; 12 Engineering Emergent Actor Agent Behaviour
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12 Engineering Emergent Actor Agent Behaviour


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									12. Engineering Emergent Actor-Agent Behaviour
    Gouman, Wijngaards, Nieuwenhuis

    The focus of the interdisciplinary D-CIS Lab’s research is on actor-agent communities (AACs). In these
    communities, actors (humans) and agents (artificial entities) together pursue a shared goal in a changing
    environment. Current examples include AACs for environmental crisis management, train-driver
    rescheduling and contextualized super situation awareness for first responders. Part of the research on
    AACs focusses on the sustained effectiveness of actor-agent teams: can their (emergent) performance be
    monitored and managed over time, given changes to their common goal, team dynamics and environmental
    dynamics? A derived aspect concerns designing, monitoring and controlling emergent behaviour arising
    from the interactions among the (changing population of) actors and agents. Other aspect are (offline and
    online) simulation of team effectiveness, as well as design and development of (quasi) cognitive capabilities
    for participating agents. Our contribution to this workshop is based on our sociotechnical approach,
    interdisciplinary research, and research & development on large-scale AACs.

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