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                                SPARTAN SPIRIT
     Organization             V O L U M E      2 0 1 1 / 2 0 1 2 . 3                   N O V E M B E R         2 0 1 1


 11/2: College
                                Principal’s Message
 11/5: Spartan            Hello Spartan Families,
Classic Fundraiser              Ready or not here it        on Tuesdays in room T-22 from      end of the day it all adds up to
 11/5: SAT                comes…. With the Holiday         3-4. Most of our teachers have     a great contribution of care
                           Season creeping up on us, it     also set times that they make      and love for our students,
 11/8: Vision &           becomes easy for us to take      themselves available for           school, and community.
Hearing Screening          our eyes off the prize. I urge   students to come in for                 As always our door is
 11/8: PFSO               you to work with your child      additional support.                open so please do not hesitate
                           and help them keep their              Keeping our eyes on the       to contact us.
Meeting                    focus. On our end, we have       prize also includes recognizing
 11/11: Veteran’s         funded several opportunities     the tremendous efforts of our      Have a great fall season,
Day Holiday                to help your child stay          PFSO in raising funds,
                           focused. Tutoring is available   supporting programs, and
11/17 Senior BBQ          Mondays and Wednesdays           assisting us in many ways.         Ed Howard,
 11/21—25:                from 3-4 in the library.         This group of selfless             Principal
Thanksgiving               Credentialed teachers are        volunteers should serve as a
                           there to assist. NHS offers      model of community. Their
Holiday                    peer to peer tutoring on         consistent effort is a necessity
 11/30: Deadline for      Tuesdays and Wednesdays          and their work makes us strong.
UC and CSU                 from 3-4 in room 215. EL         It may seem like small tasks or
                           students can receive tutoring    limited involvement, but at the
 12/10: ACT
 12/20 —1/6:
Winter Break
 12/31: Deadline to
turn in Fresh ‘n Easy
                               Spartan Classic Fundraiser:
                                 Dinner, Casino, and Auction
                                     Saturday, November 5 6:00 to 11:00pm
                                            Astor Classic Event Center
                                            1563 Babbitt St., Anaheim
                                  Money raised goes to support OUR School and EVERY Student at VPHS
                                                  (see pages 3-4 for more information)

                                    Villa Park High School Parent Faculty Student Organization (PFSO)
                        18042 East Taft Avenue Villa Park CA 92861           www.vphsspartanspirit@yahoo.com
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          PFSO President’s Message
          Fall is here, the holiday       Please contact Linda Schafer               around campus. The next meeting is
          season is just around the       (lindaih@socal.rr.com) if you are able     Tuesday, November 8 at 8:30am in
          corner, and the PFSO has        to help (7:00am – 3:00pm). Thank           the teacher’s lounge.
          another busy month              you Linda for all your work!               Read the Spartan Spirit Newsletter
          ahead.                                                                     each month. Thank you to Daveen
                                          PFSO DIRECTORY                             Meyers, Editor, for all her work
SPARTAN CLASSIC FUNDRAISER                    The PFSO Directory is at the           putting together an interesting and
     The major fundraising event for      print shop and will be mailed to all       informative newsletter!
Villa Park High School is the annual      PFSO members this month. Thank
Spartan Classic on Saturday,              you to Kathe Ewing who has been                 Check out the VPHS website for
November 5. Please plan to support        compiling all of the directory             lots of important information:
the school by attending the Dinner        information since August! Great            www.orangeusd.k12.ca.us/vphs/
and Casino Night. Join Mr.                work!
Howard, staff, and parents at this fun                                               Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and
event.Caption describing
                                          HOMECOMING                                 a relaxing week off!
      picture or graphic.
     Many thanks to the Spartan               Thank you to Donna Greenwald
Classic chairmen, Karla Kjellin-Elder     and Lisa Oakes for organizing the          Karen Adnams
and Amiee Howard and Booster              volunteers and refreshments for the        PFSO President
Liaison, Lori Leahy for their many        fun Homecoming Dance.
hours of work on this huge event.
                                          STAY INFORMED
VISION & HEARING SCREENING                    Attend the PFSO meetings. First
    All sophomore students will go        on the agenda each month is our
through vision and hearing screening      Principal, Activities Director and
at school on November 8.                  student leaders. They update us on
Volunteers are needed to assist.          the activities and events going on

                                                                                                     The VPHS Chapter of
                     FREE MONEY!                                                                        Future Business
                  What do we mean by                                                                 Leaders of America has
                                                                                                         two collection
                    ‘Free Money’???                                                                    drives in process:
Some of the businesses that we regularly shop at will donate a
          portion of your purchase amount to VPHS!
        It costs you NOTHING! BUT VPHS GAINS $$$!
              Please Help Us Earn FREE MONEY!                                       In partnership with
                                                                                   the Lion's Club of Or-
                      From now until December 31, 2011, VPHS PFSO can              ange, they are collect-
                      earn money for every receipt of $20 or more                   ing eye glasses for
                      from Fresh & Easy Markets. Simply bring receipts             those in need around
                      to the VPHS office.                                                the world.
                      Nearby locations:
                                                                                     In partnership with Working Wardrobes,
                      1803 E. Chapman (Tustin /Chapman)
                                                                                   they are collecting gently worn professional
                      440 S. Anaheim Hills Rd (Nohl /Anaheim Hills Rd),                                  clothing, shoes and ac-
                      146 E. Main St. (Main & Chapman)                                                 cessories, including belts,
                                                                                                        jewelry purses, ties and
                     To register for Ralph's, simply go online to                                         shoes. Both men and
                     Ralph's.com, under Community Contributions                                             women’s items are
                    To sign up for Vons, go online to escrip.com.
                                                                                                       Both can be delivered
                                                                                                       to R-3, the classroom
                                                                                   of the club's advisor, Theresa Hagelbarger.

       Please contact Julie Tibbets for any questions: 714-639-9857                 Questions? Email thagel@orangeusd.org.
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 Academic Bulletin
 Important Testing Dates
    SAT Reasoning/Subject Test is Saturday November 5th and Saturday December 3rd. Additional in-
     formation is available online at www.collegeboard.com and in the counseling office.
    ACT Test is on Saturday, December 10.
 Important College Information
    University of California and California State University applications are due on/before November
     30th, 2011. More information can be found at www.csumentor.edu and www.ucop.edu.
    Financial Aid application can be found at www.fafsa.ed.gov for all types of aid including loans,
     grants, and other scholarships. FAFSA window opens January 1, 2012 and deadline is March 1,
    Official transcripts MUST be ordered via Docufide at www.docufide.com.

    Prospective College Athletes need to make sure to register for the NCAA clearinghouse at https://
 Counseling Activities
    PSAT Parent Night is December 12th at 6:30pm in the Performing Arts Center. More information to
    Seniors can make an appointment with their counselor if they need help with college applications.
    Up-to-date information can be found on our school website at www.orangeusd.org/vphs and make
     sure to sign up for LISTSERV to receive important information right to your email. Up-to-date infor-
     mation can be found on our school website at www.orangeusd.org/vphs and make sure to sign up
     for LISTSERV to receive important information right to your email.

                              OUSD College Night
                              Nov. 2 6:00 - 9:00pm
                              Orange High School Gymnasium
                              525 N. Shaffer St., Orange

                Over 50 Colleges / Trade Schools represented
  CSU               UC                Private Schools       Trade Schools          Community
  Pomona             LA                USC                   DeVry                 Colleges
  Fullerton          Santa Barbara     Chapman               FIDM                   Santiago Canyon
  Long Beach         San Diego         Mt St. Mary’s         Everest                Orange Coast
  Los Angeles        Irvine            U of San Francisco    Paul Mitchell          Irvine Valley
                                       U of Pacific          Westwood               Santa Ana
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             Get to Know our Staff
                                     Tom Fox                                                                    Jeff Morgan
                                     Director of Athletics                                                      Director of Activities
                                 As a varsity high school basketball                                         As a high school student, Jeff Mor-
                                 player, Tom Fox ended his last high                                         gan ran track and cross country and
                                 school basketball game with a 4                                             played basketball. He recalls being
                                 point play – scoring and then making                                        voted „class clown.‟ “I was goofy,”
                                 two free throws. Little did he know at                                      he exclaims. “I got good grades, but
                                 the time that this exciting ending was                                      I was full of energy.” That level of
                                 really a beginning!                                                         energy is now channeled into a full
           Tom entered college as a pre-law student and was doing                                            array of exciting activities at Villa
some coaching. He recognized how much he enjoyed coaching and             Park High School! As Director of Activities, Jeff oversees the danc-
viewed teaching as an extension to coaching. He decided to make           es, assemblies, clubs, ASB activities, and more. If that weren‟t
education his career. He has now spent over 25 years in education         enough to fill the day, Jeff also teaches three Spanish classes. “I like
with 13 of those years at Villa Park High, first as a social studies      balancing the two. I love being in the classroom,” he explains.
teacher, and is now in his 8th year as our Director of Athletics. In                Jeff was inspired to become a teacher by some of his own
addition, with a Masters in Education and 5 years of experience           teachers. He felt teachers had a great impact, and he wanted to do
serving as a Dean of Discipline at a private school, Tom frequently       the same. After completing his student teaching at VPHS, Jeff ob-
steps in and helps Ed Howard and the assistant principals in admin-       tained his teaching credential five years ago. He is currently continu-
istrative support.                                                        ing his own professional development as he is working on his Mas-
           While being the director of athletics, Tom makes sure to       ters in Education Administration.
support all the school‟s extra-curricular programs. He does so be-                  As Director of Activities, Jeff works with ASB and his office
cause he demonstrated the importance of involvement when he               is the clearinghouse for the 37 clubs on campus. “I encourage kids
earned his Master‟s degree. In his master‟s thesis, he demonstrated       to get involved in as many things as possible when the first come to
the connection between academic success, graduation examination           high school.” He believes students will find their interests and skills
scores, and involvement in at least one sport. He is especially           and they‟ll enjoy high school a lot more. He especially supports stu-
proud that Villa Park High offers 22 athletic programs that collec-       dents taking advantage of the many opportunities on campus as a
tively involves close to half the student body. Moreover, many of the     way to develop life skills.
programs are growing. “With fall programs, we have over 140 stu-                    Jeff perfected his Spanish language skills when he studied
dents in marching band. We have more kids in cross country than           in Madrid for over a year. He also enjoyed traveling around Europe
last year – we need another bus for every meet,” he commented.            for a summer. He was married last summer to his college sweet-
As a result, Tom feels VPHS students are prepared when they               heart. His wife, Jamie, is a first grade teacher in the Savannah
graduate. “They are ready for what‟s next in their lives,” he says        school district and is also working on her masters. Jeff is also two
confidently.                                                              time champion of the VPHS Dancing with the Teachers competition
           Off campus, Tom and his wife are empty nesters as their        – his energy shining in yet another capacity! “I am going for a three-
22 year old son is in college. They enjoy traveling including a Medi-     peat this year! Don‟t miss it!” he claims.
terranean/European cruise during last summer.
                                                                                 VPHS is fortunate to have two dedicated professionals like
                                                                          Tom and Jeff overseeing our athletics and activities.
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         Advice from our Experts
     Collectively, our administrative staff   2) Get Your Student Involved
has close to 100 years of teaching and              Both Rebecca Roberts, Assistant
administrative experience! They have          Principal, and Jeff Morgan, Director of
seen thousands of students walk               Activities, encourage parents to help
through school halls with the goal of
                                                                                          Great Quotes:
                                              their student get involved in school ac-
seeing these students graduate and            tivities. Mr. Morgan feels that outside
prepare for adult life. With all of this      activities make school days more fun

                                                                                          Who Said It?
experience, what advice does our ad-          and help students develop valuable life
ministration have for parents to help         skills. Dr. Roberts recognizes the indi-
their high school student? That single        viduality of each student. She recom-
question to each of our administrators        mends that parents help students iden-        Based on the advice given,
and directors brought heartfelt respons-      tify what they are interested in and then
es that can be summed up as follows:                                                       who do you think made these
                                              support them in those areas. Both also
                                                                                                  great quotes?
                                              see involvement as a way to help stu-
   Be involved…to a point                    dents feel a part of a social group and           Email your guess to:
   Get your student involved                 the school overall.                          vphsspartanspirit@yahoo.com
   Develop an open line of commu-
                                                                                                     by Nov. 15
    nication                                  3) Develop an Open Line of                      and be eligible to win a
                                              Communication                               $10 gift certificate to Bagel Me.
1) Be Involved…to a Point                          Justin Stanfield, Assistant Princi-
     Tom Fox, VPHS Director of Athlet-        pal, suggests "First, listen to your stu-   The answer will be published in
ics, sums this up by advising parents 'to     dent. Second, talk to them." Tom Fox               the next issue of
be active participants' in raising their      added to this point commenting, "Don't            the Spartan Spirit.
kids but acknowledges that a parent           fight it, work with them." Both feel that
needs to balance this without                 an open line of communication allows                    Hint:
„intruding.‟ Ed Howard, VPHS Princi-          students to be more comfortable ap-         Ed Howard did not say either...
pal, encourages parents to help their         proaching parents when there's a prob-
student build confidence, especially          lem. It also helps students learn how to              Quote #1:
through self-advocacy. “High school is        communicate with adults and prepare         "When upset, before you speak,
a place where students should learn to        for adulthood.                               think: is what I'm going to say
stand up for themselves,” he points out.
                                                                                           going to push my kid away or
Tamette Rappa, Assistant Principal,                These points provide great rein-
continued on this point. She recom-                                                             draw them in?" --------
                                              forcement for parenting teenagers. Be-
mends parents provide encouragement           ing involved, helping students to be                  Quote # 2:
and support, suggesting that parents          involved and communicating with your
ask themselves, “What can I do to help                                                    "Some day, you will look back at
                                              teen is a strong foundation for positive    this and say, 'your parents were
them?” and adds, “there‟s a time to step      relationships within a family and
in and there‟s a time to have kids be                                                                right.' " -----
                                              throughout life.
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                                                  Spotlight on our Students
                 The Club Corner
           With nearly 40 clubs on campus, opportunities abound for
      students to develop special interests and make a positive contri-
bution to the campus and community. Each club has a club advisor
who is a teacher on campus. A 'club rush' is held one day during
lunch at the beginning of the school year to allow students to learn
about the various clubs and sign up. Two additional 'club rush' events
allow the clubs to sell food during lunch as a fundraiser. While the
Spartan Spirit will highlight some club activities in each issue, we
hope you will encourage your student to participate in a club they are
interested in. A list of clubs is available in the Activities office and
most of the clubs welcome new members year round.

Club Impact
       Club Impact has about 20 members who help to raise aware-
ness about drugs and alcohol to kids before they enter high school.
The members attend a series of training sessions before or after
school that are conducted by Orange County Sheriff's Department.
This training prepares them to make presentations to the middle
schools and other organizations. Club meetings are held every Tues-
day before or after school depending on the members' schedules.             Congratulations to the cast and crew of the Dra-
The club also collects presents for foster kids in December and partic-       ma Dept. for the outstanding production of
ipates in the Villa Park Boat Parade. New members are still welcome         Dracula. Pictured above is Andrew Mackintosh,
to join. Kudos to these students for taking an active role in a drug-free
environment. Students interested in joining Club Impact should con-          playing the role of Jonathan Harker and The
tact the club advisor Mr. McElroy at mmcelroy@orangeusd.org.                      Brides: Michele Sams, Bree Fowler,
                                                                                Madorie Boglin, and Lesley Gonzalez.
National Beta Club
       National Beta Club promotes the ideals of academic achieve-
                                                                                 Photography by Carol Rammelsberg.
ment, character, service and leadership and is open to all freshmen
and upper classmen with a GPA of 3.0 or above. As a national organ-
ization, members are eligible for regional and national scholarships
and leadership development programs. One of their ongoing campus
activities is called VPHS Thinks Big where they invite a teacher to
address the students about something they are passionate about or
something that made a difference in their lives. The club meets at
least once a month and holds about two events a month. Interested
members should contact club president, Yash Patel at
vphsbetaclub@gmail.com or the club advisor Ms. Carlton at
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                                            Senior Class Update
    Parents should have received your student’s graduation status report in the mail. If you did not
     receive the report, it is also available on Parent Portal. Your student should also have met with
     their counselor to discuss their graduation requirements and post-high school plans. Ask them
     about it!
    The applications for the Cal State and University of California schools are now available on line. If
     your student wants to attend, they should be working on their applications now. Applications can
     be submitted during the month of November. The deadline to submit is November 30th. Applica-
     tions for most other universities are also available now.
    Senior portraits should have been taken. Don’t miss out on having your portrait in the yearbook.
     If you have not taken your Senior Portrait, contact PSS Imaging at pssimaging.net for information.
    Parent ads for the yearbook are due no later than December 10th. Please submit order form and
     photos by November 12th and get $50.00 off.
    Plans are underway for your Senior’s final event of their high school career – Grad Night 2012!
     This year’s event will be held at Disneyland on June 14th. Please join us on Wednesday, November
     30th, at 7:00pm in the Faculty Lounge (next to the Cafeteria) for a Grad Night 2012 organizational
     meeting. We hope to see you there.

                     Click Below for Grad Night Info:
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             Study Habits that Work!
     Let‟s face it. Not everyone likes pineapple and    #2: Mood
jalapeno on a pizza, and not everyone looks good            We‟re not supposed to drive when we‟re upset or
in loud colors such as fuchsia or tangerine. So         impaired because our minds won‟t be on the road. So
why should it surprise us that not everyone bene-       why should we waste a single minute of our precious
fits from the same method of studying! Good test-       time studying when we still need to process our feel-
takers are those who have found the learning            ings about an event that is upsetting or tragic? If
styles and methods that will work for them. Good        you‟re upset, call a friend, paint a picture, write a po-
study habits are often overlapping. There is no         em, or take a walk. Don‟t bother working on stoichiom-
single cure-all to help every student to ace that       etry problems. Save those for a time when you‟re feel-
test. Students who do succeed may do so by em-          ing more relaxed or, at least, less distracted.
ploying a combination of habits and, more im-
portantly, by applying them consistently. Encour-       #1: Teaching
age your child to read the strategies from the list          Finally, the number one way to verify that a concept
below. Then set a time frame of one month for           is understood is to practice teaching it to someone
your student to implement them. Make a date to          else, preferably someone who isn‟t already knowledge-
share your results. Not only will better study habits   able of the subject. Teaching the subject to another
help a student to do better in school, but ap-          party raises the stakes: it‟s not just you and the mirror
proaching this process together can strengthen a        anymore. An audience strengthens long-term memory
parent-student relationship.                            by suggesting to the brain that this information is so
                                                        important it‟s worth sharing with another human being.
#3: Pacing                                              Of course, it might take you a couple of tries (or a cou-
    This study habit applies to everyone, hands         ple of people) before you‟ve got it all down, but thank-
down! To perform well on a test, students should        fully that‟s what friends and family are for, supporting
begin reviewing the material as far in advance as       us!
possible. More study sessions (10-20 minutes
each) mean more recovery between study ses-                        Contributed by Janelle Strickland, VPHS Grad
sions, and recovery is highly linked with retention.
                                                                        and Director of Innovate Learning Center
Our brains perform extraordinary feats whenever
we are at rest, so the more resting periods we can
allocate between study periods, the easier it be-       We’ll explore the different types of learners in the next two issues of
comes to retain the information. Cramming, of                                                                the Spartan Spirit
course, produces the opposite results. Fewer re-
covery periods can lead to less retention and
poorer performance on tests.

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