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					      Webliography: Resources for and about the US RDA Test; communication

General information on the US Test of RDA:

Library of Congress Documentation for the Test:
   * Training Materials for RDA Test Participants (Jan. 2010) (PowerPoint files,
      exercises/answers, encoding documents, etc. [webcasts listed below])
  * Training Materials for LC Core RDA Elements (PowerPoint files, exercises/answers,
      encoding documents, etc., for LC testers)
  * Choices in RDA (decisions about additional core elements, application of options and
      alternatives, etc., for LC testers)
  *   Examples for RDA - Compared to AACR2
  *   Library of Congress Policy Statements (LCPSs)
  *   Frequently Asked Questions
  *   US RDA Test administrative documents (documents from the Test Coordinating
      Committee posted here for public distribution)
        1. US RDA Test policy for the Extra set: use of existing authority and bibliographic
           records (guidelines for using/modifying existing bibliographic and authority
             records when cataloging the "extra set" category in the Test)
        2. US RDA Test record collection plan (explains the plan for collecting bibliographic
             and authority records from Test participants and from others who may be
             interested in contributing their records)
        3.   US RDA Test Common set criteria (the matrix of categories to be used in
             selecting the resources for the "common set")
        4.   RDA bibliography for US RDA Test (a bibliography of RDA-related resources)
        5.   Assigning institution codes and record identifiers (instructions to the Test
        6.   Common Original Set and Common Copy Set surrogates (a list of the resources
             to be cataloged as part of the Common Original Set and Common Copy Set, and
             includes links to surrogates or Web sites). Also, Instructions for Common
           Original Set and Common Copy Set surrogates
        7. Adding RDA elements/fields to existing OCLC non-RDA records (OCLC’s policy for
             the Test time period)
        8. Questionnaire for U.S. Individuals/Libraries Who Want to Comment on RDA
            (announces the availability of a questionnaire available to those who are not
            formal or informal Test participants)
        9. Overview of the US RDA Test (an overview of topics related to the Test, issued
            by the Coordinating Committee)
        10. RDA Test Record Downloads (access to files of bibliographic and authority
            records created by formal and informal participants in the Test)

Webcasts: foundations of RDA, changes from AACR2, potential for the future

Resource Description and Access: Background / Overview. Speaker: Barbara Tillett.
Recorded May 14, 2008. Running time: 67 minutes. Available at:

                                                  Library of Congress, Policy & Standards Division
                                                                                      May 4, 2011
Cataloging Principles and RDA: Resource Description and Access. Speaker: Barbara Tillett.
Recorded June 10, 2008. Running time: 49 minutes. Available at:

FRBR: Things You Should Know but Were Afraid to Ask. Speaker: Barbara Tillett. Recorded
March 4, 2009. Running time: 57 minutes. Available at:

AACR2, RDA, VIAF, and the Future: there to here to there. Speaker: Barbara Tillett for the
NISO Webinar: “Bibliographic Control Alphabet Soup: AACR to RDA and Evolution of MARC”.
Recorded October 14, 2009. Presentation available upon request from B. Tillett

RDA Changes from AACR2 for Texts. Speaker: Barbara B. Tillett. Recorded January 12,
2010. Running time: 75 minutes (41 minutes of presentation followed by Q&A). Available

RDA Test “Train the Trainer” (Training modules). Presented by Judy Kuhagen and Barbara
Tillett, January 15, 2010; Northeastern University, Boston, Mass.
Modules 1-9
          PowerPoint files of the Modules (with speaker’s notes) and accompanying material
          are freely available at:
      Module 1: What RDA Is and Isn’t
      Module 2: Structure
      Module 3: Description of Manifestations and Items
      Module 4: Identifying Works, Expressions, and Manifestations
      Module 5: Identifying Persons
      Module 6: Identifying Families (filmed at the Library of Congress, March 1, 2010)
      Module 7: Identifying Corporate Bodies
      Module 8: Relationships
      Module 9: Review of Main Concepts, Changes, Etc.

RDA: Looking to the Future: Information Systems and Metadata. Speaker: Barbara Tillett.
Recorded March 9, 2010. Running time: 54 minutes. Available at:

Website for the RDA Toolkit: (includes webinars about the Toolkit)
        To submit questions about the Toolkit:

RDA Test record downloads:
        Note disclaimer that records have not been reviewed.

Communication about RDA and the US RDA Test:
* Basecamp accounts for formal Test participants
* email address for questions to the Coordinating Committee about the Test and the
  testing process:
* email address for questions about the content of RDA:

                                              Library of Congress, Policy & Standards Division
                                                                                  May 4, 2011

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