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Bois Forte
 NETT LAKE, MINNESOTA - OCTOBER 2007                                      VOL. 23 NO. 1

 Dear Reader,                                                               Ground breaking
     Without turning a page you’ve probably noticed a
 different look to the Bois Forte News.
    In response to suggestions from Elder and Tribal
                                                                          kicks off school year
 Leaders we’ve made some changes we hope you’ll like:
 • Shorter stories and more photos.
 • The addition of permanent new sections featuring
   information on our Elders, culture, youth, education,
   business news from the Bois Forte Development
   Corporation and Small Business Program, and a fun
   section featuring Band member responses to a
   question of the month.
 • We’re also printing the news on better quality paper
   and utilizing a different, Native owned and managed,
   company for our print and mail services: Randy
   Blackmore’s Chippewa Graphics.
      Perhaps the biggest change is a behind the
 scenes personnel shift. Louise Isham has turned over
 her duties as newspaper editor to me and is now
 working as our new Webmaster.
                                                                 The students and parents get a lift watching the new school groundbreaking ceremony.
      Louise will still be collaborating closely with
 the newspaper as she assumes responsibility for
 keeping our website updated and expanding the                  The Nett Lake school year began      additional 18,950 feet will be used to    convinced legislators and the Governor
 information it provides to Band members and guests.       with signs of promise, watching bright    build a Health Clinic. Health programs    to pass the appropriation.
 We thank Louise for her service to the Band the past      balloons disappear into the blue sky      will address diabetes, nutrition,
 four years as editor of the Bois Forte News. We look                                                                                               The $11 million project is being
                                                           and breaking ground on a new building     chemical dependency, cardiac care,
 forward to continuing to enjoy her obvious graphic                                                                                            funded with a $10.7 million bond sale
                                                           that will house educational and health-   elderly care and maternal care. Dental
 design talents as she works to make our website a                                                                                             that was approved by the school
 stronger and more effective communication tool.           care programs and services.               care will be available.                   district in November 2006 and by the
      If you’ve submitted stories, photos or                    The September 4 ceremony                 “This will be a true education        2007 State Legislature. The Minnesota
 announcements in the past and they weren’t included       included a traditional Ojibwe             center for people of all ages and         Tribal Government Foundation also
 in the paper, please send them to me at                   ceremony, lunch and a children’s          backgrounds,”       said      School      awarded Bois Forte $100,000 for the and I’ll try and get them into    carnival. More than 100 people                                                      project.
                                                                                                     Superintendent Teresa Strong.
 a future issue. Feel free to e-mail or call me and let
 me know what you think of the redesign of the             attended, including honored dignitaries
                                                                                                          District I Representative Ray             Band Chairman Kevin Leecy told
 newspaper.                                                like Senator Tom Baak and former
                                                                                                     Toutloff was acknowledged for his         the audience this was the largest
                                                           Senator Doug Johnson.
      Your comments and suggestions are always                                                       leadership in moving the project          infrastructure project ever undertaken
 welcome on both the newspaper and the website as               The 15,000 square-foot expansion     forward. Toutloff described the process   in the Village of Nett Lake. Leecy went
 we continue to work to improve communications             will create new classrooms for K-6                                                  on to say, “Because so many people
                                                                                                     and mentioned the many people from
 with one another.
                                                           students and remodel 34,111 square        fellow Tribal Leaders and State           have put their heart and soul into Nett
         Terri Hill
                                                           feet of the existing school for more      Legislators     to      the     School    Lake School; Nett Lake School will be
                                                           community meeting spaces for college      Administration and Students for           the heart and soul of our community.”
         Communication Director
                                                           courses and cultural classes. An          making a compelling case that

                                                                                                 Ricing opens September 8
                                                                                                 Tracy and Carl Dagen were already parching rice with their Mom,
                                                                                                 Mary Strong, on September 9, the day after ricing opened on Nett
                                                                                                 Mary said, “Ricing was good, but a lot of the patches were still
                                                                                                 green.” The Ricing Committee closed the Lake for two days to allow
                                                                                                 more rice to become ripe. Then a storm with high winds delayed
                                                                                                 ricers for another day.
                                                                                                 Dozens of Band members went back out to rice on September 12.

B O IS      FO RT E     NEWS             P.O. Box 16 Nett Lake, MN 55772         •   bfnews@boisfor       •   Visit us!         OC TOB E R       2 0 0 7
Page 2 • Bois Forte News • October 2007

National and State News
Indian Tribe becomes force in west’s energy boom
    IGNACIO, Colo. — Many American                 As a modern tribal leader, Mr. Frost            “A big factor was the Southern Ute             After cutting deals with the Bureau of
Indian tribes count on money-losing           wears many hats. One morning, he                tribe’s tremendous amount of reserves          Indian Affairs, energy companies began
casino gamblers to generate most of the       attended a retreat to make decisions about      relative to the amount of need,” said Karl     drilling in the 1950s for natural gas. The
income for their members. The Southern        investing millions more of the tribe’s          Jacob, an analyst at Standard & Poor’s         tribe had little say, and received only
Ute tribe, whose 700,000-acre reservation     funds in new ventures aimed at preserving       who covers Native American tribes. “In a       paltry royalties. By the late 1980s, the
here in the San Juan Basin sits on one of     wealth for future generations long after        normal world, if you have reserves of 50       energy boom was in full swing. As late as
the world’s richest deposits of methane       the last well is pumped dry. As evening         percent of operations you’re looking           1990 the Southern Ute tribe was still dirt
found in coal seams, is a lot luckier.        approached, he delivered the welcoming          pretty strong. The tribe’s reserves in its     poor, even though 63 oil and gas
                                              talk at a powwow. The next day he               general fund in 2006 were 21.6 times           companies operated on its land.
     After many years of struggling to        branded calves and bulls on his 158-acre        expenditures.”
gain control of its natural resources from                                                                                                        A major turning point came in 1991,
big energy companies, the Southern Utes                                                            Wealth did not come suddenly to the       when under the leadership of then-
now control the distribution of roughly           From his office window he used to           Southern Utes, nor without struggle.           chairman, Leonard Burch, the tribe
one percent of the nation’s natural gas       look at double-wide trailers. Now he sees       Originally they were one of seven bands        started buying back drilling rights and
supply. Thanks to high gas prices in recent   a plush $9.4 million recreation and             of the Ute tribe, which occupied nearly        hiring its own oilmen to run the wells. The
years and lucrative investments in and        community center built in 2000; a new           one-third of Colorado. In the 1870s the        Band’s business company called “Red
beyond the energy sectors, this once-         elementary school; and a three-story,           state’s governor, Frederick Pitkin, in his     Willow” became the vehicle to manage
impoverished tribe is now worth about $4      curved-glass building erected in 2005 that      drive to open up the Rocky Mountain’s          energy production.
billion.                                      houses the tribe’s business umbrella. Just      western slope to non-Indian settlers,
                                                                                                                                                  “What tribes have been all about in
                                              up the road is a large construction site        ripped apart a major treaty.
     “You’ll hear some people say they                                                                                                       modern history is taking back their
                                              where a 150-room casino and conference
liked the tribe better when it was poor,”                                                         What became the Southern Ute tribe         reservations,” said Charles Wilkinson, a
                                              center is going up to replace the existing
said a local resident who declined to be                                                      ended up with a fraction of the original       law professor at the University of
                                              35-room gambling hall.
identified for fear of jeopardizing                                                           land, and the reservation became a             Colorado specializing in Native American
relations between the tribe and the county.        If some neighbors have been                checkerboard of Southern Utes and non-         law. “When the Southern Utes put a hold
                                              reluctant to accept the Southern Utes’          Indians. Some 9,500 non-Indians live on        on oil and gas leasing, that was as
    Clement Frost, the Southern Ute           newfound financial prowess, Wall Street         the reservation today, far outnumbering        powerful a statement as any tribe had
chairman, hears that kind of talk often. “I   has not. In 2001, Standard & Poor’s and         the 1,000 Southern Utes (another 400           made. It has been a signature of economic
don’t think people outside can accept how     Fitch Ratings issued the tribe its first bond   members live off the reservation) and 433      development for successful tribes, and
quickly the tribe has progressed to where     rating: a triple-A. Earlier this year both      Native Americans of other tribes.              this tribe has been as successful as they
we’ve become a political and economic         firms reaffirmed their ratings.                                                                come.”
force,” he said.

Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux break
ground on renewable energy project                                                            world's largest producer of malt and           source. There will be very little remaining
                                                                                              brewing supplies.”                             solid waste in the form of non-toxic ash to
Clean, efficient energy source subject of new SMSC Project                                                                                   be used as a soil amendment or for
                                                                                                   The basis of design for the system is     inclusion in other projects.
                                                                                              the clean and efficient conversion of
                                                                                              barley malting waste and oat hulls into             The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux
     Koda Energy, a joint partnership of      economic sense. The use of biomass fuels        usable forms of energy. Growing the            Community and Rahr Malting formed
the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux                produces low emission levels when               plants uses carbon from the atmosphere;        Koda Energy, a Limited Liability
Community and Rahr Malting, broke             compared to fossil fuels and is considered      burning them releases it. Purpose-grown        Company, in 2006 to build and operate the
ground for its renewable energy project on    to be CO2 neutral. Energy crops can             energy crops can sequester carbon in their     facility. Tribal Officials at the September
September 13. This innovative venture is a    actually reduce atmospheric carbon.             root system thus lowering overall              13 groundbreaking predicted construction
combined heat and power plant which will      Biomass fuels are one of the largest            atmospheric carbon. There is no net gain       would be complete by December 2008.
generate electricity and heat utilizing       sources of renewable energy. The fuel for       of carbon dioxide (the major greenhouse
agricultural byproducts and grown energy      this project is a composite of several types                                                        The boiler and auxiliary equipment
                                                                                              gas) to the environment. Unlike coal           will be capable of generating 250,000
crops. The project gets its name from the     of biomass wastes, primarily oat hulls          burning generators, no mercury will be
word "Koda" which means "friend" in the       mixed with barley malting waste.                                                               pounds per hour steam flow at 600 psig,
                                                                                              released into the environment.                 700 degrees F when firing the specified
Dakota Language.
                                                   According to Shakopee spokeswoman               The facility will be very efficient.      fuel. McBurney Stoker and Equipment
     Growing     awareness      of    the     Tessa Lehto, “This environmentally              Fuel materials which are by-products of        Company of Norcoss, Georgia, will
environment has made the recycling and        friendly project uses waste from malting        food processing would normally be taken        provide engineering and consulting
reduction of the world's waste streams        and food processing to generate electricity.    to a landfill or used as soil amendments or    services to the project. McBurney,
more important than ever. Many industrial     Considerably cleaner than a coal plant, this    animal feed. With this new project,            founded in 1911 as a manufacturer of coal
processes produce solid wastes and by-        biomass energy generation project will          instead they will be used to generate heat     burning equipment, is a leader in biomass
products with sufficient heating value to     some day be able to provide energy for          and electricity, resulting in the near-        fired steam and power plant facilities for
be considered for energy use. In many         most SMSC needs. The project will               complete use of the original crop. It first    wood products, pulp, and paper, and
cases, the use of these low-cost waste        provide 100% of the energy and heat             serves as a food or fiber source, then an      independent power industries.
streams makes both environmental and          needed by Rahr in its work as one of the        electric power source, and finally as a heat

BOIS     FORTE       NEWS                                                                                                                                       OC TOB E R       2 0 0 7
                                                                                                                                         Bois Forte News • October 2007 • Page 3

Editors note:                                      house is not stable enough for moving, she            services to the Otto Bremer               N      Resolution #7-2008, grant contract
                                                   would like it demolished. Public Works                Foundation for a credit management               with the State of Minnesota to
     In an effort to provide more space in
                                                   Commissioner Marty Connor will                        program to assist potential home                 evaluate the technical and economic
the paper for coverage of timely stories,
                                                   research options and obtain costs.                    buyers with improvement on their                 feasibility of using locally available
the RTC minutes have been edited for
                                                                                                         credit scores.                                   and renewable sources of cellulose
brevity. A complete version of the minutes         Marge Holmes inquires about the Elders’                                                                to create biofuels.
is available online at           trip. B. Brodeen directs Terri Hill to come      N    Posting a public notice to fulfill
or by calling the Communication Director           to the meeting and provide an update.                 public notification requirement of        N      Resolution #8-2008, residential
at the RTC.                                                                                              the USDA grant Donald Chose is                   lease in Nett Lake for Deanna Drift.
                                                   New staff introduced:
                                                                                                         submitting for equipment for the
                                                                                                                                                   N      Resolution #9-2008, lease
RTC Minutes of July 18, 2007, meeting              N   Dave Larson introduces Lance                      Vermilion Clinic, the Boys’ and Girls’
                                                                                                                                                          cancellation for Dale and Gail
at Nett Lake                                           Kingbird as new Forestry Technician,              Club, and the Wellness Center.
                                                       and Chester Graue and Rocky King
                                                                                                    N    Table discussion of the bylaws for
All RTC members present                                as seasonal Forestry Fire Aides.                                                            N      Resolution #10-2008, recreational
                                                                                                         the Bois Forte Culture Committee
                                                                                                                                                          lease at Lake Vermilion for Travis
Agenda approved with edits. M. Drift               N   Jeneal Goggleye introduces Kathy                  until the language is reviewed by
                                                                                                                                                          and Theresa Morrison.
votes no, housing issue from previous                  Strong as new Family Caregiver                    the Elders committee.
meeting not on the agenda. B. Brodeen                  Aide, and Linda Tibbetts-Barto,                                                             N      Appointment of Pamela Hughes and
explains issue is being addressed through                                                           Shane Drift requests an RTC resolution in
                                                       who is the new Clinic Manager.                                                                     Corinna Wettlin to the Boys & Girls
Tribal Attorney and Leasing Office.                                                                 support of the Victim Services Program-
                                                                                                                                                          Club – Lake Vermilion Unit
Chairman Leecy informs group that a                N   Barb Brodeen introduces Marty                Family Violence Prevention Grant. Shane
                                                                                                                                                          Advisory Committee.
special RTC mtg. will be called when                   Connor, new Commissioner of                  Drift and K. Greiner are directed to work
paperwork is completed.                                Public Works.                                with Band’s Attorney to draft resolution       N      Authorizing Rose Berens to sign for
                                                                                                    for action later in the meeting.                      Chairman Leecy at the Bois Forte
Minutes of a special meeting held June 20,         Jon Olson submitted information on                                                                     Cultural Resources Agreement
2007 at the Lake Vermilion Sector                  purchasing a used fire truck for $130,000.       The Council grants unanimous                          Signing Ceremony to be held
unanimously approved.                              Two payment options: payment in full or a        approval to the following:                            August 15, 2007 at the Minnesota
                                                   down payment of $25,000 with the balance
Elders Committee report from Marge                                                                  N    Resolution #2-2008, approving the                Tribal Conservation Advisory
                                                   due in thirty days. A new fire truck takes                                                             Council Tribal Outreach and
Holmes. Drinking issues have come up at                                                                  discretionary employer contribution
                                                   up to 18 months for delivery. RTC votes                                                                Training Conference.
both the Nett Lake and Vermilion Assisted                                                                for the 401(k) Retirement Plan at
                                                   unanimously to purchase the used fire
                                                                                                         5% and ratifying the employer’s
Living Centers. Housing Commissioner               truck for $130,000.                                                                             N      Approve travel for Teri Morrison to
Carol Burr explains her Department’s                                                                     discretionary contributions for
                                                                                                                                                          attend the I H S National Biennial
response - letters sent to tenants when a          Esther Connor describes challenges that               calendar years 2004 - 2006.
                                                                                                                                                          Professional Nutrition Seminar to
                                                   arose in her effort to submit the 2007
complaint is received, also when a Police                                                           N    Resolution # 3-2008, providing                   be held August 21-23, 2007 in
report is filed. This usually stops the            Vocational Rehabilitation grant. She                                                                   Albuquerque, New Mexico.
                                                                                                         forest resource data to the Bois
problem. The individual primarily                  requests the right to submit the 2008
                                                                                                         Forte Development Corporation to
responsible is moving out. Housing has an          Vocational Rehabilitation grant as part of                                                      N      Approve travel for Lisa Anderson to
                                                                                                         seek funding for the development of
alcohol policy for the Senior Assisted             her master’s certification. Mark Drift, Sr.                                                            attend the Native Women’s Health
                                                                                                         biomass fuels production within the
Living Center (ALC) but not for the other          said there was a resolution passed for the                                                             and Maternal Child Health
                                                                                                         territory of the Band.
units. RTC directs Burr to: meet with              grant which is still in effect, he would like                                                          Conference to be held August 15-
Elders Council; draft a no drinking policy         to meet with Esther to move this forward.        N    Resolution #5-2008, approval of                  17, 2007 in Albuquerque, New
in all units; send the language to Band                                                                  the Cooperative Wildfire Agreement               Mexico.
                                                   Esther’s leasing issue is placed on the
Attorney for review; bring the new policy                                                                which is an agreement between the
                                                   Executive Session agenda.                                                                       The Council votes 3-0-1 to approve
language back to the RTC meeting agenda.                                                                 Bois Forte Band, the Bureau of
                                                                                                                                                   the following:
                                                   The Council grants unanimous                          Indian Affairs, and the State of
Mark Drift, Sr. inquires if ramp built for Viola   approval to the following:                            Minnesota to assist one another in        N      Travel for Corey Strong to attend
Villebrun. Burr reports Henry Goodsky is                                                                 the suppression of wildfires on                  the biomass meeting to be held
scheduled to work on this request.                 N   Spirit of Eagles program grant                                                                     July 26-27, 2007 in Denver,
                                                                                                         lands owned by the Band and on
                                                       application for community cancer                                                                   Colorado. Mark Drift, Sr. silent
Marybelle Isham requests assistance in                                                                   lands owned by the State within or
                                                       education and awareness program.                                                                   because there is no information in
moving her grandfather’s house to her son                                                                near the territory of the Band.
                                                   N   Contract agreement with Lori                                                                       the packet on this request.
Ed’s property. The house is 100 years old                                                           N    Resolution #6-2008, 2008 Timber
and may be a historical building. If the               Pemberton for grant writing
                                                                                                         Harvest Plan.

                                                                                          Planning Meeting for Nett Lake School                             Conference Room
  RTC October                                                                             Project, 2 p.m. @ NL School
                                                                                                                                                            Construction Meeting for Nett Lake
  Calendar of Meetings                                              Thurs., October 4     2007 National Preservation Honor Award
                                                                                          Ceremony for Tribal History Preservation
                                                                                                                                                            C-Store, 11 a.m. – noon @ Public Works
                                                                                                                                     Wed., October 17       Special RTC Meeting, 9 a.m. @
Mon., October 1         Native American Finance and Economic                              Office @ Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul
                                                                                                                                                            Fortune Bay
                        Development Conference                      Mon., October 8       Elders Meeting @ Nett Lake
                                                                                                                                                            Planning Meeting for Nett Lake
Tues., October 2        Native American Finance and Economic        Tues., October 9      2007 Minnesota Tribes & Transportation                            School Project, 2 p.m. @ NL School
                        Development Conference                                            Conference @ Mystic Lake
                                                                                                                                     Thurs., October 18     Indian Legal Assistance, 10-11:30 @
                        Commissioner Meeting, 1 p.m. @ RTC          Wed., October 10      2007 Minnesota Tribes & Transportation                            Nett Lake & 12:45-2 @ Vermilion
                        Conference Room                                                   Conference @ Mystic Lake
                                                                                                                                     Wed., October 24       Bois Forte Developmen Corporation
                        Construction Meeting for Nett Lake C-                             Tribal Court                                                      Management Meeting, 9 a.m. @
                        Store, 11 a.m. – noon @ Public Works                                                                                                Fortune Bay
                                                                    Thurs., October 11    Indigenous Peoples Task Force 20th
Wed., October 3         Native American Finance and Economic                              Anniversary                                                       Tribal Court
                        Development Conference
                                                                    Fri., October 12      HOLIDAY – offices closed                   Tues., October 30      Construction Meeting for Nett Lake
                        Regular RTC Meeting, 9 a.m. @ Nett                                                                                                  C-Store, 11 a.m. – noon @ Public
                        Lake – to be rescheduled                    Tues., October 16     Commissioner Meeting, 1 p.m. @ RTC                                Works

OCTOBER            2007                                                                                                                                           BOIS       FORTE        NEWS
  Page 4 • Bois Forte News • October 2007

Nett Lake
                                  Community Meeting
    A Community meeting was held in Nett Lake on                                                     David Morrison encouraged Band
August 28 to learn more about the 2007 Legislative                                                   members to talk with one another
Session and a study the Band is conducting on the                                                    and ask questions about the Biofuels
feasibility of building a biofuels demonstration
project in Nett Lake.                                                                                study. He announced the presentation
                                                                                                     explaining the project would be
                                                                                                     available on the Band’s website and
           Highlights of the Meeting included:                                                       in the newspaper and future
   = A report from Band Lobbyist Robert Johnson                                                      community meetings would provide
     on legislation passed during the 2007                                                           updates on any new developments.
     Legislative Session.
   = A slide show presented by Bois Forte
     Development Corporation CEO, Andy Datko
     detailing why the Band is studying a
     renewable energy initiative.
The slide show is available on
   = Presentation by Mark Broses, a Senior                                                           Band members listened attentively to
     Environmental Engineer with Short, Elliott
                                                                                                     the presentations and then raised
     Hendrickson, Inc. (SEH) the company retained
     by Bois Forte to help conduct the feasibility study.                                            several questions that prompted a
                                                                                                     lively discussion.
   = Observations by Corey Strong, DNR
     Commissioner who has traveled to other
     alternative energy facilities to collect more
     information for the study.
   =    A brief update from Darin Steen of Bois
        Forte’s EPA Office on the Band’s efforts to
        collect data on wind energy as another
        alternative energy source.
   = Open discussion and questions from the
     audience such as:
       Q How much land does Bois Forte own?
         From where would the wood come for
         the facility to create the alternative fuel?
       Q Has Bois Forte ever considered peat moss
         as a fuel since we have so much of it
         where we live?
       Q How many other plants are in Minnesota
         right now?
       Q What water resources would be needed for
         the plant?
       Q Where might the facility be located?

                                                                                              NETT LAKE FOOD SHELF
   = Comments by Secretary/Treasurer David
     Morrison on the importance of Band members
                                                                         Mushkowaysee Equay     Located in the Food Distribution Building in
     understanding of the project and the RTC’s
     commitment to making the information
                                                                          “Strong Women”       Nett Lake, across from the Community Center

     available for review and discussion.                                    Gathering                  Hours of Operation:
   = Remarks by District I Representative Mark                                                  Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday 8-4 pm,
     Drift on his support for the project because it                                                    Closed from 12-1 for lunch.
     will generate more jobs for Band members
                                                                 Every Tuesday at the
     and his belief that biofuels are good for the          Nett Lake Community Center        Available Monday and Friday by appointment.
     environment and strengthen our national
     security by making us more independent of oil
                                                                      at 6 p.m.
                                                                                              For further information or to make a donation,
     from unfriendly countries in the Middle East.
                                                                                                       please contact Theresa Drift,
                                                               More info: 218-757-0111          Bois Forte Community Nutrition Educator,

  bois     for te   news                                                                                                     O CTO B ER    2 0 0 7
                                                                                                             Bois Forte News • October 2007 • Page 5

District I Representative Mark Drift thanked Bob               In addition to the power point presentation created for the Community Meeting, staff
Johnson, Andy Datko, Corey Strong and Mark                     at the Bois Forte Development Corporation, along with scientists from SEH, created
Broses for the hard work put in on informing Band              large charts for Band members to gather more information about the production of
members about the project. He encouraged Band                  Biofuels and the steps involved in the study.
members to contact the RTC if they have questions
or comments about the feasibility study.

Band lobbyist Bob Johnson reports on Bois Forte’s              Mark Broses is an Environmental            Whatever your reason for supporting
efforts at the 2007 Legislature including: protection          Engineer the Band has retained to          alternative energy – independence from
of wild rice; funding for a State Native Veteran               conduct the feasibility study. Mr.         foreign oil, environmental responsibility,
Service Office; Head Start and K-12 education                  Broses reviewed the types of               reducing greenhouse gases causing climate
funding; protection of voter rights; the relocation of         technology that are being researched       change, or creating new jobs – everyone
the Indian Higher Education Office from the Twin               and the six steps involved in              agrees the most important goal is to
Cities to it’s original location in Bemidji; funding for       completing the study be early next year.   protect the lives of future generations.
Indian housing in urban areas as well as on

                                                                                                                                     New Nett Lake
   MSC Check cashing policy
                                                                                                                                     store scheduled
   NOTICE MSC CUSTOMERS -- NEW CHECK POLICY                                                                                          to open in
      • All checks, including mailed checks, need a driver's
        license number
      • All checks are processed electronically
      • Checks may be written up to $20.00 over the total
        purchase price
      • Our new store will include an ATM

OCTOBER      2007                                                                                                           BOIS   FORTE    NEWS
Page 6 • Bois Forte News • October 2007

The 3rd Annual Boys & Girls Club –
Lake Vermilion Unit Golf Outing held
in August was once again a success!
     This year we registered 108 golfers      Men’s Longest Drive: David Brouillette
and raised over $9,000 for the youth          Women’s Longest Drive: Amy Berglund
programs being offered at the Club.
These numbers exceeded last year’s            Longest Putt: Bruce Bromen
numbers all around. The highlights for        Closest to the Pin: Todd Sieger
this event were Tom (Toot) Anderson’s         Our major sponsors included:
Hole-In-One as well as a silent auction for
autographed sports memorabilia. Our on-           • WMS Gaming
the-course games included: Splash for             • Cook Zup’s
Cash, Beat the Pro, Skins, Longest Putt,          • The Landing
Longest Drive (Men & Women), and
Closest to the Pin.                               • Short Elliot Hendrickson
                                              Our other sponsors were:                 Robbie Goggleye drives           Natalie Goodsky watches as Jud Hill, from
   1st Place: John Hyduke, Todd Sieger,                                                one long and straight.           The Landing, attempts the “Splash for Cash”.
   Laura Sieger, and Andy Reierson.               • IGT
   2nd Place: Steve Lasky, Brian Lasky,           • Damberg Scott Gerzina and Wagner       • Frontier                                  Special thanks also to everyone who
   Jack Fairchild, and Bill Higgins.              • Infinity Wireless                                                              played in the tournament as well as the
                                                                                           • Krech-Ojard & Associates
                                                                                                                                   businesses that sponsored the event or
   3rd Place: Leonard Thompson, Bob               • Wilkie Communications
                                                                                            I would like to thank Natalie          donated items that were used in the raffle!
   Howard, Tom Burr, and Nathan                   • Morgan Stanley                     Goodsky, Jodi Millerbernd, Talicia
   Messier.                                                                                                                            I look forward to organizing this event
                                                  • Range Office Supply                Lerfald, Corrina Wettlin, and the Youth
                                                                                                                                   again next year!
   4th Place: Ed Villebrun, Ed Chavers,                                                Representation from the Boys & Girls
                                                  • K & K Insurance
   Corey Strong, and Dave Villebrun.                                                   Club for helping me out on the day of the       Respectfully submitted by:
                                                  • Reinhart Foods                     event. Without them assisting me that
                                                                                                                                       Tammy Strong
Splash for Cash: Tom Anderson, Tom                • Wilderness Outfitters              day, the tournament may not have been
Burr, and Todd Johnson.                                                                such a fun event!
                                                  • 1st National Bank of Buhl
Skins: The McDonnell Team, Johnson
Team, and Debeltz Team.                           • Key Bank

                                                                                                                    Fitness Center hours -
                                                                                                                         Monday - Thursday
                                                                                                                          6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
                                                                                                                       Friday 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                                                                     Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                                                                            Sunday closed
Vermilion Community Manager Corrina Wettlin proudly displays a check for $30,000
                                                                                                                           Holidays closed
from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Office.

The check was the result of a grant written by Donald Chosa to purchase equipment
for the Vermilion Health Clinic, Wellness Center and Community Center.

BOIS     FORTE        NEWS                                                                                                                            OC TOB E R       2 0 0 7
                                                                                                          Bois Forte News • October 2007 • Page 7

       To all Vermilion community members:

       Some of you may know that I am leaving my position as CHR here in
       Vermilion. I am looking to further my education and this means that I need to
       attend school full-time. Until a new Vermilion CHR is hired the following plan
       will be in place:

       On Mondays and Fridays, a Nett Lake CHR will come to Vermilion. They will
       bring medications, transport clients and do home visits for those that need
       them. Due to these circumstances, patients must be sure to abide by the
       transportation policy and give the CHR’s at least three days notice if a ride to
       an appointment is needed. The Nett Lake CHR’s are Darla Flett and Roxanne

       On Tuesdays, Kathy Strong, Family Caregiver Aide, will come to Vermilion.
       She will deliver medications on this day. Teri Morrison, CHN, is the supervisor
       of the above employees; any questions can be directed to her. She can be
       reached at the Nett Lake Health Office at 1-800-223-1041 or 1-218-757-3295.

       It has been a pleasure working in the community these past years. I have
       grown a lot professionally and personally in this position and I will miss
       working with Bois Forte Health Services.

       Take care of each other.

       Biana Deegan
       Vermilion CHR

When September began, the Lake Vermilion area was in a severe drought.                    Diabetes Coordinator Doris Isham provides a tour of the
Precipitation levels were more than twelve inches below average for the year.             Vermilion Clinic to (left to right) Pete Makowski from
Strict burning bans were in force.                                                        Congressman Jim Oberstar’s Office, Mike Monson, Area
                                                                                          Director of the USDA Rural Development Office, and
Then Mother Nature delivered up to a foot of rain in some areas over a 72 hour            Doug Altrichter, assistant to the State USDA RDO
period. Lake Vermilion went up 1 to 3 inches and the Dam on Highway 77,                   Director.
which had been just a trickle for much of the summer, was roaring once again.

OCTOBER       2007                                                                                                      BOIS   FORTE    NEWS
Page 8 • Bois Forte News • October 2007

All aboard who’s going aboard…
To Nashville or bust
    The Bois Forte Elders are headed to             area pointing out homes of the stars. And no trip
Nashville, Tennessee for an exciting trip this      to Nashville would be complete without a visit to
autumn. Leaving from Fortune Bay, Thursday,         the world-famous Grand Ole Opry.
October 18th, the bus returns on Wednesday,
                                                         Even the dinner locations are packed with
October 24th. The week promises to be a fun and
                                                    fabulous sites and sounds as Elders dine
memorable one.
                                                    alongside colorful, tropical fish at a large
    Nashville was chosen for this year’s            aquarium; watch the sunset over the water,
excursion over several options including the        during a three-hour dinner cruise on the
Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Black Hills-       Cumberland River aboard the General Jackson
Badlands, Vegas, and Branson, Missouri.             Showboat while listening to a musical
                                                    production show; and for those who prefer their
     The Elders reviewed a presentation on what
                                                    vittles on dry land, a Nashville Nightlife Dinner
each destination offered and discussed the pros
                                                    & Show which includes a buffet and
and cons of each site at one of their meetings
                                                    performance called “The Best of Country Show”
earlier in the summer. Then they received a
                                                    will be available.
written summary in the mail and were asked to
vote on which destination they preferred.               The trip designed to honor Bois Forte Elders
                                                    is being paid for by the RTC. Spouses or
    “More Elders voted for Nashville, Tennessee
                                                    significant others, who are not enrolled at Bois
than the combined total of all five of the other
                                                    Forte, are welcome to come, but they must pay
locations,” said Terri Hill, Communications
                                                    $565 to cover their own expenses.
Director and coordinator of the Elders Trip.
Some of the reasons the Elders gave for choosing         EMT/First Responders will accompany the
Nashville were the wide variety of activities and   travelers for the entire trip to assist if medical
area attractions as well as the many sightseeing    needs arise. The Elders will overnight in
opportunities along the way to Tennessee.           Bloomington, Illinois one evening each direction
     Plans include a free day to enjoy the
                                                    and be in Nashville for a four-night stay.                                     Bois Forte
Tennessee State PowWow, a trip to the Ryman              Terri Hill summed it up in a letter to Elders                              Elders
Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame          when she wrote, “We have a great schedule of
and Museum, visits to historical homes, a guided    activities planned… this is going to be a fun trip
city tour which highlights downtown Nashville,      and a great opportunity to experience the sights
the famous Music Row, Bi-Centennial Mall, a         and sounds of Nashville, as well as enjoy one
drive-by Nashville’s Parthenon, and a residential   another’s company on the round trip journey.”

        Veterans – Know Your Rights!                                                                     BOIS FORTE RESERVATION
                                                                                                     PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION POLICY
      A Tribal Veteran Service Officer is now available to                                              EFFECTIVE DATE: JULY 1, 2007
      assist all Vets and their families with any questions
                                                                                                 This policy is regarding the use of generic prescriptions for both the Bois
      or any paperwork you may have. Feel free to call or
                                                                                             Forte Medical Clinic Pharmacy and the Bois Forte Contract Health program.
      stop in and see:
                                                                                                 All prescription medications paid for through the Bois Forte Health Services
                                                                                             Pharmacy and Contract Health program will be dispensed with generic
                           Ernest Steel                                                      medication. Exceptions to the above are:
                   218-757-0111 or 800-747-1218                                                   1) Medication not available in generic form
              Fax: 218-757-0109 | Cell: 218-290-1472                                              2) Physician documented allergy to the generic form
                E-mail:                                                  3) Physician’s prescription is written as DAW (dispense as written)
                                                                                                  Brand name prescription medication will be dispensed to individuals upon
                                                                                             request, with a valid prescription but these individuals assume the responsibility
          Ernie’s office is at Bois Forte Human Services,                                    of payment for these medications. The Bois Forte Health Services Pharmacy and
                   13090 Westley Drive, Suite B                                              the Contract Health program will not authorize payment for these encounters.
                        Nett Lake, MN 55771

BOIS     FORTE       NEWS                                                                                                                                    OC TOB E R        2 0 0 7
                                                                                                                                         Bois Forte News • October 2007 • Page 9

                                                                                               Bois Forte to be featured
                                                                                               in upcoming Native Report
                                                                                                   Producer Juli Kelner, and cameraman          School topic, other Native Report shows will
                                                                                               Ted Pellman, from Native Report, the             include Native American Veterans; the
                                                                                               popular television show which airs Thursday      Bands Lake Island Survey program
                                                                                               evenings at 8:30 p.m., were in Nett Lake and     conducted with the Bureau of Land
                                                                                               Vermilion on September 4 to tape new             Management and Powerain Manufacturing,
                                                                                               programs for the 2008 season.                    Inc.
                                                                                                    The crew joined in the festivities on the        The schedule for the 2008 Native
                                                                                               Nett Lake School groundbreaking and              Report Series is still being developed.
                                                                                               interviewed teachers, students, parents and      Producer Juli Kelner said she plans to run at
                                                                                               Tribal Leaders. They also conducted              least one of the Bois Forte shows during the
                                                                                               interviews with Band members for other           first month of the new season. The Bois
                                                                                               shows they plan to come back and tape in         Forte News will print the 2008 Native
                                                                                               late October. In addition to the Nett Lake       Report schedule in a future issue.
Cameraman Ted Pullman connects a microphone for Bois Forte’s
Duane Columbus, who was seated for an interview about Native
American Veterans, a topic that will be discussed during the 2008
season of PBS Channel 8 Television’s Native Report series.

New audiences and acclaim
for Bois Forte artists
     The works of Carl Gawboy and Joe                 Traditional Indian life has also been
Geschick are reaching new audiences here         the focus of Carl Gawboy, an award-
in Minnesota and across the country,             winning artist, whose scenes of everyday
exposing thousands more people to the            Indian existence – ricing, hunting,
talents of these two acclaimed Bois Forte        fishing and more – document what he
artists.                                         has called “the history of people’s lives.”
    One of Geschick’s images, “The                    Gawboy was selected by the
Calling” graced the September cover of           National Park Service to paint a huge
Indian Gaming magazine, a national               mural at the new Grand Portage National
journal for the Indian casino industry.          Monument in northern Minnesota. The
Showcasing the work of Indian artists            monument site was once a center of fur
“makes the magazine even more special            trading, so Gawboy chose to paint the
for our readers,” said Publisher Steve           rendezvous between the American
Burke.                                           Indians who supplied the furs and the
                                                 French voyageurs who traded for them.
     Geschick, who trained at the                “We wanted something emblematic of
prestigious Art Students League in New           what the park represents, the aboriginal
York, initially painted conventional topics      people and the newcomers,” Super-
such as landscapes, portraits and still lifes.   intendent Tim Cochrane told the Duluth
But after moving to Canada in the 1970s          News-Tribune.
to teach art, he was introduced to
traditional Indian ceremonies, and his                                                                   Joe Geschick’s “The Calling” is the featured native art
work since then has explored these                                                                       work on the September, 2007 issue of Indian Gaming
experiences.                                                                                             Magazine.

    Want to see                                             A brief bio and images of                                                 To view more
                                                            some of Carl’s many works                                                 of Joe Geschick’s artwork,
    more of Carl and                                        can be found at:                                                          visit
    Joe’s artwork?                                             

OCTOBER           2007                                                                                                                                     BOIS     FORTE        NEWS
Page 10 • Bois Forte News • October 2007

Youth News
    Nett Lake
 attend national
   conference                                                    Felicia Mason is all smiles as she and
                                                                 friends from the National Young Leaders
                                                                                                             Even though contact with families was rare
                                                                                                             during the leadership conference, Corey
                                                                 Conference visit one of the monuments in    Strong Jr. was able to connect with his
     American leadership was cast in a historical perspective
                                                                 Washington DC.                              brother Jay and visit the Lincoln Memorial
for three Nett Lake students who attended a prestigious youth
conference in Washington, DC, in August and September.                                                       on the Washington Mall.
     Fifth-graders Felicia Mason and Corey A. Strong
represented Minnesota at the Junior National Young Leaders
Conference (JrNYLC). Sixth-grader Charmaine Jourdain,
was scheduled to go to the September session as this issue of
the newspaper was going to print. Ms. Theresa Clevenstine of
Nett Lake Elementary School nominated the three students
for their academic excellence and leadership potential.
     The six-day programs are packed with speeches,
introductions and tours. Participants reflected on key
leadership qualities: character, communication, goal setting,
problem solving, respect and teamwork. Corey and Felicia
listened to key-note speakers and broke into small groups
with others students from around the country for discussion.
    The students traveled to Philadelphia’s historic district
where they discussed the constitution. Next they traveled to
Harpers Ferry, W. Va., the site of a Civil War rebellion. Then
they toured the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans
Memorial and the Korean War Memorial.
     All three young leaders learned how Capitol Hill
operates, and met with elected officials and key congressional
staff members on Capitol Hill.
                                                                 When an Elder speaks, the youth listen. Gene Goodsky teaches an Annishinabe class every
    The conference culminated with a sleepover on the final      morning during first hour at Orr High School. Students from L-R: Mike Connor, Coty
night at the interactive Maryland Science Center, a place that
                                                                 LaRoque, Alanna Drift, Donald Chosa III, Shawn Jensen, Gene, Dalene Chosa, Racheal
sparked students’ imagination but did not breed much R.E.M.
                                                                 Howe, BraeAnne Porter, Krystal Laroque and Indian Education Coordinator Wendy Drift.
     The conference, now in its 22nd year, provided
intellectual and social stimulation. The students discussed
weighty issues such as social activism, threats to liberty and

the First Amendment, while making friends with their peers
from across the country.
    “We couldn’t be prouder to have these three young
leaders represent Nett Lake on a national level,” said School
Superintendent Teresa Strong.

Vermilion Boys & Girls club members ages 8 to 12 years created
a beautiful picture by drawing 35 individual squares of charcoal
and pencil art and combining their work to create an image of an
Eagle. The exercise led by Boys & Girls Club Branch Director
Talicia Lerfald was about more than the kids improving art
skills; they also learned an important lesson about team work
and working together toward a common goal.

Talicia entered the Eagle in the National Boys &Girls Club Fine
Arts Competition and the young Vermilion Artists won the
Regional Competition!

BOIS    FORTE        NEWS                                                                                                             OC TOB E R   2 0 0 7
                                     Bois Forte News • October 2007 • Page 11

Schools and Education
   Nett Lake School celebrates beginning of year
         with groundbreaking and carnival

OCTOBER   2007                                     BOIS   FORTE    NEWS
Page 12 • Bois Forte News • October 2007

Tribal Government Reports and News
                                                October is domestic abuse awareness month. Victim Services will be holding two domestic
                                                abuse awareness booths and also two candle light vigils in the month of October. If you
                                                have any questions or suggestions please call victim services at 218-757-0111.

                                                There is no excuse for abusing someone you love - none.

From the Bois Forte Conservation Code
SP.01 Permits. Special (hunting/rice/gathering) permits      SP.03.2 No more than ten (10) Special Permits may be
may be issued by the Bois Forte Tribal Council as follows    issued for a given activity in any calendar year. When
in order of priority:                                        there are more than ten applications for an activity in a
                                                             given year, unsuccessful applicants who apply in the
First: Resident members of federally-recognized tribes
                                                             following year will be given preference within their
(other than the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe)* and resident
                                                             priority group.
members of Canadian First Nations with a historical tie to
the Bois Forte Band.                                         SP.03.3 Holders of Special Permits are deemed to have
                                                             lawful authority or permission to go upon lands owned or
Second: Non-resident members of a federally-
                                                             controlled by the Band for the purpose specified in the
recognized tribes and Canadian First Nations who have a
special tie to the Bois Forte Band through membership of
a spouse, parent, child or family member.                    SP.03.4 No Special Permit may be issued for hunting
                                                             moose or for shining deer.
SP.02 Applications.    Applications for Special Permits
must be submitted to the Bois Forte Tribal Council or its    SP.03.5 Persons holding Special Permits shall consent
designee on a schedule established by the Bois Forte         to the jurisdiction of the Band as a condition of receiving
DNR. Permits will be issued on the priorities in SP.01,      the permit.
                                                             *Resident members of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe
SP.03   Limitations                                          (but enrolled with a Band other than Bois Forte) will be
                                                             issued regular permits, subject only to applicable
SP.03.1 Persons holding Special Permits must be
                                                             residency requirements (5 years) and the waiting period
accompanied by a Bois Forte Band member whenever
                                                             for wild rice harvesting. Consult with Bois Forte DNR
engaging in the permitted activity.                                                                                        Mrs. Jim Drift scraping hair off a hide.
                                                             on requirements.
                                                                                                                           Photo: MN Historical Society

Band members and Tribal leaders, a
representative from Congressman Jim
Oberstar’s Office and representatives of
the US Department of Agriculture’s
Rural Development Office pose after the
presentation of a $987,000 check
designated for a waste water treatment
system on Indian Point. The grant was
awarded to Bois Forte through the efforts
of EPA Director Darin Steen.

Pictured left to right Barb Brodeen,
Assistant State Director Doug Altrichter,
Kevin Leecy, Donald Chosa, Roger
Clapp, Terri Hill, Carol Burr, unknown
man, Hank Goodsky, Darin Steen, Marty
Connor, Bill Slininger, and Pete

BOIS     FORTE        NEWS                                                                                                                              OC TOB E R    2 0 0 7
                                                                                                                                 Bois Forte News • October 2007 • Page 13

            Attention Band members
      Please update your address changes with the
      enrollment office to receive important
      information mailings such as: Town meetings,
      announcements etc. Any questions please feel
      free to contact the enrollment office.

                         Bois Forte Enrollment -
                         (218) 757-3261 ext. 121

              JOIN THE EMT TEAM                                                                             Healthier kids
                                                                                                  The Bois Forte Diabetes and Obesity Prevention Committee are gearing up for
                                                                                              another school year. We are working to improve the health and well-being of our
                                                                                              students and their families through physical exercise and good nutrition. We hope
                                                                                              you are able to come to one or all of the following events.
                                                                                                   On October 16, we are having a Pumpkin Run - Join us for a 1-mile walk/run
                                                                                              around the Village or in the gym if the weather is bad. Each child, age 0-6th grade
                                                                                              that participates will receive a pumpkin. There will also be pumpkin foods to try as
                                                                                              well as a light supper.
                                                                                                   On October 25, the Super Apple Man! Mr. Don Blake, the author of a series of
                                                                                              children's books called "Nature's Candy," has lost over 100 pounds through healthy
                                                                                              eating and he wants to share his enthusiasm with you and your family.
                                                                                                   Through out the year, children at the Nett Lake School will be able to
                                                                                              participate in the Mileage Club. Children will be rewarded for how often they walk,
                                                                                              as well as how far they walk.
                                                                                                 In Headstart and Learning Readiness, the children will be participating in
                                                                                              SPARK Activities to encourage them to be more physical.
                                                                                                  We will have more activities later in the year, including the popular Family
 If you’re interested in serving the        Everyone should know basic CPR. Call              Fitness Night. Please watch for announcements.
 community and helping those facing an      Jon Olson at 218-757-3347 to learn
 emergency medical situation, consider      about class schedules for CPR initial                 For more information you can call any of the committee members: Teresa
 signing up for EMT training.               training or a refresher course.                   Strong, NLS Superintendent 218/757-3102, Doris Isham, Special Diabetes
                                                                                              Educator, 218/757-3295, Teri Morrison, Community Health Nurse, 218/757-3295,
 EMT Registration begins at 4:00 on          Pam Badar, second from left back row, is no
                                            longer an with Bois Forte. Jon Olson is the new   Christine Bloom, Head Start Nurse 218/757-3265, Theresa Drift, Community
 October 8 at the Public Safety Building.   Emergency Operations Manager.                     Nutrition Educator 218/757-3504. Bernie Kantola, ECFE Teacher NLS 218/757-
 No time or interest in EMT training?                                                         3102, Jennifer Larson NLS PE/Science Teacher 218/757-3102.

                                                                                                                                                Andy Datko describes
                                                                                                                                                proposed housing development
                                                                                                                                                areas in Vermilion and the
                                                                                                                                                need for a federal grant to
                                                                                                                                                provide water and sanitation
                                                                                                                                                hookups to representatives of
                                                                                                                                                the USDA Rural Development
                                                                                                                                                Office. They met with Tribal
                                                                                                                                                Government staff and RTC
                                                                                                                                                members over lunch at the

OCTOBER       2007                                                                                                                                    BOIS      FORTE       NEWS
Page 14 • Bois Forte News • October 2007

BFDC and Small Business
Restaurant dream served up American Sidewalk Café
    Phil Wickner’s dream was slowly               He added a deeper touch, too: a
baking during three decades of                beautiful painting by Indian artist
restaurant experience, in Utah and            Sanchez, a gift from his late sister Lois
North Carolina, from Perkins to Red           to his son Josh.
                                                  Working side-by-side, he and Josh
    One of Lottie O’Leary’s eight             scrubbed and painted the walls, tiled the
children, the Bemidji native longed to        floor and installed new appliances. “We
own and operate a restaurant of his own.      took the whole place apart and put it
                                              back together,” Phil said.
    Then his sister spotted an article in
the Bois Forte News about the Small                “American Sidewalk Café” opened
Business Development Program and              June 21, serving salads, sandwiches,
Phil’s dream came out of the oven.            gourmet burgers, pizza, potato and
                                              pasta salads and Bridgeman’s ice cream.
     He contacted the article’s author,
                                              It seats 72 people. Customers come up
Steve Peterson, and discussed his
                                              to a decorated “street corner” counter to
business plan. He applied for the Indian
                                              order their food, or they can serve
Business Loan Fund in St. Paul. And he
set to work.
                                                  Phil said his restaurant has been
    Phil’s mental vision found a
                                              successful thanks to hard work,
physical home last April when he
                                              attention to details and perseverance.
discovered a vacant storefront,
                                              “I’ve always told Josh that success is
previously occupied by a Chinese
                                              ninety percent perspiration and ten
restaurant, in a Coon Rapids strip mall.
                                              percent inspiration.”
     Finally, he had a place to unleash
                                              The two Wickner men have worked hard
his food concepts and the wall hangings
                                              to create a welcoming environment with
he had been collecting for years – Twins
                                              great food. Next time you’re traveling
memorabilia, old photographs of
                                              south, stop in and visit them at 3373
Minneapolis, a Texas license plate, an
                                              Coon Rapids Boulevard in Coon
Elvis poster, a Marilyn Monroe picture,
                                              Rapids. Phil will be there to welcome
and Americana.
                                              you and work hard to make you a return
“It’s a snapshot of things that, to me, are   customer. As he says, “If it was easy,
good about America,” Phil said.               everyone would do it,” he said. “Stick to
“Everything from baseball to apple pie.”      it, do you best, and you’ll build a good    A temporary sign on the boulevard invites customers to stop in and taste
                                              customer base.”                             the treats at Phillip Wickner’s new American Sidewalk Café at 3373
                                                                                          Coon Rapids Boulevard in Coon Rapids.
  What is the Small Business                  Wickner (see story on this page)
  Development Program                         were already far enough along in the
                                              planning process to receive loans.
     The RTC launched SBDP in late
  2005 to assist Band members                 How can the SBDP help me
  seeking to start or expand their own        if I already have a small
  business, by lending a hand with            business?
  business plans, start up loans,
                                                 Existing small businesses will also
  classes, workshops and one-on-one
                                              be offered opportunities for
  meetings to help their businesses
                                              introductions to partner
                                              organizations such as the Minnesota
     Prior to the SBDP, the Band had          Chippewa Tribe, which has training
  a small Economic Development                and loan funds; the Minnesota
  Assistance Fund. The RTC stepped            Department of Education and
  up its commitment to Band-member            Economic Development, which has
  owned businesses by launching the           an Indian Business Loan Fund; the
  SBDP with the help of a $100,000            Center for Economic Development
  grant from the Minnesota Tribal Fund.       in Duluth; and the Northeast
                                              Entrepreneur Fund.
  How the SBDP can help you
    Since the SBDP’s inception less
                                              How can I learn more about
  than two years ago, Band members
  have presented an impressive list of          Contact Steve Peterson at
  business ideas for consideration.           218-753-7805 or                             Tribal Leaders Kevin Leecy, Ray Villebrun and Mark Drift present
  Every one of those people received for
                                                                                          Phillip Wickner with a check for $13,000 from the Bois Forte Small
  advice and some type of assistance,         specific information and answers to
  and several of them, like Phillip           your questions.                             Business Development Fund to help start his new restaurant.

BOIS      FORTE        NEWS                                                                                                                     OC TOB E R     2 0 0 7
                                                                                                                                Bois Forte News • October 2007 • Page 15

                                                                                           reinstated if you don’t have a job to pay       the applicant to be a Minnesota resident.
                                                                                           the high fees of reinstatement, sometimes
                                                                                           costing up to $700 in addition to court               As of last month, 14 people have
                                                                                           costs and increase in insurance fees.           been helped by the program, with two
                                                                                           Often times these people let the loss of        more pending approval. All 14 of the
                                                                                           their license become the main reason they       people helped are now employed. Mike
                                                                                           remain unemployed.                              Connor is a good example of how
                                                                                                                                           effective the program can be.            A
                                                                                                Bois Forte now has a new program in        bricklayer with Harbor City Masonry,
                                                                                           place to assist Band members in                 Mike learned the hard way that when he
                                                                                           overcoming the hurdle of a suspended            lost his wheels, he lost his opportunity to
                                                                                           license so they can get to work and make        work. “This program is good and really
                                                                                           a living. The RTC created the program           helped me out.” Mike explained. “I was
                                                                                           this summer and TERO Director Dawn              laid off when I couldn’t travel back and
                                                                                           Benner is charged with running the              forth to my job which was far away. I told
                                                                                           program to make sure the people that            my boss, ‘I am staying out of trouble, but
                                                                                           apply are motivated to find employment.         it’s really hard to get my license back.’
                                                                                                 “First of all, we want those who come     Thanks to this program, after four weeks,
                                                                                           to us to know that having their license         my license was reinstated and I resumed
                                                                                           suspended is not a matter to take lightly.”     working with the union. Now instead of
                                                                                           Benner stated. “We are helping them             seasonal work, I have a permanent job
                                                                                           obtain a license so they may have a second      working for my Tribe in the Water Quality
                                                                                           chance at obtaining jobs, but this help will    lab. It would have been tough to find work
                                                                                           only be available to them once in a             with out this program.”
                                                                                           lifetime.”                                           Programs like the one to help Band
                                                                                                The help she is referring to is            members get their drivers license
                                                                                           assistance in paying the reinstatement fees     reinstated are made possible by TERO
                                                                                           of a suspended license only, not other          fees paid by contractors working on Bois
                                                                                                                                           Forte projects. In 2005 the RTC increased

       Wheels to Work
                                                                                           court fees or fines due to legal issues. The
                                                                                           guidelines restrict this help to those who      TERO fees for contractors working on
                                                                                           are truly in need based on income               Band projects in order to generate
                                                                                           guidelines. The applicant is first required     additional funds to help pay for Tribal
                                                                                           to apply to the Band’s Work Investment          Employment Programs. In 2006, the RTC
                                                                                           Act (WIA). The WIA program will pay             increased the percentage of Natives that
Mike Connor used the new Drivers License Reinstatement program                                                                             contractors must employee on their
administered by the TERO Office to get back to work.                                       up to $400 of the fees if the participant
                                                                                           qualifies. They then must meet further          projects to 50%.
                                                                                           income qualifications for TERO to pay                These changes and programs like the
     Band Members who have had their         are not marketable to employers who need
                                                                                           the remaining reinstatement fee. Because        license reinstatement program are making
drivers license suspended are often caught   them to have reliable transportation to get
                                                                                           the funds are coming from TERO, the             a difference in assisting Band members to
in a tough cycle. Without a license they     to work. But you can’t get your license
                                                                                           final qualification of the program requires     secure new and better jobs.

    In addition to loans, like the one Phillip
    Wickner received to help start his
    American Sidewalk Café, there are a
                                                                                               Looking for Work?
    number of other ways the SBDP is helping
    Band member entrepreneurs:
                                                                             To view current job openings with the Bois Forte Reservation
       • reviewing business plans
                                                                             Tribal Government visit
       • assisting with licensing issues
       • offering tax advice
                                                                             Click on “Job Openings” to view job announcements, check opening
       • providing introductions to bankers the Band
         does business with and using that                                   and closing dates, and print an application.
         relationship as leverage to help you
       • offering marketing and promotion advice
       • teaching business courses in Nett Lake and
       • brainstorming ideas on how to link small
                                                                       Vermilion and Nett Lake Propane
         businesses with Band-owned business,
         such as selling goods or services to the                     Prices set with Ferrellgas and Como
         tribal government or Fortune Bay
                                                                      At the Special RTC meeting on September 5,                Ferrellgas is extending their fixed price of
       • connecting Band members with the
                                                                  2007, the Tribal Government accepted pricing for          $1.599, to Bois Forte Band members. Please call
         Minnesota Indian Chamber of Commerce
                                                                  the delivery of propane for the 2007-2008 heating         Brian Gandy at 1-800-450-5701 or his cell phone
         to network with other Indian-owned
                                                                  season to residents of Vermilion and Nett Lake.           218-244-3285 to learn more about conditions,
                                                                                                                            schedule deliveries or set up new account.
                                                                      Como Oil & Propane proposed a fixed price of
       • participating in economic development
                                                                  $1.529, to “eligible” Band members within a 20 mile            Band members wishing to take advantage of
                                                                  radius of Vermilion. Please call Como Oil &               either offer must provide a Tribal identification card
                                                                  Propane at 218-753-2482 to learn more about their         as proof of enrollment.
                                                                  conditions, schedule deliveries or set up a new

OCTOBER          2007                                                                                                                                BOIS     FORTE        NEWS
Page 16 • Bois Forte News • October 2007

   MON. OCT. 15 LF/BF 5:45/7:00 AWAY

   THU. OCT. 11 ALBROOK HOME               The Lady Braves take the court in Orr led by the a strong representation of Bois Forte
   MON. OCT. 15 CHERRY HOME                Student Athletes including; Alana Drift, Rachel Morrison, Jordaan Wilkerson, Marjore
                                           Villebrun, Allurah Isham, Kateri Day, Krystin Correa, Tiffany Skinaway, Arianna Zapata, and
                                           Marisa Mason.
   WED. OCT. 17 MIB AWAY 7
   FRI. OCT. 5 B-E HOME 7:00
   WED. OCT. 17 MA HOME 7:00

   MON. OCT. 1 B-E AWAY 5:00 2:40
   THU . OCT. 11 T-S HOME 5:00

                                           Bois Forte athletes, large and small, are helping the Orr Braves JV Football Team in what Varsity
                                           Coach Jarich describes as “an inexperienced, but hard working and solid team of players.”

                                           Miranda Lilya brings golf
                                           championship home to Bois Forte
                                           Submitted by Brandon Benner

                                                Miranda (Villebrun) Lilya comes from a golfing family      top Women’s Golfer in the Cook, Orr, and Nett Lake
                                           so its no big surprise that she brought home the Vermilion      Area… and your friends from Bois Forte are very proud
                                           Fairways Women’s Championship on August 28 in Cook,             of you Miranda!
                                           MN. Miranda’s Father, the late Fox Villebrun, was a crafty
                                           lefthander that ‘compared himself to the great Phil
                                           Mickelson’. Her mother Edith Villebrun, is a champion in
                                           her own right, taking the same title a few years back. Her
                                           brothers Dave Jr. and Johnny Boy are top caliber golfers
                                           with power strokes that make them a threat in any tourney
                                           they enter.
                                                  Miranda, however, got a late start to the world of
                                           golfing- she didn’t start until after high school. Of course,
                                           she credits her family for teaching her the game - the right
                                           way to play golf. Their teachings paid off as Miranda is the

BOIS   FORTE     NEWS                                                                                                                    OC TOB E R      2 0 0 7
                                                                                              Bois Forte News • October 2007 • Page 17

                      Viking Schedule 2007/2008
  Day              Date                  Opponent                     Time (CT) TV
  Sunday           October 7             BYE
  Sunday           October 14            @ Chicago Bear               Noon           FOX
  Sunday           October 21            @ Dallas Cowboys             Noon           FOX
  Sunday           October 28            PHILADELPHIA EAGLES          Noon           FOX
  Sunday           November 4            SAN DIEGO CHARGERS           Noon           CBS
  Sunday           November 11           @ Green Bay Packers          Noon           FOX
  Sunday           November 18           OAKLAND RAIDERS              Noon           *CBS
  Sunday           November 25           @ New York Giants            Noon           *FOX
  Sunday           December 2            DETROIT LIONS                Noon           *FOX
  Sunday           December 9            @ San Francisco 49ers        3:05 p.m.      * FOX
  Monday           December 17           CHICAGO BEARS                7:30 p.m.      ESPN
  Sunday           December 23           WASHINGTON REDSKINS          Noon           *FOX
  Sunday           December 30           @ Denver Broncos             Noon           *FOX

  *Game time subject to change/flexible scheduling

                                                                                             Book Review
                                                                                                                       William W.
                                                                                                                       Warren: The Life,
                                                                                                                       Letters, and Times
                                                                                                                       of an Ojibwe
                                                                                                                           by Theresa M. Schenck

                                                                                                 From the Publisher
                                                                                                   This is the first full-length biography of William W.
                                                                                             Warren (1825–53), an Ojibwe interpreter, historian, and
        Participants in the 2007 Summer Youth Program enjoyed a day at Valley Fair           legislator in the Minnesota Territory. Devoted to the
                                                                                             interests of the Ojibwe at a time of government attempts
                                                                                             at removal, Warren lives on in his influential book

  Word                                                                                       History of the Ojibway, still the most widely read and
                                                                                             cited source on the Ojibwe people. The son of a Yankee

Scramble                                                                                     fur trader and an Ojibwe-French mother, Warren grew
                                                                                             up in a frontier community of mixed cultures. Warren's
                                                                                             loyalty to government Indian policies was challenged,
                                                                                             but never his loyalty to the Ojibwe people. In his short
     egsg                                                                                    life, the issues with which he was concerned included
                                                                                             land rights, treaties, Indian removal, mixed-blood
     gegs                                                                                    politics, and state and federal Indian policy. Theresa M.
     esgg                                                                                    Schenck has assembled a remarkable collection of
                      1                                                                      newly discovered documents. Dozens of letters and
                                                                                             other writings illuminate not only Warren’s heart and
                                                                                             mind but also a time of radical change in American
   MAN                                                                                       Indian history. These documents, combined with
                                                                                             Schenck’s commentary, provide historical and
  BOARD                                                                                      contextual perspective on Warren’s life, on the breadth
                      2                                                                      of his activities, and on the complexity of the man
                                                                                             himself; as such they offer a useful and long-awaited
                                                                                             companion to Warren’s History of the Ojibway.

                                                                                                            1. Scrambled Eggs 2. Man Overboard 3. Sand Box
                      3                                                                                        Word Scramble answers

OCTOBER     2007                                                                                                    BOIS      FORTE        NEWS
Page 18 • Bois Forte News • October 2007

Community Events

Brianne Brodeen, daughter of Barb and Darrel Brodeen and granddaughter of
Gene and Kathryn (RIP) Boshey, married Brad Peterson on Saturday, September
8 in a ceremony at the Wilderness.
Brad works for Ulland Brothers Construction. Brianne is Training Manager at
Fortune Bay. The new Mr. and Mrs. Peterson live in Vermilion.

Don’t forget
   to send me your photos of anniversarys, births, birthdays
   and weddings. E-mail them to:

     Mark Your calendar:                                                                         BOIS FORTE NEWS: SUBSCRIPTION
                                                                                                               P.O. Box 16 • Nett Lake, MN • 55772
                                                                                                                          (218) 780-4388
          October 12-14, 2007                                                                    •

           Nett Lake School                                                                          I have enclosed $______for a ______ year(s) subscription.

                                                                                                               RENEWAL                                B.F. BAND MEMBER
  Mii Gwetch Manoomin Traditional                                                                              NEW SUBSCRIPTION                       CHANGE ADDRESS

  POW-WOW                                              Subscription Rate:
                                                       $10.00 per (1) Year

                                                      Make Check or Money
             January 24, 2008                           Order Payable to:
                                                                                            State:                                      Zip:
         2008 State of the Band                         Bois Forte News
        Fortune Bay Resort Casino
                                                                    N o t e * S u b s c r i p t i o n i s Fr e e f o r A l l B o i s Fo r t e B a n d M e m b e r s .
                                                          I f y o u a r e a B F B M a n d y o u ’ r e n o t r e c e i v i n g t h e p a p e r, p l e a s e l e t u s k n o w .

BOIS   FORTE    NEWS                                                                                                                                            OC TOB E R       2 0 0 7
                                                                                                                                     Bois Forte News • October 2007 • Page 19

                                                                    CONDUCT A HOME INVENTORY BEFORE A DISASTER

      Disaster, be it an act of natural or a result of human        • Make a visual or written record of your possessions. If     • Make copies of receipts and canceled checks for your
activity, can strike suddenly, anytime and anywhere. Your             you don’t own a camera or videotaping equipment,              more valuable items.
                                                                      buy an inventory booklet and fill it out. Your
first priority, of course, must be to protect your family and                                                                     • Get professional appraisals of jewelry, collectibles,
                                                                      insurance agent may be able to provide one. Or simply
property. It’s also important to protect against the financial                                                                      artwork or other items that are difficult to value.
                                                                      make a list on notebook paper.
                                                                                                                                    Update the appraisals every two to three years.
fallout from a disaster. The key is to take action now. One         • Go from room to room, describing each item, when
step you can take to prepare for a disaster is to conduct a                                                                       • Update your inventory list annually.
                                                                      you bought it and how much it cost. If you’re
household inventory, making a list of everything you own.             photographing or videotaping, have someone open
This will help you prove the value of what you owned, if              closet doors and hold up each item.                        Sound like a lot of work? Computer programs
                                                                                                                                 designed for home inventory can make the task much
those possessions are damaged or destroyed. This in turn            • Record model and serial numbers.
will make it more likely you will receive a fast, fair              • Include less expensive items, such as clothing, bath
                                                                                                                                      Most important, once you’ve completed your
settlement from your insurance company. It will also                  towels, pots and pans or household tools. Costs will
                                                                                                                                 inventory, leave a sealed copy with trusted relatives or
provide documentation for tax deductions that you claim               add up if you have to replace those basics.
                                                                                                                                 friends, or put it in a safe deposit box. Don’t leave your
for your losses.                                                    • Be sure to include the contents of your attic, basement    only copy at home, where it might be destroyed.
                                                                      and garage.
The American Red Cross has time-tested tips for                                                                                       Finally, do what you can. Even a partial list will be
conducting a thorough home inventory:                               • Note the quality of building materials, particularly for   better than nothing, should disaster strike. You’ll have the
                                                                      such features as solid wood doors or expensive             peace of mind that comes from taking action, rather than
 • Record the location of the originals of all important              plumbing fixtures.                                         waiting to be a victim.
   financial and family documents, such as birth and
   marriage certificates, wills, deeds, tax returns,                • Photograph the exterior of your home, including the
   insurance policies and stock and bond certificates.                landscaping. Make special note of any improvements,
   Keep the originals in a safe place and store copies                such as a patio, fencing or out-buildings.
   elsewhere. You’ll need accessible records for tax and
                                                                    • Photograph cars, boats and recreational vehicles.
   insurance purposes.

               Figure facts

          Years Fortune Bay has
                                                                   pounds of green rice the RTC
            been in operation                                    plans to buy from Band members
                                                                            this season

                 74                                                42,000
          Number of Bois Forte                                   acres of land owned by the Bois
         Band members enrolled                                       Forte Band of Chippewa
         as students at Orr High
         School. The total school
            enrollment is 121
              Young people who
                                                                       gallons of alternative
                                                                     fuel President Bush and
                                                                    Congress want produced
                                                                   in the US by 2017. Perhaps
              belong to Vermilion                                some could be from a Cellulosic
              Boys and Girls Club                                  Biomass Plant at Nett Lake.

OCTOBER           2007                                                                                                                                    BOIS      FORTE       NEWS
Page 20 • Bois Forte News • October 2007

What do you like best about ricing?

Louis Drift                                  Mary Strong                               Ed Villebrun                          Marybelle Isham and
“It’s a time for family. Ricing season       “Ricing is something I’ve never           “Parching. I like the evenings        granddaughter Christine
brings everyone together to share.”          done without. It’s an important part      around the fire when the family is    “I enjoy being on the water and
                                             of our culture. I wouldn’t know what      together parching the rice.”          knocking the rice into the canoe.”
                                             it’s like not to gather wild rice and
                                             eat it throughout the year.”

                                                                                                                            H allowee

                                             Gewaden Dunkley
                                             “The cultural experience and spending
                                             time with my family is what I like best
                                             about ricing.”

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   The Bois Forte News

                             The Bois Forte News (BFN) is
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                         Band of Chippewa. The BFN encourages                   Editor, Bois Forte News                          Kevin W. Leecy
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                         unsolicited material, but will attempt to
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                         for $10 a year.                                        January – December 3

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