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            Easter Egg Hunt – April 23, 2011
2                                                                                                  ZUHRAH ARABIAN                                                                                    JUNE 2011

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                                                                                                                                                                                       Lloyd E Mathews
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    We are taking all measures to right-size expenses to match activity                                    DEADLINE: 15th of the month                                               Theodore P Lindberg
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  and find it necessary to close the Shrine Center each week on Thursday.                                                                                                               Laurel E Dunlap
     At this time, we do not know if this is a temporary or permanent
change and we will continue to monitor Unit and Club activity at the Shrine
          Center to help us determine appropriate staffing for the
                         Shrine Center building usage.

                                Hours of Operation                                                     ARABIAN ADVERTISING RATES                                                    Sunshine
       Effective Monday, February 15, 2010, the Zuhrah Shrine                                                                                                                       Committee
          administrative office will be closed on Thursdays.
                                                                                                                Size                   General Rate         Unit/Club Rate          When you hear of a
                     The Office remains open:
                                                                                                          (Column x Width)                                                          Noble who has been ill,
        Monday–Wednesday and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                                              (Column = app. 1.8”)                                                        hospitalized, convalescent, or
                         The Oasis is open:
                                                                                                               1 x 2"                      $24.00                $16.00             shut-in, please contact Milt
             Monday–Wednesday 5:30–approx 10:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                Bernu, 763-545-4219 or the
                                                                                                               2 x 1"                      $24.00                $16.00             Temple Office, 612-871-3555.
                     VoiceMail and Email Addresses                                                                                                                                  It is important to provide
        We have added telephone voicemail boxes and email addresses for                                        1 x 3"                      $30.00                $20.00             the Noble’s address, name of
         specific functions at Zuhrah. Jane and designated volunteers will                                                                                                          hospital or nursing home.
       monitor both the voicemail and email daily and respond as necessary.                                   2 x 1.5”                     $30.00                $20.00
                                                                                                                                                                                    A new sign-out system has
                  Zuhrah general phone 612-871-3555 and                                                        1 x 4"                      $40.00                $28.00             been implemented for
               you will hear a list of voicemail boxes as follows:                                                                                                                  wheelchairs on loan from
                                                                                                     2 x 2.5” (Business Card)              $44.00                $30.00             Zuhrah Temple. If you have
                  X 200 Fraternal Relations/Address Changes (Jane)
                                                                                                               2 x 5"                      $80.00                $55.00             obtained a wheelchair in the
                  X 201 Accounting                                                                                                                                                  past and are not using it, we
                  X 202 Julie, Events and Catering                                                     5 x 7.25 (Half Page)              $200.00                $135.00             would appreciate having it
                           (is forwarded immediately to her direct #                                                                                                                returned.We have had many
                           612-767-4107 at Mintahoe)                                                  5 x 14.5" (Full Page)              $380.00                $255.00             requests for wheelchairs this
                  X 204 Operations                                                                                                                                                  year. If you return a wheel-
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JUNE 2011                                                                                ZUHRAH ARABIAN                                                                                                           3

From the Potentate                                                                        The
                                             CIRCUS DATES
                                             TO REMEMBER!
                                             BIRAK – JUNE 22 & 23,
                                             WILLMAR - SEPTEMBER 16 & 17,
                                             MINNEAPOLIS - OCT. 20–23
                                                We have kicked off the Circus
                                             Advertising sales at the May meeting of
                                             the Unit and Club Heads.This is a very
                                             important part of our overall revenue
                                             stream.All proceeds from the program
                                             advertising is directly contributing to
                                             the financial good of Zuhrah. Let’s all
                                             get out and sell an ad or two. If we
                                             each sold just one, quarter page ad in
                                             the book we would need nearly a
                                             ream of paper for each copy. Let’s all
                                             do our part to fill the book!                Thomas H. MacLeod
                                                Circus Booster appeals will be
                                             forthcoming. Please respond to this             Tom first appeared on Manhattan in New York City        Control Data Corporation in the design, manufacture and
                                             request as it is how we contribute           in 1934. He is the son of a Glasgow-born Shriner and a     testing of Airborne Digital Computers for Naval Aircraft.
                                             back to the community and supply             Massachusetts Lady. His father was an active member of     Tom spent 17 years as a volunteer firefighter for the City
                                             tickets to the children of the area so       the Scottish Rite and the York Rite. He was Worshipful     of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, where he held the position
    Each month it becomes harder to
 express how I feel about the future.We      they may have the opportunity to             Master of the Brattleboro Lodge.                           of Lieutenant and Training Officer.
 strive to move forward in all aspects of    experience the joys of the “Greatest            His mother was active in Eastern Star, Daughters of        Tom began his Masonic Journey in Robbinsdale
 our great fraternity. Often times we        Show” in town.                               the Nile, Amaranth and the Order of Beauceant. They        Compass Lodge No. 265 in 1998 and became a
 feel as if we are moving one step for-      Imperial Session                             moved to Connecticut on their way to Tom’s                 Compassman. He began his Zuhrah trek on the “Hot
 ward and being pushed two steps back.          July 3–7 will find us dealing with        Elementary School in Brattleboro,Vermont. From there       Sands” of Montevideo, Minnesota. He became a life mem-
 We have been busy preparing for our         the business of Shriners International       he went to Prep School at Mount Hermon School in           ber of the Scottish Rite and takes part in many of their
 move out of our current home.               and the Shrine hospital system as we         Massachusetts. The College of Stevens Institute of         degrees. He was certified as a Knight Temp1ar of the 2000
    As we have been packing and sort-        travel to Denver for the Imperial            Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, was an important        Crusade and became a life member of the York Rite. In
 ing and reminiscing about the great         Session. Let’s all have a safe and fruit-    part of his education and was mentally challenging.        the next two years he served as High Priest for
 times spent at our present facility, we     ful pilgrimage.                                 The Korean War made the Armed Forces draft seem         Columbian Chapter No. 60. In 2006 he served three
 have had to make choices about what                                                      imminent. The Air Force appeared as a good choice in       terms as Junior Deacon for Compass Lodge. He was cho-
                                             Midwest Shrine Session
 is needed versus what is wanted to be                                                    1954. Airframe and Jet Engine School in Amarillo, Texas,   sen in 2006 as “Mason of the Year” for Compass Lodge.
                                                August 3–6 will find us participat-
 taken with us. Many have assisted in                                                     was the next four-month tour. From there Tom was sent      In 2007 he served as Vice-President of the Zuhrah Steel
                                             ing in the Midwest Shrine Session in
 these tasks, and I thank each and every                                                  to California,Arizona and Georgia as an F-86 Intercepter   Drum Band and in 2008 as President. In 2007 he joined
                                             Winnipeg. For those attending I am
 one of you for all of your tireless work.                                                crew chief. Another year ‘n Iowa and Minnesota with        the Robbinsdale Chapter Order of Eastern Star #238 and
                                             sure there will be much fun and fel-         F-89’s rounded out his Air Force Tour.The Air Force Tour   took turns as a “Barker” for the OES Dining Hall at the
    As of this writing, we still await       lowship abounding.
 the closure of the building sale. Many                                                   during the Korean Conflict enabled him to become a life    Mlnnesota State Fair. In 2009 he served as a Potentate’s
 great inroads have been made in             September dates                              member of the Legionnaire Post No. 1700.                   Aide for Potentate Jeff Lewis. In 2010 he was elected to
 preparation of the move. Units and             September 16–17, Zuhrah will be              A marital contract with a medical assistant at North    serve as Secretary of the Robbinsdale Area Shrine Club.
 Clubs have found temporary meet-            recognized and honored by the                Memorial Hospital just prior to his Air Force discharge       Tom has been very active with the Zuhrah Shrine
 ing and practice space. Most of the         “New Hope Community Services of              enabled the start of a family. Tom and Grace produced      Circus, RASC Shrine Breakfasts, Zuhrah Masquers, and
 unwanted refuse has been moved to           America” for all the good work               three enterprising childreft in 1959 through 1966. The     has been very instrumental in obtaining new members for
 the dumpsters. Many items of inter-         being done for the community and             college education allowed him to work for Sperry Rand      the Masonic Order.Tom is a frequent blood donor for the
 est and value have been secured             through our Hospital system. There           Corporation for almost twenty years. He then went to       American Red Cross and the War Memorial Blood Bank.
 within the hallowed walls of our            will be activities both days including
 temple building. Let’s move forward!        Twins Baseball, a Parade and a
    Ceremonials, parades, picnics, par-      Concert. Our parade Units will be
 ties, vacations….. June is upon us and      featured in this event!
 we will be busy doing all of these             September 23 – 25 will find us
 things. Let us not forget the image we
 portray to the community! Shriner’s
                                             “Angling for Fun” and maybe even
                                             catching a few unsuspecting pike as
                                                                                            Summer Midwest Session – Winnipeg
 are Masons having fun with a purpose!       we travel to the Cass Lake,
    The FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2011,               Minnesota, area for a relaxing and                 The headquarters location of the 2011 Summer
 Zuhrah Stated Meeting will convene          fun filled “Pote’s Fishing Stag.”
                                                                                             Midwest Shrine Association Session is the Fort Garry
 at 7:00 p.m. at the Zuhrah                     Lest we forget, each and every one
 Horsemen’s Ranch. This will be a            of us had a father. Some will remember          Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
 test run for the equipment and stag-        the positive influences he had upon                The Fort Garry Hotel is a historic hotel in Downtown
 ing of the ceremonial unit as they          our lives, some of us will have a differ-       Winnipeg, and one of Canada’s grand railway hotels. Built
 have been busy readying our                 ent picture of life with Dad. Please find
                                                                                             in 1913 by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, it is located
 encampment to receive visitors.             a moment in your busy schedule and
    SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2011,                 reflect upon the good things he did for         one block from the railway’s Union Station, and was the
 we will be ceremoniously leading our        you. Happy Fathers Day!                         tallest structure in the city when it was completed.
 latest group of Neophytes across the           Before we know it summer will be                Like other Canadian railway hotels, it was constructed
 “Hot Sands of Mecca” to the Oasis           over. Fall will be upon us, and we will
                                                                                             in the “château style” (also termed the “neo-château” or
 of Zuhrah and Shriners International.       wish we had more opportunities on
 Oh, what fun we will have! All to be        the parade route. Enjoy the summer!             “châteauesque” style),which as a result the hotels became
 followed by our 125th Anniversary              Until we again gather in the Oasis           known as a distinctly Canadian form of architecture.
 Picnic. Come one, Come all! See             of fellowship, I remain,
 details of the days events elsewhere           Yours in the Faith,                                                                                                    Fort Garry Hotel Today
 in the Arabian.                                                               Gary

     Imperial                                      Midwest
      Shrine                                       Summer
     Session                                        Session
                                                 August 3–6, 2011
   July 3-7, 2011                                                                                     Fort Garry Hotel
                                                Winnipeg, Manitoba
   Denver, Colorado                                                                                              1913
4                                                                                        ZUHRAH ARABIAN                                                                                                JUNE 2011

                               ZUHRAH SHRINE UNITS
                                                                                         Association of North America would                                                         Dick Grant recovered enough from a
                                                                                         grow so large that it took eight hours                                                  viral infection he had for a couple prior
                                                                                         to complete a parade in Toronto 1989.                                                   weeks, but he still did a great job con-
                                                                                            With the arrival of summer we can                                                    ducting once again this annual tradition
                                                                                         focus our attention to various appear-                                                  which this was the 50th anniversary.
                                                                                         ances and parades. We have June 11 –                                                       Also on that same day, Friday the
                                                                                         Ceremonial at the Zuhrah Horseman’s                                                     13th, our Golf League commenced the
                                                                                         Ranch. As of this writing I have not                                                    2011 season. Eighteen members “tried”
                                                 I would like to start out by            received any orders from the Chief of                                                   to play, no doubt working on their hand-
                                              announcing our annual Vidalia onion        Staff for participation.Tuesday, June 21,                                               icaps. Several were unable to play, but
                                              sales were fairly successful with over     is the Nordeast Parade, step off at 6:30                                                we expect them back next week, or so.
                                              5000 pounds sold. Just a great effort by   p.m. Saturday, July 9, is the Mendota          Our annual Pig Lunch was held on            Next big event on our schedule is
                                              everyone who participated. A special       Days Parade, step off at 12:00 noon.        May 13th with 43 attending. Things          the June 21st to the 24th annual fish-
   This has got to be the month when          thank you to President Tim Thorbus         For further info you can contact                                                        ing and golfing outing at Detroit Lakes,
                                                                                                                                     went very smooth with a lively social
all is well with the world and so goes        and his committee.                         Captain Jack Annett at (952) 884-4283.                                                  with 10-12 now scheduled. More
                                                                                                                                     hour and the attendence of our
ZARC into some rebounding summer                 With the 2011 Imperial Session just        Correction from May Arabian arti-                                                    would be even better, and it is not too
                                                                                                                                     Potentate Gary Sibben who introduced
activities for the unit, when specified.      around the corner, it gave me an idea      cle:: our Monday night drills will con-                                                 late to let Dean Zickert know you are
                                                                                                                                     his Divan in attendence and introduced
   Much good has been done and                to dig up some history involving Cap       tinue to be held at Zuhrah Shrine until                                                 interested. Call him at 612-861-2663
                                                                                                                                     his Captain of the Guard, Brad Roberts
some of us have survived for over two         Shuey. In 1901 Cap Shuey took the          the doors are locked at Zuhrah. We                                                      for further details. Believe this will be
                                                                                                                                     who would soon be the “highlight” of
decades and others have passed on.            troops to Kansas City. Did you know        will have our monthly Patrol Stated                                                     the 26th, or there-a-bouts, trip that
                                                                                                                                     this ritual. Also introduced were the
Many of the ZARC hams instrumental            Zuhrah Shrine paid his expenses $35        Meetings at Elsie’s. However it was                                                     the Mobil Nobles have made.
                                                                                                                                     Past Potentates led by the oldest, Rollie
in the club’s beginning are to be salut-      and $20 for each man? Wonder if            noted that for the July stated we go                                                       There is nothing more on our agen-
                                                                                                                                     Chapple and Don Hoglund. After the
ed for their efforts. In the beginning, as    Zuhrah would pay the Captain’s             dark due to the 4th of July weekend                                                     da except for some who will partici-
                                                                                                                                     ritual was completed and Brad was offi-
the club was being organized by a             expenses this year.What do you think,      and a few of us attending the Imperial                                                  pate in the West Suburban’s annual golf
                                                                                                                                     cially sworn in to our ascenders club,
group of Shriners who held U.S. gov-          Ted? Attached is a photo taken in          Session in Denver.                                                                      and picnic in August
                                                                                                                                     Dick Grant introduced his officers and
ernment FCC issued amateur radio              Saratoga in 1903 with a newspaper             The black camel knelt at the tent of                                                    We hope to perhaps have a picture
                                                                                                                                     other Past Presidents in attendence.
licenses and were interested in pro-          clipping. Cap Shuey is talking about the   good friend Vern Linder, a life member                                                  or two of our Pig Lunch and the fish-
                                                                                                                                        Thanks to Dean Zickert and his able
moting a meaningful project, they             consequences of severe weather con-        on April 29, 2011. Our sympathies are                                                   ing trip when the photographers are
                                                                                                                                     cohort, Stan Giesel, everyone was
decided on an important project in            ditions. Seems like we had the same in     with Vern’s family and friends.                                                         able to furnish them.
                                                                                                                                     served roast pork as an appetizer to
regard to helping the Shrine Children’s       Rochester 2009. I also wonder if Cap                                                                                                  With that, will close for now and
                                                                                                                        Jackson      our Prime Rib lunch. One and all
hospital’s child residents to communi-        Shuey ever dreamed the Shrine                                                                                                      trust everyone has a happy and healthy
                                                                                                                                     enjoyed this event, particularly the Past
cate with their families during their                                                                                                                                            summer!
                                                                                                                                     Potes who can reminisce when they
recuperating time at the hospital.
                                                                                                                                     were the featured attraction. Ha Ha.                            Scribe, Cliff Hall
   Those fine comrades of the Zuhrah
Shrine pooled their equipments and
knowledge into a club, where they were
permitted to assemble and install an
amateur radio station within the con-
fines of the old hospital as it then exist-
ed. There were a number of successful
years when those dedicated ham oper-
ators put in their divided share of time
to assist those families and kids to keep
in close contact by radio.
   The additional uses of the club were
to add other communications as an
organized charter and accepted as the
Zuhrah Amateur Radio Club. This was
to perform tasks complimentary to
the Zuhrah Shrine Center events                                                                                                                 Potentate Gary Sibben installing President/Treaurer Dick Grant,
through communications at parades                                                                                                         Vice President Len Cramer and Secretary Stan Giesel for 2011 in January.
or such necessary events by the use of
personal portable hand-held commu-
nication equipments as possessed by
each individual club member.
   Later the Shrine children’s hospital,
was elected to be torn down. A new
hospital was built at the same location,
but there was no provision set up at            The text of the typewritten note above the photo of the Patrol in parade:
the new hospital for an amateur radio           “I will venture the assertion that such a plan will not only make a hit with
room. It was concluded that any ZARC          every officer and Patrol man, but that it will far better please the public. Then
activities of the future would be an          again, should rain interfere, it is not likely to occur on both days.
assigned radio meeting room within              “Do you recall the weather at Buffalo on Thursday when the rain made the
the Zuhrah Shrine Center, where any           drill impossible?
future activity would be conducted.             “I do not wish to be understood as offering any criticism of any local commit-
   In conclusion, the present day             tee.They have always done their very best to properly entertain the Patrols.We
ZARC organization at the Shrine               have simply outgrown the show, and it is high time for a new arrangement.
Center is basically social with any             “Think it over.”                                                                        Starting the Ceremony! Potentate Gary Sibben helping candidate Brad Roberts
present Shrine radio communications                                                                                                         hold the pig! President Dick Grant and chef Dean Zickert are helping.
performed at home by all individually
licensed amateur radio stations. With
the sale of the Zuhrah Shrine Center
eminent, we are holding our meetings
at a restaurant for noon lunches.
   Until our next meeting a fond adieu!
                 Ken Skoog,WØPTP

                                                                6800 France Avenue South
                                                                       Suite 350
                                                                   Edina, MN 55435
                                                                    (612) 333-4455
JUNE 2011                                                                               ZUHRAH ARABIAN                                                                                                                    5

                              ZUHRAH SHRINE UNITS
                                                                                                                                    Don Hadd, entered the Shrine about 50
                                                                                                                                    years ago, and shortly after that he
                                                                                                                                    became a Drum Corps member. Don
                                                                                                                                    passed away almost three years ago, but
                                                                                                                                    he loved the Corps until the day he died.
                                                                                                                                       As for me, I loved it too. I felt a bit
                                                                                                                                    resentful sometimes when he was
                                                                                                                                    busy with the D.C. and not home with
                                                                                                                                    me, but overall, I loved it all.When we
                                                                                                                                    started out, Zuhrah had 12,000 mem-
                                                                                                                                    bers, so trips, usually over July 4th, for
                                                                                                                                    the Imperial Session were subsidized,
                                                                                                                                    making it affordable for us to travel to
   June is here already. Our first trip                                                                                             many places, even Hawaii. Were it not            Greetings to all of the Zuhrah Shrine
                                               Finally spring, or early summer has
with the kids from Camp Archive is on                                                                                               for the Drum Cops, Don and I would            Funsters. I hope this day finds you all
                                            arrived.To go from snow flurries to 88         I like my elected position as
Wednesday the 22nd. We meet at the                                                                                                  not have done the traveling we did.           well and happy. Summer is just about
                                            degrees in a week can only happen in        Secretary of Zuhrah Drum Corps.
Shrine parking lot at about 9:30 a.m.                                                                                               The members and wives were lots of            here, and it will be time to put on make-
                                            Minnesota. The good news is 88              Other Drum Corps members treat
and car pool form there to Star                                                                                                     fun and they pretty much made our             up and clown around. I look forward to
                                            degrees got the cars back on the road       me with more respect than they
Prairie, Wisconsin. Fishing starts at                                                                                               “social life.” I miss going to all the par-   seeing you all as much as possible.
                                            with the tops down.                         would otherwise, because of my
11:00 a.m. and goes until noon. Then                                                                                                ties, celebrating holidays, closing each         I would like to mention that we are
                                               We are starting a busy display and       “power of pen.” Although there is a
we all enjoy pizza for lunch, then head                                                                                             year with the Christmas party. We             wishing our brother clowns who are
                                            parade season. We will be having dis-       culture of humor in the Corps, mem-
for home. No need to call anyone, just                                                                                              ladies usually wore long dresses and          not 100 percent and we wish you a
                                            plays at the following locations:           bers resist pushing me too far. They
show up at the parking lot, arrange                                                                                                 once in awhile the guys wore tuxes.           speedy recovery from your ailments
                                            6/11 Zuhrah Spring Ceremonial and           fear that I will reveal something in
who rides with whom, and take off.                                                                                                     The parades all summer, sometimes          and we wish we can see you at our
                                            125th Anniversary celebration at the        writing about them that is unflattering.
   Our annual fishing contest is June                                                                                               by bus, were fun, but a bit different from    next get together. Heal well, my friends!
                                            Horsemen’s Ranch                            I know far too much about each of
10–13th. Results of that event in next                                                                                              what has been the norm in later years.           Our parade schedule is shaping up
                                            6/16 – St.Therese home – New Hope           them individually to be trifled with.
month’s column. Looks like we have a                                                                                                The V.P. of the D.C., being the               and here it is as of today—
                                            6/22 – Texas Terrace home – St.Louis Park   Following are some guidelines on how
full house for that one.                                                                                                            Entertainment Chairman, had guys put-         June 12th – Durand,Wisconsin
                                            6/24 – Bogart’s – Apple Valley              Drum Corps members can show
   Jim Wendell’s Kids Fishing Clinic at                                                                                             ting things on the bus. Often, late the       June 19th – Arlington
                                               Our first parades are on July 4th in     more respect for me. First, do not
The Buffalo Days is Saturday, June 18th.                                                                                            night before we left, we were making          June 25th – Eden Valley
                                            Delano and Apple Valley. If you can         connect four letter words to my title
Call Jim at 763-927-3619 if you can give                                                                                            sandwiches for the next day to be eaten       July 3rd – Apple Valley Fun Night
                                            make it to any of the events, you’ll have   when addressing me. Second, try to
him a hand running the Minnow Races,                                                                                                on the bus or at a picnic site. LOTS OF       July 4th – Edina and Apple Valley
                                            a great time.                               always speak positively about me.
one of the more popular games at the                                                                                                WORK, but we didn’t mind. I’d love to         July 9th – Lakeville
                                               Thank you to Chuck Tostenson who         Simple isn’t it? Then why is it that peo-
clinic, Jim could use all the help he can                                                                                           do it again.We went to restaurants, too,      July 10th – Hamel. NOTE:Time change
                                            volunteered to be our Provost for the       ple like Ron Nelson, Harry Bassett,
get for this event.                                                                                                                 but it as fun to do the picnics.              this year, will start at 3 p.m.
                                            year. He was installed at our May stat-     Paul Thour and Tom Lutgen can’t figure
   August 1st through the 4th are the                                                                                                  I can’t close without mentioning the       July31st – Glenwood
                                            ed meeting.Thanks also to Walt Girod        it out? Respect your Secretary!
dates for our Lake Michigan trip. We                                                                                                competitions the D.C. took part in, and       August 6th – Watkins
                                            who had been our Provost.We will try        Mitzi Hadd writes us a letter…
travel to Algoma on Monday, fish                                                                                                    usually WON. I will never forget the          August 7th – Le Sueur
                                            to behave, Chuck.                              Message from a Drum Corps Lady
Tuesday and Wednesday, and return                                                                                                   pride I felt, watching them go through        September 17th – SHRINER PARADE
                                               On a sad note, the black camel vis-         I always liked that the men called us
home on Thursday. There are sleeping                                                                                                their marching and music routines. Lots       downtown Minneapolis
                                            ited our unit. Lloyd Mathews, past          Drum Corps Ladies…with few excep-
accommodations and showers on the                                                                                                   of practice, but it was well worth it. It     September 18th – Robbinsdale Breakfast
                                            president in 2000, passed away. He was      tions they have all made us feel accept-
camp grounds. Ray Bergquist is arrang-                                                                                              was great to follow them on parade               This can change a little, but it is
                                            a very active member and will be            ed in their Man’s World. We don’t get
ing boats for all who come. We will be                                                                                              routes on a Sunday, but what they “pre-       pretty solid right now...please let me
                                            greatly missed.                             into the “secret” stuff, nor do we want
letting you know how much the cost                                                                                                  sented” in competition was a real thrill.     know ASAP what parades you can
                                               Our stated meetings are the 2nd          to. Just give us those smiles of thanks
will be and how to make reservations.                                                                                                  I was proud to be a Drum Corps             attend. You can reach me at 763-772-
                                            Wednesday of each month at Park             for when we help out.
Cost will depend somewhat on how                                                                                                    Lady, and I hope you gals are, too.           3343. Let’s make this year’s parades
                                            Tavern in St. Louis Park at 7:00 p.m. Our      To any who do not know me, I
many attend. Fishing equipment will be                                                                                                 Mitzi Hadd                                 season a truly fun one... Goose.
                                            next Hamburger Run will be June 22 at       remember Sundays when we drove to a
supplied. We will prepare our meals.                                                                                                                                                 We also are being asked to attend
                                            Wagner’s Drive-In at 7000 W. Broadway       parade, instead of taking a bus, seeing        God bless this Drum Corps and
Bring your personal items and raingear.                                                                                                                                           the ceremonial with a few clowns in
                                            at 6:00 p.m. Clean up the car and come      Linda Lodgaard pushing present Drum         each of its precious members, particu-
More details to follow.                                                                                                                                                           make-up on June11th. The following
                                            and join us.                                Corps President Ryan in a stroller. So      larly those who do not feel well.
   Haven’t gotten any fishing reports                                                                                                                                             week if any clowns have time in the
                                                                     Jim Berg,VP        I’ve been around awhile. My husband,                     Dick Larson, Secretary           morning, the Shrine Childrens Hospital
yet. Maybe the extreme Walleye chop
on most of the lakes kept the fisher-                                                                                                                                             has asked to come over a few days dur-
                                                                                          Captain Bruce Lodgaard posts this “Tentative Parade/Appearance         Schedule”        ing the week to help with Camp Splash.
men on shore. We will check some
                                                                                        Date     Day         Festival/Parade Town                                 Time            June13th through June 17th they are
more and relate ZRG’s fishing tales in
                                                                                        June 9 Thursday      Tower Days          Spring Lake Park, MN             7:00 p.m.       bringing kids into the hospital to use
the next column. ’Til next month,
                                                                                        June 11 Saturday     Spring Ceremonial Minneapolis, MN                    TBA             their pool. For those who can help
        Sven and Ole, ZRG scribes                                                       June 16 Thursday     Tater Days          Brooklyn Park, MN                6:00 p.m.       please let me know right away—it is
                                                                                        June 19 Sunday       Midsummer Days North Branch, MN                      2:00 p.m.       between 8:30 and noon everyday.
                                                                                        June 25 Saturday     Barn Storming       Milltown,WI                      TBA                To all our Shrine and Mason Brothers
                                                                                        June 26 Sunday       Parade              Milltown,WI                      TBA             and their families we the Zuhrah Clowns
                                                                                        July 4   Monday      4th of July         Forest Lake, MN                  10:00 a.m.      wish you all a very happy and safe sum-
                 Thank the advertisers                                                  July 10 Sunday       Whiz-Bang Days Robbinsdale, MN                       3:00 p.m.       mer season....take care to all our friends.
                                                                                        July 31 Sunday       Little Canada Days Little Canada, MN                 12:30 p.m.
            for their support of the Arabian!                                           Aug 11 Thursday      Stockyard Days      New Brighton, MN                 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                  If there are any questions on anything
                                                                                                                                                                                  mentioned here, please feel free to call
                                                                                        Sept. 11 Sunday      Jesse James Days Northfield, MN                      2:00 p.m.       me or our very wonderful President
                                                                                                                                                                                  Rumpy. If there is something you would
                                                                                                                                                                                  like mentioned next month, please let
                                                                                                                                                                                  me know so I can include it in our news
                                                                                                                                                                                  letter. Good Night and God Bless..........

                                                                                                                                                                                      July 3-7, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                     Denver, Colorado
6                                                                                         ZUHRAH ARABIAN                                                                                                 JUNE 2011

                               ZUHRAH SHRINE UNITS
                                              after some lengthy conversation, asked,
                                              “What is the Horsemen’s Mission?” I
                                              thought that was an interesting question
                                              and after a moment of thought my reply
                                              was,“WE WANT TO BE THE Best.”
                                                 And to be the best, we practice our
                                              drill every Wednesday night preparing
                                              for any event, whether it is for competi-
                                              tion drill event or parade maneuvers.
                                              We provide the best of care for our
                                              horses so they are in top condition for
                                              what ever event they are called on to                                                                                                  Where has the time gone? It’s
                                                                                                                                          Our new Captain Clutch Parker has       already June and it seems I have just
Hi to all of our readers.                     participate.We provide as good a facility   Greetings, Nobles and Ladies—                a few more practices under his belt        completed the May article. Good news
    June 5, 2011, is the Horsemen’s June      as we possibly can for their housing and       Well, June is here, but for some rea-     now. He is improving greatly.              is that nothing has been reported to
Brunch date. Everyone is invited—please       pasture land. The Horsemen do every         son, I’m still feeling winter. I missed         We have seven parades confirmed         me on sickness and health issues with
come. It is going to be a great breakfast.    thing they can to secure the position       spring completely—I was getting a            so far this year.There will be three on    our Steel Drum family.
This truth I have been told by the chair-     that Zuhrah Shrine Center, Minneapolis,     haircut when we had it.                      the Fourth of July again this year—
man of the breakfast committee. I will        Minnesota, has the finest Horse Group          By this time, we should have a date                                                  EVENTS FOR JUNE
                                                                                                                                       Forest Lake, Richfield and Apple Valley.
give this Horseman some publicity. It is      of all the Temples.That is our intention.   set to vacate the Shrine Center. The                                                    June 9th – Spring Lake Park
                                                                                                                                       That always makes for a long, hot day!
Larry Messerli. He said it is going to be a   “WE WANT TO BE THE BEST.”                   Chanters have all but moved everything                                                  June 11th – Ceremonial
                                                                                                                                          Most of us who were able, helped
great breakfast, so you, as a person who         The Horsemen are very proud to           out, but our practices still are at                                                     June 19th – Hennepin County
                                                                                                                                       on the Carver Fun Run. There were
enjoys good food, please do not miss          be a unit of Zuhrah                         Zuhrah. The Spring Ceremonial is just                                                   June 26th – Savage
                                                                                                                                       over 300 bikes this year. The charities
this breakfast. To make it even better,          To repeat what Oriental Guide Ross       around the corner, and a good time is                                                      Congratulations to Barb & Erv Moser
                                                                                                                                       involved should benefit nicely. Our
show this article to your wife and bring      Hjermstad has said, the date for the        promised for all who are attending. The                                                 on their 60th Wedding Anniversary which
                                                                                                                                       new rookie also showed up to help
the whole family. Make it a family affair!    Spring Ceremonial is Saturday, June 11,     Horsemen are hosting this one, with a                                                   will be celebrated with an open house at
                                                                                                                                       out. One of our members has yet to
    If you have neighbors that you have       2011, at the Shrine Ranch. Put this on      family picnic happening at the same                                                     the United Methodist Church, 44th &
                                                                                                                                       show up to practice on his new bike.
not socialized with all winter invite         your calendar and come out to the           time. Let’s have a great turn-out for this                                              Fremont Ave. No., on June 25, 2011, from
                                                                                                                                       We are all wondering where it is? or if
them. Tell them the price and remind          Ranch. Become a part of that Spring         one—It will be a lot of fun for all.                                                    2 to 5 p.m. Please RSVP 612-522-0331.
                                                                                                                                       he will ride with us this year?
them it is “all you can eat.”                 Ceremony and join into the festivities         The parade season is upon us, and                                                       Now that our parade season is about
                                                                                                                                          Time will tell—
    $8 per plate for adults, includes tip     and the food. At the same time,             we really need a good turn out to                                                       to began, I would like to remind every-
                                                                                                                                          ’Til next month,
    $5 per plate for children 5 to 12         remember Denver July 3-7, and               maintain our status as the “Best                                                        one that certain people have given much
    Free for children 4 and under.                                                                                                                                        Ken     effort and time planning to ensure that
                                              Winnipeg August 3-6.                        Singing Group.” We will have a list out
    Larry Messerli and wife, Susan, are          Here is an interesting twist—did you     as soon as the events are finalized.Try                                                 everything goes off without a hitch. I
the chairpersons for the June breakfast       know that the June stated meeting           to make as many of the parades as you                                                   know that everyone has a life, but
and our other chairmen have been Paul         comes the night before the Ceremony         can—WE NEED YOU!                                                                        instead of just not showing up, it would
Bantle and wife, Heather; Chris Mullin        June 10th? Did you know that this stated       We are not going to the Midwest                                                      help a great deal if you would make a call
and wife, Leslie; Dick Rindal and wife,       meeting is going to be held at the Ranch?   this year, so our summer rehearsals                                                     to our elected leaders, so they can make
Marie. The Horsemen say thank you                To you veterans, this may not be the     will be at a bare minimum. We will                                                      other plans to cover your absence.
very much for your great effort and           first time a stated meeting for Zuhrah      have at least one practice a month (so                                                     June Birthdays: Audrey Adams 6/6,
support. We have to include the wives         was held outside of the Temple, but for     we don’t forget what we know).                                                          Bette Finson 6/28, Doris Stavos 6/30.
and give our hearty special thanks to         some of us younger guys this will be           We have three Birthday Boys in June,                                                    June Anniversaries: Erv & Barbara
them for their wonderful support.             the first! And to be held in a barn! This   Past Prez Dick Tuttle (2nd), Lee Bay                                                    Moser 6/23, Harry & Marilyn Powers
    As some of you remember, the              is great—and it will be alot of fun.This    (3rd), and also Darrell Westling, (26th).                                               6/21.
Horsemen in the past had breakfast the        is a wonderful opportunity for all of       Happy Birthday, guys, both verses.                                                         Later...
first Sunday of each month, but for a         the past Potentates, who try to make           Keep smiling, keep singing and enjoy                                                                                     M.T.
number of reasons they now have               all stated meetings, to get their $300      the summer.
brunch only on a quarterly bases. One of      Stetson Cowboy hat with their Fez
the pluses of doing it on a quarterly basis                                                                     pb, Duty Scribe
                                              attachment out and wear it this
is that it takes the Horsemen out of the      evening. At the same time, all of you
competition with other units who have         other readers, if you have a cowboy
breakfast sometimes to raise money. It is     hat, wear it to the Ranch and become
not that Horsemen have anything against       a “Rhinestone Cowboy” for this short
making money! Most of us think that is a      period of your life!
good idea but being a real friendly group        Now I am not advocating changing
as the Horsemen are, our one prime            customs, but let us for one weekend
intent is to open the door for the other      just have a lot of fun and show our
units or clubs to have a greater atten-       new members what a fun organization
dance at their breakfast. So folks put this   they have now become a part of this
June 5, 2011, date on your calander and       weekend.
come out for breakfast. Another great            From the saddle of “The Colonel” –
idea is to bring your children and your
                                                                     Don D. Myron
grandchildren for a horse back ride. Do
you know that the Ranch is probably the
only place in the Twin City—or maybe in
the whole world—that these fortunate
children you bring out to the Ranch can
ride a real live horse FREE.
    I have mentioned in the previous
notes that I would like to hear from our
readers.There is an old saying,“be care-
ful what you wish for.” Some of the con-
versation has been great. One party,

    July 3-7, 2011
    Denver, Colorado
JUNE 2011                                                                                ZUHRAH ARABIAN                                                                                                                      7

                              ZUHRAH SHRINE UNITS
                                            on June 11th. Our infamous world-                                                               The new schedule is as follows:
                                            renowned Master Chef, Jerry Oliver, will                                                     Ceremonial Set-up – Friday, June 10
                                            be leading a crack team of cooks as they                                                        9:00 a.m.       Time is tentative
                                            prepare the food for the Zuhrah Spring                                                       and may be adjusted based on the
                                            Ceremonial at the Zuhrah Horsemen’s                                                          location of Ceremonial equipment due
                                            Ranch.At the same time in another part                                                       to the move out of Zuhrah. Load truck
                                            of the state, the rest of the members of                                                     and travel to Horsemen’s Ranch.
                                            the Pipes and Drums will be marching                                                            12:00 p.m.      Lunch (site to be
                                            and performing in Mapleton, Minnesota                                                        determined)
                                            for their annual parade. It should cer-                                                         1:00 p.m.       Preliminary
                                            tainly prove to be a long and successful        It is mid-May as this June article is        Ceremonial set-up following lunch.
   The Zuhrah Pipes & Drums said            day for the Pipes & Drums.                   prepared for the Arabian. Once again, we                                                        We are five months into 2011, and
farewell to one of our proud members           Also upcoming for the Pipes and           find our usual scribe, John Hultquist,                                                      spring weather seems to be as far away
                                                                                                                                         Ceremonial – Saturday, June 11
in May with the unexpected passing of       Drums is our annual trek to Eden             “chained and padlocked” to his desk at          at the Horsemen’s Ranch.                    as it was in January. I should have stayed
Bruce Dronen. Bruce joined the band         Valley for their parade on June 25th.        the capitol. Rumor has it that his                                                          in Southern Florida for two more
unofficially back in 1987 when he ven-      And as we start the month of July, for       Republican bosses have told him that he                                                     months and came back on May 1st.
                                                                                                                                         8:00–8:30 a.m.   Setup Ceremonial
tured to the Met Center in Bloomington      those members not venturing out to           won’t be released until Governor                                 Oasis and sound                The Guardians now meet in Crystal at
from his native Fargo to “help out” at      Denver for the Imperial Shrine               Dayton “caves in” and agrees to no new                           equipment                  the Plymouth Lodge. It’s not as central a
our circus—an adventure he repeated         Session, the Pipes and Drums will be         taxes, $5 billion in spending cuts to elim-     8:30–9:00 a.m. Ceremonial Cast              location, but it works for me, and we will
for a number of years. When he finally      performing in two parades on the 4th         inate the deficit, plus another $3 billion                       walk-through               meet there until further notice or until
                    moved to the Twin       of July holiday—at Eagan, then at Apple      to reduce the size of government, plus a        9:00–10:00 a.m. Cast dress and              we find a better location. We still meet
                    Cities, he quickly      Valley. Lest we also remember that we        $300 million state participation package                         make-up                    on the third Wednesday of each month,
                    joined Arc Lodge, the   practice every Monday night, as we           to the Viking Stadium in Arden Hills that       9:00–10:00 a.m. Registration of             so if you want to find out more about
                    Scottish Rite, Zuhrah   prepare for all of these engagements.        includes rebuilding the highways,                                candidates                 our group, come to one of our meetings.
                    Shrine and the Pipes       If you are a new or old member of         extending the light rail, and a small air-      10:00–10:30 a.m. Musical                    They begin at 7 p.m. and Plymouth Lodge
                                                                                         port to handle those tailgaters that                             Entertainment              is located on West Broadway in Crystal
                    &     Drums,      and   Zuhrah,who would like to become a part
became one of the hardest working           of the only unit in Zuhrah which proudly     want to avoid traffic, and finally remod-       10:00–10:30 a.m. Candidates receive         just north of Bass Lake Road.
                                                                                         eling the Excel Center. We’re all con-                           the password,
members of our fraternity.As Bruce has      wears a kilt,contact one of our members,                                                                      tokens, and signs              As of last month’s meeting, every
laid down the working tools of a Master     or stop by our practices at 7 p.m. on        cerned about John’s health under his                                                        member has paid their dues. Now if only
                                                                                                                                         10:30–11:30 a.m. First Section
Mason, and set aside his tenor drum, he     Monday nights, and we will tell you all      current circumstances. Rumor has it                                                         we could get every member to come
                                                                                         that things are so austere John and             11:30–11:45 a.m. Fez Lecture
will be missed by all of the members of     about the unbelievable experience, invari-                                                                                               out to a meeting at the same time, we
                                                                                         other staffers are on a “bread and              11:45–12:00 a.m. Potentates Remarks         could really make some great strides.
the Pipes & Drums, as well as a large       ably including a few stories about our                                                                        & Fezzing of New
group of members of our Masonic fra-        brother Bruce.We offer both piping and       water” diet for the remainder of the                             Nobles                         At the April meeting, several things
ternity. I have no doubt that stories of    drumming instruction,as well as opportu-     session. It looks like it will be a long time                                               of interest happened. We received a
                                                                                                                                         12:00–12:15 a.m. Photos of New
Bruce’s quirky escapades will be talked     nities in our support clan program,should    before his family sees him. As a result,                         Nobles                     $100 check from the national Job’s
about and repeated for generations.         you not be ready to march with the band.     you will once again have to put up with         12:15–2:30 p.m. Picnic Lunch                Daughters for our efforts as a unit at
Even though I spent a large amount of          It is truly a great time to be a mem-     the ramblings of the Substitute Scribe.                                                     last year’s Jobs Daughters meeting
                                                                                                                                         1:00 p.m.        Tear down Oasis
time shaking my head and smiling at the     ber of the Zuhrah Pipes & Drums.                The May unit meeting was held at                              and load the truck.        held here in Minneapolis. Thank you,
newest of Bruce’s unusual exploits, I was   Until next month…                            the Golden Valley VFW.There were 15                              (Tear down time is         Jobies, we really appreciate it. We also
proud to call him my brother.                    Cluich Le Ceol Binn (Play the           nobles in attendance for the annual                              tentative and              voted to require all events where we
                                                                                         Torsk dinner. Past Potentate John                                dependent on               are being requested to work at to be
   The Pipes & Drums will be doing          sweet music)                                                                                                  weather and other
double duty for the Zuhrah Ceremonial                                            Mac     Andersen provided the Aquavit for the                            indoor activities in       approved at a regular stated meeting
                                                                                         evening. President Glen Miner noted                              the arena.)                before hand by a simple majority vote.
                                                                                         the passing of Nobles Jake Bozony and             The spring Ceremonial will have a         We voted to approve a new unit
                                                                                         Bruce Dronen. Noble Dave Epling                 western theme. Dress for the day will       badge; they will be ordered and hope-
                                                                                         then gave a wonderful Masonic Prayer            be western wear.                            fully available prior to the June
                                                                                         in memory of Nobles Jake and Bruce.                                                         Ceremonial.They will replace the cur-
                                                                                                                                         Unit Picnic
                                                                                            First Ceremonial Master, Adrian                                                          rent gold badge and become part of
                                                                                                                                            President Glen Miner presented
                                                                                         Skytland and Past Potentate Darryl                                                          our class A uniform.
                                                                                                                                         information on the Ceremonial Unit
                                                                                         Metzger provided an update on the                                                               Speaking of the Spring Ceremonial,
                                                                                                                                         Picnic to be held on Saturday, July 16th,
                                                                                         status of the sale of the Shrine Center                                                     it will be at the Horsemen’s Ranch in
   It is a busy time for the Zuhrah            This goes up to August which we’ll                                                        at Warnke Farms. Past President Tom
                                                                                         and the move to new facilities.                                                             June. Class A uniform is the uniform of
Band. Pending the sale of the Zuhrah        announce later.                                                                              and Lady Heidi have graciously volun-
                                                                                            Plans for the Spring Ceremonial                                                          the day. Keep in mind that the ground
Center, the Concert Band moved out             We are set to perform at the Spring                                                       teered to host the event this year.The
                                                                                         were discussed. Director General Ron                                                        conditions could be muddy or worse
of the Center on Monday, May 9th.           Ceremonial on June 11th at the                                                               menu will include Kentucky Fried
                                                                                         Ward reported that the schedule for                                                         depending upon whether or not it
Our new temporary home is:                  Horsemen’s Ranch.                                                                            Chicken with appetizers, side dishes,
                                                                                         the Spring Ceremonial that was previ-                                                       rains just prior to or during the event.
   5400 NE Main Street, Fridley, MN            Gary Lundgren, manager of The                                                             and deserts to be potluck.
                                                                                         ously published in the Arabian was                                                          Wear the proper footwear!
Call Gordy Backlund (763-574-0369)          Flames, (our 16 piece “big band”) has                                                           Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                         changed at the direction of Illustrious                                                                       Pete Sharp, Scribe
or President Dave Larson (651-483-          set up our schedule. We will be at                                                                                     Ron Ward,
                                                                                         Potentate Gary Sibben. The schedule
1361) for directions.                       Bryant Square in Minneapolis on June                                                                            Substitute Scribe
                                                                                         for Friday set-up remains unchanged.
   The Flames will continue to              30th and at Como Park in St. Paul on
                                                                                         All events on the Saturday schedule
rehearse at the Zuhrah Center.              August 2nd. During July we’ll perform
                                                                                         will be moved up by 30 minutes in
   Our Band Manager Gordy Backlund          at Villa Way in Edina and some other
                                                                                         order to accommodate other activi-
is hard at work setting up parade           locations to be firmed up later.
                                                                                         ties that are planned to celebrate
schedules.Tentative dates are                  We keep practicing so we can give
                                                                                         Zuhrah’s 125th anniversary.
   June 3rd – Morristown, Minnesota         you the best possible performances.
   June 5th – Roberts,Wisconsin             We play so others can enjoy our per-
   July 4th – Forest Lake                   formances.
   July 4th – Apple Valley                     Keep playing, keep practicing and
   July 9th – Lakeville                     we’ll see you soon.
   July 10th – Mayer                                                That Sax Man
   July 16th – Rush City (confirmed)                                                                                                                                                      Your Unit
   July 31st – Little Canada
                                                                                                                                                                                        could have its
                                                                                                             Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles
                                                                                                                                                                                          news here
                                                                                                                                                                                         next month.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Send it in by
                                                                                                                                                                                           the 15th of
                                                                                                                                                                                         the month to
8                                             ZUHRAH ARABIAN                                                                     JUNE 2011

                               ZUHRAH SHRINE CLUBS
                                                                                                              At the Star in the East Lodge Past
                                                                                                           Masters and Awards night May 9th,
                                                                                                           Noble Mike Donahue presented outgo-
                                                                                                           ing Master Chuck Maeyaert with a
                                                                                                           Masonic watch engraved by Kottke
                                                                                                           Jewelers. It has been a long-standing
                                                                                                           tradition for our club to honor the out-
                                                                                                           going Master with a commemorative
             Anoka                                                    Owatonna                             watch.
                                                                                                              After this column went to press our
   We met at Billies in Anoka on a                                                                         club appeared in the Memorial Day
warm night for a change. I think sum-                              Nobles Richard Heide and Dave           parade. Post-parade refreshments
mer has finally arrived. Any way it felt                       Mussman planned and hosted our 2011         were planned at the Lodge. Our next
like summer. The Nobles and Ladies                             Evaluation Clinic Saturday,April 23rd, at   parades will be the Medford Straight
who were present are Ken & Gail                                the Community Center. Seven children        River Days Parade, Friday, June 17th,
Roush, and they are having fun trying                          were screened and approved to make          and the Faribault Heritage Days
to get their grandson Skyler lined out                         appointments at the Shriners Hospital       Parade, Saturday, June 18th. Nobles,
in school and they were asking how                             to determine their next steps for med-      don your Fez and walk with your club
they deserved that. It is not for us to                        ical care. The Owatonna Shrine Club         clowns and Dumbo or ride our new
wonder, why but for us to do or ...                            has sponsored over 140 children during      motorized picnic table. Ladies are
Keep on a keeping on you two.                                  the last 10 years for expert, no-cost       encouraged to attend the post-parade
   Tony & Bev Krall are doing just fine                        care at our Shriners Hospital for           frivolity and refreshments.
with one boy employed and the other                            Children. Since 1922 Shriners Hospitals        Nobles and prospective Shriners,
with just one year to go in college.                           for Children have provided outstanding      are you interested in dressing up as a
John & Joyce Puffer and Patti—you got                          service for children with bone, muscle,     clown and entertaining the apprecia-
to keep coming, Patti, to keep the place                       or joint problems. For more informa-        tive parade goers? It’s loads of fun, and
livened up. Bill & June Saxton, and she                        tion contact Noble Richard Heide at         our club clowns will help you get
said they attended their great grand-                          456-2069. The club thanks Nobles            started.We can be reached by email at
son’s wedding in Phoenix. Carl & Kathy                         Richard and Dave and all who helped or con-
Anderson, who both looked good.                                with this successful event.                 tact any officer.
   Roy & Lois Downs, but we missed                                 A good turnout of Nobles and Ladies        Check        our      website       at
Steve. Dick & Sandy Lehmann, who said                          enjoyed a delicious buffet at the Elk’s for more infor-
the business was doing just fine keep-                         Club for our May meeting. Noble Bob         mation about your club’s upcoming
ing them all employed. Burt & Jeanne                           Schmidt was not present to claim $200       events, including our summer parade
Reitan, who I think have given up trying                       when his name was drawn for “Loken’s        schedule, and photos.
to sell the house up here cause the                            Lucky Money.” Nobles, you must be              Owatonna area Masons, join your
price is so low they can’t afford to sell.                     present for your chance to win $225 at      Brothers for coffee at the Lodge every
Jerry & Merry Mary Peterson, who said                          our next member meeting in September.       Thursday morning from 7 to 9. Drop
all is well with them.                                         The club will not have member meetings      in as your schedule permits for stimu-
   Dave & Denise Emery. Dave said                              in June,July,or August.Watch for informa-   lating conversation and perhaps some
they had a very good time at Grand                             tion about our important fundraisers in     “entertaining” jokes. Star in the East
Chapter in St Cloud. Denise was                                August – Mini Golf the first weekend fol-   Lodge #33 celebrated 150 years of
appointed Grand Chaplain, so she will                          lowed by the annual Steele County Free      Masonry in Owatonna in 2010.
be busy. Curt & Louise Speller. Curt                           Fair concession stand.
                                                                                                                            Doug Brase, Scribe
took the next step up the line towards
Associate Grand Patron.Wayne & Jane
LaMusga. I had a good talk with Wayne
and he is doing well. Fred & Betty
Kobs. He is Henry Kobs’ brother and
said Henry is doing fine. My Lady Mary
was with me, and she is a helpmate
that is second to none.
   Prez Ken then made the annoucment
that the next meeting in June will be
Goof & Golf at Hayden Hills, and then
said we could no longer have our own
bar due to liquer laws and their insur-
ance. We had to buy what we wanted
from them in the club house. John said
play begins at noon, and the menu is
barbequed chicken and steaks as usual.
Tony reported on the Temple saying the
closing was still a go for May 31. In their
look for a new place the dues had to
support all the costs. Ken asked if it
would be okay to meet in Albertville
and most said yes, so he said he would
try to line up Emma Krumbies so we
will see what comes of that.
   That is all the news that is fit to
print so take care Nobles and Ladies
until we meet agan, and I am looking
forward to it.
                   Scribe, Arlan Ross
JUNE 2011                                                                                   ZUHRAH ARABIAN                                                                                                                         9

                            ZUHRAH SHRINE CLUBS
                                                                                                                                              guests who are wondering what this
                                                                                                                                              group is all about and thinking of per-
                                                                                                                                              haps joining in the fun. If you are curi-
                                                                                                                                              ous, give one of the officers a call and
                                                                                                                                              come for a Dinner Meeting. We meet
                                                                                                                                              at restaurants in the East Central Area
                                                                                                                                              of Minnesota and are always looking
                                                                                                                                              for new places to add to our list. Our
   Pres. Monte asks, "Have you             the REALLY GRAND corn and steak                                                                    next event will be at Running Aces in
brought in your new member to the          feed Saturday evening. If you want to
                                                                                                   East Central                               Forest Lake on Thursday, May 19, for
                                                                                                                                                                                             Minnesota Valley
West Suburban SC yet?"                     stay at the Comfort Inn (1511 East                                                                 the Seafood Buffet.
   President Monte promises us a           College Drive—the junction of Hwys                   They say you are lucky to maintain               Every summer we have a picnic, and           Well, this month’s article is just like
meatloaf dinner at our next regular        19 and 23), call 507-532-3070. Note to           friendships over the years with people            this year it will be held on Sunday,         today’s newspaper—lots of news of
meeting: 15 June at 5:30 p.m. social       the wise, call sooner rather than later          who you meet at various stages in your            August 14th, at Dean and Judy                the past, with a few future events.
(5:00 board meeting) and 6: 30 dinner.     because the motel fills up early. Then           life. They also state that people who             Yorston’s home on Cross Lake in Pine            Our Spring Pancake Breakfast is over.
As is usual we’ll meet at the Hopkins      Saturday, 20 August, the annual golf             actively maintain a supportive group of           City.The ladies always bring a salad or      On Palm Sunday we had our Pancake,
VFW. 1/2 scribe Lew Sampson will           game followed by the barbeque at                 friends live longer, more fulfilling lives.       dessert to share with the group and          French Toast and Sausage Breakfast at
have the details for your reservation      Elaine and Jim Snyder’s.                         Who are your friends? Are they the peo-           the Club supplies the main event. If the     the Dan Patch American Legion Post in
and the speaker, so pay close attention       A very important date for all of              ple you work with, your neighbors,                weather is good, pontoon rides are           Savage. It was a very nice breakfast and
to his epistle. Nobles monthly lunch-      Zuhrah, Nobles, Ladies, family and oth-          extended family, and people from your             available for those who love the water,      we made a few $$s for our Organization
eon will be at 11:30 on Thursday, 30       ers who can come: the Ceremonial to              childhood, or are they people you enjoy           and there are always a few games             (not gazillions-but enough). As usual I’m
June, also at the Hopkins VFW.             be held at the Horsemen’s Ranch on               meeting and breaking bread with while             going on as well as lots of story telling,   also sure that our reckoning will show
   For your planning schedule, the         Saturday, 11 June. It will be a family affair,   having a few laughs and talking about             eating, and just plain visiting.             that our MVASC Ladies did well with
Annual Mystery trip will be on             both our Zuhrah family and our friends           family, life challenges, and what it is like to      We hope to see some new faces at          their bake sale during the Breakfast.
Wednesday, 20 July. Shhhhhh! I can’t       and family.There’ll be a picnic for all and      live in these difficult times. People who         our summer outings.We meet the third         Kudos to those members and their
disclose where we are going, because       special events for children. Check your          support you and wonder where you are              Thursday of the month all year long,         Ladies and our MVASC Widows for all
then it would not be a mystery, would      Arabian for details and specifically how         when you are missing an event. Friends            except for August when we have our           the prep work before and help during
it? But I understand it will be a day      to get there. It is Potentate Gary Sibben        can be from any or all of these groups.           picnic, and go dark during the cold win-     and after the Spring Breakfast.
affair so block out the day.               and the Divan’s wish and hope that all               Extend your family of friends and             ter months of January and February,             Our April Stated Meeting was on
   Coming up in August is our annual       who can, will turn out for this special          attend an East Central Area Shrine                when we hibernate in our cozy homes          the 28th of April 2011 at the V.F.W. in
trek to Marshall to visit and party with   day of fun and frolic and to welcome in          Club Meeting. We meet the third                   in front of the fireplace with a big bowl    Prior Lake. Our May 26 meeting was at
the Marshall Area Shrine Club. Reserve     our new Nobles.                                  Thursday of the month with our signif-            of popcorn. Come join the fun!               Stephano’s Italian Restaurant. Any
Friday-Sunday, 5-7 August, or if you          That's the news for now and there             icant others, but you are always wel-                                                          member may attend the board meet-
                                                                                                                                                       ECSC President Mike Hill
prefer, come down Saturday the 6th.        is lots going on, so join in the fun.            come to come and meet the other sin-                                                           ing—your input is always welcome.
                                                                                                                                                               (651) 4646-4129
There’ll be a cook-out—usually ham-           Slainte,                                      gles in our group, for dinner, a short                                                            Our Board meetings will continue
burgers and fixin’s—Friday evening and                     Tom Parry, 2/2 Scribe            meeting and a lot of camaraderie.                    ECSC Secretary Dean Yorston               to be on the third Thursday of the
                                                                                            Both Zuhrah and Osman Shriners and                                (320) 629-3697               month through the summer.Watch for
                                                                                            their Ladies are welcome as well as                                                            the mailings for time and place.
                                                                                                                                                                                              We will be having an informal dinner
                                                                                                                                                                                           in August to schedule the rest of Prez
                                                                                                                                                                                           John’s year. The summer picnic
                                                                                                                                                                                           date/place is still up in the air—gotsa
                Thank the advertisers                                                                                                                                                      wait for parade schedules for planning.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Watch for an announcement via USPS.
           for their support of the Arabian!                                                                                                                                                  Summer is upon us—Parade
                                                                                                                                                                                           Season! Supporting all our Units at the

                                                                                              The Zuhrah Pipes & Drums                                                                     parades, especially during this season,
                                                                                                                                                                                           is a big part of who we are.
                                                                                                                                                                                              Finally, don’t forget all our fellow
                                                                                                                                                                                           Nobles who are not feeling up to
                                                                                                               Are Looking for                                                             snuff, their loved ones and our kids
                                                                                                                                                                                           and staff at the Hospitals.

                                                                                                               New Members –                                                                                                   T. D.

                                                                                                         No Experience
                                                                                                          Necessary!                                                                            Midwest
                                                                                                              Call Jerry Oliver                                                              Summer Session
                                                                                                               763-449-9067                                                                    Winnipeg, Manitoba
                                                                                                                                                                                                  August 3–6

                                                                                                                                              Now this is
                                                                                                                                              FUN-raising!                                     Promote your
                                                                                                                               We are excited to introduce                                     Zuhrah Shrine
                                                                                                 you to a new Womens General Auxiliary partnership that
                                                                                                 will increase our fundraising capabilities.Womens                                              Unit or Club
                                                                                                 General Auxiliary and have joined forces
                                                                                                 to help raise funds                                                                                   Event
                                                                                                 by offering great daily deals of up to 90% off the best
                                                                                                 restaurants, spas, family entertainment and more.                                             with an ad in
                                                                                                 It's so simple. All you need to do is click on the link                                       the Arabian.
                                                                                                 below to register, and 5% of every purchase you make
                                                                                                 on will go directly back to Womens                                           Contact Ed Reiners
                                                                                                 General Auxiliary.
                                                                                                 Help yourself and Womens General Auxiliary, too!                                  
                                                                                                 Please go here to register:
10                                                                    ZUHRAH ARABIAN                                                                                  JUNE 2011

   SUNDAY                       MONDAY                  TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY                     THURSDAY                   FRIDAY                  SATURDAY
MAY 29                    30                       31                        JUNE 1                    2                       3                          4
                          MEMORIAL DAY                                       Oriental Band                  ZUHRAH SHRINE
                          ZUHRAH SHRINE CLOSED                                                                 CLOSED
                          Band   –   Chanters
                          Drum Corps – Patrol

5                         6                        7                         8                         9                       10                         11
Horsemen’s Cowboy         Band                     101                       Antique Cars                      ZUHRAH                DIVAN DINNER         Birak ASC Board Meeting
                          Chanters --- Patrol      Cycle Corps               Cobra Corps                        SHRINE             STATED MEETING         Ceremonial & 125th
Willmar ASC 23rd Annual   Drum Corps                                         Horsemen                          CLOSED              at Zurah Horsemen      Birthday Celebration at
                          Ho Ho     – Willmar                                LOH                                                         Ranch            the Zuhrah Horsemen
Toy Run
                          Finance Committee                                                                                                               Ranch

12                        13                       14                        15                        16                      17                         18
                          Band      –   Chanters   AASC                      Guardian                      ZUHRAH SHRINE       Masquers
                          Drum Corps    – Patrol   Owatonna                  Rod & Gun                        CLOSED           Birak Steak Fry
                          Funsters                                           WSSC                      Flyers
                          Steel Band

19                        20                       21                        22                        23                      24                         25
     FATHERS DAY          Band                     Ceremonial Unit           Antique Cars Burger Run       ZUHRAH SHRINE
                          Chanters                                           LOH                                CLOSED
                          Drum Corps                                         Birak Circus              MVSC
                          Patrol                                                                       Birak Circus

26                        27                       28                        29                        30                      JULY 1                     2
                          Band    –  Chanters      Unit Heads                Marshall                    ZUHRAH SHRINE
                          Drum Corps               House Committee           The Chairmen                   CLOSED
                          Patrol                                                                       WSSC
                          Steel Drum Band

3                         4                        5                         6                         7                       8                          9
                              INDEPENDENCE DAY     Cobra Corps                                              ZUHRAH SHRINE           DIVAN DINNER          Birak ASC
                                ZUHRAH SHRINE      Cycle Corps New Ulm                                         CLOSED              STATED MEETING

                    IMPERIAL SESSION – DENVER, COLORADO – JULY 3–7

                                        BUSINESS LISTINGS
      Advertise in these                                                                                                                            Contact Ed Reiners at
      Business Listings                                                                                                                    or
     for $75.00 per year                                                                                                                               612-483-0664

Accounting                          Quick Dry-Tech Carpet &              Employee Benefits                   Heating & Air                       Retail
Messerli & Schadow                  Uphostery Cleaning                   Health & Life Brokerage             Standard Heating                    Mills Fleet Farm
Larry E. Messerli CPA               Chuck Stennes                        Services, Inc.                      Minneapolis, MN
                                                                                                                                                 • 763-424-9668
Minneapolis, MN                     Minneapolis, MN                      Mark Berg                           612-824-2656                        Brooklyn Park, MN
952-927-8350                        612-963-1816                         Golden Valley, MN                                                        763-553-0911                                                            • 651-779-7725
                                                                         Mark Berg:                                                              Oakdale, MN
Attorneys                           Computer Consultant                                                      Associated Insurance Agent Inc
                                                                                                                 • 952-435-38/32
David E. Culbert                                                                                             Owen R Seeley                       Lakeville, MN
                                    Scherstad Systems Inc.
Minneapolis, MN                                                          Financial Consultants               Brooklyn Center, MN
952-546-5440                        Ross E. Hjermstad                                                                                  
                                                                         Jirak, Rosvold & Associates         763-549-2223
                                    Elk River, MN                                                                                                Roofing
                                                                         Timothy Jirak             
Hanson Lulic & Krall, LLC           612-221-2889
Tony R. Krall                                                            Eden Prairie, MN                                                        Kaufman Roofing
                                                                                   The David Agency
Minneapolis, MN                                                          952-746-9447                                                            Dick Kaufman
                                    Consignment                          Dick Devine
612-333-2530                                                                                                                                     Minneapolis, MN
                                                                                                             Edina, MN                      It’s New To U                        Funeral Directors                   612-333-4455                        612-722-0965
Auto Dealers                        Alison Formaneck                                               
Lockwood Motors, Inc.               Savage, MN                           Mike Dougherty
                                    952-882-6060                                                             Monuments                           Security--
Chet Lockwood                                                            Minneapolis, MN
Bob Lockwood                                                                      Twin City Monuments
                                                                         612-871-4407                                                            Central Lock & Safe
Marshall, MN                                                                                                 Morrie Toretsky
                                    Contractors                                                               Darryl Metzger
800-658-2455                                                                                                 Minneapolis, MN              CCRCC Carlson                                                            952-920-4738                        Minneapolis, MN
                                    Construction Co.                     Washburn McReavy
                                                                                                             Oils & Fuel                         612-788-9124
                                    David Carlson "Too Tall"             James Ewald
Mills FORD                                                                                                                             
Mike Brown                          St Louis Park, MN                    Minneapolis, MN                     Wm H. McCoy Petroleum
Baxter, MN                                                               612-377-2203                        James McCoy                         Time Clocks
218-825-3536                                                               St Louis Park, MN
                                    Embroidery                                                               952-927-7991                        Signal Systems Inc                                                        Graphic Designers                                                       Brian Reiners
Auto Repair                         DO IT RIGHT, Inc
                                                                         MT                                  Pet Supplies
                                    Susan Gainor                                                                                                 Minneapolis, MN
Youngstedts "Goodyear"                                                   Mark Toretsky                       Fromm T&R Distributing
                                    Prior Lake, MN                                                           Rod Hendrickson                     612-871-7500
Hopkins, MN                                                              Minneapolis, MN
952-933-4305                        952-226-1677                                                             Eagan, MN                 
                                                                         952-836-9040                           651-452-2617                        Travel
Cleaning Services                                                                                            Pizzeria                            AAA Minneapolis
                                    Winter Company                       Process Displays                    Sarpino’s Pizzeria
Perfect Touch Cleaning                                                                                                                           Lori Martz
Brittani Wolf                       Janet Winter                         K. M. Anderson                      Simeon Dimitrov
                                    Savage, MN                           Minneapolis, MN                                                         Minneapolis, MN
Eagan, MN                                                                                                    Oakdale, MN
651-216-4943                        952-763-9600                         763-512-5123                        651-210-9963                        952-927-2741          
JUNE 2011                                                                ZUHRAH ARABIAN                                                                                   11

                                     UPCOMING EVENTS
                            Winnipeg, Manitoba                                                    2011 Summer Midwest Cost Breakdown:
                                                                                                  Included: Registration Packet + Thursday Oasis + Saturday Oasis
                            August 3 – 6, 2011                                                                     Registration:
                                                                                                                   Noble Only       $75.00
Wednesday – August 3, 2011                                                                                         Noble & Lady $120.00
Time     TBA                                                                                                       Lady Only        $45.00
Event    V.I.P registration
Location Fort Garry Hotel                                                                 Past Potentates & Divan Counterparts Dinner              August 3, 2011
                                                                                          Location: Fort Garry Hotel – 7th Floor                   6:00 p.m.
Time       6:00 p.m.
Event      Past Potentates / Counterparts Dinner                                          Noble Only $50.00      Noble & Lady $100.00
Location   Fort Garry Hotel – 7th Floor                                                   Ladies Counterpart Breakfast                             August 3, 2011
Cost       $50.00 Canadian – Per Person                                                   Location: Fort Garry Hotel – 7th Floor                   9:30 a.m.
                                                                                          Lady Only $35.00
Thursday – August 4, 2011
Time       9:30 a.m.                                                                      Ladies Luncheon                                          August 5, 2011
Event      Ladies Counterpart Breakfast                                                   Location: Fort Garry Place                               11:00 a.m.
Location   Fort Garry Hotel – Provencher Room Main Floor                                  Ladies $40.00
Cost       $35.00 Canadian – Lady Only
                                                                                          Shrine-A-Rama                                            August 5, 2011
Event    Nobles and Ladies Registration and Check in                                      Manitoba Social                                          7:00 p.m.
Location Fort Garry Hotel— Gateway Room, Second Level across the walkway                  Taste Manitoba                                           9:00 p.m.
                                                                                          Noble Only $35.00        Noble & Lady $70.00
Form up Time NOT ALLOWED EARLIER THAN 5:30 p.m.                                           Saturday Parade                                          August 6, 2011
Step off time     7:00 p.m.                                                               Location: Assiniboine Park                               8:00 a.m.
Location Form-up will be at the Legislature Bldg, all units will move onto Broadway and
           head “EAST” to the Fort Garry Hotel Approx distance 1 KM (0.6 miles).          Go to the following website to register for the 2011 Summer Midwest
OASIS Tailgate party.                                                            Register by July 15
Location 2nd floor of the Fort Garry Hotel Parkade
Friday – August 5, 2011                                                                   Zuhrah is staying in at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre Winnipeg
COMPETITIONS AND EXHIBITIONS                                                              Cost: $156.00 per night /Double Occupancy
The following will be competing at the Red River Grounds: Motorized and Horse Guard
8:00 a.m. Motor Corps         Red River EX Park                                           Zuhrah’s hospitality cost $25.00 per person per day
8:00 a.m. Horse Patrol        Red River EX Park                                           Please email Ross Hjermstad at or phone 612-221-2889 to
9:00 a.m. Clowns              Manitoba Hydro Place – 360 Portage Ave                      reserve your place for the 2011 Summer Midwest.
9:00 a.m. Chanters            Fort Garry Hotel – Concert Hall Ballroom – 7th Floor        All payments are in Canadian dollars.
9:00 a.m. Drum Corps          The Forks – Festival Park (see map)
9:00 a.m. Pipes and Drums Minto Armoury – 969 St. Mathews Avenue
9:00 a.m. Oriental Bands      Shrine Centre – 1155 Wilkes Avenue
10:30 a.m. Fife and Drum      Barn Storming all over the city
12:00 n    Flag Patrols       Minto Armoury – 969 St. Mathews Avenue

9:30 a.m. Khartum Vintage Cars Cruise
Place:      Starting place Garden City Shopping Center NW Corner
Show and Shine to be held at Skinners Restaurant
Open to all Shriners and family with a special interest vehicle
Enjoy a scenic Cruise down Henderson Highway along the Red River to Lockport, Manitoba
Contact: Morley Kabernick 339-2830 or 949-2600

Children’s Program for Ladies Luncheon
Time      10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Location Fort Gary Hotel – Day Care Room – 5th Floor
Cost      $10.00 PER CHILD

Ladies Luncheon
Time      11:00 a.m.
Location Fort Gary Place – Grand Ball Room – 4th Floor
Cost      $40.00 Canadian – Lady Only

Children’s Program for Shrine-A-Rama
Time      7:00 p.m. to Midnight
Location Fort Gary Hotel – Day Care Room – 5th Floor
Cost      $10.00 PER CHILD

Time       7:00 p.m.        Manitoba Social
           9:00 p.m.        Taste Manitoba (Various hot and cold foods)
Location Fort Gary Hotel – Grand Ball Room – 4th Floor
Cost       $35.00— Per Person

Saturday – August 6, 2011
Form up Time     9:30 a.m.
Step off Time    11:00 a.m.
Location         Form-up will be in the Assiniboine Park area, and all units will move
                 through the park to the Zoo parking lot where an Oasis will be held.
                 Approx distance 1.2 KM (1.0 mile).
12             ZUHRAH ARABIAN      JUNE 2011


      Spring Ceremonial and
     125th Anniversary Picnic
         Saturday, June 11, 2011

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