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									  Finding a Super Lawyer:
 Questions You Must Ask
Before You Hire an Attorney
Do you need to find a car accident lawyer or
personal injury attorney or trial lawyer that
 specializes in personal injury law to handle
         your accident injury claim?

Or maybe you need help with a divorce, child
 custody, wills and estate planning, business
          law, taxes, or bankruptcy?

There are certainly many types of lawyers and
   law offices that can help you with legal
  information, but finding top law firms to
    handle your case can be a challenge.

First of all, it is very important that you find a
 lawyer who has experience with the issues
that you are facing. Always ask if the attorney
         specializes in cases like yours.

   You'll also want to know how long the
  attorney has been in practice, how many
cases like yours the lawyer has handled, and
 how successful the attorney was in those

Also find out if any previous clients have ever
   made any complaints about the lawyer.

And don't forget to check if the lawyer is a
member of the local Bar Association since
  this is usually a sign that the attorney is
respected by his fellow legal professionals.

For more important questions that you need
to ask before hiring an attorney, and a list of
  reputable Florida attorneys in your area,
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