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					                               N e w s a N d I N f o r m at I o N f o r o u r r e ta I l Pa r t N e r s

                                    J U LY / AU G U s t / s e P t e M B e R 2 0 0 7 , I s s U e n o. 5

 WHAt’s neW                            hot new title
 •Head First SQL
 •High Performance Web Sites   Head First sQL
 •Dynamic Learning Flash CS3
                               By lynn Beighley
 •Designing Web Navigation
 •Learning PHP & MySQL
                                                                            With its visually rich format designed for
                                                                            the way the brain works, this book gives
 WHAt’s HotHAt’s Hot
                                                                            readers hands-on experience working
 •iPhone: The Missing Manual                                                with the SQL database language. With
 •Learning Web Design                                                       it, they will create simple schemas and
                                                                            databases, and perform simple and then
 •Beautiful Code
                                                                            increasingly complex data manipulation
 •Head First HTML                                                           while learning SQL. This book is not an
 •Mac OS X Tiger:                                                           SQL reference, but a series of engaging
                                                                            narrative lessons that build on each
 The Missing Manual
                                                                            other. It leaves the reader with a solid
                                                                            foundation in the SQL language and the
                                                                            logic necessary to use it well.

                                                                            KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                                                            • Very popular learning format -- 7 of the
                               ISBN:	9780596526849
                                                                              8 Head first titles published to date are
                               $44.99	US,	$53.99	CAN	
Contents                       August	2007	
                                                                            • effective visual format that stimulates
                                                                              both learning and retention
 •	 In	the	Spotlight           607	pgs	
                                                                            • Ventures into database design and
 •	 Manning                    Shelving:	Database/SQL	
                                                                              ddl, without digging so deeply into
                               Will	Sell	Like:	9780596009205,		               dBa theory that newcomers will be
 •	 No	Starch
                               		Head First Java, 2E                          intimidated
 •	 PC	Publishing
                                                                            • Gives readers the sense that learning sQl
 •	 Pragmatic                                                                 is easy and that they will succeed
 •	 Rocky	Nook                                                              • Platform agnostic -- this is a book
                                                                              about sQl, not about sQl on a specific
 •	 SitePoint                                                                 database
 •	 Book	Changes	and		                                                      • author is a web programmer and
 	 Out-of-Prints                                                              designer who worked at Palm and Yahoo!

                                                                          i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                    Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for
                                    Javascript Developers Pocket Guide
                                    By mike Chambers, daniel dura & Kevin Hoyt

                                    Written by members of the Adobe Integrated         KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                    Runtime (AIR) product team, this is the official   • the official book on adobe Integrated runtime,
                                    guide to the beta release of AIR (previously         written by adobe
                                    known by its code name of “Apollo”), the new       • Part of the o’reilly/adobe developer library co-
                                    cross-platform desktop runtime from Adobe.           publication partnership
                                    AIR allows web developers to leverage their        • explains how to build and deploy Html and
                                    existing development skills with HTML,               Javascript-based web applications to the
July	2007                           JavaScript and Flash to build and deploy web         desktop using all of the tools and technologies
$14.99	US,	$19.99	CAN               applications and content to the desktop. This        developers are already familiar with.
ISBN:	9780596515195                 book explains how.                                 • Provides everything readers need to understand
174	pgs                                                                                  aIr, and to get started developing applications
Shelving:		web	development                                                               for the desktop using Html, Javascript and other
Will	Sell	Like:		                                                                        web technologies
 9780596513917,	Apollo for                                                             • adobe will be promoting the book and the
 Adobe Flex Developers Pocket                                                            technology heavily -- priming the pump by
 Guide                                                                                   giving the book away as a promotional tool to
                                                                                         members of the development community

                                    securing Ajax Applications
                                    By Christopher wells

                                    In addition to the responsiveness that makes       KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                    Ajax so appealing, Ajax can also create            • explains how to build secure ajax applications by
                                    security flaws that need to be addressed at the      making security part of the process
                                    development stage. Securing Ajax Applications      • Presents basic security techniques and examines
                                    examines the challenges created by the new           vulnerabilities with Javascript, Xml, JsoN, flash,
July	2007                           generation of web development, exploring these       and other technologies
$49.99	US,	$59.99	CAN               structures and looking for dangerous gaps.         • Covers web services and ways to build secure
ISBN:	9780596529314                                                                      aPIs and mashups
250	pgs		                                                                              • Provides techniques that will ultimately save web
Shelving:	web	programming                                                                developers time and money
User	Level:		intermediate	to	                                                          • author is a security solutions expert and an
 advanced	web	developers	                                                                applications security architect
Will	Sell	Like:		
 0596101805,	Ajax Design Patterns

                                                                            i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                    Intel threading Building Blocks
                                    By James reinders

                                    This book explains how to maximize the               KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                    benefits of Intel’s new dual-core and multi-core     • easy and effective way to exploit the parallelism
                                    processors through a portable C++ library that         of multi-core systems
                                    works on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and              • explains the key tasks in multithreading and how
                                    Unix systems. More than ever, multithreading is        to accomplish them with tBB
                                    a requirement for good performance of systems        • Helps programmers leverage multi-core
                                    with multi-core chips. This book combines the          processor performance without having to be
                                    expertise of Intel’s developers and customers          threading experts
June	2007                           to teach programmers how to use Intel                • Includes both tutorial and reference material,
$34.99	US,	$41.99	CAN               Threading Building Blocks effectively for parallel     with plenty of examples
ISBN:	9780596514808                 programming.
                                                                                         • reveals the “gotchas” in tBB, and gives guidelines
332	pgs	
                                                                                           for choosing among alternatives to achieve the
Shelving:	C++/Programming	                                                                 best performance
                                                                                         • written by a director of software development
Will	Sell	Like:		
                                                                                           at Intel
 9780596004194,	Practical C++
 Programming, 2E

                                    Actionscript 3.0 Design Patterns
                                    By william sanders & Chandima Cumaranatunge

                                    This hands-on introduction to design patterns is     KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                    for experienced Flash and Flex developers ready      • Ideal introduction to design patterns for
                                    to tackle sophisticated programming techniques         actionscript programmers using real-world
                                    with ActionScript 3.0. Developers will learn           examples
                                    about various types of reusable design patterns,     • readers will learn to build working examples of
                                    why they are an ideal way to solve common              increasing complexity
                                    problems in Flash applications, and how design       • authors worked with adobe product team
June	2007
                                    patterns provide a clear road map for structuring      members, as well as the actionscript and design
$44.99	US,	$53.99	CAN               code that actually makes object-oriented               pattern communities to produce this book
ISBN:	9780596528461                 programming languages like ActionScript 3.0
532	pgs		                           easier to learn and use. Readers will build small
Shelving:	Web	Development           abstract examples and full-fledged working
User	Level:		Intermediate	to	       applications outlined in the book.
 advanced	Flash	&	Flex	developers
Will	Sell	Like:		
 0596101805,	Ajax Design Patterns

                                                                          i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                   Dynamic Learning: Photoshop Cs3
                                   By Jennifer smith & aGI Creative team

                                   Efficient, interactive learning experience that   KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                   goes beyond traditional tutorials developed by    • essential information for those upgrading to
                                   leading instructors and Photoshop experts.          Photoshop Cs3, in an accessible, self-paced
                                                                                       interactive format.
                                                                                     • Highlights what’s new in Photoshop Cs3.
July	2007                                                                            • tested and proven content from experienced
$44.99	US,	$58.99	CAN                                                                  instructors.
ISBN:	9780596510619                                                                  • tested and proven content from experienced
360	pgs                                                                                instructors.
Shelving:	Photoshop
User	Level:	Enthusiasts,	prosum-
 ers,	creative	&	technical	pros	
Will	Sell	Like:		
 0596100965,	 Photoshop CS2
 One-on-One, 2E

                                   MysQL Pocket Reference, 2e
                                   By George reese

                                   Easy to take and use anywhere, the MySQL          KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                   Pocket Reference provides instant reminders       • updated for mysQl 5, the latest version of the
                                   on how to use important MySQL functions             database
                                   in conjunction with key parts of the LAMP         • Clear organization allows readers to find and
                                   (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python)             adapt the statements they need quickly
                                   open source infrastructure. The 2nd edition       • Handy companion to “mysQl in a Nutshell”, the
                                   covers installation of MySQL and includes a         leading mysQl reference on the market.
July	2007
                                   description of SQL commands, data types,
$14.99	US,	$17.99	CAN                                                                • special section on two new and extensive
                                   operators, and functions. Readers get a handy       additions to mysQl 5: stored procedures and
ISBN:	9780596514266
                                   reference to the enormous feature set of            triggers
132	pgs	
                                   MySQL, the dominant database in the open
Shelving:	database	                                                                  • Brief introduction covers installation and initial
                                   source world.                                       setup
User	Level:		Intermediate	to	
 advanced	developers	and	data-
 base	administrators
Will	Sell	Like:		
 9780596004460,	 MySQL Pocket

                                                                          i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                   Regular expression Pocket Reference, 2e
                                   By tony stubblebine

                                   Ideal as an introduction for beginners and a        KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                   quick reference for advanced programmers, this      • Consistent seller with more than $145,600 in
                                   Pocket Reference is a comprehensive guide to          sales lifetime
                                   regular expression APIs for Perl 5.8, Ruby, Java,
                                                                                       • works as an introduction for beginners and a
                                   PHP, .NET and C#, Python, vi, JavaScript,             quick reference for advanced programmers
                                   and the PCRE regular expression libraries. The
                                                                                       • updated to covers several popular languages --
                                   second edition offers programmers a complete
                                                                                         including ruby, PHP, C#, and Javascript
July	2007                          overview of the syntax and semantics of regular
                                                                                       • summarizes the complex rules for performing
$14.99	US,	$17.99	CAN	             expressions that are at the heart of every text-
                                                                                         this critical text-processing function
ISBN:	9780596514273                processing application. Perfect when readers
                                   reach a sticking point and need to get to a         • Presents this often confusing topic in an easy-to-
126	pgs                                                                                  read manner
Shelving:		perl/programming
                                   solution fast.
User	Level:	Beginning	to	
 Advanced	programmers
Will	Sell	Like:		
 9780596004156	 Regular Express
 Pocket Reference

                                   Ruby Pocket Reference
                                   By michael fitzgerald

                                   The Ruby programming language is growing            KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                   more popular due to the success of its “killer      • aimed at programmers who may be new to
                                   app” -- the Ruby on Rails web development             ruby but want just the facts, fast
                                   framework. Ruby is relatively easy to learn, but
                                                                                       • Brief explanations complement listings to give
                                   many experienced programmers need a guide             readers in-depth information
                                   to remind them of the essentials. This take-
                                                                                       • the book’s organization lets developers find
July	2007                          anywhere pocket reference offers brief but clear
                                                                                         related topics quickly
$9.99	US,	$11.99	CAN               explanations of the core components of the
                                                                                       • Not only gets them up to speed, but provides
ISBN:	9780596514815                Ruby language, from operators to blocks to data
                                                                                         them with a handy reference they can use
176	pgs		                          structures to documentation creation.                 anywhere, anytime
Shelving:	programming	languages
User	Level:		Intermediate	to	
 advanced	programmers
Will	Sell	Like:		9780596004118,	
 JavaScript Pocket Reference, 2E

                                                                               i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                       Photoshop Lightroom Adventure
                                       By mikkel aaland

                                       The only book available on Adobe Photoshop            KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       Lightroom with examples drawn from the                • Includes amazing photography generated
                                       real world experiences of ten professional              during the lightroom adventure
                                       photographers during the Adobe Lightroom
                                                                                             • easy-to-follow text and instructions from the
                                       Adventure in Iceland.                                   author of the popular Photoshop CS2 RAW
July	2007
$39.99	US,	$47.99	CAN	                                                                       • readers learn how to professionally organize,
                                                                                               process, show, and print their digital images
ISBN:	9780596100995
350	pgs	
Shelving:		Digital	Photography
Will	Sell	Like:		
 0596100221,	Photoshop Photo
 Effects Cookbook

                                       FileMaker Pro 9: the Missing Manual
                                       By Geoff Coffey & susan Prosser

                                       FileMaker Pro 9 is a popular desktop database         KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       application that lets users do almost anything        • far and away the top selling book on filemaker
                                       with the information they give it -- if they know       Pro, published in september 2005
                                       what they’re doing. The updated edition of this
                                                                                             • Covers all filemaker Pro 9 features, plus those
                                       bestselling guide will help readers catalog people,     covered in “filemaker 8.5: Integrating the web”,
                                       processes and things; create reports and other          the short Cut by author susan Prosser
August	2007                            documents on their data; use built-in formulas
                                                                                             • Covers both windows and mac versions of the
$34.99	US,	$41.99	CAN                  to crunch numbers, search text, or pin down             program with screenshots for both
ISBN:	9780596514136                    dates and times; and much more. The book
                                                                                             • wide audience range -- starts with the basics and
799	pgs		                              also covers advanced topics like scripting, an          moves on to advanced topics like scripting and
Shelving:	Filemaker/Databases/Mac
                                       introduction to servers, and managing multiple          servers
                                       user privileges.
User	Level:		Beginning	to	advanced	
Will	Sell	Like:		9780596005795,	
 FileMaker Pro 8: The Missing Manual

                                                                              i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                       Javascript & DHtML Cookbook, 2e
                                       By danny Goodman

                                       In today’s Web 2.0 world, JavaScript and            KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       DHTML are at the center of the Ajax approach
                                                                                           • Incredibly popular book with $552,600 in net
                                       to designing interactive web applications that        sales lifetime -- $136,000 during 2006 alone
                                       offer the responsiveness desktop programs.
                                                                                           • Cookbook recipes are now compatible with the
                                       With this environment in mind, the new                latest browsers (Ie7, firefox 2, safari, and opera
                                       edition of this popular book offers bite-             9)
August	2007                            sized solutions to very specific problems that
$44.99	US,	$53.99	CAN	                                                                     • several new recipes provide client-side ajax
                                       developers commonly face. Each recipe includes        solutions
ISBN:	9780596514082                    a focused piece of code that they can insert into
                                                                                           • New and revised recipes address dHtml
604	pgs	                               their applications. Also included are detailed
                                                                                             integration into web 2.0 applications
Shelving:		Web	programming             explanations of how and why the recipes work.
                                                                                           • author has 25 years of scripting experience and
User	Level:		Developers	of	various	
                                                                                             is an expert on Javascript
 experience	levels
Will	Sell	Like:		
 	9780596004675,	JavaScript &
 DHTML Cookbook

                                       Asterisk: the Future of telephony, 2e
                                       By Jim Van meggelen, Jared smith & leif madsen

                                       A bestseller with more than $315,000 in cash        KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       register sales, this book has become the standard   • update of a bestseller -- first edition had over
                                       book on how to build phone systems with               $315,000 in sales
                                       Asterisk, the open source PBX. Revised for
                                                                                           • Provides working knowledge that culminates in
                                       the upcoming Asterisk 1.2 release, “Asterisk”         a simple, but complete system
                                       provides a complete roadmap for installation,
                                                                                           • walks readers new to asterisk through a basic
August	2007                            configuration, and integration with existing
                                                                                             dialplan step by step
$44.99	US,	$53.99	CAN	                 phone systems. Primarily aimed at experienced
                                                                                           • Covers both VoIP and analog telephony
ISBN:	9780596510480                    Linux power users or administrators, the book
                                       assumes little or no Asterisk experience, and no    • expert author team -- key contributors to the
602	pgs		                                                                                    asterisk documentation Project
                                       more than rudimentary telecommunications
Shelving:	Telecommunications
Will	Sell	Like:		
 0596009623,	Asterisk: The Future of

                                                                              i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                      Designing Web navigation
                                      By James Kalbach

                                      Designing Web Navigation is an update of             KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      the bestselling and critically-acclaimed Web
                                                                                           • Perfect update to a bestselling book and topic in
                                      Navigation: Designing the User Experience              constant demand
                                      (1998). Author James Kalbach demonstrates
                                                                                           • Covers ue principles and techniques -- critical
                                      how issues over the past decade -- Web 2.0,            “user experience” guidelines that affect both
                                      Ajax, and Rich Internet Applications -- affect         web designers and developers
                                      “User Experience” (UE). Achieving a simple yet
                                                                                           • New 4-color edition
                                      satisfying UE for web site visitors is a challenge
August	2007                                                                                • Heavily laced with real-world examples and
                                      for both web designers and developers. This
$49.99	US,	$59.99	CAN	                                                                       written in a conversational-yet-focused manner:
                                      practical, hands-on second edition uses real-
ISBN:	9780596528102                                                                          like taking an exclusive seminar with a top
                                      world examples to teach UE design principles           expert in the business
412	pgs	                              and development techniques, with essential
Shelving:		Web	Design                                                                      • Companion website will be available to support
                                      concepts seamlessly folded in.
User	Level:		Beginning	and	profes-
                                                                                             and extend materials in the book
 sional	information	architects	&	
 web	designers	+	students
Will	Sell	Like:		
 0596008031,	Designing Interfaces

                                      Programming WPF, 2e
                                      By Chris sells & Ian Griffiths

                                      Anyone who wants to build applications that          KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      take full advantage of Windows Vista’s new user      • to build applications that take advantage of
                                      interface capabilities needs to learn Windows          windows Vista’s interface capabilities, learning
                                      Presentation Foundation (WPF). This new                wPf is a must
                                      edition, updated for the official release of .NET    • wPf and wCf are the two key frameworks of
                                      3.0, gets programmers up to speed on WPF               microsoft .Net 3.0
August	2007                           quickly. By page two, they will have written
                                                                                           • Bestselling and expert authors -- Chris sells is
$49.99	US,	$59.99	CAN	                a simple WPF application, and by the end of            a microsoft program manager and software
ISBN:	9780596510374                   Chapter One, they will have taken a complete           legend; Ian Griffiths is a microsoft mVP and wPf
863	pgs		
                                      tour of the framework and its major elements.          guru
                                      The book contains scores of examples that            • a four color insert showcases use of color and 3-
Shelving:	Windows
                                      demonstrate how to get large WPF applications          d effects to build compelling uI
Audience:	Intermediate	to	advanced	
 Windows	and	C#	programmers
                                      up and running, offers a tutorial of Microsoft’s     • one of the first books to cover the recently
Will	Sell	Like:		
                                      XAML markup language, and includes                     released wPf/e platform for delivering richer uI
 9780596101138,	Programming           discussions of the new programming styles that         through standard web browsers
 Windows Presentation Foundation      WPF brings to Windows development.

                                                                                  i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                       security Power tools
                                       By Bryan Burns, Jennifer stisa Granick, steve manzuik, Paul Guersch, dave Killian, Nicolas
                                       Beauchesne, eric monet, Julien sobrier, michael lynn, eric markham, Chris lezzoni & Philippe

                                       Despite the need for network security, no book          KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       until now has covered so many network security
                                                                                               • Valuable techniques and advice that will save
                                       tools in one volume as a go-to reference for              readers headaches and hours of research
                                       administrators and engineers. Security Power
                                                                                               • Covers tools, best practices, threats, incident
                                       Tools is a goldmine of security information from          response
                                       some of the leading engineers and practitioners
                                                                                               • follows o’reilly’s successful Power tools format
August	2007
                                       in the world, a compendium of the most
                                       popular security tools. Designed to be browsed,         • the book’s “posse of experts” includes employees
$59.99	US,	$71.99	CAN	                                                                           of Juniper Networks, a current leader in security
                                       the book covers both black hat techniques and
ISBN:	9780596009632                                                                              products and appliances
                                       white hat defense. Experts who have spent a
856	pgs	                                                                                       • tools discussed are at the top of popularity
                                       virtual lifetime with these tools demonstrate
Shelving:		Security                    how to use them and how to tweak them.                    and usefulness, both freeware and commercial,
User	Level:		This	book	presup-                                                                   applicable to linux, unix, and windows systems
 poses	a	working	understand-                                                                   • Qualifies for the Juniper Books initiative,
 ing	of	network	security	and	its	                                                                whereby Juniper will help promote, market, and
 underlying	principles                                                                           sell the book through its web site, customer
Will	Sell	Like:		0596003307,	Unix                                                                base, and industry exposure
 Power Tools

                                       soA in Practice
                                       By Nicolai m. Josuttis

                                       This enterprise-level book gives developers             KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       practical, experience-tested advice on how to           • focuses squarely on real deployment and
                                       solve business problems by applying service-              technology, not just standards maps
                                       oriented architectures (SOA) -- the framework
                                                                                               • examines business problems to determine which
                                       that enables loosely-coupled programs on a                ones fit an soa approach before plastering an
August	2007                            network to communicate with one another                   soa solution on top of them
$39.99	US,	$47.99	CAN                  to accomplish a larger task (such as how to
                                                                                               • offers concrete paths for building solutions
Short	Discount	                        execute and track an online purchase from the             without getting trapped in the mire of changing
ISBN:	9780596529550                    initial order to delivery). In fact, this is the only     web services details
342	pgs		                              book that gives readers a real understanding of         • offers the experience of an author intimately
Shelving:	Software	Engineering         what SOA is about, and offers a fundamental               involved with soas, who is now embarking on a
Will	Sell	Like:	0131858580,	Service-   overview of what it means to realize SOA                  long series of trainings and tutorials to explain to
 Oriented Architecture: Concepts,      in practice (through web services and other               others what he’s learned
 Technology & Design		Prentice-Hall    methods) without getting lost in theory.

                                                                           i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                   Programming Collective Intelligence
                                   By toby segaran

                                   This book explains how to make web                  KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                   applications behave more intelligently by getting
                                                                                       • demonstrates how to make web applications
                                   them to learn from users. It introduces web           behave intelligently by learning from users
                                   developers to the advanced topic of machine
                                                                                       • explains aI programming in a way that is
                                   learning and statistics in a clear and concise        accessible to most web developers
                                   way, with easy-to-follow examples and plenty
                                                                                       • reveals the logic underlying product
August	2007                        of code that can be used in their own web
                                                                                         recommendation engines, search rankings,
$39.99	US,	$47.99	CAN	             sites, blogs, wikis, or specialized applications.     spam filtering, optimized scheduling, social
ISBN:	9780596529321                Readers will learn the logic underlying product       bookmarking, and more
360	pgs	                           recommendation engines, search rankings,
                                                                                       • Provides easy-to-follow examples and plenty of
Shelving:		web	applications        spam filtering, optimized scheduling, social          code that readers can apply
Will	Sell	Like:		9780596513986,	   bookmarking, and more.
                                                                                       • Ideal for anyone interested in the topic of
 Learning Python,	3E                                                                     machine learning and statistics

                                   Learning PHP & MysQL, 2e
                                   By michele e. davis & Jon a. Phillips

                                   PHP and MySQL are quickly becoming the              KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                   de facto standard for rapid development of          • PHP and mysQl is a popular combination for
                                   dynamic, database-driven web sites. This book is      building dynamic, database-driven web sites
                                   perfect for programming newbies and hobbyists
                                                                                       • New edition includes a chapter on XHtml, more
                                   who are intimidated by harder-to-follow books.        information on HttP, and extra material on using
                                   With concepts explained in plain English,             the Zend virtual machine
August	2007                        the new edition starts with the basics of the
                                                                                       • this book is promoted through o’reilly’s PHP
$29.99	US,	$35.99	CAN              PHP language, and explains how to work with           and mysQl user Group contacts in major cities
ISBN:	9780596514013                MySQL, the popular open source database.              nationwide, and at the mysQl users Conference
428	pgs			                         Readers then learn how to put them together to      • New edition is part of o’reilly’s bestselling
Shelving:	Web	Programming/PHP      generate dynamic content.                             learning series
Audience:	Ideal	for	programming	
 newbies	&	Hobbyists
Will	Sell	Like:	9780596101107,	
 Learning PHP & MySQL

                                                                             i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                     MAKe: technology on Your time, Volume 11
                                     By mark frauenfelder, editor

                                     MAKE Volume 11 is the long-awaited                   KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                     “alternative vehicles issue.” Learn how to make a
                                                                                          • delivers the same sort of high-energy, out-
                                     a mobile drive-in theater projector, how to make       of-the-box thinking about technology that
                                     a cool chopper out of an old bike, how to make         characterizes the Hacks and Projects for Geeks
                                     a bike-powered iPod recharger, how to make             series
                                     a little remote-control car out of sheet metal,      • taps into the huge do-It-Yourself market in a
August	2007                          how to make a special bird feeder that rotates by      unique, highly readable format
$14.99	US,	$17.99	CAN	               remote control so you can take great photos of       • supported by extensive web promotion,
ISBN:	9780596513870                  birds, and lots more.                                  grassroots marketing within o’reilly’s
190	pgs	                                                                                    established technology communities, and one
Shelving:		Technology/DIY                                                                   of o’reilly’s most extensive customer marketing
Audience:		Tech	DIY	enthusiasts,	                                                           and awareness programs ever.
 hobbyist	engineers/designers,	
Will	Sell	Like:		9780596513863,	
 MAKE: Technology on Your Time,
 Volume	10

                                     Microsoft Project 2007: the Missing Manual
                                     By Bonnie Biafore

                                     Microsoft Project 2007 is designed to help users     KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                     control the variables on any project, big or small   • offers complete and comprehensive coverage of
                                     -- such as schedules, budgets, communications,         Project 2007
                                     and changes -- rather than be controlled by
                                                                                          • explains every feature clearly, showing readers
                                     them. But Project is complex software, and             why they’d want to use it -- or not
                                     no user has the time to take on the project of
                                                                                          • reviewers call microsoft Project the flagship
August	2007                          learning it. Written by project management
                                                                                            of all project management programs -- almost
$39.99	US,	$47.99	CAN                expert Bonnie Biafore, this book teaches readers       every other project management program is
ISBN:	9780596528362                  how to do everything from setting, tracking,           compatible with it
702	pgs			                           and adjusting schedules and budgets to testing       • award-winning author of several books on
Shelving:	Windows	Applications       scenarios and understanding the impact of              investing, finance, project management, and
Audience:	Corporate	employees	and	
                                     changes.                                               software
 small	home/office	workers
Will	Sell	Like:	0596101848,	
 Quickbooks 2006: The Missing

                                                                             i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                      essential sharePoint 2007, 2e
                                      By Jeff webb

                                      This concise and practical guide teaches            KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      SharePoint administrators, web site owners, and
                                                                                          • a one-stop task-oriented guide for sharePoint
                                      power users how to get the most from the latest       administrators, site owners, and developers
                                      version of Microsoft’s popular information-
                                                                                          • Conversational tone that encourages readers to
                                      sharing and collaboration platform. The book          customize and extend their systems
                                      helps readers quickly gain the skills necessary
                                                                                          • Includes a “what’s new” chapter for experienced
                                      to perform a wide variety of tasks for intranet
                                                                                            sharePoint 2003 administrators
                                      and extranet web sites. Each chapter ends with
                                      a summary of best practices based on real-world     • explains new collaboration features -- blogs,
September	2007
                                                                                            wikis, surveys, and rss and email alerts
$39.99	US,	$47.99	CAN	                experience.
                                                                                          • demonstrates ways to use sharePoint to build
ISBN:	9780596514075
                                                                                            and customize sites, lists, libraries and web parts
445	pgs	(est.)	                                                                             for intranets and extranets
Shelving:		Windows/SharePoint                                                             • Includes an appendix for It staffs for upgrading
Audience:		SharePoint	                                                                      various sharePoint editions
                                                                                          • offers references to commands and system
Will	Sell	Like:		9780596008802,	                                                            information not easily located in microsoft
 Essential SharePoint

                                      High Performance Web sites
                                      By steve souders

                                      To help web sites display faster and perform        KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      better, this book presents 14 specific rules that   • Practical -- not theoretical -- rules for making
                                      will cut 20% to 25% off response time when            web sites display faster
                                      users request a page. Author Steve Souders, in
                                                                                          • focuses on the browser side, where bulk of
                                      his job as Chief Performance Yahoo!, developed        display time is required
                                      these best practices while optimizing some of
                                                                                          • rules have improved the performance of sites
September	2007                        the most-visited pages on the Web. Supported
                                                                                            that had already been highly optimized, such as
$29.99	US,	$35.99	CAN                 by examples, the rules focus on what a web page       Yahoo! search and the Yahoo! front Page
ISBN:	9780596529307                   does, rather than require readers to redesign
                                                                                          • explains how to optimize the performance of
168	pgs	(est.)			                     their web sites.                                      Css, Javascript, flash, images, and apache HttP
Shelving:	Web	Programming                                                                   responses
Audience:	web	developers	and	                                                             • Code snippets are available on the book’s
 product	managers                                                                           companion web site
Will	Sell	Like:	9780596527334,	CSS:                                                       • rules were developed by the author, who is
 The Definitive Guide, 3rd	Edition
                                                                                            highly respected in this field

                                                                              i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                       C# 3.0 in a nutshell, 3e
                                       By Joseph albahari & Ben albahari

                                       This top-selling compact C# reference is            KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       thoroughly revised to reflect the latest features
                                                                                           • unique in its coverage of all the language
                                       of the C# 3.0 language and .NET 3.0 base class        features of the C# 3.0 language as well as key
                                       libraries, and completely reorganized to meet         types of the .Net 3.0 base class library (BCl)
                                       the reference needs of programmers in the new       • more use cases and code examples than
                                       world of on-line documentation. The third             previous editions• Includes a “what’s new”
                                       edition provides a thorough reference to the          chapter for experienced sharePoint 2003
                                       language and core framework in one accessible         administrators
September	2007                         volume. It serves both as a cover-to-cover read     • Can be used as a reference for features found in
$49.99	US,	$59.99	CAN	                 for intermediate to advanced programmers, and         the latest eCma C# and Clr standards
ISBN:	9780596527570                    as a reference for all C# programmers.              • searchable Pdf version, a format requested by
822	pgs	(est.)	                                                                              readers
Shelving:		.NET
Audience:	intermediate	to	
 advanced	programmers
Will	Sell	Like:		9780596005269,	C#
 in a Nutshell,	2E

                                       Fonts & encodings
                                       By Yannis Haralambous & translated by P. scott Horne

                                       The era of ASCII characters on green screens        KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       is long gone. Today, industry leaders such as       • Growing market for books on
                                       Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle have            internationalization of software and web sites
                                       adopted the Unicode Worldwide Character
                                                                                           • was promoted at omG’s Internationalization &
                                       Standard, and acceptance among developers             unicode Conference (November 2006)
                                       is rapidly increasing. Yet many software
September	2007                         and web sites still use a host of standards,
$59.99	US,	$71.99	CAN                  including PostScript, TrueType, TeX/Omega,
Short	Discount                         SVG, Fontlab, FontForge, Metafont, Panose,
ISBN:	9780596102425                    and OpenType. This new reference book is
1037	pgs	(est.)			                     a comprehensive guide to using fonts and
Shelving:	Software	Engineering
                                       typography on the Web and across a variety
                                       of operating systems and application software.
Audience:	intermediate	to	advanced	
 software	and	web	developers           Fonts & Encodings shows readers how to take
Will	Sell	Like:	0596100124,	Database   full advantage of the incredible number of
 in Depth                              typographic options available. Advanced
                                       material covers everything from designing glyphs
                                       to developing software that creates and processes

                                                                             i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                      Learning 2.0 with Ajax
                                      By Jesse liberty, dan Hurwitz & Brian macdonald

                                      With this book, bestselling author Jesse Liberty   KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      and web expert Dan Hurwitz teach beginning
                                                                                         • asP.Net is the largest microsoft developer
                                      ASP.NET developers how to quickly build more         market for books, with $4.9 million in sales over
                                      engaging and interactive web sites using ASP.        the past 12 months
                                      NET 2.0 and Microsoft’s newly released ASP.        • teaches asP.Net beginners how to integrate new
                                      NET AJAX framework. This hands-on tutorial           ajax tools and Css with traditional asP.Net 2.0
September	2007                        helps readers master concepts and techniques by      topics for flashier and more interactive sites
$44.99	US,	$53.99	CAN	                involving them in their own learning. Examples,    • Packed with learning aids, including annotated
ISBN:	9780596513979                   summaries, quizzes and web site construction         hands-on examples, review quizzes and exercises
544	pgs	(est.)	                       exercises give them opportunities to practice
                                                                                         • written by bestselling author Jesse liberty
Shelving:		.NET                       new skills and to test their understanding.          whose previous bestsellers include Programming
Audience:	Beginning	web	devel-                                                             C# and Programming ASP.NET (co-authored by
 opers,	and	experienced	web	                                                               dan Hurwitz)
 developers	new	to	ASP.NET
Will	Sell	Like:		0596006993,	
 Programming C#, 4E

                                      Linux system Programming
                                      By robert love

                                      This practical guide helps developers better       KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      understand Linux systems and application           • an authoritative and practical guide to system
                                      development through coverage of all the major        programming on linux
                                      development tools and how they link into the
                                                                                         • Includes a complete introduction to system
                                      Linux kernel. In addition to learning in detail      programming and how it differs from application
                                      how to use Linux system calls in a portable          programming
September	2007                        manner, readers will come to understand
                                                                                         • Provides an excellent foundation for every linux
$49.99	US,	$59.99	CAN                 internal aspects of Linux implementation that        programmer, including those who write high-
ISBN:	9780596009588                   affect performance.                                  level GuI software
388	pgs	(est.)			                                                                        • Covers essential topics such as Input/output,
Shelving:	Linux                                                                            process management, files and directories,
Audience:	Intermediate	to	advanced	                                                        memory management, and more
 Linux	system	and	application	
Will	Sell	Like:	0596007604,	Running

                                                                               i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                      Making things talk
                                      By tom Igoe

                                      The workbenches of hobbyists, hackers,                 KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      and makers have become overrun with
                                                                                             • the popularity of microcontroller kits are on
                                      microcontrollers-computers-on-a-chip that                the rise: from the open source arduino kit that
                                      power homebrewed video games, robots, toys,              anyone can build to make’s own microcontroller
                                      and more. This book contains a series of projects        kit, students, researchers, and hobbyists are
                                      that teach readers what they need to know to get         adding smarts to their projects with these
                                      their creations talking to each other, connecting        inexpensive ($40 to $150), easy-to-use kits.
                                      to the web, and forming networks of smart              • Inexpensive networking hardware is available
                                      devices.                                                 for microcontroller projects: wi-fi, Zigbee,
September	2007
                                                                                               Bluetooth, and ethernet networking modules
$29.99	US,	$35.99	CAN	                                                                         can be added to a project for between $50 and
ISBN:	9780596510510                                                                            $100.
432	pgs	(est.)	                                                                              • this book provides an overview of the key
Shelving:		Engineering/Robotics                                                                concepts needed to work with microcontrollers:
Audience:	Hobbyists,	hackers,	and	                                                             basic electronics, programming, and networking
 makers                                                                                        concepts are all explained.
Will	Sell	Like:		0596003145,	                                                                • Project-based approach lets readers dive right
 Hardware Hacking Projects for                                                                 in and customize the examples for their own
 Geeks                                                                                         designs.

                                      Programming AJAX
                                      By Christian wenz

                                      The ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 framework, released               KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      in January, is Microsoft’s answer to the               • aJaX and web 2.0-style applications will drive
                                      wildly popular Ajax approach for building                sales of books that can deliver on both counts
                                      dynamic web applications. This fast, hands-on
                                                                                             • asP.Net aJaX 1.0 framework is microsoft’s
                                      introduction to the framework also covers the            answer to the ajax approach
                                      technologies that make Ajax go. The book allows
                                                                                             • Hands-on book loaded with code and examples
September	2007                        readers to create modern, functional, Web 2.0-
                                                                                               that readers can use
$39.99	US,	$47.99	CAN                 style applications with little effort. They’ll learn
                                                                                             • teaches the essentials of Javascript and ajax so
ISBN:	9780596514242                   how to get the most out of Microsoft’s new
                                                                                               readers can better understand the technologies
473	pgs	(est.)			                     framework, and discover how common and not-              used by the microsoft aJaX framework
Shelving:	ASP.NET/Web	                so-common Ajax effects on the web are actually
                                                                                             • Includes a special appendix on how to debug
 Development                          implemented.
                                                                                               asP.Net aJaX-enabled web sites
Audience:	Microsoft	.NET	users	and	
                                                                                             • Includes solutions to potential security breaches,
 readers	with	some	JavaScript	back-
 ground                                                                                        a concern for ajax-enabled sites
Will	Sell	Like:	9780596009168,	                                                              • author is an expert on both open source and
 Programming ASP.NET, 3E                                                                       closed source web technologies

                                                                            i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                     sharePoint 2007: the Definitive Guide
                                     By James Pyles, Bob fox, Piotr Prussak, Christopher J. regan, Christopher m. Buechler, murray
                                     Gordon, michael lotter, Jason medero, Nilesh mehta, Joris Poelmans, & Christopher Pragash

                                     For any organization that wants to use Windows      KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                     SharePoint Services to share and collaborate on
                                                                                         • New sharePoint version is a significant
                                     Microsoft Office documents, this book shows           improvement, and should make this market pop
                                     administrators of all levels how to get up and
                                                                                         • Book specifically addresses administrators who
September	2007                       running with this powerful and popular set of         need to set up the service
$49.99	US,	$59.99	CAN	               collaboration tools.
                                                                                         • written by a sharePoint expert and former
ISBN:	9780596529581                                                                        microsoft team member
848	pgs	(est.)	
Shelving:		Windows/Sharepoint
Audience:	Administrators	of	all	
Will	Sell	Like:		0672328038,	
 Microsoft SharePoint 2003

                                     Photoshop Cs3 Photographer’s Handbook
                                     By Brad Hinkel & stphen laskevitch

                                     Photographers often feel overwhelmed when           KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                     starting with Photoshop - the sheer number of       • It’s predecessor (by Brad Hinkel) was the
                                     tools and options make it a difficult tool to get     bestselling introductory Cs2 book in 2005 (focal
                                     started. Brad and Steve have created a step-by-       Press)
                                     step guide that provides a simple and effective     • a stripped-down-to-the-essentials book for the
                                     workflow for editing photographs in Photoshop.        intelligent, but impatient Photoshop beginner
July	2007                            The book includes an introduction to the basic
                                                                                         • teaches a workflow rather than buttons and
$35.95	US,	$43.95	CAN                concepts and tools needed to edit photographs         menus
ISBN:	9781933952116                  in Photoshop - and then walks through a
213	pgs			                           complete editing workflow.
Shelving:	Photography/Computers      The handbook is designed to get you working
Audience:	Beginner	to	Intermediate   quickly with Photoshop; providing the essential
                                     information for image editing and step-by-
                                     step projects for more detailed Photoshop

                                                                              i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                     software testing Practice: test Management
                                     By andreas spillner, tilo linz, thomas rossner & mario winter

                                     Aimed at experts who are dedicated to software         and guided through the key concepts and
                                     testing, this book addresses the major issues          terminology of software testing in a variety of
                                     related to advanced, state-of-the-art test             scenarios and case studies (as featured in this
                                     management. It covers the syllabus required            first book in this series.
                                     to pass the Certified Tester Examination -
                                     Advanced Level as defined by the International         KeY seLLInG PoInt
                                     Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).         • authors are among the founders of IstQB
August	2007
                                     Software developers, project managers, quality
$44.95	US,	$53.95	CAN
                                     managers, and team leaders will benefit from
Short	Discount	
                                     the comprehensive coverage of risk oriented
ISBN:	9781933952130
                                     management and the way testing is shown to be
339	pgs	                             an integral, though independent part of software
Shelving:		Computers/Software        development.
Audience:	Intermediate	to	
 Advanced                            Included are best practices in the field of testing,
                                     as well as detailed descriptions of involved
                                     tasks, roles, and responsibilities. Well suited for
                                     self-study, the reader is “taken by the hand”

                                     the Book of Qt 4
                                     By daniel molkentin

                                     The Qt toolkit is widely used for the                  KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                     development of GUI applications as well as             • first book to offer in-depth explanation of Qt 4;
                                     console tools and servers. Qt is most notably            main competitors focus on C++ programming
                                     used in KDE, a free Linux desktop, the Opera
                                                                                            • author a core developer of the Kde desktop
                                     web browser, Skype, and Google Earth. Daniel             which lends instant credibility
                                     Molkentin, author of this book, is a core
                                                                                            • Complete coverage of Qt from basics through
                                     developer of KDE. He uses practical examples
                                                                                              application design
                                     to explain Qt characteristics like the signal slot
July	2007                            concept and its event system. He guides the
$54.95	US,	$68.95	CAN                reader through developing applications both
ISBN:	9781593271473                  with and without Qt’s graphical GUI builder
440	pgs			                           “Qt Designer.” Topics covered include: tools
Shelving:	Programming                needed to create dialog boxes; steps to follow
Audience:	Intermediate               when developing a GUI-based application;
Will	Sell	Like:	1593270704,	Nagios   layout; how to visualize data using Qt’s “model-
                                     view concept”; the QtSql model; the graphics
                                     library; as well as how to work with XML,
                                     databases, threads, and debugging. The book
                                     also includes lots of useful hints on how to use
                                     Qt’s own datatypes, containers and algorithms
                                     and how to develop user-friendly applications.
                                     Co-published with Open Source Press.

                                                                              i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                      Forbidden LeGo
                                      By ulrik Pilegaard and mike dooley

                                      Written by a former master LEGO designer,             KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      this 4 color book describes several projects that
                                                                                            • more than 300 million leGos fans worldwide,
                                      break the LEGO Company’s rules for building             according to
                                      with LEGO bricks—rules against building
                                                                                            • Includes never-before-seen models that break
                                      projects that fire projectiles; cutting or gluing       the mold
                                      bricks; and using non-standard parts. Many of
                                                                                            • Builds on success of the unofficial leGo Builder’s
                                      these are backroom projects that LEGO’s master
                                                                                              Guide (more than 20,000 copies sold since
August	2007                           designers build under the LEGO radar, just to           october 2005)
$24.95	US,	$29.95	CAN                 have fun. The projects use LEGO bricks as well
                                                                                            • should benefit from the marketing push behind
ISBN:	9781593271374                   as common household materials (such as plastic
                                                                                              mINdstorms NXt
192	pgs	                              spoons, ping pong balls, and candy). Readers
Shelving:		Toys	&	Hobbies             learn to create objects that LEGO would never
Audience:	All	Levels                  endorse, such as a gun that shoots plastic pellets,
Will	Sell	Like:	1593270592,	The
                                      a catapult for launching candy, and a multi-
 Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide      directional vehicle. Tips and tricks offer readers
                                      ideas for inventing their own model designs.

                                      the Artist’s Guide to GIMP effects
                                      By michael J. Hammel

                                      The GIMP is a free alternative to Photoshop           KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      that can be used for photo retouching, image          • a very practical book of step-by-step tutorials for
                                      composition, and image authoring. In The                the savvy user
                                      Artist’s Guide to GIMP Effects, artists and
                                                                                            • Covers the GImP 2.2 for linux, windows, and mac
                                      graphics professionals will learn how to use the
                                      GIMP and its tools to produce specific effects.       • 4-color throughout
                                      Short, extensively illustrated tutorials cover a
August	2007                           broad range of real-world projects that will be
$44.95	US,	$53.95	CAN                 useful to those working in areas such as print
ISBN:	9781593271213                   advertisements, web design, photography, and
348	pgs			                            user interface design. Includes material on how
Shelving:	Computer	Graphics           to use brushes, patterns, and shapes, and how
Audience:	Artists,	graphics	profes-   to produce effects like flag-waving, contrast,
 sionals,	and	serious	dabblers        rollovers, and duotones. The book also shows
Will	Sell	Like:	0321123972,	          how to create objects like metal and gel buttons,
 Photoshop 7 Wow!,	Peachpit           and screws, nuts, and bolts, plus faceplates,
                                      wires, tabs, and more.

                                                                                  i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                         the LeGo MInDstoRMs nXt Idea Book
                                         By martijn Boogaarts, Jonathan a. daudelin, Brian l. davis, Jim Kelly, lou morris, fay rhodes,
                                         rick rhodes, matthias Paul scholz, Christopher r. smith & rob torok

                                         This book’s chapters on programming and                KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                         design, CAD-style drawings, and abundance of
                                                                                                • Builds on No starch Press success in the leGo
                                         screenshots make it easy for the reader to master        world
                                         the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT kit and to
                                                                                                • mINdstorms website promotes authors’ blog
                                         build the nine example robots. Readers learn             (
                                         about the NXT parts (beams, axles, gears, and
                                                                                                • written by recognized experts in the NXt
                                         so on), and how to combine them to build and
                                                                                                  community; companion website (www.
September	2007                           program working robots like a slot machine      with extra content for readers,
$29.95	US,	$35.95	CAN                    (complete with flashing lights and lever), a             contact with the authors, links, and more
ISBN:	9781593271503                      black and white scanner, and even a robot DJ.
350	pgs	                                 Chapters cover using the NXT programming
Shelving:		Robotics/Games                language (NXT-G) as well as troubleshooting;
Audience:	All	Levels                     RoboSurgery (building a robot to perform
Will	Sell	Like:	1593270592,	The
                                         “surgery,” like cutting a string); design; software;
 Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide         sensors; Bluetooth; even how to create a NXT
                                         remote control. LEGO fans of all ages will find
                                         this book is an ideal jumping-off point for doing
                                         more with their NXT kit.

                                         Linux Firewalls
                                         By michael rash

                                         The Netfilter firewall built into Linux provides       KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                         capabilities that rival many commercial firewalls.     • Netfilter is a tricky tool with limited
                                         Netfilter: Intrustion Detection and Response             documentation
                                         explores using Netfilter as an intrusion detection
                                                                                                • only book to fundamentally examine intrusion
                                         system (IDS) by combining it with Snort                  detection (Ids) from a firewall perspective
                                         rulesets and custom software available from
                                         the author’s site, Providing
September	2007                           concrete examples to illustrate concepts, the
$49.95	US,	$59.95	CAN                    book discusses passive network authentication;
Short	Discount                           Netfilter log analysis and policies; exploit packet
ISBN:	9781593271411                      traces and Snort ruleset emulation with Netfilter
352	pgs	(est.)			                        rules; and more. Perl and C code snippets
Shelving:	Computer	Security/             are included to help readers maximize the
 Networks                                effectiveness of Netfilter.
Audience:	System	and	network	
Will	Sell	Like:	1931836043,	Snort 2.1,

                                                                              i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                      security Data Visualization
                                      By Greg Conti

                                      In Security Data Visualization, the author creates    KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      graphical windows into the world of computer
                                                                                            • full-color introduction to the field
                                      security data, revealing fascinating and useful
                                                                                            • author is recognized authority in subject area
                                      insights into networking, cryptography, and
                                      file structures. After learning how to graph          • first book of its kind
                                      and display their data correctly, readers will
                                      be able to understand complex data sets at a
September	2007                        glance. They’ll also learn what network attacks
$49.95	US,	$59.95	CAN                 look like, and how to assess their network for
ISBN:	9781593271435                   vulnerabilities with visualization software like
252	pgs		                             Afterglow and RUMINT. In addition, readers
Shelving:		Computer	Security          learn how to build and defend their own
Audience:	Security	professionals	     network visualization systems by recognizing
 and	researchers,	system	adminis-     how systems can be manipulated and attacked.
 trators	and	casual	hackers
Will	Sell	Like:	0735710635,	
 Intrusion Signatures and Analysis,

                                      the essential Blender
                                      edited by roland Hess; Produced by ton roosendaal

                                      Blender is the only free, fully integrated 3D         KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      graphics creation suite to allow modeling,            • this is the official Blender guide, written by
                                      animation, rendering, post-production, and              Blender’s developers
                                      real time interactive 3D with cross-platform
                                                                                            • Blender has well over 1 million users
                                      compatibility. The Essential Blender is the must
                                                                                            • the official Blender 2.3 Guide sold more than
                                      have book on Blender. Following on the heels
                                                                                              14,000 copies
                                      of the very successful Blender 2.3 Guide, this
                                      latest book from the Blender Foundation is            • Covers the most recent product version
September	2007                        the official guide to learning the fundamentals       • Competing 3d tools are prohibitively expensive;
$44.95	US,	$53.95	CAN                 of Blender. The Essential Blender is appropriate        Blender allows anyone to dabble in 3d design,
ISBN:	9781593271664                   for people new to Blender or curious about the          including animations
376	pgs	(est.)			                     latest changes the software. The book covers
Shelving:	Computer	Graphics/          modeling, materials and textures, lighting,
 Design                               particle systems, several kinds of animation,
Audience:	Beginners,	students	and	    and rendering. It also contains chapters on the
 professional	designers               compositor and new mesh sculpting tools. For
Will	Sell	Like:	1593270410,	The       users familiar with other 3D packages, separate
 Official Blender 2.3 Guide           indices reference topics using the terminology in
                                      those applications. The book includes a DVD
                                      with Blender for all platforms as well as the files
                                      and demos from the book.

                                                                           i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                    Programming erlang
                                    By Joe armstrong

                                    Moore’s Law is the observation that the             KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                    amount you can do on a single chip doubles
                                                                                        • the only book of it’s kind
                                    every two years. But Moore’s Law is taking a
                                                                                        • written by the inventor of erlang
                                    detour. Rather than producing faster and faster
                                    processors, companies such as Intel and AMD         • written for the practicing programmer (not for
                                    are producing multi-core devices: single chips        the academic market)
                                    containing two, four, or more processors. If your   • the first book on Concurrency oriented
July	2007                           programs aren’t concurrent, they’ll only run on a     programming (the ooP of the future :-)
$36.95	US,	$44.95	CAN               single processor at a time. Your users will think   • erlang could be the next ruby
ISBN:	9781934356005                 that your code is slow.
526	pgs	
                                    Erlang is a programming language designed
Shelving:		Programming              for building highly parallel, distributed, fault-
Audience:	Some	programming	         tolerant systems. It has been used commercially
 experience	required
                                    for many years to build massive fault-tolerated
                                    systems that run for years with minimal failures.

                                    Pragmatic Unit testing in C# with nUnit, 2e
                                    By andy Hunt and dave thomas with matt Hargett

                                    All over the world, software teams are using unit   KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                    testing both to verify their code and as a way of   • acronyms and exercises make it easy to
                                    helping them design better code. This book is         remember.
                                    unique in the way it covers two aspects: showing
                                                                                        • Concrete advice, easy to use and get started
                                    developers both how to test and helping them          immediately.
                                    determine what to test.
                                                                                        • 1st book to cover new Nunit 2.4 features for .Net
                                    New in the second edition:                            developers
August	2007                                                                             • Part of the Pragmatic starter Kit.
                                    Updated for NUnit 2.4 (.NET 2.0 and Visual
$29.95	US,	$35.95	CAN               Studio 2005)
ISBN:	9780977616671
                                    More assert methods
239	pgs			
Shelving:	.NET/Programming          New String and Collection assertion support
Audience:	All	levels
                                    Better support for multiple-platform
Will	Sell	Like:	0321146530,	Test-   development
 Driven Development by Example
                                    Higher-level setup and teardown fixtures

                                                                              i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                      the Css Anthology, 2e
                                      By rachel andrew

                                      This bestselling question and answer book on        creating a site-wide style sheet
                                      CSS is now completely revised for the latest
                                                                                          The 2nd edition is now full color throughout.
                                      browsers and techniques.
                                      The content is based on the most common             KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      questions and problems related to CSS, such as      • 2nd edition of bestselling Css question & answer
                                      layout & positioning, styling forms, navigation,      book
                                      text styling and user interfaces.                   • updated for Internet explorer 7 and firefox 2
August	2007
$39.95	US,	$47.95	CAN                 Through a question-and-answer format, readers       • New techniques, tricks & hacks throughout
ISBN:	9780975841983                   will discover:                                      • Now in full color, cover-to-cover
400	pgs	
                                      •Practical CSS page layouts they can put to use
Shelving:		CSS                        instantly
Audience:	Intermediate
Will	Sell	Like:	0596005768,	CSS	
                                      •How to combine CSS with images to create
 Cookbook,	O’Reilly                   impressive visual effects
                                      •Techniques for troubleshooting CSS problems
                                      •How-to save hours of maintenance work by

                                      the 2.0 Anthology
                                      By scott allen, Jeff atwood, wyatt Barnett, Jon Galloway & Phil Haack

                                      An ASP.NET book that just helps programmers         •Performance tips and pitfalls
                                      get things done!
                                      This book contains a collection of 101 best         KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                      practice, object oriented solutions that readers
                                                                                          • a question and answer book on asP.Net 2.0
                                      can easily adapt to their own projects.
                                                                                          • Perfect for intermediate-to-advanced asP.Net
                                      Coverage includes:                                    programmers who need a reference book on
                                                                                            their desk
September	2007                        •Working with text, numbers, dates & times
                                                                                          • all solutions follow established best-practices
$39.95	US,	$47.95	CAN                 •Accessing data with ADO.NET                          and use objected oriented code
ISBN:	9780980285819
                                      •Form validation under multiple scenerios           • Provides download access to all the code used,
500	pgs	(est.)			                                                                           written in both C# & VB
Shelving:	ASP.NET                     •Page, Session and application state tips
Audience:	Intermediate
                                      •Access control in web applications
Will	Sell	Like:	0596101392,	
 Professional ASP.NET 2.0, O’Reilly   •Producing standards compliant output
                                      •Enhancing applications with AJAX
                                      •Working with Email
                                      •Handling errors and debugging

                                                                             i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                       Ant in Action, 2e
                                       By steve loughran & erik Hatcher

                                       Completely updated for a major revision of         KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       Ant, v1.7, the book has brand new content on
                                                                                          • major rewrite of award-winning Java
                                       the “big project” features of Ant that allow it      development with ant by two well-known ant
                                       to manage larger builds more effectively than        developers and authors
                                       before. Also covers: library management with       • Covers ant v1.7
                                       Ivy, continuous integration using Luntbuild, and
July	2007                                                                                 • offers experiences and best practices acquired
                                       deployment with Cargo and SmartFrog.
$49.99	US,	$59.99	CAN
                                                                                            over the past several years to a market ready for
                                                                                            an advanced ant book.
ISBN:	9781932394801
                                                                                          • shows how to use ant in big Java projects
600	pgs	
Shelving:		Java	development
                                                                                          • shows how to do test-driven development and
                                                                                            continuous integration
Audience:	Intermediate
Will	Sell	Like:	1930110588,	Java
 Development with Ant

                              AJAX in Action
                                       By alessandro Gallo, david Barkol and rama Krishna Vavilala

                                       ASP.NET AJAX puts the power of Ajax into           KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       the hands of Microsoft ASP developers. With        • Puts the power of ajax into the hands of
                                       this technology, ASP.NET developers can easily       microsoft asP.Net developers
                                       build more interactive and highly personalized
                                                                                          • fast-paced, example-rich tutorial about
                                       web applications that work across all the most       microsoft’s new, free framework
                                       popular browsers.
                                                                                          • timely because of current huge interest in the
                                       ASP.NET AJAX in Action introduces you to             rich web experience (web 2.0)
August	2007                            Ajax applications and to the ASP.NET AJAX          • suitable for beginning to advanced web
$44.99	US,	$53.99	CAN                  technology. Beginners will appreciate the clear      developers
ISBN:	9781933988146
                                       explanations of key ideas and terminology.
                                       Intermediate and advanced ASP.NET developers
576	pgs			
                                       will find a no-nonsense learning source and
Shelving:	Ajax/ASP.NET
                                       well-organized reference.
Audience:	Intermediate
Will	Sell	Like:	1932394699,	Ruby for   ASP.NET AJAX in Action offers a rich set of
 Rails                                 examples and meticulous explanations. The
                                       extensive code samples are accompanied by
                                       accurate and rigorous explanations of the
                                       concepts behind development with ASP.NET

                                                                              i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                       spring in Action, 2e
                                       By Craig walls with ryan Breidenbach

                                       Craig Walls, one of Manning’s best writers, has      KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       produced a much expanded and completely
                                                                                            • Completely updated second edition of the
                                       updated edition to cover the exciting new              bestselling spring in action
                                       features of the just-released Spring 2.0. The
                                                                                            • first book on the market to cover of the new
                                       book is a hands-on, example-driven exploration         spring 2.0
                                       of the Spring framework. Combining short code
August	2007                                                                                 • Hands-on, example driven exploration of the
                                       snippets and an ongoing example developed
$49.99	US,	$59.99	CAN
                                                                                              spring framework
                                       through the book, it shows readers how to build
ISBN:	9781933988139                    simple and efficient J2EE applications, how to
650	pgs	                               solve persistence problems, handle asynchronous
Shelving:		Web                         messaging, create and consume remote services,
Audience:	Intermediate                 build web applications, and integrate with most
Will	Sell	Like:	1932394354,	Spring     popular web frameworks. Readers will learn how
 in Action                             to use Spring to write simpler, easier to maintain
                                       code so they can focus on what really matters--
                                       critical business needs.

                                       test Driven
                                       By lasse Koskela

                                       In test driven development, you first write          TDD beginners, and it offers effective and less
                                       an executable test of what your application          well known techniques to older TDD hands.
                                       code must do. Only then do you write the
                                       code itself and, with the test spurring you
                                                                                            KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                       on, you improve your design. In acceptance
                                       test driven development (ATDD), you                  • the first one-stop shop for Java developers for all
                                       usethe same technique to implement product             things tdd
September	2007                         features, benefiting from iterative development,     • one of the first books to cover the increasingly
$44.99	US,	$53.99	CAN                  rapid feedback cycles, and better-defined              popular acceptance tdd (atdd)
ISBN:	9781932394856                    requirements. TDD and its supporting tools and       • Comprehensive coverage of tdd for J2ee, eJB 3,
470	pgs	(est.)			                      techniques lead to better software faster.             JdBC, Java swing, and more
Shelving:	Software	development         Test Driven brings under one cover practical
Audience:	Intermediate                 TDD techniques distilled from several years of
Will	Sell	Like:	1930110995,	JUnit in   community experience. With examples in Java
 Action                                and the Java EE environment, it explores both
                                       the techniques and the mindset of TDD and
                                       ATDD. It uses carefully chosen examples to
                                       illustrate TDD tools and design patterns, not in
                                       the abstract but concretely in the context of the
                                       technologies you face at work.It is accessible to

                                                                            i N tH e S Pot l iG H t

                                    Fast Guide to Cubase 4
                                    By simon millward

                                    The Fast Guide to Cubase 4 provides the              and a powerful macro library take your music
                                    information you need to quickly master the           production and programming skills to the next
                                    program and also explores advanced techniques.       level.
                                    The book covers all the important details of
                                    the software including recording, editing and        KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                    arranging in the Project window, slicing and         • Installation and setting up
                                    looping in the Sample editor, MIDI editing in        • audio and mIdI recording and editing
July	2007                           the MIDI editors, and mixing and mastering in
                                                                                         • mixing, mastering, eQ and effects
$34.95	US,	$41.95	CAN               the Mixer. In addition, installation and setting
                                                                                         • Vst instruments
ISBN:	9781906005009
                                    up are covered, and detailed information on
                                    recording techniques, EQ, compression, gating,       • media management
480	pgs	
                                    limiting, effects, automation, surround sound,       • music production tips and tools
Shelving:		Digital	Audio
                                    pattern-based arranging, quantizing, audio           • Hands on projects
Audience:	All	users	of	the	soft-
                                    warping, tempo manipulation, synchronisation,
 ware	including	musicians,	sound	
 recordists	and	professionals       media management and VST instruments is
                                    provided. The book is packed full of hints, tips
                                    and tutorials and includes a comprehensive
                                    website list and glossary. 100 special speed tips

                                    Ableton Live 6 tips and tricks
                                    By martin delaney

                                    This book will give Live novices an insight into     KeY seLLInG PoInts
                                    working methods that otherwise would take            • Create a killer live 6 template
                                    months to discover. For the most experienced
                                                                                         • audio editing workrounds within live
                                    user it promises a quick catch-up with Live
                                    6’s new developments (including complex              • Prepare a live set for performance
                                    new performance features, and long-awaited           • use live with other music software
                                    improvements and additions on the production         • Interviews with high-profile live users
September	2007                      side), and a new perspective on some of Live’s
$18.95	US,	$22.95	CAN               more established features.
ISBN:	9781906005023
                                    This book does not duplicate the Live user
160	pgs	(est.)			
                                    manual, it expands upon it, and introduces
Shelving:	Digital	Audio             creative concepts, workflow enhancements,
Audience:	All	users	                and workrounds for common objectives and
                                    problems. It also includes interviews with high-
                                    profile Live users in a variety of musical genres,
                                    passing on their real-world experiences to you.
                                    Although the Live interface is remarkably
                                    simple, there’s a lot of power under the surface.
                                    This book will show you new ways to access that

                                                       Boo K c Ha N Ge S aN D oU t- oF - Pr iN t i N F o r mat i oN

 tItLe CHAnGes                        RoCKY nooK tItLe                      (9781593271558)                           the following title has an out-of-print
                                      CHAnGes:                              Wicked cool PHP                           announcement date of
                                                                                                                      october 1, 00 & an out-of-print
                                      Digital Photography from the          (9781593271022)                           effective date of april 1, 00:
no stARCH tItLe CHAnGes:              Ground Up
Security Data Visualization:          (9781933952178)                       o’ReILLY CAnCeLLeD tItLes:                essential SharePoint
Grahical techniques for Network       Was: Ground-Up Digital                                                          (9780596008802)
                                                                            Dreamweaver cS expert answers
analysis                              Photography: An In-Depth Course       (9780596510626)
(9781593271435)                       for the Novice Photographer
Was: Security Data Visualization                                            Flash cS expert answers
                                      Software testing Practice: test       (9780596510633)
the artist’s Guide to GimP            management: a Study Guide for
effects: creative techniques          the certified tester exam iStQB       Head First Web Design
for Photographers, artists, and       advanced level                        (9780596102418)
Designers                             (9781933952130)                       mac oS X leopard for Starters: the
(9781593271213)                       Was: Software Testing Process: Test   missing manual
Was: The Artist’s Guide to GIMP       Management: A Study Guide for         (9780596510558)
Effects                               the Certified Tester Exam ISTQB       Photoshop cS expert answers
the essential Blender: Guide to       Advanced Level                        (9780596510640)
D creation with the open Source
Suite Blender                         YoUnGJIn tItLe CHAnGe:                Photoshop cS: the missing
(9781593271664)                       ds max: For Game character           (9780596510534)
Was: The Essential Blender: The       Design
Official Guide to 3D Creation with                                          the ruby Programming language
the Blender Open Source Suite                                               (9780596101244)
                                      Was: 3ds Max Game Character
Up and running with FreeBSD           Design                                PC PUBLIsHInG CAnCeLLeD
(9781593271459)                                                             tItLe:
Was: Building a Server with FreeBSD    PRICe CHAnGes
                                                                            music Projects with ableton live
o’ReILLY tItLe CHAnGes:               no stARCH PRICe CHAnGe:
aDo.Net . cookbook, e              the Unofficial leGo miNDStormS        PRAGMAtIC CAnCeLLeD
(9780596101404)                       NXt inventor’s Guide                  tItLe:
Was: ADO.NET 3.0 Cookbook, 2E         (9781593271541)                       Podcasting tricks: Write, record,
c# .0 Design Patterns                Was: $24.95 US, $29.95 CAN            Produce, and Publish Podcasts
(9780596527730)                       Now: $29.95 US, $35.95 CAN            (9780978739270)
Was: C# Design Patterns
                                      o’ReILLY PRICe CHAnGes:                oUt oF PRInt tItLes
Dynamic learning Flash cS
Professional                          Please note: our canadian conver-
(9780596510589)                       sion rate changed in June to 1..
                                                                            o’ReILLY oUt oF PRInts:
Was: Dynamic Learning Flash CS3       all of our publishing partners also
                                      use 1..                              the following titles have an out-of-
Filemaker Pro : the missing                                                print announcement date of
manual                                actionScript .0 Design Patterns
                                                                            July 1, 00 & an out-of-print effec-
(9780596514136)                       (9780596528461)                       tive date of January 1, 00:
Was: FileMaker Pro X: The Missing     Was: $39.99 US, $47.99 CAN
                                                                            excel Hacks
Manual                                Now: $44.99 US, $53.99 CAN
Flex  cookbook                       actionScript .0 Pocket reference
                                                                            learning Web Design, e
(9780596529857)                       (9780596513900)
Was: Flex X Cookbook                  Was: $14.99 US, $17.99 CAN
Flex  User interface Design &        Now: $24.99 US, $29.99 CAN
Development                           High Performance Web Sites            the following titles have an out-of-
                                                                            print announcement date of
(9780596528454)                       (9780596529307)
                                                                            august 1, 00 & an out-of-print
Was: Flex X User Interface Design &   Was: $34.99 US, $41.99 CAN            effective date of February 1, 00:
Development                           Now: $29.99 US, $35.99 CAN
                                                                            mySQl Pocket reference
Windows PowerShell cookbook                                                 (9780596004460)
(9780596528492)                        CAnCeLLeD tItLes
                                                                            regular expression Pocket
Was: Windows PowerShell: The
Definitive Guide                      MAnnInG CAnCeLLeD tItLe:              (9780596004156)
                                      Hacking with ruby
PRAGMAtIC tItLe CHAnGe:               (9781932394745)                       the following title has an out-of-print
                                                                            announcement date of
Deploying rails applications: a                                             September 1, 00 & an out-of-print
Step-by-Step Guide                    no stARCH CAnCeLLeD
                                                                            effective date of march 1, 00:
(9780978739201)                       tItLes:
                                                                            asterisk: the Future of telephony
Was: Rails Deployment: Production     the Book of Python
Configuration and Advanced Rails                                            (9780596009625)
                                      Videogame and computer
                                      entertainment Systems: the First
                                      1 years

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