Steven R. Davenport 510 Lawrence St. Apt. 5 Ann Arbor_ MI 48104 by gegeshandong


									                                             Steven R. Davenport
                                                510 Lawrence St. Apt. 5
                                                 Ann Arbor, MI 48104
                                                    (734) 915-0558
To obtain an internship position with the Detroit Tigers broadcasting office

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Dual Degree Candidate                                                                           Expect April 2012
Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management Expected April 2012
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Expected April 2012
Member, Sports Business Association                                                    September 2009 – Present

WCBN Radio Station, Ann Arbor, MI                                                          January 2010 – Present
Radio Station volunteer experience
    Commentate during and about halftime of U-M sports games (hockey, basketball, baseball, etc.)
    Discuss with and without preparation about halftimes, daily sport headlines, U of M sports news, and national
       sports news
    Coordinate with other members about weekly shows
    Public speak on a student-operated station and think quickly on air

University of Michigan’s Center for Educational Outreach, Ann Arbor, MI                     June 2009 – Present
Theater Troupe work experience
    Perform rehearsed and improved scenes for local elementary, middle, and high school students
    Work approximately twelve hours per week while being a full time student and maintain full course load
    Educate local middle and high school students on college
    Work with a very diverse group of student actors
    Communicate with other co-workers and 25 -100 unacquainted students

Davenport Brother’s Construction, Belleville, MI                                           June 2005 – Present
Maintenance and Laborer work experience
    Work approximately forty hours per week during summer months
    Monitor the condition of the main office and its rented properties
    Communicate with head directors and other companies’ representatives
    Work in a diverse environment while using the Spanish language
    Sell and pitch the company jobs to constituents and clients
Conversational in Spanish Language; Proficient in MS Word and MS Power Point; Experience in MS Excel

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