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					                                            Hide and seek
                                            Written by Jenny Giles                                  Illustrated by Liz Alger
                                            Overview James, Nick, and Kate play hide-and-seek outside with Dad. Dad
                                            counts to 10 while each child hides in a different place. Will Dad be able to
                                            find all three children?
                                            Reading Vocabulary Words hid p. 3, box p. 3, chair p. 4, tree p. 6,
                                            win p. 14
                                            Phonics Skill Word family: in
           Reading                          Fluency Point Reads exclamatory sentences in an excited manner
           Word Count: 98                   Comprehension Strategy Uses decoding skills
                                            Reading Strategy Looks at the words from left to right

                                             1     Before Reading
           looked                             Build Background
                                              •   Introduce the book by reading the title, talking about the cover illustration,
           where                                  and sharing the overview.
           you                                •   Point to the title and say I want to read the title: Hide and seek. I read from
                                                  left to right so the words are in order and make sense. I now know that this book is
                                                  going to be about the game hide-and-seek.
           he                                 •   Have children tell what they know about playing hide-and-seek. Ask Where
                                                  are some places you would hide if you were playing hide-and-seek? How do you
                                                  know who wins the game? Tell children that games are still fun to play even
                                                  if you don’t win. Say If you lose a game, you can play again later. What else can
                                                  you do if you lose a game?

                                              Focus on Reading Vocabulary
      More books within
      the character series                    •   Write each vocabulary word on a separate sheet of paper. Talk about what
                                                  each word means and discuss the connections the words have, especially
      The photo book
      PM Red Level 3                              related to the game of hide-and-seek. Encourage children to use each word
      Wake up, Dad                                in a sentence.
      PM Red Level 3
      The merry-go-round
                                              •   Model filling in a Sentence Maker. Write I hid in the top box. Have children
      PM Red Level 3                              name some places they can hide and complete the sentences.
      The flower girl
      PM Red Level 4
      The bumper cars
                                              Focus on Phonics Word family: in
      PM Red Level 4                          •   Explain to children that one way to figure out a new word is to look inside
      Hide and seek                               the new word for a smaller word they already know. Write in on chart
      PM Red Level 5
      Where are the sunhats                       paper. Have children read aloud. Write win. Point out that win ends in the
      PM Yellow Level 6
                                                  familiar word in. Read aloud win, as you underline in.
      Snowy gets a wash
      PM Yellow Level 8                       •   Write pin and fin on chart paper. Have volunteers underline in at the end of
                                                  each word. Read aloud and have children repeat. Explain that these words
                                                  all belong to the same family of in words.

      150 Pl ti           PM T   h ’ G id
PM Platinum Red                                             Hide and seek                                                    9992790091
      Focus on Fluency                                                                         ESL/ELL
      •   Remind children that when they see a sentence ending in an exclamation
          point, it is a hint that they should read the sentence in an excited way. On         Write in on an index card.
          chart paper, write Ready or not, here I come! Read aloud in an excited manner.       Help children read the word
      •   Have children take turns reading the sentence aloud with a partner,                  aloud. Explain to children that
          showing excitement as they speak.                                                    if they know how to read the
                                                                                               word in, they will be able to
      Focus on Comprehension                                                                   figure out how to read other
      •   Encourage children to use skills they already know to help figure out                 words that have in at the
          unfamiliar words. Remind them to take words letter by letter, sound by               end. On chart paper, write
          sound, if needed. Tell them to use pictures for clues, and look for patterns         the letters w, b, f, and t in a
          in words to better understand the story.
                                                                                               vertical column. Hold the in
      •   On chart paper, write tree. Tell children that when they come to this word,
                                                                                               card to the right of each letter,
          they know that it starts with /t/. Point out that next to the t is an r, so they
                                                                                               and have children read the in
          know they should put them together. Ask volunteers to continue sounding
                                                                                               words as you form them.
          out the word.

     2      Reading the Text
      Book Talk
      Cover            Read aloud the title with children. Point out the author’s and
                       illustrator’s names. Say We’ve seen this family before in other
                       stories. I see Dad and two of the children looking around and calling
                       out something. Do you see anyone else? What do you think the
                       children and Dad are saying?

      Pages 2–3        Ask Why is Dad covering his eyes? Where did James go? Do you
                       think Dad will find him?

      Pages 4–5        How high has Dad counted now? Where did Nick hide? Yes, Nick
                       hid in the chair. Do you think that is a good hiding place?                      Reading
      Pages 6–7        Dad has counted to 9. Where is Kate? Right, Kate hid in the tree.
                                                                                                Remind children of the
                                                                                                skills and strategies when
      Pages 8–9        Dad found James in the box. Do you think Nick or Kate will win the
                       game?                                                                    assistance is needed. Say
                                                                                                Remember to look at the
      Pages 10–11 How did Dad find Nick? Maybe he saw Nick’s shoes and hair                      words from left to right as
                  sticking out from under the blanket.                                          you read. Reading the words
                                                                                                this way helps readers make
      Pages 12–13 Where is Dad looking? Is he looking in the right place?                       sense of the story.

      Pages 14–15 James and Nick do not know where Kate is either. Did Kate pick a
                  good place to hide? What do you think will happen next?

PM Platinum Red                                          Hide and seek                                                   9992790091
                                       Individual Reading
                                       Have each child read the whole book at his or her own pace while remaining
                                       in the group. Observe children as they read. Make note, mentally or in writing,
                                       how each child is or is not using the skills and strategies being focused on in
                                       this lesson:
                                          1. Are children able to identify and read the reading vocabulary words
                                              without assistance?
                                          2. Are children using their knowledge of the word in to decode the word
                                          3. Are children reading exclamatory sentences in an excited manner?
                                          4. Are children using their existing decoding skills to read unfamiliar words?
                                          5. Are children looking at the words from left to right as they read?

                                       3     Text Reading Review

                                       Reading Vocabulary Review
                                       •   On chart paper, write chair. Have children tell what they know about
                                           chairs. List the words children use to give information about chairs. Verbally
                                           relate each word to chair in a sentence.
                                       •   Have children highlight or add the reading vocabulary words in their
                                       Phonics Review
                                       Write in on top a piece of chart paper. Below, write the following words in
                                       random placement: fin, pin, tin, chin, pan, sun, pen. Say I am looking for words in the
                                       in word family. Circle pin. Underline in in pin as you read aloud. Have volunteers
      Cross-Curricular                 circle other in words, and underline in as they read the word aloud.
      Arts                             Fluency Review
                                       Remind children to read sentences ending in exclamation points in an excited
      Put children in groups,          way. Model reading aloud page 8. Have children reread the book in pairs,
      and have them act out a          showing excitement when reading exclamations.
      game of hide-and-seek as
      a skit for the rest of the
                                       Comprehension Review
                                       Remind children to use what they know about the way letters sound alone
      children. Encourage them
                                       and together to help them read words. Have children volunteer words from
      to speak expressively,
                                       the book that you can decode together as a group.
      showing excitement. After
      each skit, discuss what          Connection for Writing
      happened, pointing out           Have children draw pictures of their families playing hide-and-seek. Have
      where each child hid and         children label their family members. At the bottom of the page, help children
      who won each game.               write a short sentence or two about where their family members are hiding.
                                       Example: Mom hid behind a tree.

     152 Platinum PM Teacher’s Guide

PM Platinum Red                                       Hide and seek                                                   9992790091
Hide and seek      Hide and seek
 PM Platinum Red    PM Platinum Red
     F/P: D             F/P: D
     DRA: 4             DRA: 4

   9992790091         9992790091

Hide and seek      Hide and seek
 PM Platinum Red    PM Platinum Red
     F/P: D             F/P: D
     DRA: 4             DRA: 4

   9992790091         9992790091

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