; Franscioni Vineyard Lucia highlands Vineyard Family Estate
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Franscioni Vineyard Lucia highlands Vineyard Family Estate


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									                                                                                                             “ t h E h E A rt o F t h E
                                                                                                                 h i G h L A n D s ...”

                                                                                                              A sEnsE oF PLACE:
                                                                                                          The santa Lucia highlands, one of
                                                                                                        the new World’s prestige addresses for
                                                                                                                Burgundian varietals.

                                                                                                              A s E n s E o F FA m i Ly:
                                                                                                         For four generations and almost 100
                                                                                                          years, the manzoni clan have lived
                                                                                                         and farmed in what is now the sLh
    2008 P i n ot G r i s            2 0 0 8 C h A r D o n n Ay          2009 P i n ot n o i r
     Franscioni Vineyard             Lucia highlands Vineyard            Family Estate Vineyard

    Debut release. “Alsatian           Wente Clone 4 from one           Dijon clones 115 and 777.             A sEnsE oF PriDE:
 style” offering of this classic        of the top neighboring        Low yields, some whole cluster     only six, focused home estate acres;
   Burgundian varietal, with           vineyards. Fifty percent        fermentation. Eleven months      hands-on winegrowing and traditional
rich citrus and pineapple fruit       French oak barrel ferment,      aging in new and used French      winemaking equals limited production
   core, minimal wood, and          fifty percent tank ferment to       cooperage. trademark sLh           wines of elegance and balance.
   balancing, crisp acidity. A      accentuate the hallmark sLh         cherry, plum and spice rack
 stylish, perfect foil for spicy,   tropical fruit, minerality, and   aromas and flavors married to
     Asian-Fusion cuisine.               food-pairing acidity.           racy, food-friendly acidity.

      only 125 cases made.               only 450 cases made.              only 371 cases made.
                                                                                                               Grower: mark manzoni
                                                                                                              Winemaker: David Coventry

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