Fertility Massage Fact Sheet

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					                          Fertility Massage Fact Sheet

                                    General Information
 It is important that the couple knows that fertility massage is simply a complimentary method of
  enhancing fertility and that other steps are likely necessary before conception occurs
 Fertility massage offers no guarantees
 The therapist should encourage the couple to use the techniques on each other
 Fertility massage is approved for both natural and medically supported conception
 The best time to perform fertility massage is just before ovulation, anytime between days 1 and 14 of
  a women’s cycle
 Fertility massage is done on both the female and male in the couple trying to conceive
 The points used in fertility massage are contraindicated for pregnancy, so it is imperative that you
  know a women is NOT pregnant before performing fertility massage, so as not to risk miscarriage
 Lots of kissing is recommended for the couple, as there is an energetic connection, or link, between
  the jaw and the pelvis

                         Facts about the Fertility Massage routine
 Castor oil packs are used to detoxify and break up adhesions
 Craniosacral holds are performed at the sacrum, and then the occipital ridge
 The hoku point in the thumb web of the hand is activated during fertility massage, but is
  CONTRAINDICATED for pregnancy
 Pelvic friction is used to break up scar tissue/adhesions and to help increase blood flow to the pelvis
 The pelvic friction is performed over the entire pelvic bowl, from the ASIS to the pubic bone, and
  from the top of the posterior ilium to the PSIS and the entire sacrum. It is also done on the ishial
 During reflexology, the endocrine glands must be activated. These include the pineal gland,
  pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and adrenal gland.
 The reproductive organs that are stimulated during reflexology (for the female or male respectively)
  are the…
          o Uterus/Prostate
          o Ovaries/Testes
          o Fallopian Tubes/Vas Deferens
 When the clients is prone, we do circular friction, fractioning down the bladder meridian on each
  side of the spine

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