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									Understanding the 5 major types
  of medical health insurance

In the United States, there are five main types
of health insurance currently available. These
     include traditional health insurance;
 preferred provider organizations also known
as PPOs; point-of-service plans or POS; health
  management organizations or HMOs; and
       health savings accounts or HSAs.
    With traditional health insurance, the insured
   person pays the insurance company a premium
every month. Then, if the person has an accident or
 illness, they see a doctor of their choice and pay a
  deductible amount and possibly an office visit or
     prescription co-payment amount, while the
    insurance company covers the rest of the bill.
PPOs are similar to traditional health insurance but
  they have a list of medical "preferred providers"
 for the insured person to choose from in order to
  receive care at the cheapest out-of-pocket rate.

Limiting the physicians and hospitals covered in by
the PPO health plan allows the insurance company
 to control their costs to some extent, resulting in
                  lower premiums.

 The insured person can, however, receive care
 from a doctor or facility that is not included on
the PPO list if they choose. However, in that case
the insured person would have to pay almost all
   of the medical costs themselves, with only a
      small percentage being covered by the
                 insurance company.
  POS plans require the insured person to have a
 primary care physician who provides referrals for
   specialists. For example, if the insured person
needed to see a cardiologist, they would first visit
their primary care physician for an initial diagnosis
  and then receive a referral to a specialist for a
       more thorough testing and treatment.
For more information about POS plans and
the other types of medical health insurance
plans, as well as tips to save money on your
  health insurance premiums, please visit


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