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					            Department of Health and Human Services

                      Statement of Duties
    Title: Registered Nurse                       Job                  Effective
                                                  Number: Generic      Date: March 2009
    Group: Statewide and Mental Health Services   Organisational Unit: Mental Health Services
    Section: Various units within Mental Health   Location: South/North/North West
    Award: Nurses Tasmanian (Public Sector)       Stream: Registered Nurse
    Level: 1 (Grade 3 Post EBA Implemnentation)   Job Status: Permanent/Fixed Term, Full/Part
    Reports to: Clinical Nurse /Clinical Nurse    Number of Subordinates: Nil
    Consultant/Clinical Nurse Manager

Focus of Duties:

As part of a multi-disciplinary team delivering high quality mental health services in
accordance with the Mental Health Services Strategic Plan, Mental Health Service
principles, National Mental Health Standards, Agency policy, legal requirements and
relevant professional competencies, the Registered Nurse;

       Utilises a problem solving approach and established nursing procedures in the
        delivery and evaluation of direct care to a designated number of clients.

       Interacts effectively with consumers, families and significant others in the planning
        and implementation of care in collaboration with other members of the health
        team to ensure consumer focused outcomes.

       Remains actively involved in maintaining and continually improving the quality of
        client care provided by the service.


1.      In collaboration with members of the healthcare team assesses, plans, implements
        and evaluates client care.

2.      Involves patients/clients and their families/significant others in the planning and
        implementation of care.

3.      Practices in accordance with the ANMC competencies, Code of Ethics, Code of
        Professional Conduct and the ANZCMHN inc. Standards of Practice for Mental
        Health Nurses in the delivery of nursing care.

4.      Maintains and promotes a safe work environment.

5.      Understands and adheres to relevant legislation, policies and procedures.

6.      Maintains accurate and objective documentation.
7.   Remains actively involved in maintaining and continually improving the quality of
     client care. This may include research and evidence based practices.

8.   Participates in the development and revision of organisational documentation
     relating to nursing based best practices.

9.   Interacts effectively with client’s families and other health team members.

10. Works effectively within the dynamic multi-disciplinary team, contributing to a
    strong team approach through open communication and a positive supportive

11. Contributes to the communication process by attending team meetings.

12. Identifies, develops, implements and evaluates teaching plans to meet the
    educational needs of clients and their families/significant others, and facilitates
    informed decision making.

13. Participates and contributes to a learning environment, through participation in
    continuing education and professional development.

14. Maintains knowledge of contemporary evidenced based practices.

15. Supports the development of others through the participation in orientation and
    preceptoring of nurses and other members of the health team.

16. The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties, not specifically mentioned in this
    document, that are within the capacity, qualifications and experience normally
    expected from persons occupying jobs at this classification level.

Scope of Work Performed:

    Accepts accountability and responsibility for own actions and acts to rectify unsafe
     nursing practices and/or unprofessional conduct.

    Responsible to and receives guidance and support from the Clinical Nurse, Clinical
     Nurse Specialist or Consultant and Nurse Unit Manager for initiating, implementing
     and evaluating quality nursing care, in accordance with policies and procedures of
     the practice setting and within the scope of practice of a registered nurse.

    Provides supervision and direction to Enrolled Nurses and Health Care Workers
     where applicable.

    Accepts responsibility for the clinical management of clients within the designated
     unit, in the absence of senior nursing staff.

    Maintains a safe environment for clients, staff and visitors in accordance with
     Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.

    Professional support supervision is provided by the Director of Nursing or
     approved Delegate.
Pre-employment Conditions:

 Essential Qualifications:
 Evidence of the following must be provided prior to appointment to the job:

         Registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and possesses
          specialist tertiary graduate or postgraduate mental health / psychiatric nursing
          qualification; or completed, prior to the transfer of nurse education to the
          tertiary sector, a hospital based training program that resulted in previous
          registration as a psychiatric nurse by the relevant nurse registration authority
          within Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom.

 Pre-employment Checks:
 The Commissioner has determined that the person nominated for this job is to satisfy
 a pre-employment check before taking up the appointment, on promotion or transfer.

 The following checks are to be conducted:

 1. Conviction check in the following conviction areas;

     a)    Crimes of violence
     b)    Sex related offences
     c)    Serious drug offences
     d)    Crimes involving dishonesty

 2. Identification check.

 3. Disciplinary action in previous employment check.

Selection Criteria:

1.   Current knowledge of the principles, procedures and practices of nursing care and
     their application within the mental health setting, in the delivery of patient/client
     care in the designated area.

2.   Demonstrated ability to undertake mental health assessments, including risk
     assessments, care planning and evaluation of outcomes within a multi-disciplinary
     team environment.

3.   Ability to undertake client education in the practice setting, together with a
     commitment to participate in ongoing professional development.

4.   Sound interpersonal and communication skills, including written skills and the
     ability to function effectively in a multi-disciplinary team environment, and the
     ability to establish a therapeutic relationship with clients and their families.

5.   Knowledge of continuous quality improvement and the application of evidence
     based practices in the practice setting.
6.       Demonstrated ability to apply legal requirements, relevant policy procedures and
         professional standards for the practice setting, including a sound understanding of
         the role of the ANMC competencies, the Nursing Act 1995 and the Nursing Board
         of Tasmania in the regulation of nursing practice.

Working Environment:

           This is a generic Statement of Duties
           Employees should refer to the advertised job details of hours of work (shift
            work or day work), and total hours per fortnight required
           Employees maybe required to work at various locations within the region

 Tasmanian Mental Health Services (MHS) is a key part of the Community Health
 Service Group.

 Tasmanian Mental Health Services works in partnership with a number of key
 stakeholders and NGO’s to promote recovery for Tasmanians affected by mental
 illness or mental disorder.

 This is facilitated at 3 levels:

     -      MHS individual units/services
     -      MHS Area Management Units (South, North and North West)
     -      MHS State Office

 MHS individual units/services are responsible for the coordination of local human,
 financial and physical resources to optimise service delivery to the community of need.

 They reflect four key service areas:

           Child and Adolescent MHS
           Adult Community MHS
           Inpatient and Extended Treatment MHS
           Older Person MHS

 Staff within these units/services utilise assertive case management and specialist
 assessments and treatments to maximise the recovery of individuals from mental
 illness in partnership with the individual, their family, other government and non
 government services and the broader community.

 The MHS Area Management Units are responsible for the overall co-ordination of
 Agency human, financial and physical resources at the regional level. The central aim
 here is to support individual units/services to facilitate effective and quality clinical
 service delivery and to operationalise broad strategic directions and service priorities.
 MHS State Office’s primary role is also to support the individual units/services to
 deliver effective and quality services. Secondary roles include the implementation,
 monitoring and review of national, state and Agency strategic priorities, the quality
 and safety framework, financial accountability and governance, risk management,
 legislative responsibilities, statewide service co-ordination, service agreements and
 Memorandums of Understanding (particularly with key partners).
The Department of Health and Human Services is committed to providing the highest
levels of healthcare and services, and values equity, diversity, initiative, flexibility,
creativity, teamwork, conduct, occupational health and safety and the capacity to make
a difference.

The minimum responsibilities required of officers and employees of the State Service
are contained in sections 7(1), 8 and 9 of the State Service Act 2000.

The State Service Act 2000 and the Commissioner’s Directions (employment directives)
can    be   found     on    the   State  Service     Commissioner’s   website     at

This job may exercise delegations in accordance with a range of Acts, Regulations,
Awards, administrative authorities and functional arrangements mandated by Statutory
office holders including the Secretary of the Department. The relevant Organisational
Unit Manager can provide details to the occupant of delegations applicable to this job.

DHHS is a smoke free work environment. Smoking is prohibited in all State
Government workplaces including vehicles and vessels.

Health Care Workers with the Department of Health and Human Services are
expected to comply with the Agency’s Hepatitis B Policy and the Tasmanian Code of
Practice for Health Care Workers.

The Agency’s policy classifies the levels of risk to employees, who have a risk of
exposure to Hepatitis B higher than the normal population, as either:

Category 2.     Employees whose employment arrangements and duties place them
                at a higher than normal population risk of exposure to blood or body

Category 3.     Employees who are, or potentially will be, directly involved in the
                conduct of exposure prone procedures.

For employees who occupy jobs classified as Category 2 level of risk it is strongly
recommended that the occupant either demonstrate current immunity or previous
seroconversion to Hepatitis B or demonstrate immunity following vaccination.

For employees who occupy jobs classified as Category 3 level of risk the occupant will
be required to either demonstrate current immunity or previous seroconversion to
Hepatitis B or demonstrate immunity following vaccination.

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