Mission Trip Guidelines by keralaguest


									                        Women’s Ministry Mission Trip – Mexico
                             March 26 – April 2 , 2010

What is the purpose of this trip?
To increase our vision of God’s work in the world through viewing and sharing in ministries for
and by Mexican women at Debora House. The focus of the ministry at Debora House addresses
issues of parenting, domestic violence, poverty and response to Jesus Christ.

What will we be doing?
A variety of projects can be undertaken, depending on the skills of the participants and what
the needs at Debora House are at that time. Some possibilities are:
    - assisting with crafts for children and/or women
    - painting of Debora House second story
    - helping construct bunk beds
    - gardening
    - organizing supply rooms
    - attending church and Bible study meetings
    - prayer walks or rides
    - some home visiting or touring
    - cultural events and a beach and/or shopping trip!

Who should participate?
We welcome women of all ages who are in good physical health and have a desire to expand
their vision of missions and serve the women of Debora House ministries. The trip will be
limited to 8 participants. Anyone with Spanish skills will be especially welcome!

Who will we be working with?

Ruth Gollings, long time BGC missionary in Tijuana, Mexico, cares for women and children who
experience abuse within their families, She also teaches mothers how to be good parents, and
trains servant leaders in churches in the region of Baja California Norte. Our trip will mostly be
spent at the Debora House of Refuge, which provides shelter for women and children who are
survivors of domestic abuse. Sandy Semenyna from the Baptist General Conference of Canada
Nat’l Women’s Ministries Resource Team is the team organizer and contact.
                                     Mexico Guidelines
1. You will be responsible to make your own flight arrangements to San Diego. Please make sure
   that you arrive at the San Diego airport by the afternoon of March 26, 2010. Westjet has a
   Friday flight to San Diego that connects in Calgary from all major points in Western Canada. We
   will be making one return trip to the San Diego airport on April 2 to return the rental van and get
   all participants to their flights.

2. Transportation into and around Mexico will be a 12 passenger van, which we will rent in San
   Diego. Space will be limited, so please restrict your luggage to the following:
   a) One medium sized bag or suitcase
   b) One carry-on bag that contains your basic necessities
   c) It would be a good idea to have a “Fanny Pack” to carry vital items with you at all times –
       passport, wallet, health insurance, etc.

3. Costs:
   a) The cost for each participant will be $500.00 (including registration fee) This cost includes:
       -Shared transportation costs
       -Accommodations (including breakfast and lunch)
        -A contribution to ministry projects and/or supplies
       -The difference in the US and Canadian dollar

    Other costs you will be responsible for include:

    b) Flight to San Diego
    c) Passport costs
    d) Out of country medical insurance
    e) Supper each night (at local restaurants – prices range from $2 - $12 US, depending on where
       you go, or $4.50 at Puente de Amistad )
    f) Coin-operated laundry (available at the base)
    g) Spending money for souvenirs.
    h) Supplies for a project, sewing or craft you would be interested in doing with the women
       and/or children. Debora House has construction tools and sewing machines available.
       Please contact us if you plan to bring materials into Mexico, as there are some restrictions
       and customs fees associated with bringing items in.

4. Medical/Health:
   a) Participants should be in good physical condition and able to participate in light work
      projects in very warm weather. Make sure you eat adequately, wisely and have sufficient
      water and rest to remain healthy. Sunblock and hats are highly recommended!
   b) Don’t play with the animals.
   c) Wash your hands frequently
   d) It may be a good idea to have a tetanus shot if you haven’t had one in the last five years. .
      Influenza vaccination and the “Twinrix” vaccine are recommended. Garlic, yogurt and/or
      acidophilus pills are good to take before you arrive and during your time in Mexico.
5. Please consider carrying health insurance during the time we will be out of the country. In case
   of a medical emergency, there is a Christian clinic in El Florido or we can cross in to San Diego for
   treatment. Bring enough prescription medication (with original prescription labels) to cover your
   length of stay.

6. Housing:
   a) Accommodations will be at the “Puente de Amistad “ in Tijuana. (see their website at:
      www.puentedeamistad.org ). We will be sharing the facility with a large group of teens
      from Spokane, WA , but we will have two rooms in an area separate from their sleeping
      accommodation which includes our own washroom.
   b) Sheets, a blanket and pillow are provided. Shower facilities are available – bring your own
      towel and toiletries, and there is a coin laundry on the base.
   c) Breakfast will be prepared for us and possibly, bagged lunches. Supper is also available at a
      cost of $4.50US, but most nights we will be eating out at various local restaurants.

7. Clothing:
   a) In Mexico, the rule is modesty. Be neat and conservative – no shorts above the knee, tank
       tops, tight or low cut clothing, or excessive jewellery and makeup. Please bring along a skirt
       or a dress with sleeves for some settings.
   b) Because we will be involved in some projects, work clothes will be necessary, including
       sturdy shoes. A hat and sunscreen are recommended, as it’s warm. You will need a jacket
       as evenings can be cool in March. Open toed shoes are not recommended – you will
       understand why once you’re there! It is very dusty, so contact lenses are not

8. Schedule:
   (* to be inserted when more details are known about the group and projects available)
   Participants are expected to be involved in all scheduled events and activities and not plan their
   own itinerary.

9. Personal Ministry:
   a) This trip is about blessing and ministering to the women at the Debora House. Please come
       prepared to serve and to be as cooperative as possible. There may be times when you are
       stretched, tired or uncomfortable and will need to ask the Lord to help you to have a
       positive attitude and a servant’s heart. Remember this should be the reason you want to
       come on the trip!
   b) Be friendly and go out of your way to build relationships with the women we meet and tell
       them about your relationship with Jesus.
   c) We are there to minister to the women and need to take care in our contacts with the
       Mexican men so we are not viewed as flirtatious.

10. Culture:
    d) Mexico is a people-oriented culture. Traditionally, it doesn’t focus on productivity, plans,
        effectiveness or getting the job done. Make sure that people, not the job, take first place.
        Being polite is very important ....shake hands a lot, smile, say “gracias” and “por favor”. We
        will be in the midst of poverty so make every effort not to stare, be critical or pull back from
        the people. Mexicans are gracious hosts and will want to give to you as well. Generally
        women are more reserved than men.
11. Language:
       Mexico is definitely a Spanish-speaking country and very few in the area we will be visiting
       speak much English. Learn whatever Spanish you can (see the attached guide) and make an
       effort to speak to the women. A Spanish/English dictionary would be helpful, too.

12. Eating & Drinking:
    a) The thought of eating in Mexico is usually a cause for extreme stress – but you don’t want to
        miss the great food! Following a few simple guidelines can alleviate that stress and make it
        an enjoyable experience because Mexican food is really terrific! You should avoid food from
        the small push carts whether they are selling ice cream, hot dogs, fruit or whatever. Items
        from corner stores, grocery stores, packaged foods and most restaurant foods are quite safe
        to eat. Fruit must be washed and dried and wash your hands after handling fruit before
        eating it.
    b) Even in the poor areas, people only drink purified bottled water. Ice should be avoided
        whenever possible. Always carry bottled water or your own labelled water container filled
        with bottled water.
    c) It would be wise to carry medication such as “Imodium”. Although we will all do our best to
        be cautious, unexpected surprises can spoil your time in Mexico!

13. Money:
    a) The Mexican currency is the peso, although US dollars are accepted everywhere. Traveler’s
       cheques will not be of any use to you in Mexico, and most places in Tijuana do not accept
       credit or debit cards, so have adequate cash for your purchases. Tens and twenties are
       preferable, as making change can be difficult for clerks.
    b) It’s usually not a good idea to give money directly to people. Let the leaders determine the
       needs of the people and how to distribute any resources.

14. Safety:
    a) Because of the many news stories about crime in Mexico, concerns about our safety can
        cause stress. The area we will be in is secure and although there are no guarantees, there
        should be no problems with safety. Normal precautions should be taken, (avoiding some
        areas, securing valuables, etc.), as you would for any other place you would travel.
    b) It is best to bring only a few valuables (eg. camera, a little spending money) and leave the
        rest at home (jewellery, electronics, etc.) It may not be a good idea to leave cell phones on
        while in Mexico as unscrupulous people have been known to access the phone lines of
        visitors for criminal activity.
    c) Do not venture out alone.

15. Shopping:
    We can schedule some time for local shopping, along with some guidelines regarding
    appropriate “bargaining on prices”.

16. Tijuana:
        Tijuana is a fast growing city that attracts people from all over the country because of its
        proximity to the border, the availability of jobs and land. The rapid growth has caused
        Tijuana to swell to about 3.5 million people and there are many migrant communities with
           vast and unending human needs. Our trip will give us just a brief glimpse of what is
           happening in this part of the world.

   17. Preparation:
       a) Complete the BGCC Women’s Ministries Mission Trip application form and submit with a
          $25.00 application fee to Sandy Semenyna, team leader. Please make cheques payable to:
          “Women’s Ministries Today”. (This application fee will not be receipt-able) You will be
          notified if your application is/is not accepted.
       b) To prepare yourself for this trip, we strongly recommend that you read one of the following
          books :
          - “Have We No Rights?” by Isabel Kuhn
          - “ Foreign to Familiar” by Sarah A. Lanier
          ....or any other current book on missions your local leaders would recommend

       c) Write a short (one page) description of how you view your role in missions/ building God’s
          kingdom around the world and submit it the team leader, Sandy Semenyna, by February 1,
       d) The balance of your mission trip fee is due one month prior to departure. Details about
          payments and receipts will be communicated to you closer to the time.

                                           What to Bring

      Bible, journal, notebook, pen
      Camera
      Clothes – The climate is basically the same as San Diego....moderate with the possibility of rain
       and cool evenings from December to April. It can be very windy and dusty. Be neat and
       conservative (see Guidelines #7) and bring work clothes, work shoes & sneakers, a light coat,
       hat, slacks and a skirt or dress with sleeves
      Personal hygiene items – including sun screen, towel, washcloth
      Identification – passports will be required, other picture ID such as a driver’s license; make 2
       photocopies of your ID: one to leave at home and one to provide to give to the leader (or carry
      Medications – prescription and over the counter such as Tylenol, Imodium, etc.
      Money – Bring cash, but don’t be extravagant - Pesos or US dollars (in small bills)
      Supplies for projects (see 3h. Above)
      Water bottle

What NOT to bring:
      Excessive jewellery & makeup
      Electronic gadgets
                   Little Survival Spanish Guide

Buenos dias         Good morning         Buenas tardes       Good afternoon

Buenas noches       Good evening         Hola                Hi!

Adios               Bye                  Hasta luego         See you later

Vaya con Dios       Go with God

Cómo está usted?    How are you?
Cómo estás?         How are you?         Muy bien, gracias    Very well, thank you.

Gracias             Thank you            De nada             You’re welcome
Por favor           Please

Cómo se llama?      What is your name?   Mi nombre es.....   My name is....
Cómo te llamas?     What is your name?   Me llamo.....       My name is....
Cuántos años tiene? How old are you?          Yo tengo...... años   I am ....years old
Cuántos años tienes? How old are you?

Qué hora tiene?      What time is it?         Es la una             It’s one o’clock
                                              Son las dos y media   It’s two thirty

Dónde está...?            Where is....?
      ...el baño?               ....the bathroom?
      ...el telefono?           ....the telephone?
      ...el correo?             ....the post office?
      ...la tienda?             ....the store?
      ...la restaurante?        ....the restaurant?
      ...el supermercado?       ....the supermarket?
      ...su casa?               ....your house?
      ...el hospital?           ....the hospital?
      ...la policia?            ....the police?
      ...la iglesia?            ....the church?

Ayúdame, por favor      Help me, please       Permíteme ayudarle       Let me help you

Tiene hambre?        Are you hungry?          Tengo hambre          I am hungry

Tiene sed?           Are you thirsty?         Tengo sed             I am thirsty

Está usted cansada (o)? Are you tired?        Estoy cansada(o)      I am tired

Está usted enfermo (a)? Are you sick?         Estoy enferma (o)     I am sick

Tiene calor?         Are you hot?             Tengo calor           I am hot

Tiene frio?          Are you cold?            Tengo frio            I am cold

No hablo español, pero yo quiero aprender     I don’t speak Spanish, but I want to learn

Habla ingles?        Do you speak English?    Soy Canadiense        I am Canadian

Es ella su amiga?    Is she your friend?      Si, ellas es mi amiga Yes, she is my friend

Es el su amigo?      Is he your friend?       Si, el es mi amigo    Yes, he is my friend
                                          LA FAMILIA
la familia            the family                 el hombre                    man
la mujer              woman                      el padre                     father
la madre              mother                     el niño(a)                   boy / girl
el hijo (a)           son/ daughter              el hermano (a)               brother/ sister
el abuelo (a)         grandfather/ grandmother el tío (a)                     uncle/ aunt
el novio (a)          boyfriend/ girlfriend      un amigo (a)                 friend

       Cuántas personas hay en su familia?          How many people are in your family?

       Somos.......personas                         We have ..... people

       Tiene algunos hermanos?                      Do you have any brothers?
       Cuántos hermanos tiene?                      How many brothers do you have?

       Si, tengo .....hermanos                      Yes, I have .....brothers
       No, no tengo hermanos                        No, I have no brothers

       Tiene algunas hermanas?                      Do you have any sisters?

       Si, tengo ....hermanas                       Yes, I have ....sisters
       No, no tengo hermanas                        No, I have no sisters

                                        A LA TIENDA

la tienda             the store              la farmacia          drugstore
el mercado            market                 el supermercado      supermarket
la comida             food                   carnes               meats
chorizo               sausage                huevos               eggs
pan                   bread                  pollo                chicken
puerco                pork                   pescado              fish
mariscos              seafood                verduras/ las legumbres      vegetables
el tomate             tomato                 le lechuga           lettuce
la cebolla            onion                  la papa              potato
las frutas            fruit                  fresco               fresh

                Qué quiere comprar?                 What do you want to buy?

                Quiero comprar ....una soda         I want to buy ...a pop
                             ...una manzana                       ....an apple
                             ...las fresas                        ....strawberries
                             ...los limones                       ...lemons
                             ...los plátanos                      ...bananas
Dónde está la ducha?                Where is the shower?
Cuánto cuesta la ducha?             How much does a shower cost?
Cuánto cuesta el jabón?             How much does the soap cost?
Necesito comprar un cepillo de dientes    I need to buy a tooth brush

                                A LA RESTAURANTE

la comida              food                     las bebidas            drinks
el desayuno            breakfast                el almuerzo            lunch
la cena                dinner                   el menú                menu
la cuenta              bill                     los platos             dishes
plato del dia          special of the day       sopa del dia           soup of the day
carne de res           beef                     puerco                 pork
pollo                  chicken                  frijoles refritos      refried beans
arroz                  rice                     ensalada mixta                 tossed salad
los tacos              tacos                    cabrito                goat meat
jugos                  juices                   leche                  milk
soda, refresco         pop                      café                   coffee
aqua mineral           mineral water            aqua purificada        purified water

Qué quiere comer?                               What would you like to eat?

Quiero comer los tacos de pollo, por favor              I would like chicken tacos, please

Quiero comer...los tacos de res.... por favor           beef tacos
             ....huevos y jamón                         eggs and ham
             ....pan tostado                            toast
             ....sopa de pollo                          chicken soup
             ....torta de jamón                         ham sandwich
             ....helado                                 ice cream
             ....papas fritas                           French fries
             ....hamburgesa                             hamburger

Qué quiere tomar?                               What would you like to drink?

Quiero tomer..... jugo.... por favor            I would like juice, please
              ....té caliente                   hot tea
              ....té helado                     ice tea

La cuenta, por favor           The bill, please
                       LOS NUMEROS Y LA MONEDA

uno      1          once         11      veintiuno       21   cuarenta     40
dós      2          doce         12      ventidós        22   cincuenta    50
trés     3          trece        13      ventitrés       23   sesenta      60
cuatro   4          catorce      14      veintricuatro   24   setenta      70
cinco    5          quince       15      veinticinco     25   ochenta      80
séis     6          dieciséis    16      veintiséis      26   noventa      90
siete    7          diecisiete   17      veintisiete     27   cien         100
ocho     8          dieciocho    18      veintiocho      28   mil         1000
nueve    9          diecinueve   19      veintinueve     29   millón      million
diez     10         veinte       20      trenta          30

              el dinero    money
              su cambio    your change
              los pesos
              los dolares
              los centavos
                                         LAS CANCIONES

     Mirad Cual Amor                                                 Busca Primero
(Behold What Manner of Love)                                          (Seek Ye First)

Mirad cual amor, nos ha dado el Padre                         Busca primero el reino de Dios
Al hacernos hijos de Dios.                                    Y su justicia perfecta
Para ser llamados hijos de Dios (2 x)                         Y lo demás añadido será
                                                              Alelu, Aleluya

    Cristo, Nombre Sublime                                           Padre, Te Adoro
(Jesus, Name Above All Names)                                      (Father, I Adore You)

Criso nombre sublime                                          Padre, te adoro, ante ti me rindo,
Salvador nuestro                                              Cuánto te amo.
Glorioso Señor, Emanuel                                       Cristo, te adoro, ante ti me rindo,
Dios con nosotros                                             Cuánto te amo.
Palabra viva                                                  Espiritu, te adoro, ante ti me rindo,
Gran Redentor                                                 Cuánto te amo.

                                     Primera De Juan 4: 7 - 8
                                    (1 John 4: 7 – 8 - Beloved)

                                   Amaos, sí, los unos a otros,
                                        pues Dios es amor
                                        y es nacido de Dios
                                   el que ama, conoce a Dios.
                                  Quien no ama, no le conoce.
                                           Dios es amor
                                   Amaos, sí, los unos a otros

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