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BIKE Business
        Issue 8 November 2008    bu iness          o   bu iness
                                b u ss i n e s s tt o b u ss i n e s s

 soon you may wish you had.



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Wunghnu Farmer Is The Fastest On Earth
Melbourne and Milan Motorcycle Shows                                   issue:
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Sales are up and it’s Show Time
   Even	with	all	the	apparent	global	                                                    boasted	an	improvement	on	2007.	                                                      keep	riding	almost	regardless	of	
financial	doom	and	gloom	the	new	                                                           The	Sydney	Motorcycle	show	will	                                                   any	environment.	Does	this	current	
Motorcycle	and	ATV	sales	are	up	                                                         be	on	as	this	magazine	is	delivered,	                                                 awareness	campaign	offer	an	
with	the	Scooter	segment	leading	                                                        so	if	you	are	local	to	Sydney	you	                                                    opportunity	for	dealerships	to	‘do	
the	charge.	This	is	good	news	for	the	                                                   should	drop	in,	and	get	a	sense	of	the	                                               their	bit’	to	contribute	to	a	safer	riding	
Australian	Motorcycle	Industry	and	                                                      current	market,	which	if	the	Melbourne	                                               environment?	
as	petrol	prices	continue	to	increase	                                                   Motorcycle	Show	is	any	indication	the	                                                    If	you’re	not	already	up-selling	on	the	
Motorcycle	and	ATV	sales	look	to	                                                        Australian	Motorcycle	Industry	market	is	                                             initial	bike	purchase,	why	not	impress	
continue	to	strengthen.                                                                  as	buoyant	as	ever.                                                                   that	safety	items	are	part	of	the	bike	
   	The	increase	in	sales	could	be	                                                         	Have	you	noticed	at	least	in	Victoria,	                                           package.		So	the	bike,	the	helmet,	and	
reflective	of	the	Motorcycle	Show	                                                       the	recent	graphic	advertisements	                                                    quality	riding	gear	being	the	base	line	
circuit’s	continuing	success.	Milan	2008	                                                promoting	motorcyclist	awareness?	                                                    package	to	ride	not	just	the	bike.		
only	closed	last	week	and	all	accounts	                                                  What	do	you	think,	do	these	                                                          It	wont	hurt	us	all	to	try.
measured	up	to	expectations.	Local	                                                      advertisements	actually	discourage	                                                       	And	last	but	not	least	this	will	be	the	
importers	will	be	retuning	to	our	shores	                                                riders	and	effect	the	market,	or	                                                     last	communiqué	from	the	Editor’s	desk	
with	a	host	of	new	products	to	share	                                                    encourage	a	safer	approach	to	riding,	                                                until	2009,	wow	where	did	2008	go	to!	
with	the	Australian	Motorcycle	Industry,	                                                and	potentially	a	safer	environment	                                                  So	all	the	best		for	the	festive	season	
we	can’t	wait.	                                                                          because	motorists	are	more	aware	of	                                                  and	we	shall	be	looking	forward	to	
   Only	one	week	earlier	the	Melbourne	                                                  motorbikes?                                                                           bringing	you	more	Bike	Business	news	
Motorcycle	Show	concluded,	with	great	                                                      Then	motorcyclists	being	as	                                                       in	2009.
exhibitor	and	visitor	numbers	the	show	                                                  passionate	as	they	are,	will	mostly	                                                      	The	Editors	Desk.

                                                                                                                                                                          BIKE Business                     business   to   business

  AUSTRALIA’S MOTORCYCLE PARTS & ACCESSORIES INDUSTRY MAGAZINE                   About the cover:                                        news                                                                 4-9
  BIKE Business                                                                  Kymco	has	been	quietly	
                                                                                 producing	components,	
         Issue 8 November 2008    bu iness
                                 b u ss i n e s s tt o b u ss i n e s s
                                                    o   bu iness
                                                                                                                                         bikes & atvs                                                       10 - 12
  YOU MAY NOT HAVE                                                               engines	and	entire	
  HEARD OF KYMCO -                                                               vehicles	for	the	‘name	
  soon you may wish you had.                                                                                                             accessories                                                        13 - 21
                                                                                 brand’	manufactures	for	
                                                                                 decades.	They’re	about	
                                                                                 to	introduce	a	range	                                   service parts                                                      22 - 30
                                                      MOTORCYCLES                of	quality	Scooters,	
                                                                                 ATVs	and	Motorcycles	                                   workshop                                                           31 - 34
                                                                                 under	their	own	brand	
                                                                                 –	providing	great	                                      advertisers index                                                      35
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 Wunghnu Farmer Is The Fastest On Earth
 Melbourne and Milan Motorcycle Shows                                    This
                                                                                 See	page	7	and	11	                                      advertisers by product                                                 35
 EXHAUST EMISSION TESTING PART 2                                                 for details.
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                                                                                                                                                                             BIKE Business
                                                                                                                                                                             3 November 2008                  business   to   business
Motorcyclists hit Melbourne showcase in their thousands
   The	eighth	Australian	Motorcycle	Expo	         showcased	the	practicality	and	enjoyment	             Brenden	‘BJ’	Kelly	from	Sydney	stole	
in	Melbourne	saw	24,317	enthusiasts	from	         that	riding	offers	to	all	ages,”	said	Petersen.   the	show	in	the	Victorian	leg	of	the	National	
across	the	state	visit	the	event	for	their	fix	      “The	industry	can	really	stand	tall	and	       Pogo	Championships	presented	by	
of	horsepower	from	Thursday	October	30-           congratulate	itself	on	a	spectacular	event.”      Motostik	and	Dirt	Action.
Sunday	November	2.                                   “The	economic	trend	suggested	we	                  Petersen	said	the	momentum	would	
   Widely	regarded	as	the	most	                   would	see	fewer	visitors	through	the	doors,	      now	shift	north	to	Sydney	for	the	second	
comprehensive	and	visually-exciting	              but	a	drop	of	just	3.5%	is	very	encouraging	      showcase	event.
event	yet,	the	open	plan	layout	of	major	         considering	other	major	events	have	                  “We’re	now	preparing	to	head	to	Sydney	
motorcycle	manufacturers,	surrounded	             experienced	significantly	larger	reductions.”     from	November	21-23	for	the	Sydney	
by	various	industry	representatives,	was	            “The	motorcycling	lifestyle	is	a	diverse	      Motorcycle	Show,	which	is	shaping	up	to	
embraced	by	visitors	and	exhibitors	alike.        one,	there	are	options	for	riders	of	all	ages	    be	another	fantastic	event.
                                                                                                        “Through	its	planning	strategies,	the	
                                                                                                    city	is	embracing	the	use	of	motorcycles	
                                                                                                    to	ease	the	burden	of	the	day-to-day	
                                                                                                    commute	and	the	lessen	environmental	
                                                                                                    impact	associated	with	cars.”
                                                                                                        “Along	with	a	range	of	exciting	
                                                                                                    exhibitors,	we’re	also	going	to	be	
                                                                                                    welcoming	back	stunt	rider	Matt	Mingay	
                                                                                                    and	introducing	Lukey	Luke	to	NSW	
                                                                                                    crowds,	as	well	as	the	ever-popular	
                                                                                                    Showtime	FMX	riders,	trials	display	and	
                                                                                                    Mini	Moto	Playground	with	the	first	portable	
                                                                                                    motorbike	quarter	pipe.”

    Weathering	the	storm	of	the	current	          and	budgets	and	we	set	out	to	ensure	
economic	climate	and	the	challenges	              that	every	enthusiast	would	be	catered	
of	running	alongside	Spring	Carnival	             for	with	a	range	of	exhibitors	plus	various	
festivities,	International	Rules	football,	       attractions	and	guest	appearances.”
World	Cup	Rugby	and	the	Bledisloe	                    “An	electronic	survey	conducted	on-
Cup	final,	the	event	proved	exceptionally	        site	saw	70%	of	the	1000	respondents	
successful	for	attending	manufacturers	and	       indicate	they	were	looking	to	purchase	a	
exhibitors.                                       new	motorcycle	within	the	next	12	months,	           “The	Olympic	Park	venue	also	allows	
    Decreasing	by	just	3.5%	in	2008,	visitor	     which	shows	how	valuable	the	Australian	          us	to	conduct	a	range	of	test	rides,	with	
numbers	bucked	the	trend	of	other	major	          Motorcycle	Expo	is	in	providing	a	one-stop	       enthusiasts	able	to	try	out	the	latest	from	
shows	and	exhibitions	within	Australia	           showcase	for	every	major	manufacturer.”           Suzuki	and	Harley-Davidson,	as	well	as	
throughout	the	year,	a	sign	of	the	industry’s	        The	event	opened	to	visitors	last	            taking	the	revolutionary	Can-Am	Spyder	
continued	growth.                                 Thursday,	with	World	Supercross	champion	         Roadster	for	a	spin.”
    In	fact	the	majority	of	the	115	exhibitors	   Chad	Reed	hosting	a	special	preview	for	             Visit
reported	a	greater	response	and	higher	           media	and	returning	for	an	insightful	Q&A	        au	for	further	event	information,	including	
sales	than	the	2007	Australian	Motorcycle	        session	on	the	QBE	Stage	followed	by	an	          opening	hours	and	ticket	prices.
Expo	Melbourne,	signifying	a	shift	towards	       autograph	signing	for	hundreds	of	fans.
two	wheels	and	the	benefits	that	come	with	           A	number	of	new	models	broke	cover	to	
it.                                               media	and	visitors	throughout	the	course	
    Mark	Petersen	of	Exhibitions	and	             of	the	event,	along	with	a	range	of	exciting	
Trade	Fairs	said	the	event	had	exceeded	          products	and	services	from	a	range	of	
expectations	in	a	period	where	consumers	         exhibitors.
had	tightened	the	purse	strings	on	leisure	           Dillan	Robb	from	Warnambool	took	out	
activities.                                       the	first	round	of	the	East	Coast	Custom	
    “We’re	pleased	with	the	response	from	        Australian	Custom	Bike	Championships	
the	public	and	industry	to	the	Australian	        presented	by	Heavy	Duty	and	QBE	
Motorcycle	Expo	Melbourne.	The	show	              Insurance,	securing	a	spot	in	the	finals	
had	a	range	of	fantastic	features	and	            early	next	year.

BIKE Business
4 November 2008    business     to   business
The fastest in the world                              Greg	climbed	on	his	750cc	Suzuki	                was	clocked	at	210mph,	and	his	run	back	
    WUNGHNU	farmer	Greg	Watters	has	               GSXR	motorbike,	modified	with	a	                    at	a	staggering	220mph,	giving	him	the	
recently	returned	home	from	America	with	          turbocharger,	and	set	a	record	at	215	              record	at	215mph.	With	his	220mph	time,	it	
two	world-wide	motorbike	records	and	              miles	per	hour	(mph),	which	equates	to	             makes	Greg	the	fastest	man	in	the	world	on	
the	fact	that	he	is	the	fastest	man	in	the	        approximately	350kph.	The	previous	best	            a	750cc	motorbike.
world	on	a	750cc	motorbike.	Greg	and	his	          was	209mph	set	in	2004.                                 The	Aussie	pair’s	next	challenge	was	
                                                      The	average	of	an	“up	and	down”	run	             competing	in	the	Utah	Salt	Flat	Racing	
crew	chief	and	friend	Mick	Donohue	from	
                                                   sets	the	speed	of	a	rider.	Greg’s	run	past	         Association	event.	Greg	recorded	a	record	
Kyabram	flew	over	to	California	and	spent	
                                                                                                       212mph,	beating	the	previous	speed	of	
a	month	at	American	friend	Jim	Higgins’	
                                                                                                       197mph.	By	creating	a	record	at	a	speed	
home.	“We	took	over	Jim’s	house,	his	
                                                                                                       of	more	than	200mph,	Greg	was	made	a	
workshop	and	almost	his	life,	and	we	are	
                                                                                                       life	member	of	the	Bonneville	200mph	Club	
both	very	grateful	to	him,”	Greg	said.
                                                                                                       and	presented	with	the	elite	prize	of	the	
    Greg	stripped	his	own	bike	and	put	the	
                                                                                                       club’s	famous	red	cap.	It	is	believed	Greg	
spare	parts	in	suitcases	and,	hoping	there	
                                                                                                       is	the	first	Australian	to	obtain	the	legendary	
would	be	no	trouble	with	customs,	used	                                                                red	cap.	“The	cap	is	a	pretty	big	deal,”	
the	parts	to	re-build	a	750cc	bike	he	bought	                                                          Greg	said.	“More	people	have	climbed	Mt	
sight	unseen	in	the	US.                                                                                Everest	than	who	have	won	the	red	cap.”	
    “We	worked	day	and	night	on	the	bike	                                                              Mick	said	the	bike	performed	beautifully	
for	a	week,”	Greg	said.                                                                                with	hardly	any	hiccups.
    “We	finished	the	bike	at	midnight	and	                                                                 “We	left	the	bike	over	there	(USA),	so	
headed	off	for	the	eight	hour	trip	at	5am	to	                                                          now	we	have	a	reason	to	go	back	again	
go	racing.”                                                                                            next	year,”	Mick	said	with	a	grin.
    Greg	and	Mick’s	goal	was	to	compete	                                                               Speed	freaks	...	Crew	chief	Mick	Donohue	
in	the	American	Motorcycle	Association	                                                                with	Wunghnu’s	Greg	Watters	and	his	
sanctioned	Bubs	Motorcycle	Event	on	                                                                   famous	Bonneville	200mph	Club	life	
the	Bonneville	Salt	Flats	where	311	riders	                                                            member	red	cap.
competed	in	various	classes.	                                                                          Supplied by Numurkah Leader Newspaper

Embrace the two-wheel lifestyle at the first ever Australian Scooter Festival
    Embrace	the	two-wheel	lifestyle	at	the	        and	Bug,	with	more	to	be	confirmed	as	the	          rides,	demonstrations,	a	range	of	apparel	
first	ever	Australian	Scooter	Festival.            event	grows	closer.                                 and	accessories	displays	and	entry	
    Australians	are	invited	to	embrace	the	            The	lineup	includes	entry-level	50cc	           discounts	for	club	members.
numerous	benefits	that	come	with	owning	           to	luxury	500	and	600cc	scooters,	and	                  Organisers	are	encouraging	interstate	
and	riding	a	scooter	at	the	inaugural	             everything	in	between.                              visitors	to	contact	one	of	the	many	scooter	
Australian	Scooter	Festival	(ASF)	on	the	              Mark	Petersen	of	Exhibitions	and	Trade	         hire	outlets	on	the	Gold	Coast	and	spend	a	
Gold	Coast.                                        Fairs	said	the	event	was	created	to	cater	for	      weekend	exploring	all	the	Festival,	and	the	
    Two-wheel	transport	is	fast	becoming	          a	growing	market	of	scooter	enthusiasts	and	        picturesque	region,	has	to	offer.
recognised	as	an	efficient	and	cost-               the	range	of	quality	manufacturers.                     Festivities	will	kick	off	a	week	prior,	with	
effective	solution	for	regular	roadgoers,	             “We	feel	the	Gold	Coast	is	the	perfect	         the	Le	Minz	24	Hour	Scooterthon	set	to	
with	significantly	reduced	journey	times,	         place	to	introduce	the	first-ever	Australian	       make	it’s	highly-anticipated	return	to	the	
registration	and	fuel	costs	sitting	high	on	the	   Scooter	Festival	-	it’s	a	lifestyle	that	is	        Gold	Coast	Parklands	venue.
list	of	advantages.                                actively	embraced	by	tourists	and	locals	               Designed	as	a	endurance	test	for	
    To	be	held	at	the	Gold	Coast	Convention	       alike,”	said	Petersen.	“The	city	is	expanding	      showroom-spec	scooters,	the	event	gauges	
and	Exhibition	Centre	from	February	20-22	         at	a	rapid	rate	and	more	and	more	people	           the	reliability	and	efficiency	of	leading	
2009,	the	ASF	will	showcase	the	nation’s	          are	recognising	the	benefits	associated	with	       models	over	a	gruelling	period	of	24	hours	
most	comprehensive	range	of	scooter	               riding	a	scooter	to	work	or	on	the	weekend,”	       -	the	longest	event	of	its	kind	in	the	world.
manufacturers	and	models	under	one	roof,	          he	said.	“What	people	may	not	realise	is	               All	scooters	competing	in	the	event	
making	it	easier	than	ever	for	the	first-time	     that	there	is	such	a	variety	of	models	on	          will	be	on	show	at	the	Australian	Scooter	
rider	or	devout	enthusiast	to	compare	             the	market,	for	all	budgets	and	all	levels	of	      Festival,	with	winners’	trophies	to	be	
features	and	cost.                                 riding	experience.”	Petersen	said	he	was	           presented	on	the	QBE	Insurance	stage.
    A	liveable,	vibrant	and	rapidly	growing-       enjoying	the	savings	of	scooter	transport	on	           The	ASF	is	held	in	conjunction	with	the	
region,	the	Gold	Coast	has	embraced	the	           the	Gold	Coast	after	switching	from	four	to	        first-run	Australian	Motorcycle	Expo	Gold	
use	of	scooters,	and	is	reaping	the	benefits	      two	wheels	on	weekdays.	“I	now	fill	up	my	          Coast	and	Australian	Personal	WaterCraft	
of	improved	traffic	flow	and	the	increased	        50cc	scooter	tank	once	a	week,	for	around	          (PWC)	Show.
availability	of	public	parking.                    $6	compared	to	the	$80	I	was	previously	                Visit
    Exhibiting	local	and	international	            spending	filling	up.”	                              au	for	further	information	on	the	event.
manufacturers	include	Honda,	Suzuki,	                  “It’s	a	significant	saving,	and	the	freedom	        Exhibitor	Enquiries	Aaron	Morrison,	
Aprilia,	Vespa,	Yamaha,	Sachs,	TGB,	SCP      ,	    and	mobility	is	fantastic.”                         Exhibitions	and	Trade	Fairs:	07 5535 6766	
Benelli,	Gilera,	Piaggio,	Hyosung,	MotoVert	           The	event	will	also	feature	scooter	test	       or	visit

                                                                                                      BIKE Business
                                                                                                      5 November 2008    business     to   business
    Honda	has	reinforced	its	commitment	to	        within	the	ASV	(Advanced	Safety	Vehicle)	        ABS	for	Super	Sports	motorcycles,	which	
road	safety	by	revealing	a	motorcycle	to	car	      program	in	Japan	and	is	now	in	phase	            provides	riders	with	enhanced	braking	
communication	system	that	could	prevent	           four	(ASV-4)	of	its	development,	following	      capability	in	a	wide	range	of	road	conditions.
injuries.                                          the	introduction	of	ASV-3	technologies	in	           The	resulting	technologies	in	the	area	of	
    Industry	research	at	the	CAR	2	CAR	            2005.	The	development	of	inter	vehicle	          preventative	safety	include	the	Motorcycle	
Communication	Consortium	in	Germany	               communication	is	part	of	Honda’s	ongoing	        Riding	Simulator	and	the	Riding	Trainer,	both	
has	shown	that	the	majority	of	accidents	          approach	to	safety	for	powered	two-              of	which	are	used	for	hazard	perception	
involving	motorcycles	are	caused	by	               wheelers.	Stuart	Strickland,	Senior	Director,	   training.		
perception	failures.	Honda’s	new	system	           Honda	Australia	Motorcycles	welcomed	the	        Further	innovations	and	world-firsts	by	
aims	to	significantly	reduce	these	incidents.      breakthrough.                                    Honda	include:
    Both	the	causes	and	the	consequences	              “This	technology	will	improve	road	              •	 The	car	navigation	system,	which		
of	motorcycle	accidents	are	different	to	          safety	for	all,	especially	motorcycles,	and	         	 is	now	commonly	used	in	several		
those	involving	only	cars,	as	the	majority	of	     we	look	forward	to	it	being	introduced	              	 vehicles	around	the	world
incidents	are	caused	by	the	simple	failure	of	     around	the	world	over	the	coming	years,”	            •	 Collision	mitigation	braking	systems		
other	motorists	to	detect	the	presence	of	a	       he	said.	Honda’s	research	into	motorcycle	           	 which	initiate	occupant	restraints		
motorcycle	on	the	road.                            safety	focuses	on	three	key	safety	areas	            	 and	the	brakes	in	pre-collision		
    The	Vehicle	to	Vehicle	(V2V)	system	           –	Preventative,	Active	and	Passive	–	and	its	        	 situations
generates	warnings	to	riders	and	drivers	of	       technology	breakthroughs	have	contributed	           •	 Lane	keeping	assist	systems	in	cars		
other	vehicles	through	continuous	exchange	        to	the	advancements	of	motorcycle	safety	            	 in	Europe
of	positioning	data	from	satellite	GPS	            around	the	world.                                    •	 Intelligent	night	vision	systems		
sources	and	alerting	them	to	vehicles	that	            In	2006,	Honda	introduced	the	world’s	           	 recognising	pedestrians
are	potentially	on	a	collision	course,	allowing	   first	motorcycle	airbag	on	a	Gold	Wing	and	          •	 The	first	floating	car	data	system		
time	for	avoidance	manoeuvres.                     earlier	this	year	released	the	world’s	first	        	 from	a	car	maker	in	the	Honda		
    Honda	has	developed	this	technology	           ever	electronically	controlled	Combined	             	 Internavi	navigation	system

2008 VACC SAFE ROUTES SCOOTER RALLY                                                                    There	are	also	HART	centres	located	in		
   Honda	Australia	is	pleased	to	announce	            “I	believe	the	New	South	Wales	system	        Victoria	at	Tullamarine	and	Kilsyth	as	well	
the	appointment	of	Mr	Rod	Hill	to	the	             of	compulsory	rider	training	is	the	best	        as	the	new	centre	at	Brisbane	Airport.
position	of	Manager,	Honda	Australia	Rider	        way	to	go	in	all	states.”
Training	(HART),	New	South	Wales.                     HART	is	Victoria’s	leading,	accredited	
   	“It’s	great	to	be	working	at	HART;	            provider	of	rider	training	programs.	
the	people	I	work	with	are	so	skilled	and	         They	offer	road	and	off	road	courses	
passionate	and	I	am	proud	that	HART	               from	beginner	to	advanced,	including	
is	expanding	nationally.	We	now	have	              specialised	courses	for	those	returning	to	
training	centres	in	New	South	Wales,	              riding	after	a	sustained	break.
Victoria	and	Queensland.”                             HART	are	the	only	accredited	
   “We’ve	developed	a	reputation	at	HART	          training	provider	who	currently	utilise	a	
for	providing	the	highest	level	of	rider	          riding	simulator	as	part	of	their	course	
and	driver	safety,	and	I	look	forward	to	          curriculum.
expanding	so	that	we	continue	to	be	seen	             Rod	will	be	based	at	the	St	Ives	HART	
as	the	leaders	in	Australia.”                      centre	in	NSW.	

Cars not the only stars at Australian International Motor Show
    A	handful	of	two	and	three	wheeled	            artwork	dedicated	to	the	Aussie’s	MotoGP	        Stoner	tribute	Ducati.”
machines	are	grabbing	the	attention	of	            title	win	last	season.                               The	2008	Sydney	Motorcycle	Show	
visitors	attending	the	Australian	International	        Mark	Petersen	of	Exhibitions	and	Trade	     will	be	the	biggest	showcase	event	ever	
Motor	Show	at	the	Sydney	Convention	and	           Fairs	said	the	stand	was	proving	particularly	   staged,	with	a	multi-million	dollar	display	of	
Exhibition	Centre.                                 popular	with	Sydneysiders.                       motorcycles,	scooters,	ATVs,	customs	and	
    The	Sydney	Motorcycle	Show	stand	                   “With	figures	recently	released	by	the	     concepts	on	display.
features	a	host	of	incredible	moto	models,	        FCAI	indicating	that	motorcycle	sales	figures	       The	event	will	run	for	three	big	days	and	
giving	a	small	but	tantalising	insight	into	the	   continue	to	rapidly	rise,	it	is	little	wonder	   features	a	range	of	demonstrations	from	
lineup	of	motorcycles,	scooters	and	ATVs	          that	visitors	to	a	car	show	are	showing	         stunt	and	FMX	riders,	the	next	leg	of	the	
that	will	be	on	show	when	the	event	comes	         so	much	interest	in	the	bikes	on	display,”	      Australian	Custom	Bike	Championships	and	
to	town	from	November	21-23.                       said	Petersen.“We’ve	got	a	variety	of	very	      National	Pogo	Championships,	a	massive	
    Of	particular	interest	amongst	a	variety	      different	models	on	the	stand	-	some	straight	   apparel	sale	and	much	more.
of	models	is	the	recently-unveiled	Casey	          from	the	showroom	and	other	one	off	                 For	further	event	information,	please	visit	
Stoner	tribute	Ducati,	featuring	custom	           models,	including	the	very	popular	Casey

BIKE Business
6 November 2008    business     to   business
    Record	numbers	of	Australians	are	          higher	fuel	prices,	road	congestion	and	city	        road	bike	segment	achieving	7,703	sales,	
turning	to	two-wheeled	transport	for	           parking,”	Mr	McKellar	said.                          ahead	of	Suzuki	with	5,667	and	Harley-
everyday	commuting	and	recreation.                 Year-to-date,	road	bikes	remain	the	              Davidson	with	5,644.
    Official	figures	released	by	the	Federal	   most	popular	segment	in	the	marketplace	                 Cruisers	retained	leadership	of	the	road	
Chamber	of	Automotive	Industries	(FCAI)	        recording	36,128	sales	(10.8	per	cent	               bike	sub-segments	(9892	sales),	ahead	of	
show	that	96,281	motorcycles,	scooters	and	     increase)	compared	to	the	off-road	                  250cc	(8035	sales)	and	sports	road	bikes	
all-terrain	vehicles	(ATVs)	were	sold	to	the	   segment’s	33,897	sales	(2.0	per	cent	                (6296	sales).
end	of	September,	a	five	per	cent	increase	     decrease),	ATV’s	14,541	(2.2	per	cent	                   In	the	off-road	class,	Yamaha	secured	
on	the	same	period	last	year.                   increase)	and	scooters	with	11,715	sales	            the	top	spot	with	11,338	sales,	followed	by	
    “It	is	encouraging	to	see	that	the	         (14.5	per	cent	increase).                            Honda	with	9,793	and	Suzuki	with	4,476	
motorcycle	market	continues	to	show	such	          “There	is	now	an	exciting	array	of	models	        sales.	Enduros	remain	the	most	popular	
positive	results	in	the	current	economic	       on	offer	in	all	segments,	meaning	everyone	          model	in	that	segment	(10,431	sales),	ahead	
circumstances,”	FCAI	Chief	Executive	           from	experienced	to	first-time	riders	should	        of	motocross	(9,859)	and	then	mini	bikes	
Andrew	McKellar	said.                           have	no	problem	finding	a	motorcycle	to	suit	 	      (8,464).	Honda	achieved	the	top-selling	
    The	scooter	segment	was	a	key	driver	of	    their	needs,”	said	Mr	McKellar.	                     position	in	the	ATV	sector	with	4,079	sales,	
the	growth	in	the	marketplace,	recording	a	        Honda	retained	the	number	one	spot	in	            followed	by	Yamaha	with	3,952	and	Suzuki	
14.5	per	cent	increase	on	a	year	ago.           the	total	market	with	22,573	sales,	followed	        with	2,437.	In	the	scooter	segment,	SYM	
    “The	increasing	popularity	of	scooters	     by	Yamaha	with	20,599	and	then	Suzuki	with	          held	the	top	spot	with	1,806	sales,	ahead	of	
reflects	the	community’s	concerns	with	         12,743.	Honda	also	dominated	sales	in	the	           Piaggio	(1493)	and	Yamaha	(1329).	

  Assisted	Rides	Project	VMAC	is	               positioning	to	reduce	motorcycle	                    strong	rider	feedback	and	research	
progressing	the	implementation	of	the	          accidents	via	participation	in	                      component	to	assist	in	developing	and	
Assisted	Rides	training	project.	               professionally	supervised	riding	                    refining	curriculum	and	methodology	
  The	plan	is	to	assist	riders	in	              sessions.	                                           around	the	provision	of	this	kind	of	
improving	hazard	perception	and	                  The	project	will	also	incorporate	a	               practical	rider	training.

                                                                         DO YOU?
                                     Kymco’s brilliant range of scooters, motorcycles and ATVs is coming
                                     to Australia. Which means there’s a brilliant opportunity for people,
                                     who mean business to join us for a most exciting ride.
                                     Kymco’s on and off-road vehicles are already highly regarded in Europe
                                     and North America for their quality and value. Now it’s Australia’s turn
                                     to benefit – and your opportunity to seriously build your business.
                                     The Kymco range is extensive, with high quality scooters, motorcycles
                                     and ATVs. They are also renowned for their reliability and performance
                                     – backed up with complete and professional support.
                                     If you’re looking for a better way to grow your retail Automotive or
                                     Power Equipment business, now’s the time to talk to Kymco.
                                     Kymco have prime metropolitan and rural open PMA’s available right
                                     across Australia.
                                     Are you interested in seriously building your business? Let’s start with
                                     a confidential meeting by contacting:
                                     Stuart McLean
                                     (03) 9580 0788 or

                                                                                     THE BETTER WAY TO GO

                                                                                                   BIKE Business
                                                                                                   7 November 2008   business    to   business
EICMA Milan International Bicycle and Motorbike Exhibition
   The	66th	edition	of	the	EICMA	Milan	       bicycle	and	motorbike	sectors	but	I	think	     themes	such	as	urban	mobility.”
International	Bicycle	and	Motorbike	          the	exhibitors	are	generally	satisfied	with	      	It	was	an	emotional	day	for	cycling	
Exhibition	ended	early	November	with	         the	results	of	the	show,”	EICMA	director	      fans	at	the	show	as	Paolo	Bettini	rode	
yet	another	huge	crowd	packing	the	           general	Costantino	Ruggiero	said.              his	last	race	as	a	professional	with	
halls	of	the	new	Milan	exhibition	centre.        	“The	event	has	definitely	found	its	       Spain’s	Juan	Llaneras	during	the	last	
   The	biggest	two-wheeled	show	in	the	       place	even	if	we	can	perhaps	consider	         day	of	the	Milan	Six-Day	held	inside	the	
world	lived	up	to	expectations	yet	again,	    creating	a	second	event	for	the	bicycle	       EICMA	show.	
satisfying	exhibitors,	trade	visitors	and	    trade	at	an	earlier	date	and	creating	            Earlier	in	the	day	he	gave	a	moving	
the	huge	number	of	public	visitors.           better	synergy	between	the	bicycle	and	        final	interview,	revealing	the	special	
   	The	final	numbers	for	the	show	speak	     motorbike	sectors,	perhaps	via	common	         moments	of	his	fantastic	career.	Bettini	
for	themselves	and	left	the	organizers	                                                      crashed	heavily	on	the	very	first	day	
extremely	satisfied:	500,000	visitors	                                                       of	the	Milan	Six-Day	and	was	taken	to	
travelled	to	the	show,	a	similar	number		                                                    hospital	after	hitting	his	head	but	was	
to	2007	despite	the	effects	of	the		                                                         determined	to	finish	his	last	race	in	front	
current	economic	climate.	                                                                   of	the	Milan	crowd.
   Even	so,	the	event	ran	smoothly	with	                                                        	Naturally	the	roar	of	motorbikes	
no	traffic	problems.	More	visitors	arrived	                                                  could	also	be	heard	on	the	last	day	of	
by	car	this	year	but	the	time	needed	to	                                                     the	show,	with	hundreds	of	bikers	taking	
leave	the	exhibition	centre	fell	from	over	                                                  part	in	the	“Rosa	d’inverno”	ride	from	
an	hour	to	just	12	minutes.	                                                                 central	Milan	to	the	exhibition	centre.	
   “The	amazing	success	of	this	year’s	                                                      The	two	events	were	a	perfect	way	to	
EICMA	show	shouldn’t	distract	us	                                                            bring	down	the	curtain	on	yet	another	
from	our	objectives	of	satisfying	the	                                                       successful	show	and	look	forward	to	the	
companies	in	the	two-wheel	industry	and	                                                     67th	edition	in	2009	which	will	be	held	
of	finding	a	perfect	balance	between	the	                                                    between	November	10-15.

   Would you like an exciting NEW EUROPEAN brand in your shop
                                                                                          Sherco Motorcycles Australia is looking for
                                                                                       new dealerships. We have spots available in
                                                                                       QLD, W.A, TAS & certain locations in Vic, S.A.
                                                                                       & NSW and are looking for dealerships that
                                                                                       are passionate about off-road riding in their
                                                                                       region. With an extensive line-up of 2 & 4 Stroke
                                                                                       Trials bikes as well as the Fast, Reliable & Fuel
                                                                                       injected Enduro range, Sherco Motorcycles
                                                                                       could be just the ticket to add some spice
                                                                                       to your shop With Trials riding being the
                                                                                       background & cross-training choice of many
                                                                                       top Road & Offroad Riders it will increase
                                                                                       potential new customers through your doors.
                                                                                          Low initial commitment, solid spares & tech
                                                                                       backup & support with advertising, signage

                    Play With Gravity” 
                                                                                       & local rider sponsor deals make Sherco

                                                                                       Motorcycles a great addition.

                                                                                       Moto Central Group Pty Ltd
                                                                                       12-16 Sandford St, Mitchell ACT 2911
                                                                                       Phone: 02 6248 0229

BIKE Business
8 November 2008   business   to   business
New Suspension Technology shocking conventional thinking!
   A	revolutionary	suspension	technology,	     a	patented	bushing	design	to	deliver	           presence	in	motorcycling	a	number	
developed	initially	for	a	new	cycling	         a	tailored,	controlled	reaction	in	direct	      of	applications	have	been	identified	
concept,	is	about	to	be	launched	across	a	     proportion	to	the	speed	and	force	of		          to	improve	suspension	effectiveness	
range	of	industries,	including	automotive	     any	impact.                                     and	riding	efficiency;	including	use	in	
and	motorcycling.	                                 Critical	to	the	success	of	the	design	      suspension	to	achieve	constant	trail	
   The	RIASORB™	system,	designed	              is	the	use	of	the	limited	torque	angles	to	     which	is	not	possible	with	standard	
by	Perth	company	RIAS	Technologies	            reduce	and	control	stress	risers	and	take	      suspension,	vibration	mounts,	
(RIAS),	applies	rotational	shear	to	           advantage	of	the	elastomer’s	rheopectic	        incorporation	in	pivot	designs	to	remove	
specially	formulated	elastomers,	utilising	    qualities,	the	versatility	of	elastomers	       the	occurrence	of	static	friction	on	
                                               which	allow	formulations	to	be	designed	        shocks,	and	replacing	rubber	stops	used	
                                               to	suit	a	wide	range	of	applications	           in	rear	wheel	torque	couplings.		
                                               and	the	strength	of	bond	that	has	been	            For	more	information	Rias	Technologies	
                                               achieved	between	the	elastomer	and	the	         0400 531 076 or	visit
                                               core	and	outer	surfaces.
                                                   RIAS	Chief	Technical	Officer,	Aldo	
                                               Contarino,	stated	that	the	suspension	
                                               arrangement	has	many	proven	
                                               advantages	over	traditional	spring	or	
                                               hydraulic	suspensions.		“It’s	lighter,	more	
                                               robust,	maintenance	and	lubrication	free,	
                                               more	effective	in	overload	situations	for	
                                               the	prevention	of	catastrophic	failure,	and	
                                               is	capable	of	performing	at	both	extremes	
Picture: Aldo Contarino holding a suspension   of		temperature”	he	said.
pivot incorporating the technology                 While	RIAS	is	yet	to	establish	a	

                                                                            Chifley Eastern Creek

                                                                            At	Chifley	Eastern	Creek	you	are	ideally	positioned	directly	
                                                                        opposite	Eastern	Creek	International	Raceway,	and	just	2km	from	the	
                                                                        junction	of	the	M4	&	M7	Motorways	allowing	for	easy	access	to	all	
                                                                        areas	of	Sydney.	
                                                                            The	4.5	star	hotel	features	104	stylishly	
                                                                        appointed	rooms	and	suites,	complete	with	high	
                                                                        speed	broadband	in	all	rooms	and	LCD	televisions	
                                                                        in	the	suites.	Hotel	features	include	24	hour	
                                                                        reception,	indoor	heated	lap	pool,	fully	equipped	
                                                                        gymnasium	complimentary	onsite	parking	and	
                                                                        shuttle	service	to	surrounding	areas.

                                                                               Phone: 02 8889 7700

                                                                                              BIKE Business
                                                                                              9 November 2008   business    to   business
bikes & atvs

2009 Sherco Trials Models Progress
continues in both 2 and 4 stroke models
   The new 2009 Sherco trials models                These changes when combined                   The 2T and 4T motors have been totally
continue to make progress in the trials         together have resulted in a considerable      designed and developed by Sherco and
world, maintaining the commitment to            improvement in the neutrality of the frame.   incorporate the latest advance in materials
continue the evolutionary process in order      These changes have been made to all of        and electronic engine management
to provide our customers with a product         the models, both 2T and 4T as they share      controls.
that offers them a superior motorcycle.         the same frame.                                   Thanks to the ongoing technical
   Constant improvements in the areas of            In addition to these changes the          development they have become the
rideability, competitiveness, reliability and   suspension system has been reviewed           most competitive motors in the trials
quality are features that define all of the     and modified to work in concert with the      sector. They are also environmentally
Sherco trials models.                           frame changes. The 2009 models have           friendly having obtained the current CO2
   These improvements are the result of         also received new brake discs that are        emissions certificate for their category.
our constant testing and development in         more precise and effective.                   The Sherco motors also comply with
the field and in the lab, which makes us a          The motor has also received important     the Euro 3 emission regulation for motor
reference point in the off road motorcycle      improvements; the 2.9 2T model                vehicles.
world.                                          incorporates a new cylinder head, a new           For more information Moto Central
                                                cylinder, a new piston as well as a new       02 6248 0229 or visit
                                                air box.
                                                     The 3.2 4T engine has an additional
                                                crankshaft bearing; it also has a new more
                                                powerful radiator fan.
                                                    It is equipped with the same carburetor
                                                that was released on the 10th anniversary
                                                special edition models, the SPS (Sherco
                                                Prompt System) which provides immediate
                                                engine response in any situation, avoiding
                                                the common 4T sputter.
                                                    The graphics are completely new, the
                                                motor is black and the body work on the 2T
                                                is blue while the body work on the
                                                4T is red.
   All of the new 2009 trials
models have received
significant improvements and
design changes that are the
result of our ongoing testing
and development programs.
   The result of these changes
is a motorcycle that is very
balanced and easy to ride,
which generates great
confidence in the rider, no
matter what type of obstacle
they are confronted with.
   One of the most significant
items that has been changed is
the frame.
   The geometry has been
modified in order to increase
the overall balance of the
motorcycle. Small changes
have been made to the very
core of the frame to provide
these improvements; an
example is the repositioning of
the footpegs.

BIKE Business
10 November 2008   business   to   business
                                                                                                    bikes & atvs
BRAND TRANSITION                                                                                their commitment by dedicating over 700
                                                                                                Engineers/designers of their workforce to
   The Kymco name may not be well            launch the brand transition from Bug to            this ‘stand-alone’ department.
known in Australia - even though it is       Kymco, while supporting - and expanding               The energetic team at Kymco Australia
the fourth largest scooter supplier here.    - on their already established scooter             have much to achieve. Developing a wider
Internationally, however Kymco produces      models; and at the same time widening              and stronger dealer network is one of their
over 400,000 units per annum to meet         their market penetration by introducing a          top priorities. Stuart adds; “Because we
world-wide demand and Kymco Scooters         range of quality ATVs and Motorcycles.             don’t have an established ATV network,
are extremely popular throughout Europe          Newly appointed parent company                 here’s a unique opportunity to get in - it’s
and North America.                           (Standard Motor Australia L/ P) C.E.O.,            a ‘blank canvas’ and we’re looking for
   Kymco started production of engines       Stuart McLean sees a very exciting future          dealers who believe they can add value to
and components in 1963 and its massive       and states, “our research shows over               this exclusive network.
growth has seen the company evolve           95% of the Australian market for ATVs is              What we’re looking for is savvy
into a global supplier of Power-Driven       ‘utility’ driven.                                  business operators across the
Products. Kymco’s quality is renowned by                                                        rural communities and major cities,
those ‘in the know’.                                                                            who appreciate the importance of
   Hence the company is also a supplier                                                         professionalism and profitability.
to the famous Japanese and European                                                                Customer service is paramount and
motorcycle brands.                                                                              ‘Attitude Equals Altitude’. ATVs and
   By now you should be asking yourself,                                                        Scooters offer a different channel to
“How could a company of such magnitude                                                          market - perhaps helping to ‘drought
and success not be a household name                                                             proof’ business in some ways”.
here?”                                                                                             Kymco may not be a household name
   The answer lies in the little known                                                          at present. When you see the innovative,
fact that Kymco’s Australian success                                                            expanded product range and the new
has ‘flown under the radar’. It has been                                                        distribution company in action, you can be
largely hidden under the very successful                                                        sure it will be - very soon.
‘Bug’ brand over the last 9 years – now                                                            Please direct Kymco dealer enquires to:
expansion is about to get in to overdrive.        Therefore, the purchase decision              Kymco Australasia (03) 9580 0788
   A new and energetic Australasian          revolves around durability and fit for             Email:
distributor, ‘Kymco Australia’ is about to   purpose. Where Kymco has a resounding
                                             edge is that it will perform equally well
                                             - if not better - in all utility situations, at
                                             unparalleled value”.
                                                  The Kymco philosophy, “the Better
                                             way to go” requires constant and
                                             intensive R&D to live up to the needs of
                                             their customers. With no effort spared
                                             to reach new heights in developing and
                                             manufacturing innovative products,
                                             Kymco’s ‘forward thinking’ focus is
                                             never-ending and their R&D is seen as
                                             the company’s life blood. They confirm

                                                                       Understanding your target     • Branding • Design
                                                                       audience is the best way
                                                                       to sell your product or       • Image • Logo • Web
                                                                       service. So it makes sense
                                                                       to choose a motorcyclist
                                                                                                     • Ads
                                                                                                                  e industry
                                                                       who knows what inspires
  Making your image work harder                                        other motorcyclists.
                                                                       Who better than someone              or       & MC Trad
                                                                                                                                 CN               er

  0404 866 154

                                                                       with a print design                                 h

                                                                       background who has been
                                                                                                       for the


                                                                       involved in the motorcycle
                                                                                                                 15 year


                                                                       publishing industry for

                                                                       over 15 years?

                                                                                               BIKE Business
                                                                                               11 November 2008                 to    business
        National & Victorian Dealers WANTED
   Healthy margins for most models - Many distribution areas available
                        View All Models at:

                                           Baroni 50 $1,699 + ORC Baroni 125 $1,995 + ORC
                          Meerkat 50                              Baroni 150 $2,495 + ORC

                                                                              Warranty: 12
                                                                              months, 20,000 km
    Tigercat 50                            250cc Baroni coming soon $4,195            + ORC
                                           NEW DISTRIBUTOR FOR ZONGSHEN
                                           All With 2 Years Warranty
Scrambler 150
$1,695                                     ZS250GS $3,990          + ORC

Odes Cattleman EX400
4X4 ATV $6,590                             ZS250-5
                                           $4,690      + ORC
Fully tested with
a 12 month
Australian wide
parts & labour
This 4X4 is taking
Australia by storm,
                                                                       $3,490          + ORC

get your’s now.
See our website for
details specification
and video.                                                                 Fully ADR compliance.

                            For more information call Craig on

      V.M.I AUSTRALIA 1300 529 862 - Fax: 03 9663 3925
Hardiman ATV now stocks a range of Trail Tech computers,
lighting and mount kits for a wide range of ATV’s.
                                                  Speed, time, distance and tach - Vapor            ignition key switch. Trail Tech also offers a
                                                  has it covered. If indicator lights are           billet protector for the Vapor to mount to
                                                  required for dual-sport and supermoto             some aftermarket anti-vibe stems with a
                                                  road ready bikes, Vapor is available with a       100-103mm bolt spacing.
                                                  stylish indicator dashboard accessory.                Trail Tech also make a range of billet
                                                  If rougher treatment is expected, the Vapor       housing light kits to suit ATV’s.
                                                  speedo has a full line of model-specific              Available are the stock mounting
                                                  aluminum billet guards and protectors for         position, frame mount, bar mount or even
                                                  motocross, enduro, rallies, and trials.           Helmet mount in Halogen or HID lighting.
    The Vapor ATV speedometers main                                                                      Contact Hardiman ATV 02 4353 3622
feature is a large, well lit RPM tachometer                                                         or go to for
graph. Vapor is useful as a ATV                                                                     more information.
speedometer and side by side or utility
vehicle speedometer (or any machine with
a wheel.) Vapor’s large digital tachometer
bar graph is easy to read. The digital
gauge has many other useful features
like time keeping, engine temperature,
resettable distance, and odometer.
Vapor’s tachometer shift lights and               Billet Mounting Kit
temperature lights are great to warn about           Improve the looks and functionality of
potential mechanical problems while there         the controls on ATV’s with the Trail Tech
is still time to react. The built in stop watch   high polished billet alloy mounting kit.
and hour meter is perfect for race training.         The kit is designed to suit fat bars
The adjustable distance setting can be            and encases the Vapor computer onto a
used on those tough enduro courses.               standard steering stem. On some models
Vapor is enough to replace an entire              this kit also provides a mounting position
instrument cluster on the dashboard.              for the original warning lights and or            Light Kit

Protect your assets. Wear                           The RTA to promote Toll Road Safety
new Minx by Draggin Jeans.
   Are your customers having trouble                   Promoting Toll Road Safety RTA are            are not included in this offer by the RTA
finding great fitting jeans?                        giving away “free” Tollrider Magnetic            as many people in the market still have
   New Minx Jeans by Draggin Jeans                  System’s in NSW.                                 the popular large Roam & E-Way tags still
are the answer! Using stretch denim for                The RTA has taken an extra step to            in their cars which can easily be mounted
comfort, they have an amazing fit, look             increase Toll Road safety for motorcyclist       to a motorcycle by using the (Large)
sassy and with military-grade knitted Kevlar        by giving away for free the Australian           Tollrider system available online or via
Unobtainium lining, they provide safety             designed Tollrider Magnetic System to its        Tollrider resellers.
when riding your bike. Ride safe in cool            E-Tag account clients.                               For more information go to:
style and comfort. Further information                 It’s been advised that the Tollrider
contact Draggin Jeans 03 9646 0377                  Magnetic is being given to RTA
or visit                    E-Tag account clients for free who ride
                                                    motorcycles in the state of NSW.
                                                       The commitment by the RTA to
                                                    find a safe way of attaching E-Tag’s to
                                                    motorcycles has been addressed with
                                                    their acceptance of the Tollrider
                                                    Magnetic System.
                                                       Mark Cooper from JSA said: “I think it
                                                    is great that RTA want to do this to benefit
                                                    the safety of motorcyclists in NSW as it’s
                                                    not often motorcyclists get a free break.”
                                                       The RTA E-Tag uses the “Medium”
                                                    size Tollrider product that was designed
                                                    around the Q-Free Electronic E-Tag used
                                                    exclusively by the RTA. Older large E-Tags

                                                                                                   BIKE Business
                                                                                                   13 November 2008         to   business
Yamaha Racing
Racing Pits Shirts                                Backpack - Soft Case                         Fast Shade Shelter
    This professional image Yamaha Racing              This Soft Case Back pack features          The Yamaha Fast Shade Shelter 
Pit Shirt includes loads of features. Some        a fleece-lined dedicated 38cm padded         features Aluminum tubing; cross bar 
of these are hidden snap-buttons down             laptop compartment; easy and organised       projectors; 420D water proof polyester; 
front of shirt; mesh material in the under        reach in dual zone compartments; 4           and includes 4 wind poles and 4 stakes. 
arm areas and down sides of shirt allowing        panel internal pockets; Semi-rigid foam      Also available are optional side walls, (set 
for improved airflow; and mesh material           construction; and Embroidered Yamaha         of 3 only applicable for this tent). 
lines the upper shirt to increase breath          logos. It measures up at 48 x 33 x 26 cm.       A good standard size of 3 x 3 metres. 
ability. Emblazoned with Yamaha logos for         When ordering refer to part number:          When ordering refer to part number:  
the professional look available in Blue and       CRP-09QRH-BK-                                YRC-FASTS-HA-WT 
Red, they come in a wide range of sizes. 
When ordering refer to part number:  

BIKE Business
     MN5810_HPH_R&R_Zeus.indd 1
14 November 2008    business      to   business
                                                                                                                          7/11/2008 10:34:21 AM

Yamaha Genuine Off-Road                        Yamaha Racing Gear Bag                        2LTR Hydro Backpack from
Plastics Yamaha                                The Yamaha racing gear bag comes with         Yamaha
Genuine Off-Road Plastics offer competitive    quick-pull handle system, wheels suited to        The Yamaha 2LTR Hydro Backpack has
prices compared to Non-Genuine Products.       off road use; a washable changing mat to      a two-zone pocket system, with its easy
There quality is first class and fitment is    keep your feet clean in muddy conditions;     open back panel is a breeze to change
superb. Available in the range are front and   multiple compartments, and a purposely        or clean the bladder and hose. The aero-
rear fenders; and side cover pair kits.        oversized to handle all essential riding      inspired moulded EVA hump works as a
                                               gear. When ordering refer to part number:     third pocket for quick access items. It also
                                               CRP-09QGB-BL-NS                               features breathable air-mesh back panel;
                                                                                             carbon accents; tone-on-tone Yamaha
                                                                                             logo. It sizes up at 43.94 x 33.02 x 10.16
                                                                                             cm. When ordering
                                                                                             refer to part

Yamaha Twin Chair
     For times when you want to share
the two seat chair with a cooler bag
compartment in between the seats can
fit the bill, Printed with Yamaha logos,
available in Navy Blue. Great for race day,                                                 Contact:
Xmas parties or giveaways.                                                                  Yamaha Motor Australia
When ordering refer part number:                                                            (02) 9757 0011 or visit:

  Product of

           < ‘Float’ Shox have
          been designed for
         the recreational              < ‘Float X Evol’ Shox
         rider that is looking         target the hard core
                                                                                                              < ‘Podium X’ Shox
         for a smooth ride...          rider and the
                                                                                                         are the perfect balance

                                       extreme racer with
                                                                                                         for the rear of you ATV
                                       it’s ultra wide range
                                                                                                         with full adjustability...
                                       of external
                                       adjustments...                               congratulations to ‘Paul Smith’ on winning the
                                                                                              2007, 2008 ATV Finke Desert Race...
       p:(02) 4353 3622 f:(02) 4353 3602 e: or w:

                                                                                            BIKE Business
                                                                                            15 November 2008        to   business
GOT EASIER                              Forcefield Extreme
                                           The Extreme Harness is available as a chest back and
                                        shoulder (Flite Plus) whilst the Adventure is chest, back,
                                        shoulders and arms (full upper body).
TYRE WARMERS                               This protection can be used for both on and off road
                                        motorcycling, making it fairly unique in the market place.
All sizes, rec
                                        Deliberately made to Level 1 CE Standards, we have been
retail from
                                        able to remove more material, and make it lighter, non

                                        restrictive, breathable and comfortable to the point you
                                        forget you are wearing full armour, all essential for active
                                           No fabric or mesh is used, it is an open system to reduce
SUTER                                   heat build up and increase movement. Whilst offering huge
                                        protection, the armour used is some of the thinnest and can
SLIPPER CLUTCH                          be worn under most motorcycle clothing. Offering fantastic
Off road,                               protection, there are no hard buckles, fasteners or metal
                                        studs used.
& superbike.
Road, std                                  The Flite Plus will appeal to the spirited rider who wants
or racing.                              chest, back (and shoulder) protection only.
Used in
SS/SBK and                              Specifications:
MotoGP  .                               The Forcefield Extreme Harness range is designed to be
                                        soft, flexible and comfortable. Using a unique high-tech
BERINGER BRAKES                         triangular shock absorbing material combined with dense
Master Cylinders,                       and lightweight layers of nitrile, energy can be dispersed
discs,                                  evenly over its entire surface.
parts, or
packages.                               As a Level 1 product it offers a 25% reduction in weight and
SMO                                     increased ventilation; repeat performance technology; it is
SS/SBK.                                 comfortable and non restrictive; with separate fasteners and
                                        adjusters for both chest and back section.
PVM                                     The armour is adjustable at the shoulders, chest and waist,
WHEELS                                  and all adjusters have secondary Velcro security straps.
                                        It’s breathable and lightweight and moulds to your body
5, 7, 10 or
20 spoke.                               shape. The side protection contributes to its multi sport
Alloy or                                application. For more information contact:
magnesium,                              Pro Accessories Australia
dual or                                 Phone: 07 3277 0675 - QLD/NT/Northern NSW
single side.                            Phone: 02 9604 8860 - NSW/SA/TAS/WA/VIC
Easy fit for                  
most bikes.                   
Silicon replace-
ment Hose Kits
for most
modern bikes.

Clutch slave cylinder, Harder
clutch basket, Sprocket carrier and
sprockets, Clutch covers, Reservoir
covers, Frame end covers.
DEALER MARGINS                                                                                          The Adventure will appeal to the
ON ALL PRODUCTS                                                                                         Off Road/Supermoto/Adventure and
  For sales support call                                                                                Trail Rider who want the ultimate in
 02 9310 0732                           The Flite Plus will appeal to the spirited rider who wants      terms of upper body protection, and
visit:            chest, back (and shoulder) protection only.                     all day comfort.

BIKE Business
16 November 2008   business    to     business

Let’s be open faced
about this...
    Just released to the market are two new open face helmets
by ZEUS. Coded 210A with peak and 210B with visor both share
lightweight PC Alloy and ABS construction and feature flow
through air vents on front and sides for greater summer comfort.
   The graphic on the 210B comes in white, red and Yamaha
Blue whilst the 210A is available in Matt and Metallic Black and
Gloss Light Silver. There is also a Visor Kit available to convert
the 210A into 210B.
   Stockist enquiries for Christmas selling contact R&R
Speedsports on 02 9709 4655.

A design service from
one that knows.
    Typology is a Melbourne based business operating since
1992 and driven by Janette Wilson. Janette has been in the
print and design industry for 25 years.
    With 10 years of print industry training plus another 15
years experience in Australia’s motorcycle press (AMCN
and Motorcycle Trader); she is able to provide a motorcycle
industry targeted design service.
    Not only does Typology understand the diversity of the many
different makes and models of bikes on the market but how
they are ridden and what pushes the buttons of the readers.
For more information call 0404 866154

                                                                     BIKE Business
                                                                     17 November 2008   business   to   business

     Sportsbike’s CE Approved Tyre                                                  Further information call Sportsbike
Warmers are proven in World Supersport                                              02 9310 0732 or visit:
and World Superbike, they help tyres                                      
to last longer, give more feel and                                                  DEALER ENQUIRIES WELCOME.
feedback and offer the confidence to
go hard from the start. Australian Tyre
Warmer manufacturer Sportsbike makes
Tyre Warmers that meet or exceed the
stringent CE Approval process and the
same Tyre Warmer you can buy is used
in World Championships and by riders
and teams world wide.
    The EVOLUTION is a high
performance, high quality Tyre Warmer
with elastic side tension, LED heating
indicator light and Thermostat control
for optimum ride day or racing tyre
temperatures. (Package includes handy
carry bag, user instructions and a 12
month no fuss Warranty).

           rip                    tion R
                      TO ANYTHING THE ROAD MAY THROW
                                                           AT IT.                                                                                                      REMOVABLE FOAM
                                                                                                                                                                         GASKET SEAL


                                                                                                                                            X IT OUT!
                                                                                                                                                      Wind, Dust, Insects, Pollens and other
                                                                                                                                                      airborne irritants are no match for the
                                                                                                                                                      Wiley X Climate Control Series.
      Available Light
      Lenses which doe Adjusting LA
      you no matter the s the changing for
                       Lighting condition
                                                                                                                                                                    DISTRIBUTED IN AUSTRALIA
                                                                                                                                                                    TOPACE PTY LTD
                                                                                                                                                                    PH: 02 6908 9123
                                                                                                                                                     OOF LENSES
                                                         TESTIMONIAL                                                        MILITARY GRADE SHATTERPR                EMAIL:
                                                                                                                            FITTED ON ALL WILEYX FRAMES
                                                         Despite over 30 years of riding experience, one night on the way
                                                         home from work I was knocked o my motorcycle when I was
                                                         passing a car which swerved into me. My face slammed against
                                                         the road and there is no doubt in my mind that my eyes were
                                                         saved by my Wiley’s. My customers deserve the best and I won’t
                                                         o er anything less than Wiley X. - Dave Castle.
                                                                Just Imagine It Motorcycle Accessories - Currumundi QLD

BIKE Business
18 November 2008                    business             to      business
Enduring new rain repellent from Trico
 Leading windscreen wiper manufacturer and supplier, Trico           commercial vehicle windscreen.
Products, has released a new generation cost effective long          It is believed that this exciting new product will also have
lasting windscreen rain repellent that is easy to apply to           applications for Motorcycle helmet visors. Accellorated
windows and lasts up to twelve months.                               laboratory testing is now well advanced with early indications
Marketed as Trico EnduroShield, the development from                 showing promising results.
advanced Australian research laboratories, uses state-of-the-         Trico EnduroShield is now available at leading automotive
art nano-technology. Application is simple using the small           outlets. For further information:
spray pack and gently rubbing with a clean cloth. The result is      Trico Products Pty Ltd Phone: 03 9271 3288
an ultra thin transparent film of EnduroShield which completely
adheres to the glass windscreen.
 The Hydrophobic (water repelling) and Oleophobic (oil
repelling) formula beads the rain water rather than allowing it
to sheet, providing enhanced safety when driving in adverse
conditions through greatly reduced vision distortion.
Unlike silicone based coatings on the market which reportedly
require regular re-application in order to maintain their water
repelling properties, the application of the amazing new Trico
formula is long lasting on the windscreen and even longer on
side and rear windows where it is not subject to the sweep of
windscreen wipers.
The new formula is UV stable and makes the windscreen
easier to clean particularly when splattered with insects and
Competitively priced due to its long lasting performance the
50mL bottle will treat up to three car windscreens or one large

   SpeedyMoto manufacturers exceptionally designed, after-
market components for Ducati motorcycles, focusing on
damage control and ergonomic enhancement.
   We research, design, test, and manufacture in-house,
ensuring the highest quality for every product we release to
the market. SpeedyMoto products can now be purchased
exclusively through Carbonize, so if you are after one of the best
quality billet aluminium after market parts, then SpeedyMoto is
your answer.
    For more information call Carbonize 0448 227 780 or visiit

                                                                                         BIKE Business
                                                                                         19 November 2008   business   to   business

Two Brothers Racing
   Born of 23 years of chasing                    The shape and orientation is normally       SOUND SUPPRESSION
horsepower Two Brothers Racing has            determined by the R&D department,                  Many municipalities and tracks
developed products into highly tuned          based on a performance criteria check           implement, tougher regulations that
works of art, with processes that are         list.                                           limit the sound output of street bikes,
patented, their materials are exclusive                                                       offroad cycles and ATVs. In the interest
and their passion for perfection is just as   V.A.L.E. FITMENT                                of health & safety and of maintaining
bold as it was when our team first hit the    VARIABLE AXIS LOCKING EXHAUST                   good relationships between riders and
track.                                            The V.A.L.E.™ system is Two Brothers        the non-riding community, Two Brothers
   Two Brothers Racing’s M series             Racing’s revolutionary and patent               Racing has developed a series of highly
exhaust canisters feature the high levels     pending method of attaching our muffler         effective sound reducing tips which can
of quality construction and are designed      canisters to the exhaust tube without the       help everyone to get along.
to be fully serviceable in the event of       use of springs or welding.                      For more information call Motohansa on
damage, routine maintenance or the                Our V.A.L.E.™ systems allow the             02 9638 4488
occasional repack. The M series spring-       muffler assembly - exhaust tube and
mounted slip-on canisters all feature         canister - to be positioned perfectly
our patented and exclusive lightweight        on the bike before all the mounting
thin wall die cast aluminium one-piece        hardware is fully tightened. Once the
inlets. Our V.A.L.E.™ slip-on/full exhaust    canister and exhaust tubes are properly
systems and flange-on systems feature         aligned, the V.A.L.E.™ assembly locks
CNC machined aluminium inlets and             the muffler canister to the exhaust tube
outlets. These special designs provide        assuring a perfect, leak-free fit.
for ease of maintenance as well as                This system is simple and easy to
simplified construction, which is what        install, requiring nothing more than a
a premium performance product is all          5mm hex wrench, which is included with
about. The exhaust note produced by all       every one of our exhaust systems.
of our Top Level exhaust systems is best          The X-Lite™ ring is the next step in
described as being deep and throaty           the evolution of V.A.L.E.™ technology.
without suffering from a shrill whine.        CNC milled from 6061-T aluminium, the
   All of the canisters perform and           design of our X-Lite™ ring efficiently
sound the same, they are simply               and elegantly removes all unnecessary
different shapes. They all incorporate        material from the coupling.
our exclusive technologies and premium            This reduces the weight of the part while
construction materials.                       still maintaining its structural integrity.

BIKE Business
20 November 2008   business   to   business
                      Obtain accessories is looking for
                      dealers NOW to stock Spectro oils
                          Spectro have been manufacturing oils         performance benchmarks for most machines
                      for over 40 years in the US they are now         and riders of the time.
                      available in over 17 countries including New        Probably more miles were racked up by
                      Zealand.                                         Gold wings running Spectro oils than any
                          Founder Robert H. Wehman translated          other Brand.
                      his automobile industry knowledge into              Skip to the present and Spectro oils still
                      oil formulas for 2-stroke motorcycles that       take great pride in the quality of oils they
                      revolutionized the performance of this class     produce for all powersport application.
                      of vehicle at the time, from that point on       Spectro products now include fully synthetic,
                      Spectro lubricants has set the standard for      semi-synthetic and petroleum lubricants
                      specialty lubricants for high performance        for all classes of powersport engine and
                      motorcycle and powersport vehicle                transmission along with a wide range of
                      applications.                                    fork fluids, suspension fluids, break fluids,
                          In the early 1960’s there was a clear need   coolant, chain lubes/waxes, filter cleaners
                      for a top performing, reliable 2-stroke racing   and oils and protection appearance
                      oil and Spectro’s golden 2 cycle helped          products.
                      many a racer to cross the line race after           Now Obtain Accessories gives you the
                      race. All the while Spectro simultaneously       opportunity to be a part of the Spectro
                      developed superior 4-stroke lubricants           revolution we can offer a full range of retail
                      focusing specially on Spectro Golden             packs along with workshop oils along with
                      4 a blend of fine grade petroleum with           great promotional gear.
                      synthetic lubricants that ensured consistent     For more information call 07 4936 3772
                      performance over a wider operating range.        and find out how we can help you.
                          Spectro’s Golden products set new  

      Maintain steady throttle
position for pleasurable riding and
 throttle relief. Install in minutes.

            Universal Vista
 Available at most motorcycle shops
  or call Donald Motorcycle Imports
          for Trade inquiries.
Phone: 1300 301 485
                                                                         BIKE Business
                                                                         21 November 2008   business   to   business
service parts

                       GO with BRISK
   BRISK spark plugs from the Czech                                                               of spark plugs for TM engines Italy
Republic produces a wide range                                                                    and Lamborghini Marine race engines.
of spark plugs, including a number                                                                In Australia BRISK spark plugs have
for performance and motor sport                                                                   had major successes in Go Karting,
applications. There are spark plugs                                                               Speedway, Super Bike, and Formula Ford
suitable for the full spectrum of turbo                                                           and are being used in V8 Super Car.
charged, super charged and naturally                                                                 The BRISK spark plug types for
aspirated engines. Brisk has a long                                                               performance applications in naturally
history in the spark plug business; they                                                          aspirated engines are BRISK Premium
started producing spark plugs in 1935.                                                            ZC/ZS, BRISK Premium LGS, BRISK
The first racing plugs with tungsten                                                              Silver Racing and BRISK Platinum. For
electrodes were introduced after                                                                  turbo and super charged engines use
World War II and used in motor cycle                                                              BRISK Turbo Racing, BRISK Platinum
events, particularly endurance races.                                                             and BRISK Silver Racing. For more
BRISK spark plugs are used by 2008               are made from silver, platinum, yttrium          information call 03 9531 1351
Queensland Super Stock Champion                  and titanium oxide. In fact, Brisk is the        Web:
Liam Daniels Today’s racing spark plugs          OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)            Email:

    Another one of Quantum Racing’s                                                               designed to work with the high performance
range of premium quality performance                                                              PSI Valve Springs or with the stock factory
parts is the full range of Xceldyne Valvetrain                                                    springs. Precision Spring Seats are also
Components. Quantum Racing is one of                                                              included in the kit (where required), which
Australia’s distributors of Xceldyne Titanium                                                     ensure a perfectly flat surface for the spring
Valves and Components.                                                                            to be parallel to the seating surface and
    Xceldyne valves are one of the                                                                helps to ensure the new springs are fitted at
highest quality valve that money can buy,                                                         precisely the correct tension.
unsurpassed quality control and the highest                                                          REMEMBER When replacing valves it is
quality materials make for a valve that will                                                      essential to replace valve springs since they
keep going longer than most.                                                                      are affected by heat and engine vibrations
    For a long life of a steel valve with the                                                     which reduce tension and lead to valve float
performance benefits of a lightweight            the highest quality materials, with a much       and rapid wear of the new valves.
titanium valve consider Xceldyne, Valvetrain     higher quality PVD coating than any OEM             Our PSI Valve springs are purpose built
components.                                      valve for outstanding wear resistance in the     racing valve springs with superior quality
    Through our close work with several of       Seat, Tip and Guide areas.                       and consistency from an experienced
Australia’s leading MX and Offroad race             These kits include all necessary              manufacturer of racing only valve springs.
teams we have developed our Xceldyne             components to fully replace the Inlet            For more information call Quantum Racing
Titanium Inlet Valve kits that are made from     Valves. Xceldyne Titanium Retainers are          Industries on 07 3290 0085.

                                                                       Now available for many different makes and
                                                                       models - Road, Race, Off-Road, Vintage
                                                                       and Modern. Stock and shortened
                                                                       lengths plus custom made shocks
                                                                       all available from Ikon.

                                                                       Made and distributed by:
                                                                       Proven Products Pty Ltd
                                                                       81 Boronia Street
                                                                       North Albury NSW 2640
                                                                       Tel (02) 6040 9955                         BIKE ON WITH IKON

BIKE Business
22 November 2008   business    to   business
                                                                                                  service parts

BEL-RAY EXL MOTORCYCLE                          will last longer and be more reliable             a most effective product for premium
MOTOR OIL                                       with the added wear protection which              lubrication performance and engine
    Bel-Ra y EXL Motorcycle Motor Oil is        increases bearing life.                           protection.
a premium multi-grade petroleum motor                                                             Features and Benefits
oil for the cost conscious of a 4-stroke        BEL-RAY EXP SEMI-SYNTHETIC                             The EXS Synthetic Superbike Motor Oil
motorcycle or other performance engine.         MOTORCYCLE MOTOR OIL                              offers performance and protection at high
     This oil provides a low cost lubrication      Bel-Ray EXP Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle          loads and rpm typical of racing and sport
performance, engine protection and              Motor Oil is a premium semi-synthetic             riding; it can be used in all high output/
reliable in all-season use; it is equally       blend motor oil specifically formulated for       high rpm 4-stroke engines, including
suitable for air-cooled and liquid-cooled       4-stroke motorcycles and other 4-stroke           turbo- and super-charged engines.
4-stroke engines; and exceeds API SG/CE         performance engines.                                  Air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines
specifications.                                    It combines the performance                    can use this oil and is recommended
    The unique Bel-Ray anti-wear additive       advantages of a high quality synthetic            when maximum power and minimum
chemistry increases engine service life         formulation with the economical price             friction are required.
and bearing life and reduces cylinder- and      of petroleum. It provides shear- and                  Longer engine service life and longer
ring wear. Superior deposit control cleans      oxidation stability, superior anti-wear and       bearing life; reduced cylinder and ring
existing deposits, reduces sludge and           deposit control for premium lubrication           wear for long term performance reliability;
varnishes for cleaner and cooler running        performance and engine protection.                deposit control; wide viscosity grade
engines.                                           This oil is equally suitable for air-cooled    range; fully synthetic based; and a low
    This low volatility base oil minimizes      or liquid-cooled 4-stroke motorcycle              coefficient of friction are features of this oil.
deposit formation and oil consumption,          engines, and is reliable and cost-effective           For more information contact Ficeda on
and with advanced chemistry, high               in all-seasons. It offers performance             02 9757 0061 or visit
Viscosity Index and shear stability are         and protection for all 4-stroke engines,
maintained for superior lubrication and film    whether on long rides or for stop-and-go
strength.                                       city riding.
                                                Features and Benefits
                                                   Some notable feature of the oils are
                                                anti-wear longer engine and bearing life;
                                                reduced cylinder- and ring wear. Also
                                                deposit control cleans existing deposits,
                                                and reduces sludge and varnish for
                                                cleaner and cooler running engines.
                                                   The semi-synthetic blend
                                                economically provides the performance
                                                of a synthetic. The high Viscosity Index
                                                and shear stability of the synthetic
                                                components provide lubrication and film
                                                   It can also minimize friction for
    The smooth power transfer prevents          maximum power. Smooth power transfer
clutch grabbing for an easily controlled        prevents clutch grabbing for an easily
and efficient gear shifting and clutch          controlled and efficient gear shifting and
operation.                                      clutch operation.
Features and Benefits
    Bel-Ray EXL Motorcycle Motor Oil            BEL-RAY EXS SYNTHETIC
is a premium multi-grade petroleum              SUPERBIKE MOTOR OIL
motorcycle motor oil for 4-stroke                   Bel-Ray EXS Synthetic Superbike
motorcycles and other 4-stroke                  Motor Oil is a fully synthetic multi-grade
performance engines. Formulated with            4-stroke engine oil specifically formulated
all the performance of Bel-Ray’s additive       for high performance superbike engines
chemistry and high Viscosity Index, low         utilizing a wet clutch. The critical
volatility petroleum base oils. It provides     performance properties of Bel-Ray EXS
shear- and oxidation stability and              Synthetic, shear, oxidation and viscosity
deposit control for premium lubrication         stability, film strength and high Viscosity
performance and engine protection. With         Index, are only attainable with synthetic
the Bel-Ray anti-wear additives, engines        products. Bel-Ray EXS Synthetic is

                                                                                                 BIKE Business
                                                                                                 23 November 2008   business     to   business
service parts
SPORTO MUFFLERS offers on competitive option
     Our team with over 30 years motorcycle experience formed D. J. Manufacturing Australia,
and identified that Australians needed an alternative to some imported after market mufflers.
They introduced SPORTO MUFFLERS.
D. J. Manufacturing identified their concern with prices of competitors products,
Sporto mufflers retail at a very affordable price and come with a guarantee -
If it is faulty in manufacture we will replace it. D. J. Manufacturing also produces
under the O.C.D. brand, disks for various makes and models of bikes including
Series 5 racing. They also carry a large range of other service parts and spares.
For more information call Sporto Mufflers on 02 6040 9503
or visit

                                                                                              Bikes & Bits Importers
                                                                                              Phone: 08             9295 6688
                                                                                              Toll Free Fax: 1800 080808

                                                                                                            Ca ll for y X
                                                                                                             FREE P ue
    For all your PROX Racing Parts
   - Piston kits - Connecting rod kits - Valves - Camchains - Gasket kits
   - Clutch parts - Cylinder sleeves - Oilseals (frontfork/crankshaft) and
   Dustcaps - Bearings (crankshaft/wheel/swingarm/steering)

         Wossner                              Athena                            Winderosa                               TKRJ
   High performance forged German        Manufacturer and supplier of         Gasket and seal sets, sets made   Japans pistons and connection
   pistons large range for European    motorcycle gaskets, fork seals,        in the USA massive range for MX      rods large range for early
    and Japanese motorcycles. Car      air filters, big bore kits, bearings           ATV and jet skis.           60’s - 70s Japanese bikes.
        pistons also available.           pipes, CDI and much more.

    BBI importers and distributors of these fine products and many others.
                                      ‘Over night delivery in most areas’
              Bikes & Bits Importers Phone: 08 9295 6688
BIKE Business
24 November 2008   business   to   business
                                                                                           service parts
NGK Spark Plugs launch New Website with
“Show Us Your Ride” interaction and prizes.
   NGK Spark Plug (Australia) Pty Ltd are excited to announce        and awarded the prize along with the bragging rights to be
the launch of their new and improved website www.ngk.                crowned the “NGK ride of the month”. NGK will continue to NGK’s existing website has been given a complete              add new information including product additions, new product
overhaul and has been designed to meet the needs of                  launches and news bulletins as it becomes available.
mechanics, product end users and those in search of more                NGK’s Marketing Manager Tom Mathiesen said the launch
information.                                                         of the new website has been a long time coming however, the
   The website has been designed as a very user friendly             end result is well worth the wait. NGK extends an invitation to
product incorporating such features as:                              everyone to view the site and use it to its full potential.
Easy to navigate product icons; Product part finders;                Visit:
Comprehensive product and technical; information; Home
page search engine; Up to date racing results, race team
galleries and links back to official race team websites.
    A new website would not have been complete without
involving the participation of NGK’s loyal customers.
   Beginning in December this year, NGK invites all
motoring and motorcyclist enthusiasts to submit photos and
details of their Pride and Joy to the “Show Us Your Ride”
section. Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to show off
their car, motorcycle or powerboat to the nation and have
the chance to win a set of performance Spark Plugs to suit
their application. Each month, one winner will be judged

FREE Diagnostic demonstration sessions for Victoria
   TEXA sponsored Diagnostic demonstration sessions, are
coming to Melbourne in February. These sessions are intended
as a valuable information resource covering the diagnosing of
errors and faults by interrogating the ECU on fuel injected bikes.
   The sessions will feature Exhaust gas analysis for all sorts of
bikes. These informative sessions will be well suited for workshop
managers & staff, especially relevant for independent service
workshops. The date is set for Tuesday February 10th at 7 pm
located centrally in Melbourne.
   The night will be catered with a BBQ and refreshments.
   Proudly sponsored by TEXA Australia for expressions of
interest please contact Russell on 0417 320 742 or email

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We also sell: Brake Pads and Shoes - Heavy Duty Clutch Kits - Brake Disc Rotors
                                                                                              service parts
 The Thumper Revolution
    Changes in environmental regulations,        But with the extra weight, you loose
engine technology and motorcycle              the advantage. So how do you get a
racing rules have seen the rise of            heavier, bulkier 4-stroke engine to have
high performance 4-stroke singles or          the punchy midrange and top end power
“Thumpers” in the past 5 years.               so desired in off-road racing? First,
    The 2-stroke sounds and pre-mix           engine designers have started using
aroma that once defi ned off-road riding      exotic metals like magnesium and titanium
is now a chorus of lowpitched 4-stroke        to reduce engine weight, and secondly,
“Thumper” engines. If you have been to        and more importantly, the bore has been
a motocross race lately, you know why         re-engineered to reduce the engine’s
these motorcycles are called “Thumpers”.      bulkiness and increase engine power. In
                                                                                                     BORES CYLINDERS & PISTONS
The powerful exhaust pulses relate to         a normal 4-stroke engine, the width of the       The diameter of the cylinder is called the bore.
a heavy thumping noise that you can                                                             The distance traveled by the piston, during
feel. Even the most hardened two-stroke                                                                one cycle, is called the stroke.
fanatics must agree that the “Thumper” is                                                               When looked at from the side,
                                                                                                   the cross sectional area formed by the
the future of off-road.                                                                         two dimensions, bore width and the stroke
    These new Thumper engines are                                                                        height, looks like a square.
constructed quite differently from both                                                              When the bore is much wider than
4-stroke singles of the past and current                                                          the length of the stroke, the rectangular
multi-cylinder engines, but what is                                                                   cross sectional area is referred to
                                                                                                              as “over square”.
unknown to many is this has changed the
lubrication demands within the engine.
This Bel-Ray technical report is a short
summary of those unique demands and
how the lubrication experts at Bel-Ray
responded to them.
A New World Inside the Engine Casing
    Theoretically, a 4-stroke engine with
double the displacement of a 2-stroke
should be able to produce roughly the         bore is similar to the stroke.
same peak horsepower with greater                In the new Thumper engines the bore is
average torque over a broader range of        much wider than the stroke.
RPM. Torque relates to acceleration and          But the wider bore created other design
if you can get more torque, you can bring     requirements, namely a shorter stroke            Old Thinking:    Standard engine design
                                                                                                                dictates that the bore should
your bike up to speed faster.                 and a unique piston design. To maintain                           be equal to or slightly longer
    This theory assumes that the weight of    the same displacement as a standard                               than the stroke
the bike, the gear ratio and the rear tire    sized bore, a shorter stroke is required
diameter are the same.                        to compensate for the wider bore and             New Thinking:    Greater usable horsepower
    People know that a 4 stroke is            therefore a wider and shorter piston is also                      and higher RPM can be
                                                                                                                created with a wider bore
inherently bulkier than a 2-stroke with the   needed. This new engine design is called                          and shorter stroke
same horsepower.                              “over square”.

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                         Athena are O.E. manufacturers for most of
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  Italjet – Kymco – Lambretta – Malaguti - Peugeot – Piaggio –
                                                                           BK Performance Products Pty. Ltd.
                                                                           464 Kingsford Smith Drive Hamilton. Q4007
  Polaris. Check out web-site for further details.                                                 Phone: 07 3868 1662

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service parts
    The Thumper’s wider bore design is          “skirts” on the sides and has room for only
accomplished by “over squaring” which           two rings.                                              UNDERSTANDING VISCOSITY
contributes to its great horsepower.                                                                 Viscosity is the measurement of the
                                                Old Thinking:     Pistons need long “skirts”
Comparing two 4-stroke engines with                               to keep them from rocking
                                                                                                 fluidity of an oil. In a multi-grade oil the
the same displacement, the wider bore                             and to create an effective       first number is the viscosity grade for
allows more room for larger valves which                          seal                            cold starts and the second number is
means more air flow, resulting in greater                                                           the viscosity grade for the operating
                                                New Thinking:     Less concern about piston        temperature. The higher the number,
horsepower. There is more power to your
                                                                  rocking… more on
rear wheel because you are exerting less                          weight reduction                     the thicker the oil. The lower the
energy pulling and pushing air.                                                                           number, the thinner the oil.
    As we said, the wider and shorter           The Changing Lubrication Environment
cylinder geometry of the over-squared               Here we begin to see the vast                 Motorcycle manufacturers recommend
engines requires a wider and shorter            difference in the stresses placed on           a 10W-40 viscosity oil and frequent oil
piston.                                         lubrication within these new “Thumper”         changes for Thumper engines, but there
    These wider, shorter pistons came           engines.                                       are situations like a Six Days or a Hare
straight from the world of Formula One              Having only two rings on the piston        Scramble (long endurance races) where
racing - a wide but thin piston called a        means large amounts of fuel blow past the      a 20W-50 maintains a safe viscosity range
“slipper” piston. This thin, light weight       rings and down into the engine oil.            for a longer duration. During operation,
piston enabled these engines to produce             This fuel “blow-by” dilutes the engine     the original viscosity of the oil (out of the
more power with each stroke, but the            oil, lowering its viscosity and quickly        bottle) changes as it is lowered over time
result came at a cost. Normal pistons           robbing it of its protective power.            due to fuel dilution from “blow-by” (as
have thick “skirts” on each side to prevent     Furthermore, this blow-by contains fuel        described above).
the piston from rocking side to side as it      combustion products that can lead to
moves up and down. Also, normal pistons         deposit and varnish formation as well as          Any single cylinder engine is going
have 2 sealing rings and a 3rd ring to          corrosion. At Bel-Ray these issues alone       to have this blowby problem, but the
control the amount of oil that lubricates the   signaled the need for an oil designed          Thumper engine design exacerbates this
cylinder wall.                                  specifi cally for these engines, but there     by having one less ring due to the piston
    The “slipper” piston has virtually no       were more elements to consider.                design. Also, Thumper engines run hot,

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     Australia’s most extensive range of Suspension Componentry

        Phone:       02 4773 9115                        w w w. s h o c k t r e a t m e n t . c o m . a u

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and oil thins at higher temperatures.           The Evolving World of Oil Additives               oil with an additive package designed for
   The combined effects of the heat and             Fuel injected street motorcycles with         a catalytic converter when you don’t have
fuel dilution compound the viscosity            catalytic converters restrict the types of        one?
decrease, so starting with a higher             additives that can be used in an engine oil.
viscosity is added insurance that a high        There are certain performance enhancing           Bel-Ray’s unique Solution:
enough viscosity will be maintained to          oil additives that cannot be used for             Bel-Ray Thumper 4-Stroke
protect the engine.                             environmental reasons.                            Racing Motor Oil
                                                    These restrictions reduce the film            Once these new lubrication demands
                                                strength potential that off-road high             were clear, Bel- Ray’s chemists set out to
                                                performance 4-stroke single engines need.         create the best oil both to address these
                                                    This means that if you want the best          unique challenges and to outperform the
                                                oil possible for your off-road machine, a         competition.
                                                general purpose or multiuse motorcycle oil        The result was Bel-Ray Thumper 4-Stroke
                                                is out of the question.                           Racing Motor Oil, a blend of synthetic
                                                    Why be restricted to the limitations of an    and mineral based oils, in two multi-grade
                                                      FILM STRENGTH A MEASURE OF                     • The 10W-40 meets the owner’s
                                                    OIL PROTECTION The oil fi lm is the              manual recommendations of
Old Thinking:   A general purpose or               thin protective lubricant layer between           motorcycle manufacturers.
                  multi-use motorcycle oil is       an engine’s moving parts to prevent              • The 20W-50 is for more extreme high
                fine for all types of             metal-to-metal contact from occurring.
                                                                                                     temperatures and longer endurance
                                                     The measurement of fi lm strength               type racing.
New Thinking:   Additive restrictions on
                                                  gauges the ability of the oil to maintain
                street motorcycles make a         this protective fi lm under higher stress           Bel-Ray chose a synthetic blend for
                distinct difference between          (loads) and higher speeds (RPMs).            Thumper engines for two reasons. Because
                what oil is best for an on-          Higher fi lm strength means greater
                road motorcycle and what                                                          the recommended oil change interval
                                                    protection and less wear which result         is so short, it would be overkill in both
                oil is best for an offroad
                motorcycle                              in longer lasting engine parts.           performance and price to use fully synthetic

 CYLINDER REPAIR AND                                                COATING SERVICE

  Looking for The Advantage

 Extreme Power & Reliability

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service parts
base oils. In fact, the optimal blend of           • film strength four times stronger than        This is an oil made specifically for off-road
synthetics and mineral oils found in Bel-Ray         conventional oils                             racing and the unique demands created by
Thumper 4-Stroke Racing Motor Oil actually         • actual improvement in horsepower              the new 4-stroke Thumper racing engines.
has advantages like increasing traction            • excellent traction control in wet clutches    BEL-RAY TECHNICAL REPORT
control in the wet clutches found in Thumper       • excellent lubrication for harsh                  For further product information
bikes.                                               transmission use
                                                                                                   and questions contact:
   Designed just for Thumper engines Bel-          • viscosity protection against the effects of
                                                                                                   Ficeda 02 9757 0061
Ray Thumper 4-Stroke Racing Motor Oil                high engine operating temperatures and
delivers:                                            fuel blow-by                                  or visit

   Racing Teams have used Beringer products for many years in            increased comfort the result.
Road Racing and World Endurance Championships because they                  Australian Distributor: Sportsbike 02 9310 0732 further
work. Three World Endurance Championships later and Beringer is information on: www.sportsbike
one of the highest quality, most race proven braking products on the DEALER ENQUIRIES WELCOME.
   Beringer have a complete range of braking products from master
cylinders, cast iron brake disc’s, radial 4 and 6 piston calipers, axial
calipers and single rear calipers.
   The range is designed for road bikes, race bikes, supermoto, Buell
and Harley Davidson.
   The Beringer Master Cylinder is one of the first steps to smoother,
more progressive and more powerful braking.
   The Beringer Master Cylinder is technically smarter, it uses a roller
bearing to evenly actuate the brake piston for a smoother, consistent
feel through the leaver and with better braking performance and

  The Navigator TXB
  The Navigator TXB is a new generation of a multi-brand
tool able to connect by Bluetooth to any PC or palm/laptop
to perform the most accurate diagnostics of the electronic
systems of motorcycles, scooters quads and jet skis. Functions
                                    include reading/erasing            NEW PRODUCT AT AUTOTOOLS
                                    errors, evaluating system             ATC7013 Motor Cycle                 (two sizes (26mm x 1.0 (RH),
                                    parameters, resetting of           Flywheel Drive Puller Set 10           28mm x 1.0 (RH)), (two sizes(
                                    service warning lights,            pc’s.                                  22mm x 1.0 (RH), 25mm x
                                    adjustments to fuelling, key          Complete set of magneto             1.5(RH)),
                                    programming, and much              flywheel pullers. Screw into           (two sizes(24mm x 1.0 (RH),
                                    more. The innovative IDC3          flywheel, then apply force             27mm x 1.0 (LH)).
                                    software includes wiring           with centre screw to remove               For more information
                                    diagrams and technical             the flywheel from the tapered          contact Autotools 03 9703
                                    bulletins, and includes            shaft.                                 2000 or 1800 000 561
                                    the ability to maintain a             Fifteen sizes supplied in           email:
                                    data base on the service           blow mold case.                        au Website: www.autotools.
                                    history of customer bikes.         Sizes:                       
                                    The Software covers all the        14mm x 1.5 (RH),
                                    main manufacturers and             16mm x 1.5 (RH),
                                    over 1000 models. The              18mm x 1.5 (RH),
                                    program is periodically            19mm x 1.0 (RH),
                                    updated via internet               (two sizes(20mm x
                                                                       (RH), 27mm x 1.25
Contact Russell at OneUp Motorcycle                                    (RH)), (two sizes
Products - Mobile 0417 320 742                                         (22mm x 1.0 (RH),
                                                                       26mm 1.5(RH)),
Visit:                                                28mm x 1.5 (RH),

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Saving your skin this summer.
 Testing bikes in hot weather has always been a difficult choice,       Prices from $849 for personalised suits with discounts for 
get kitted up or risk the consequences. The new design FCO           multi purchases.
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add a hat, gloves and boots ready to ride.                           this summer (it’s not just mechanics who suffer from the CBF 
    The kit is designed to be worn over shorts and shirt, it fits    factor) with your logo on their back they are a mobile billboard 
loosely, to be easily put on, comfortable and most of all it is      for your shop.
perforated to keep cool on the move. Classic styling looks as           Enquiries to Jackson Equipment 03 5986 3029  
cool as it is. The perforations keep air flow over your body.        or
Quilted leather patches over knees and 
elbows and reinforced seat are tough for 
battle, CE armour is removable from the 
cool mesh liner with simple Velcro tabs. 
Three large patch pockets carry paperwork 
or WHY. Quality cowhide will last for many 
seasons, in comparison to suits made of 
disposable textile mesh.
    Orders are being taken for this 
summer season now, Jackson Equipment 
produce this suit as pictured for $699 or 
will produce your design including, your 
colours, shop logo, brand logos and even 
riders name for you and your staff. Simply 
send your logos and a mock up will be 
designed for your approval.

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BAHCO Tools- in professional hands since 1886
    The focus of the BAHCO brand is to                             daily basis, you risk overexertion, pain or                     well as extensive testing and trials together
make working with tools easier, safer                              numbness in parts of the hand by using                          with end-users of our tools.
and more effective. BAHCO is a market                              incorrectly designed tools. The constant                           To view the full range of BAHCO tools,
innovator producing a wide range of                                repetition of some actions causes strain                        visit: Ph:1300 728 177
professional hand-held tools such as                               even if they do not feel particularly
handsaws, combination spanners, socket                             strenuous at the
spanners, screwdrivers, adjustable                                 time.
wrenches, cutters, files, bandsaws, pruning                            The design of
tools, holesaws, hacksaw frames and                                ergonomic tools
blades.                                                            within BAHCO
    BAHCO’S new Reversible Ratchet                                 is based on a
Spanner Set embodies the company                                   scientifically
philosophy. With 4 sizes in each spanner,                          recognised 11-
there are a whopping 12 sizes in just 3                            point programme.
spanners. Featuring a Dynamic Drive profile                        This programme
in all sizes, there is less weight to carry,                       covers facts and
less space needed and less tools to be                             experiences
used. The set also features a compact and                          gathered
useful pouch to take the spanners with you                         from users,
hanging from your belt if you want.                                ergonomists,
    Perhaps the most impressive aspect                             industrial
of the BAHCO tools is their ergonomics.                            designers,
Each time you grip a tool, you are putting                         research and
42 different muscles to work. By subjecting                        development
yourself to the strain this causes on a                            departments as

       Original                                                                                              REFLEX ACCESSES
  The Bike and Cruiser Lifters
  T h Bii k  dV          i
                       L ifte r s
                         if ers                                                                              THE LATEST
         Only *                                                                                              HONDA
         $ 299
                                                                                                                2007 and 2008 model Honda
                                                                                                             motorcycles are now fully
                                                                                                             supported by Reflex Motorcycle
                                                        �   As used by Harley Dealers
                                                        �   Perfect for servicing & cleaning jobs            Scan Tool.
                                                        �   Foot operated hydraulic pump                        This latest software, version
                                                        �   Heavy duty - lifts up to 500kg                   4.70, is available now and allows
                                                        �   Lifts bike to 420mm high
                                                                                                             motorcycle repairers to access
                                                                                                             the diagnostic function on the
                                                                                                             very latest Honda technology.
                                                                                                                The latest Honda motorcycles
                                                                                                             require a scan tool, such as
                                                                       Specia n                              Reflex, to connect to the diagnostic port on the motorcycle and
                                                                      promoti                                retrieve data directly from the ECU.
                                                                            ONLY                                This is a significant change for Honda motorcycles, as they
                                                                     price    *

                                                                         $ 800                               have relied upon blink code diagnostics for many years (blink
                                     �   Perfect for home or workshop                                        codes were read from the speedometer and then compared to a
                                     �   Foot operated hydraulic pump
                                     �   Easily lifts 500kg                                                  written list of pre-defined faults).
                                     �   Front wheel clamp                                                      Reflex Motorcycle Scan Tool, from SPX Tecnotest offers
                                     �   Removable rear wheel panel
                                                                                                             repairers a Dealer Style Diagnostic Tool loaded with multi-brand
                                                                                                             software, allowing repairers to diagnose faults, clear malfunction
                                                                                                             lights, read live data and make performance adjustments to the
   Ph: 1300 76 55 39 Fax: (07) 5478 9833 e m a i l : i n f o @ w a r a n a i m p o r t s . c o m             worlds leading brands of motorcycle.
   web: PO Box 281, Eudlo, Qld, 4554             *Price Includes GST. Freight Extra.
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                                                                                                             information, or call SPX Australia 03 9544 6222
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                                                                 workshop techo talk

Exhaust Emission Testing Part 2 - Written by Clive Ward & Robert Prudius
    Welcome back to the continuing             ratio will be in the fuel delivery system.       0.90 and yield best fuel economy when 
series of articles relating to the             Engines that run for prolonged periods           Lambda  is 1.03.
effect that air fuel ratios have on the        with Lambda values in excess of 1.05                when using exhAust emission
combustion efficiency of spark ignited,        will suffer burnt exhaust valves, piston         AnAlyseRs, it is impoRtAnt
internal combustion engines.                   crown fatigue and excessively high               to estAblish the tRue AiR
    Although air fuel ratios can be used       combustion temperatures that will                Fuel RAtio RAtheR thAn view
to determine whether or not an engine          facilitate the excessive formation of            the diFFeRent exhAust gAs
has received the correct amount of fuel,       Oxides of Nitrogen  (NOx).                       concentRAtions As the FiRst
they do not guarantee that, a) all the            If the Lambda value is less than 0.95,        diAgnostic ReFeRence point.  
fuel has been completely burnt and b)          then the fault is in the fuel delivery              Once the air fuel ratio of the engine 
that each cylinder received the right          system, which of course would warrant            has been established, the service 
amount of fuel required for correct and        further investigation by the service             technician can quickly determine whether 
efficient combustion.                          technician.                                      a) a problem exists or, perhaps more 
    It therefore must stand to reason, that       Engines that are allowed to run               importantly, NOT, and b) in which area the 
if the exhaust system of an engine is          for prolonged periods of time with               problem lies.  i.e. Fuel delivery, Ignition 
gas tight and does not allow the ingress       Lambda values less than 0.95 will suffer         energy or Mechanical integrity.
of post combustion gases into the              premature engine wear, excessive fuel               Using the Exhaust Gas Concentrations 
exhaust gas stream, then all of the gas,       consumption, fuel contaminated sump              for Advanced  Diagnostics.
vapor and solids present in the exhaust        oil and will be highly prone to catalytic           Now that the engine’s air fuel ratio 
gas stream must have either passed             converter failure.                               has been established, you can use the 
through the combustion chamber or be              Spark ignited engines, should idle            various exhaust gases present in the 
a product of the combustion process.           with an air fuel ratio which yields              exhaust gas stream to determine the 
    By analysing the exhaust gas stream        a Lambda value of 1.00, produce                  cause/s of various engine performance 
of an engine with an analyser that can         maximum torque when Lambda equals                complaints.   
not only measure the exhaust gases 
present in the stream, but process 
and present that information as a 
collective summation of those gases 
into the air fuel ratio and combustion 
efficiency of the engine, then the 
service technician will have the 
best possible insight into potential 
problems with that engine in the 
shortest possible time.

Air Fuel Ratio Requirements.
   When an engine is IDLING or 
CRUISING, regardless of the fuel 
being used in the engine, petrol, LPG 
or a petrol/alcohol blend, for correct 
combustion, the engine requires an 
air fuel ratio that will yield a Lambda 
or excess air value of one. (See 
previous article).  
   Any air fuel ratio that produces 
a Lambda value greater than 1.05 
or less than 0.95 is deemed to be 
unacceptable.  If the Lambda value 
is greater than 1.05, Firstly test for 
air leaks, of course if there are no 
faults found in the air intake system 
or with intake manifold vacuum levels, 
then the cause of the lean air fuel 

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workshop techo talk
   A new concept to grasp is engine            it does not matter how well set up                  When under load CO 2 should not be 
combustion efficiency.                         it is (ideal air/fuel, ignition, ignition       below 9.5%.   Any value below these 
   Just because an engine is receiving         timing & surplus ignition energy), the          readings, indicate that the combustion 
the correct air fuel ratio does not mean       simple fact of the matter is that the           efficiency of the engine is below 
that all the fuel is being totally burned.     combustion efficiency of the engine             expectation and must be deemed 
Unburnt or partially burnt fuel will           will be less than that of the same              suspect.
always comprise some percentage of             engine, under the same conditions                  Smart exhaust emission analysers 
the exhaust gas stream. Combustion             but with good compression.   Engines            will automatically plot combustion 
efficiency is not that easy to determine       that have low compression but no                efficiency for their operators, thus 
as it is influenced by many factors.           other problems usually have low CO 2,           alerting the technician to mechanical 
Combustion chamber design, engine              (10% to 11%); high CO, (2% to 4%);              and other problems within the engine 
temperature, ignition spark energy,            slightly high O 2, (1.5% to 3%) and low         ignition and fuel systems.
ignition timing and of course air fuel         HC, (100 to 450 ppm).   NOx will be                The next article will discuss the 
ratio all affect combustion efficiency in      almost non-existent due to the lower            effects that ignition problems have on 
some way or other.                             combustion temperatures found in low            engine combustion efficiency and the 
   Another aspect of combustion                compression engines.                            resulting pollutants, ignition problems 
efficiency is the effect the catalytic             When determining the combustion             cause.
converter has on the exhaust gas               efficiency of an engine, firstly ensure            I would like to take this opportunity 
stream.                                        that the engine is at Normal Operating          to wish you all a very merry Christmas 
   The oxidising elements of the               Temperature (NOT) and ignition timing           and a safe, prosperous New Year. 
catalytic converter further promote the        as well as the air fuel ratio are correct.   
combustion process of the exhaust              Then view the CO 2 concentration in the           Written by Clive Ward, National 
gases.   What is not consumed or               exhaust gas stream.  When the engine            Sales Manager for Coda Products 
is only partially consumed by the              is idling or at cruise, the CO 2 should be      & Robert Prudius CEO. www.coda.
engine is often completely consumed            in the 13.0 to 15.5 percentile range.  or Phone:  1800 039 092 .
by the catalytic converter, resulting 
in an exhaust gas stream, which 
after analysis reveals a combustion 
efficiency of close to 100%.  This can 
be deceiving if it is the engine only 
combustion efficiency that you wish 
to examine.   To view the engine’s 
combustion efficiency independently 
of the catalytic converter, simply bring 
the engine to operating temperature, 
and then turn it off for 10 minutes.   
The convertor will cool down and stay 
cool long enough to allow the exhaust 
gases to pass through unconverted, 
for a sufficient period of time to allow 
analysis.   Another benefit of this 
testing procedure is to ensure the 
effective operation of the catalytic 

testing for combustion efficiency
without the converter alight. 
   Carbon Dioxide (CO 2) will always 
be at its highest value when no further 
increase in combustion efficiency can 
be attained.   This does not mean 
that there is a set value for CO 2 that 
will indicate a pass or fail status of an 
engine’s ability to correctly burn fuel. 
eg If an engine has low compression, 

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                                                                                                                BIKE Business
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                           READ AnD CLEAR CODES, DISPLAY “LIVE DATA”,

                                        Japanese Motorcycles:
                                   HOnDA, YAMAHA, SUzUkI AnD kAwASAkI

                  KawasaKi 2005 > and Honda 2007 >
                now witH Full Function integrated diagnostics
                                   european Motorcycles:
         including engine unlocK, iMMobilizer and service ligHt reset
                                       aMerican Motorcycles:

      plug-in                  plug-in                  plug-in              car software           truck software
   5 gas analyser        4 channel labscope         Flight recorder           and cables              and cables

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