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					     City of Ottawa - Speeding Costs You Deerly: Award-winning campaign

     Speeding Costs You Deerly Award-Winning Campaign
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     An extensive communications campaign was undertaken in the fail of 2006 to increase awareness among drivers about the
     high incidence of deer-vehicle collisions. Drivers were educated about the importance of reducing speed, being alert,
     staying in control and understanding deer traffic patterns as ways to reduce the number of collisions.
     Once known as the deer-vehicle collision capital of Ontario, Ottawa's Speeding Costs You Deerly campaign has been a
     resounding success. Since 2006, deer-vehicle collisions have decreased by an amazing 38 per cent, resulting in an
     estimated social cost savings of $1.1 million.

                                     Wins MTO Award
                                     The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) recently recognized the Integrated Road
                                     Safety Program for its Speeding Costs You Deerly initiative. The program won the 2006
                                     Road Safety Achievement Award in the category 'Road Safety Achievement of the Year'.
                                     The award winning program committee included members from Ottawa Police, the City's
                                     rural health team and Public Works and Services, community residents, MTO, OPP, CA4
                                     and Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.

                                     Wins Environmental Award
                                   The Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre presented the City of Ottawa with a special
                                   EnvironmentalAward for its Speeding Costs You Deeriycampaign. The Centre elected to
                                   give this award, only the second award given in its 22-year history, because the
                                   campaign's objective of prevention and education is at the heart of the Centre's mission
                                   in establishing a better understanding and appreciation for wildlife while mitigating the
     impact of development and human encroachment Into wildlife habitat.

      http://ottawa.calresidents/onthemove/driving/road                                                         24/08/2009

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    of $1.1 million.
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Wildlife / Vehicle Collision Prevention

Speeding Costs You ...Deerly
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Ottawa has t h e most wildlifelvehicle collisions in Ontario.

Vast rural areas, combined with plenty of green space and wooded
areas in urban centres, make Ottawa an ideal locale for the occurrence
of vehicielwildlife co!lisions. As well, the upsurge of the deer population
in Ottawa and most of Ontario has compounded this situation.
In fact, 1,000 wildlife/vehicle collisions on Ottawa's roadways are
reported each year - more than any other area in Ontario.
The risk of wildlife crossing the path of vehicles exists throughout the
year, but the risk is much greater in the fall - especially between dusk
and dawn

Wildlifelvehicle collision prevention: be alert, reduce speed, stay in control

Be alert

     Scan, side-to-side. the roadway and its shoulders
     Use your high beams where possible
     Look out for light reflection from an animal's eyes
     Take notice of yellow wildlife warning signs

Reduce your speed

     This increases your time to safely react
 e   This decreases the distance to stop
     This decreases the possibility or severity of personal injury, should a collision be unavoidable

If wildlife crosses your path, s t a y in control

     Sound your horn
     Never sweive suddenly

If you lose control, you can suffer a far greater consequence -such as a head-on collision with another vehicle.
Your best defence is slowing down. So, remember, Speeding Costs You ... Deerly!

 Community Partnership
 Thank you to our community partners for helping to make the Speeding Costs You Deerly campaign possible:

     Ontario Federation of Anolers and Hunters
     Ontario Ministrv of Transportation
     Ontario Provincial Police
     CAA North B East Ontario


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