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									                                   “The Pacific Current”
                                      District 5150        News & Information              June 2011

                        Congratulations on a GREAT Year!
                               . . . and thank you.

As this will be my final Governor’s Article, it is with great joy and some sadness that I write this
message. It is difficult to believe that my year as your District Governor will end in just a few days. As I
said at the District Conference, it has been a journey of great joy for Betsy and me, made magical each
day by what we’ve seen all of you do to make our world a better place to be. You have set some
records that will be hard to match. You have indeed been exemplary examples of Rotary International
President Ray’ Klinginsmith’s theme: Building Communities Bridging Continents. You have done
it with grace and generosity, and all of us are enriched by these efforts.

Betsy and I have truly appreciated your hospitality and graciousness towards us in all our encounters. I
promise you that I will continue to work for Rotary in our District, regardless of my title. My three
successors, John, Deirdri and Eric, are fine Rotarians who will carry on the many successful traditions
of District 5150, and the four of us are committed to supporting each other in every way.

Not too long ago, it was hard for me to imagine life beyond being your Governor, but as the time for me
to add a “P” before “DG” approaches, I understand that “Service above Self” can be lived in many ways
and I plan to continue to explore all of them. As much as I love words, they fail me when I try to express
the profound gratitude I feel for having had this grand experience.

Now, as we get ready to head for bigger, better and bolder times, with new leaders throughout our
organization, let’s commit to charging forward I stand amongst you and with you – proud to be a


Bill Koefoed,
District 5150 Governor 2010-11

                           Rotary International & District Leaders
       Rotary International President: Ray Klinginsmith 5150 Governor: Bill Koefoed
      District Governor-Elect: John Bottari District Governor-Nominee: Deirdri Gladwin
       NEW ORLEANS - Convention

                                     Our District was well represented at the recent Rotary
                                     International Convention in New Orleans. Everyone
                                     attended the sessions, strolled Bourbon Street and
                                     reconnected with fellow Rotarians from all over the world.
                                     Bill Gates spoke and strongly encouraged Rotarians to keep
                                     up the fight to eradicate polio. Our own DG Bill Koefoed
                                     celebrated his birthday while and was presented a flaming
                                     cake! A good time was had by all!

Gates on polio
In an exclusive interview, Bill Gates answered questions                    Rotary Family
about the progress toward eradicating polio and explained    Leah Reich, president of the RC Central
why finishing the job is essential. Gates spoke during the   Marin, had time to spend with her PDG
2011 RI Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA,           father in New Orleans. Pictured here also
where he encouraged Rotarians to redouble their efforts in   with DG Bill Koefoed.
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           IN & AROUND our District 5150

Mills High School in Millbrae on May 14-15.
      The Interactors from District 5150 raised $20,000 to eradicate Polio. Nice going!

                                   Members of the Mission San Rafael
                                  Community Service Team worked
                                  together to create beautiful shade
                                  umbrellas to fit the existing patio
                                  furniture at the Senior Access
                                  Friendship Garden in April. They
                                  provided four large one-of-a-kind
                                  redwood planter boxes on wheels,
                                  designed and built by Pablo Castro
                                  of Marin Hardwood Floor Center
                                  and David Shawn of Miconi Tile &
                                  Marble. As the photos show, it was
                                  a team effort with the additional
                                  expert help of Michael Green, Keith
                                  Marsh & Susanne Karch (MSRR
                                  members). The club is proud be
                                  able to support Senior Access in
                                  the work they do to help deserving
                                  families during a very difficult time.
                                                  Rotarians from SF 2 delivered dictionaries to Mr. Russo's
The Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay                  third grade class at Daniel Webster Grammar School in San
                                                  Francisco.. His class received 'Champions Are Readers'
gathered at the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club
                                                  awards from the national literacy program developed by the
on June 18th to celebrate their 40th
                                                  fraternity of Pi Beta Phi. Dictionaries must have been put to
                                                  good use!
DG Bill Koefoed presents RI President Ray
Klinginsmith's Presidential Citation with
the extra patch for "Special Distinction" to
RC HMB President Stacy Trevenon.

                                                     Ashley Pritchard, former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar sponsored
                                                     by The Rotary Club of Foster City addressed the members at a
The Rotary Club of SF Bayview presents a             recent meeting. Ashley attended Lehigh University in Pennsylvania
special recognition to newly appointed SF            where she majored in political science, economics with a minor in
Police Chief Greg Suhr. Greg Greg was most           engineering. As a student she developed and funded Lehigh
recently the Captain of the Bayview Police           Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week. After graduation, Ashley
Station and a dedicated supporter of the             interned at The United Nations. She is currently working as a Public
Bayview District. Pictured are RC SF Bayview         Information Assistant within the NGO Relations Cluster in the
                                                     Department of Public Information at The United Nations
PE Brian Flaherty, President Sonya Merritt with
                                                     Headquaters in New York City. Ashley is committed to improving the
Chief Suhr.                                          lives of the homeless and impoverished through micro-
                                                     financing. The purpose of micro-finance is to loan small amounts of
                                                     money to enable the impoverished to establish small businesses.
                                                     Seventy percent of the world's poor are women. Micro-finance
             SERVICE                                 alleviates poverty and helps with schooling for children,
                                                     empowerment for women, reduction in domestic violence, ends
                                                     poverty, provides permanent housing and health care. Over 95% of
                                                     the loans are repaid.
               ABOVE                                 Ashley will be attending Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok to
                                                     obtain a Masters Degree in International Development and Micro-
                                                     financing. She acknowledged how Rotary had made a difference in
                                                     her life and how Rotary bridges enemy lines to do good in the world
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    Larry Kavinoky
  Foster City Rotarian

Larry joined FC Rotary in 2006 and since then has been a very
active member of the club. Larry is CPA by trade and has also
acted as public guardian to help in the senior community. Larry is a
Stanford graduate and he is married to his wife Sue. They both live
in Palo Alto. Larry has been endlessly generous with his time and
money within the club. He has made many donations to different
programs. He has taken on the club Highway cleanup project and
ran it like a star. Many times he is the only one that is out there on
a Saturday morning cleaning a stretch of Highway 92! Such
dedication. Larry has been doing it year after year. The impressive
part is that he has never asked for any recognition or help. Larry
has also been instrumental in developing one of the club programs
to collect soaps and toiletry items from club members (and others)
and supplying them to Samaritan House for those homeless folks.
His passion towards helping the homeless has earned him a
nickname in the Foster City Club of “Soapy Larry”. Larry has
truly demonstrated the true meaning of “Service above Self” year
after year. Congratulations Larry!
           IN & AROUND District 5150…cont.
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                                                               Local graduating high school seniors
                                                               were awarded scholarships from the
                                                               Rotary Club of Foster City.
                                                               Photo from left: Ayak Chin- Aragon
                                                               High, Eric Torres-Hernandez- Aragon
                                                               High, Sun Jin Moon- Aragon High,
                                                               Rachel Monasch- San Mateo High,
                                                               Rachel Burkert- San Mateo High,
                                                               Austin Chua- San Mateo High, Callie
                                                               Parmele- San Mateo High, Mariko
                                                               Kuga- Hillsdale High, Christine Kalife-
                                                               Aragon High. Not present: Tazwell
                                                               Caputo and Darren Fong.
                                                               Congratulations to all of the recipients
                                                               and best wishes as you continue your
                                                               education and service.


                                            The Interact Club of San Mateo High School did an
                                            international project with the Rotary Club of Foster City: a
                                            humanitarian trip to Mazatlan, Mexico, where they
                                            distributed wheelchairs, visited schools, painted one
                                            school and went to an orphanage to visit and bring gifts.

 A Message From Your Editor:

 Very special thanks go to photographer
 Betsy Koefoed. She sent over 50% of
 the pictures AND captions that I used
 all year to produce these newsletters.
 Without her assistance, I could not
 have done this job. Many thanks for
 being a partner in service to me as well
 as the DG. You made us both look             A recent gathering of the Major Donors of District 5150
 good by being everywhere!                    was a reminder of the generosity we have in this
      Amy Fink, RC of San Bruno               District. Pictured are l-r Debbie Williams, Linda Grant &
                                              Stan & Andrea Pond.
A message from the RI president
June 2011

When the smoke settles

There was a time when gunpowder smoke was so thick on battlefields that it was difficult to determine
the victors until the smoke settled. Evaluating the success of this year in Rotary is similar because we
won’t learn the final figures until the year has ended. However, there are some achievements that can be
reviewed – before the smoke settles!

The major accomplishment has been the creation of a new culture of innovation, which has encouraged
both Rotarians and RI staff members to review our policies and procedures at all levels and to determine
if they are truly best practices or merely traditional practices. Many changes toward more modern
business methods have resulted, and I am encouraged by our progress.

The innovative climate has produced a simplified and streamlined RI Strategic Plan that calls for us to
support and strengthen our clubs, focus and increase humanitarian service, and enhance public image and
awareness. The first two priorities reaffirm our core values, and the third priority recognizes the need for
more public awareness and support in our local communities around the world. The plan has measurable
goals, and it provides an excellent road map for Rotary’s future growth and development.

Other improvements have included the new regional Rotary coordinators, whose job is to help our
district governors to help our clubs to become Bigger, Better, and Bolder. The new Presidential Citation
program has provided a score sheet for all of our clubs to test themselves against the other clubs in their
districts, and the results will be very helpful to both the current and incoming governors – and to RI as

We also have given additional attention to our New Generations programs, particularly Rotaract and
Rotary Youth Exchange, and we have focused more emphasis on the Reach Out to Africa initiative. We
also have shaped a new approach for the training of incoming district governors and more meaningful
assignments for past district governors.

All in all, we have made some significant improvements. But the most important question is whether we
have paved the way for an even better year next year. Have we done the right things to ensure that the
best days of Rotary are still ahead? And we won’t know that – until the smoke settles!

Ray Klinginsmith
President, Rotary International
Very last call!
      Want to develop your leadership skills?
      Potential Rotary Leaders Seminars is a new program for
                                       District 5150!
          The PRLS program offers practical training in professional circumstances
               that can benefit you on both a personal and professional level.

               Saturday June 25, 2011
The Basic PRLS program consists of six hours of class-
room lectures in one day split among five modules:
      &      Basic Leadership Principles
      &      Leading a Meeting
      &      Rotary, Your Club and You!
      &      Communications
      &      Basic Public Speaking
These lectures broadly cover the desired skills our leaders should have to effectively plan,
organize, manage, promote, present orally, and lead in any setting. Our first class was sold out
with a waiting list. Don’t miss this! Limited to 40.

COST: PRLS day of instruction is $50 per person. The cost includes supplies, continental
breakfast and lunch! Class runs from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.

Registration: Go to our District Website www.rotary5150.org
Right on the home page you will find PRLS and the registration information. You may pay by
credit card or check.
Location: South San Francisco Scavenger Co.
             500 East Jamie Court, South San Francisco, CA 94080
       Questions: Betsy Koefoed, District PRLS Director, 650-714-9064
                                       POLIO HEADLINES

July 1, 2011 by Russ Ketron, Polio Chair and Annual Co-Chair

   •   As of June 20th there have been 208 cases of the wild virus polio so far this year versus 390 a year ago.
       The outbreak in Chad has reported 78 cases so far with the Democratic Republic of Congo with 56. The
       good news is India has only one case so far this year.

   •   The countries of West Africa are responding with renewed vigor to the threat of a wild poliovirus type 3
       (WPV3) outbreaks. During the World Health Assembly, delegates from the region expressed a firm
       commitment to polio eradication, and multi-country rounds are taking place to build resistance to the

   •   Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, told a meeting of the Governors' Forum in
       Abuja, Nigeria, "you have made tremendous progress in the past year. Polio cases are down by 56%.
       But, if we let our guard down for a minute, polio can spring back. We cannot let this happen. Let us
       eradicate this crippling disease once and for all."

   •   Polio goes to TED: the 'TED Talks' are well known for presenting "ideas worth spreading" - one of
       which is the incredible worldwide effort to eradicate polio. Bruce Aylward, Assistant Director-General
       at the World Health Organization, spoke about the plan to continue the scientific miracle that ended
       polio in most of the world and to snuff it out everywhere, forever. His talk can now be viewed at

   •   Speaking at the Rotary International Convention in New Orleans in May, Bill Gates praised Rotary for
       its continued success in the effort to eradicate polio, but cautioned that Rotarians will need to redouble
       their efforts to finish the disease once and for all. For more, visit

The good news is our District 5150 Rotarians have raised over $271,040 or 108.4% of our commitment towards
the 200 million dollar Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation Challenge. Over 176 million has been raised by
Rotarians worldwide towards this goal.


As of May 11,289 clubs worldwide have yet to contribute to the Annual Programs Fund. If each of those clubs
gave US$1,000, over $11 million more would be available to help prevent disease, increase access to clean
water, reduce child mortality, ensure education, and develop vocational opportunities. The good news is our
District has 100% of the clubs donating with 19 of them 100% Paul Harris Fellowship this year alone.

And what happens to the funds we raise?

Between 1 July 2010 and May 2011, the Foundation received 1,912 Matching Grant and District Simplified
Grant applications for humanitarian projects on five continents. The grants, which totaled $51,385,906, would
not have been possible without your contributions to the Annual Programs Fund. Our District has raised
$266,967 so far or 117% of the clubs goals.

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