Contact Information:
                                                             Katie Beach - (209)769-7687
Office of Diversity at CSU Chico

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