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The University of Mississippi–DeSoto 2011 Fall Semester


									   The University of Mississippi–DeSoto 2011 Fall Semester
 Courses Offered in: • Accountancy • Business Administration (Finance, Management, Marketing, MIS) • Liberal Arts • Education • Paralegal Studies • Criminal Justice • Social Work
     Graduate Courses Offered in: • Accountancy • Higher Education and Student Services • Educational Leadership • Curriculum and Instruction • Counselor Education
                                       • Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction • Teaching English as a Second Language • Literacy
  Courses Offered by The University of Mississippi Medical Center: • RN to BSN to MSN • Health Science Administration • Health Sciences • Clinical Laboratory Science

All off-campus students must be admitted to The University of Mississippi before they will be allowed to register for courses.
      Classes meet one night a week (Monday through Thursday) from 6-8:45 pm unless otherwise noted.
SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY                                       EDHE 671*        The College and the Student          Fri
                                                                                                                                    INTEGRATED MARKETING
                                                                             (3:30-6 pm)
ACCY 303        Financial Accounting I               W
ACCY 309        Cost Control                         Th
                                                            EDHE 301         Career Counseling                   Th                    COMMUNICATIONS
                                                            EDHE 665         Contemporary Issues in           Online       IMC 204*        Introduction to Integrated  Tu/Th
ACCY 402        Advanced Accounting                  W                       Higher Education
ACCY 405        Income Taxes                         Tu                                                                                    Mktg Communication
                                                            EDLD 674         Developing Quality Teaching          Th                       (9:30-10:45 am)
ACCY 407*       Governmental Accounting              Th                      (4:30-9:30 pm)                                IMC 205*        Writing for Integrated Mktg Tu/Th
       MASTER’S OF ACCOUNTANCY                              EDLD 676         Leading Change in Educational        Th                       Communication (1-2:15 pm)
                                                                             Org. (4:30-9:30 pm)
 ACCY 501        Internal/Operational Auditing M/Th         EDLD 694         Human Resource Development       Online     LING 600*         Fundamentals of Linguistics for         Th
                 (1st half of the semester)                 EDLE 417-1       Senior Practicum                  M/W                         TESL
 ACCY 509        Income Taxes II               M/Th         EDLE 417-2       Senior Practicum                  M/W       MATH 305*         Foundation of Mathematics            Tu/Th
                 (2nd half of semester)                     EDLE 417-3       Senior Practicum                  M/W                         (9:30-10:45 am)
                                                            EDLE 417-4       Senior Practicum                  M/W       MATH 375*         Modern Algebra I                     Tu/Th
SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION                           EDLE 417-5       Senior Practicum                  M/W                         (4:30-5:45 pm)
FIN 331-1   Business Finance I (1-2:15 pm) M/W              EDLE 464-1       Student Teaching: Elementary      TBA       MATH 533*         Topics in Euclidean Geometry M/W
FIN 331-2   Business Finance I (4:30-5:45 pm) M/W                            Education                                                     (4:30-5:45 pm)
FIN 334*    Investments                        Th           EDLE 464-2       Student Teaching: Elementary       TBA      MATH 540*         History of Mathematics               Tu/Th
FIN 338*    Intermediate Financial Management M                              Education                                                     (3-4:15 pm)
FIN 361     Quantitative Financial Analysis Online          EDLE 464-3       Student Teaching: Elementary       TBA      MUS 313           American Musical Theatre                 Tu
FIN 533*    Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgmt W                             Education                                   MUS 329           Music for Children                      Th
MGMT 371-1* Principles of Management        Tu/Th                                                                        POL 103*          Introduction to International        Tu/Th
            (11 am-12:15 pm)                                       MASTER OF ARTS IN LITERACY                                              Relations (4:30-5:45 pm)
MGMT 371-2 Principles of Management             W             EDLT 604*       Effective Literacy Assess &         M      POL 331*          International Organizations              Tu
MGMT 383* Human Resource Management Tu/Th                                     Intervention (7-9:30 pm)                   PSY 301           Developmental Psychology                 M
            (4:30-5:45 pm)                                    EDLT 607*       Literacy Leadership                 M      PSY 308           Industrial Psychology                   Th
MGMT 391* Organizational Behavior            M/W                              (4:15-6:45 pm)                             PSY 309           Learning                                 Tu
            (4:30-5:45 pm)                                  EDRD 355-1       Early Literacy Instruction        Tu/Th     PSY 311           Abnormal Psychology                     Th
MGMT 484* Training and Development              Tu                           (8-10:45 am)                                PSY 319           Brain and Behavior                       W
MGMT 493    Management of Strategic Planning M              EDRD 355-2       Early Literacy Instruction         M/W      REL 310*          The Old Testament & Early            MWF
MGMT 494    Compensation Management             W           EDRD 400         Reading Instruction in the            M                       Judaism (1-1:50 pm)
MGMT 582    Employee Relations                 Th                            Elementary School                           SOC 301           The Family                               M
MIS 307*    System Analysis and Design       M/W            EDRD 414-1       Reading Diagnosis & Intervention Th         SOC 315           Leisure & Popular Culture            Online
            (3-4:15 pm)                                     EDRD 414-2       Reading Diagnosis & Intervention Tu/Th      SOC 323           Occupations and Professions             Th
MIS 309-1*  Management Inform ation Systems M/W                              (2:30-3:45 pm)                              SOC 333           Juvenile Delinquency                  M/W
            (9:30-10:45 am)                                 EDRD 500*        Basic Skills in Reading (7-9:30 pm) M                         (4:30-5:45 pm)
MIS 309-2   Management Information Systems M                EDRD 615*        Materials & Methods for Reading M           SOC 336           Sociology of Religion                Online
MIS 408*    Advanced Mgt Information Systems Th                              in Elem. School (4:15-6:45 pm)              SOC 345           Population Trends and Problems          Th
MIS 412*    Web Application Programming M/W                 EDRS 605         Educational Research I               Th     SOC 361           The Sociology of Education           Online
            (4:30-5:45 pm)                                  EDSE 400-1       Principles of Education               Tu    SOC 451           Topics in Sociology: Peace and           Tu
MKTG 351-1 Marketing Principles                 W                            (4:15-6:45 pm)                                                Justice
MKTG 351-2* Marketing Principles             M/W            EDSE 400-2       Principles of Education               Tu    TESL 542*         Teaching English as a Second             M
            (11 am-12:15 pm)                                                 (4:15-6:45 pm)                                                Language
MKTG 353*   Advertising and Promotion           W           EDSE 400-3       Principles of Education               M     TESL 631          Assessment in Second                 Online
MKTG 367*   Consumer/Market Behavior        Tu/Th                            (4:15-6:45 pm)                                                Language Acquisition
            (4:30-5:45 pm)                                  EDSE 442         Special Methods I: English            W     TESL 647          Cultural Dimensions of               Online
MKTG 372-1* Introduction to Operation and Tu/Th                              (4:15-6:45 pm)                                                Second Language Acqu.
            Supply Chain Mgmt (1-2:15 pm)                   EDSE 447         Special Methods I: Social Studies Th        TESL 694          R e s e a rch in Applied Linguistics Online
MKTG 372-2* Introduction to Operation and      Th
            Supply Chain Mgmt
                                                                             (6-8:45 pm)                                 SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCES
                                                            EDSP 308-1       Introduction to Special Education     W
MKTG 451*   Marketing Policy and Strategy       W           EDSP 308-2*      Introduction to Special Education Tu/Th     CJ 310            Law Enforcement Process & Policy Tu
MKTG 458*   Sales Management (4:30-5:45 pm)M/W                               (11 am-12:15 pm)                            CJ 322            Criminal Justice Communications M
MKTG 525*   Marketing Research                  M           EDSP 308-3       Introduction to Special Education Online    CJ 330*           Hate Crime Enforcement             M/W
                                                                                                                                           (3-4:15 pm)
SCHOOL OF EDUCATION                                         EDSP 595         Differentiated Instruction:
                                                                             Atypical Gift.
                                                                                                                         CJ 340            Cold Case                          TBA
COUN 539        Introduction to the Counseling      Tu                                                                   CJ 376*           Elite Forces and Special          Tu/Th
COUN 570        Multicultural Issues in Counseling Th       COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS                                                        Operations (4:30-5:45 pm)
COUN 621        Assessment in Counseling I      Online      ANTH 337    Anthropology of Blues Culture         W          CJ 399            Social Justice and Community       TBA
COUN 672        Seminar: Issues and Ethics in       M       ARED 361    Teaching of Art in the Elementary W                                Service
                Counseling                                              School                                           CJ 400*           Homeland Security Operations         W
COUN 680        Career Counseling               Online      ECON 302-1* Economic Statistics II                Tu         CJ 410            Criminal Procedure                   Tu
COUN 693        Practicum (6-7:30 pm)               Tu      ECON 302-2* Economic Statistics II             M/W           CJ 435*           Terrorism in the 21st Century Tu/Th
EDCI 352-1      Human Development and             M/W                   (9:30-10:45 am)                                                    (1-2:15 pm)
                Diversity (9:30-10:45 am)                   ECON 417    Labor Economics                      Th          CJ 490            Criminal Justice Internship        TBA
EDCI 352-2      Human Development and Diversity Tu          ENGL 250-1 Applied W riting (9:30-10:45 am) Tu/Th            HP 312            Behavioral Aspects of Weight Online
EDCI 353        Effective Classroom Practice        W       ENGL 250-2 Applied Writing                        M                            Management
EDCI 419        Effective Classroom Management M            ENGL 250-3 Applied W riting (4:30-5:45 pm) Tu/Th             LA 303*           Civil Litigation I                   W
                for Teachers (4-6:45 pm)                    ENGL 311    Beginning Fiction Workshop Online                LA 305*           Criminal Law and Procedure        Tu/Th
EDCI 558        Integrating the Internet in     Online      ENGL 323    Afro Amer Lit Survey of the        M/W                             (9:30-10:45 am)
                Education                                               20th Century (11 am-12:15 pm)                    LA 308*           Administration of Wills and Estates Tu
EDCI 601        Advanced Curriculum Theory          M       ENGL 351    Topics in Contemporary Literature M              LA 402*           Torts (2:30-3:45 pm)              Tu/Th
                and Practice                                ENGL 353    Introduction to Film                  Tu         LA 421            Selected Topics: Elder Law       Online
EDCI 616*       Science, Tech, Society in the       Tu      ENGL 360    Women in Literature               Online         LA 490*           Advanced Seminar in Paralegal M/W/F
                Classroom (7-9:30 pm)                       ENGL 368    Survey of Southern Literature         W                            Studies (11-11:50 am)
EDCI 657        Information Technology for      Online      ENGL 385    Shakespeare (4:30-5:45 pm)        Tu/Th          LA 495            Internship                         TBA
                Professional Educators                      ENGL 398    Junior Seminar: Literary Criticism M/W           PRM 380           Current Issues in Travel &       Online
EDEL 401-1      Social Studies in the Elementary    Tu                  (9:30-10:45 am)                                                    Tourism Mgmt
                School                                      ENGL 460    American Fiction 1919 to 1940        Th          SW 315            Introduction to Social Work          M
EDEL 401-2      Social Studies in the            Tu/Th      ENGL 501    Descriptive Grammar               Online                           (9-11:45 am)
                Elementary School (8-9:15 am)               ENGL 507*   Grammar for Teachers                 Th          SW 321            Human Behavior and the Social        W
EDEL 402-1      Art of Teaching Literacy            M       GEOL 105    Environmental Geology             Online                           Environment I (9-11:45 am)
EDEL 402-2      Art of Teaching Literacy         Tu/Th                  Resources                                        SW 339            Research Writing (12-12:50 pm)       M
                (9:30-10:45 am)                             HIS 303     US History, 1789-1850:                M          SW 402            Child Welfare Policies (1-3:45 pm) M
EDEL 403-1      Mathematics for the Elementary      W                   Emerging Nation                                  SW 417            Social Welfare Policy II             W
                School                                      HIS 306-1   The U. S. Since 1945 (1-2:15 pm) Tu/Th                             (9-11:45 am)
EDEL 403-2      Mathematics for the Elementary Tu/Th        HIS 306-2   The U. S. Since 1945                 Th          SW 436            Social Work Practice II (9-11:45 am) M
                School (11 am-12:15 pm)                     HIS 330-1   History of Mississippi            Tu/Th          SW 575            Psychosocial Aspects of Aging Online
EDEL 404-1      Science in the Elementary         M/W                   (9:30-10:45 am)
                School (4:30-5:45 pm)                                                                                    * Taught through interactive video
                                                            HIS 330-2   History of Mississippi                Tu
EDEL 404-2      Science in the Elementary        Tu/Th      HIS 355     Europe in the Late Middle Ages M/W
                School (1-2:15 pm)                                      & Renaissance (1-2:15 pm)
EDEL 531*       Differentiated Instruction          W       HIS 358-1   Europe in the Age of Revolution, M/W
                (7-9:30 pm)                                             Nationalism, and Empire,
EDEL 621*       Brain/Mind Theories & Thematic W                        1789-1890 (9:30-10:45 am)
                Approach (4:15-6:45 pm)                     HIS 358-2   Europe in the Age of Revolution, W
EDEL 627*       Problems in Teaching Math II        Tu                  Nationalism, and Empire, 1789-1890
                (4:15-6:45 pm)
EDEL 767        Field Study                       TBA                                                                                                            Revised 08–03–2011

                                             REGISTRATION AND CLASS LOCATION
The University of Mississippi-DeSoto • Located at Northwest Mississippi Community College - DeSoto Center • 5197 W.E. Ross Parkway •
                Southaven, MS 38671 • Phone: (662) 342-4765 • Fax: (662) 342-5208 • Website:
     THE UNIVERSITY                              OF      MISSISSIPPI DESOTO-SOUTHAVEN
      *All students must be admitted & advised before registering for courses.
APPLICATION AND ADMISSION:                                                PARKING DECAL:
Applicants are encouraged to apply for admission online at                DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE. University of Mississippi parking If you prefer a paper application, a print-       decals must be purchased by all University of Mississippi DeSoto
able form is available on the website or at the UM-DeSoto Center          Center students beginning this fall. The decals will cost $75 and
office. Mississippi residents must pay a non-refundable $35 applica-      will be valid on the Oxford campus as well as the DeSoto Center
tion fee. The non-resident application fee is $50.                        campus. The decals will be sold on-site only, so please do not
Applicants for admission (undergraduate or graduate) are advised to       register online.
submit the application for admission well in advance of the period in
which enrollment is sought. Mail official transcripts from all prior      TEXTBOOKS:
colleges to the admissions office in Oxford. Applicants applying for      Textbooks may be purchased through our online ordering system.
the fall can find application deadlines on the academic calendar at       Go to the UM-DeSoto website and click on “Order Textbooks” — Late application may 
require the applicant to register after classes begin and pay associ-
ated late registration fees. (See academic calendar for details.)         WITHDRAWAL AND REFUND:
                                                                          Deadline dates for withdrawals are listed in the academic calendar.
All off-campus students MUST be admitted to The University of             Refunds are computed based on the time of official notification of
Mississippi before they will be allowed to register for courses.          withdrawal according to the 2011 catalog. There are no refunds after
                                                                          the 10th class day—September 1st. A full refund will be granted if the
IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENT:                                                 class is cancelled by the University.
All applicants born after January 1, 1957, must submit proof of two
immunizations for measles and one for rubella prior to registration.      **FAILURE TO ATTEND CLASS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE WITH-
The medical history and certificate of compliance forms are available     DRAWAL. Students are responsible for all schedule adjustments.
at the UM-DeSoto office and at                    Drop/add is accomplished via the web.

TUITION AND FEES: (subject to change)
For information regarding billing and payment of tuition, call the            2011 FALL ACADEMIC CALENDAR
Bursar at 1-800-891-4596 or visit             Classes meet one night a week (Monday-Thursday)
The following is subject to change.                                              from 6-8:45 pm unless otherwise noted.
                                     Resident         Nonresident
                                                                           March 23-April 6      Academic Advising
Undergraduate (per credit hour)       $241.25            $616.50
Graduate (per credit hour)            $322.00            $822.00          March 30-April 13      Priority Registration
Undergraduate (3 credit hours)        $723.75          $1,849.50           March 30-July 30      Phase 1 registration
Graduate (3 credit hours)             $966.00          $2,466.00
                                                                                     July 29     Application for first-time enrollment should
Full-Time Fees                       Resident         Nonresident                                be submitted no later than this date.
Undergraduate (12-19 hours)         $2,895.00          $7,398.00                   August 1      Phase 2 registration. $50 registration fee
Graduate (9-13 hours)               $2,898.00          $7,398.00                                 assessed this date.
                                                                                   August 2      Official Registration - 2:30 - 6 pm
Steven Bennett, our financial aid representative is available at the              August 21      Last day to officially cancel registration and
DeSoto Center, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am-6 pm.                                      avoid responsibility for payment of tuition
Call (662) 393-0744 or email for financial                                  and fees.
aid assistance. To check and accept your financial aid awards online,             August 22      Classes begin; registration fee ($100)
please visit Call the Ole Miss                              assessed this date; 100% refund (less 5%
Financial Aid Services Help Line at 1-800-891-4596 for additional                                of fees or $100, whichever is less) on with-
assistance.                                                                                      drawals through September 3.
                                                                                  August 26      Students may add courses on a space
REGISTRATION:                                                                                    available basis through this date.
Registration is accomplished via the web. Students register for classes
and make schedule adjustments using their Web ID. New students                 September 2       Last day to register or add classes
                                                                                                 (between August 28 and September 3 may
may contact the office for instructions and assistance.
                                                                                                 add only with instructor’s approval.)
                                                                                                 Refund period ends.
On-going academic counseling is available during office hours at the           September 3       $5 fee assessed per drop or add
DeSoto Center throughout the semester. Please call the DeSoto                  September 5       Labor Day Holiday
Center, (662) 342-4765, for an appointment. For newly admitted and
currently enrolled students, go to the UM-DeSoto website and click                October 3      Deadline for course withdrawals (no
on “Meet With an Advisor.” —
                                                                           November 21-25        Thanksgiving Holidays
                                                                                December 2       Classes end
                                                                              December 5-9       Final Examinations

                                                                              REGISTRATION AND CLASS LOCATION
                                                                             The University of Mississippi-DeSoto
                                                                             Located at Northwest Mississippi
                                                                             Community College - DeSoto Center
                                                                             5197 W.E. Ross Parkway
                                                                             Southaven, MS 38671
                                                                             Phone: (662) 342-4765
                                                                             Fax: (662) 342-5208

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