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 Stress Free Fair…
          …a great
          - see page 4

 A Parent’s Comment…
          By Joolz
          Children’s Centre
          - see page 3

 DCATCH Short Breaks…
          Great praise from
          - see page 18

 Win Family Pass to see a BSL
 interpreted performance of
 Jack & the Beanstalk!
 - see page 14

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Give Government The
Lowdown On Mobility
                                                             PAGE NO:   Contents…
                                                                        Mobility Needs

Needs                                                                   IRIS Website Poll Results

An independent review

                                                                        Editor’s Comments
of the Government’s                                                     Notts Down’s Syndrome Support Group Celebrate
plans to change Disability
Living Allowance (DLA)                                                  A Parent’s Comment by Joolz, a volunteer at family

is calling for your                                                     Action Ladybrook Centre, West Mansfield
Lord Colin Low (pictured) is leading the review

to scrutinize plans to remove the mobility
                                                                        Stress Free Fair - a great success
component of dLA from people in state-funded
residential care.

he’s calling for people to share their insights                         Hotels Accessibility Ratings
on the matter and is asking for submissions by                          Sledge Hockey
october 2011.

To submit evidence and read more about the                              A Second Home for Indigo Kids
review visit                                    Disability Alliance & Skill

Poll Results                                                            Calling all Cerebral Palsy Footballers

We have now closed the poll on the IRIS                           7     Can you be a Short Breaks Foster Carer?
                                                                        Do You Know A Sporting Hero?

website where we asked whether you
                                                                        A 4 Page pull out section covering the events in

thought we should have a Facebook or                                    Nottingham & Nottinghamshire
Twitter account.
facebook was the clear favourite, with a
                                                                        A Fresh Start For Rutland House

whopping 77 per cent of you saying we should opt
                                                                        October Half Term Clubs
for this site, and a further 15 per cent saying you
would like us to use it alongside Twitter
                                                                        Focus on… Nottingham Disabled Children’s Team

                                             15%                13      Finding Your Way In The Future

                                                                        Competition - Mansfield Palace Theatre give away a

                                                                        family ticket to a BSL interpreted performance of
                                                                        Jack and the Beanstalk

                                                                        Disabilty Groups Launch e-petition against Welfare

     facebook     Twitter (0%)        Both         Neither              NORSACA Charity Jaunt to Italy

There were no votes for us to use just Twitter,                         IRIS EXCLUSIVE - Dr Wendy Lawson’s Story Part 2
while 7 per cent said we shouldn’t bother with
either.                                                         16      Youth Service Disability Support - new location

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to vote                       Technology Focus - Proloquo2go - A great app for

                                                                        Apple iphone for people who have difficulty speaking
and tell us what you thought.
                                                                        You Training Update
our next poll is regarding ideas you have
suggested for the magazine – namely whether you
                                                                        Praise for DCATCH & Short Breaks
think we should include listings, celebrity features,
classified ads or more technology articles.                     18      Bedtime Reading

The poll is available on the front page of the                          Direct Payments - a Parent’s Perspective
website – we can’t wait to hear what you think!
                                                                19      DIPSU helps it’s 1000th person
                                                                        Tesco grant for Voluntary Groups

                                                                                Christmas Comes Early After
                                                                                Coupon Cutting Campaign
                        Dear Reader,
This will be my last edition as editor for a little while, as I’m off on 
maternity leave until the middle of next year. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support
you’ve shown the project in the time since we started. 

My  colleague  Tim  Simpson  will  now  be  working  full  time  on  the 
website and magazine during this period and I am delighted to say               Matt Coppins and his friend Jessica – just two of the
                                                                                children attending the group who will benefit from the
that  Lyn  Nixon  from  the  Information  Service  based  at  the  Child 
Development Centre at the City Hospital Campus will be covering my
role while I am away.                                                           A cash boost from the local press means that
Long term readers might even remember Lyn from our first Focus                  the Nottinghamshire Down’s Syndrome
On… article way back in October of last year! I wish them both all the          Support Group will have plenty to celebrate
best for the next few months.                                                   this Christmas.

In some respects I am sad to leave IRIS at such an exciting time. We            Nearly £200 was given to the group by the
continue  to  receive  registration  forms  for  the  Children’s  Disability    Nottingham Evening Post after readers sent in
Register  on  a  regular  basis,  but  in  order  for  us  to  accurately       well over 1000 coupons as part of their Cash
represent disability within Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and make             For Your Community giveaway.
the case for improved services and better representation we could
always use more.                                                                Under the promotion the amount of cash the charity
                                                                                ends up with depends on the number of coupons
Our website and magazines also continue to evolve over time with                collected for them by readers - with the Nottingham
your help. In the last few editions we’ve strived to implement all the          Building Society putting up the money.
changes that you said you wanted. 
                                                                                It’s great news for the group, who had to cancel their
Therefore you may have noticed the inclusion of a contents page in              Summer fun day in July this year after a lack of funds
                                                                                and now intend to put the money towards a Xmas party
the magazine and an increase in real life stories. The events section
                                                                                for members.
is now a four page pull out and we have also tried to feature more 
stories on technology.                                                          Group member Andy Coppins applied for the promotion
                                                                                as soon as it was announced earlier this year.
We  are  aware  that  you  would  like  more  information  regarding 
education, and this is something we are currently working on with key           he said: “It was great that the Notts down’s Syndrome
partners to make sure you know accurate, up to date information as              Support  Group was chosen to be one of the 300 
soon as it is available.                                                        organisations that would receive a share of the Cash for
                                                                                your Community.
Please keep in touch and let us know what you think – we are only
                                                                                “The group really pulled together and we managed to
as good as the feedback you give us.
                                                                                collect well over 1000 tokens, so thanks to everybody
                          Catherine Slater, IRIS Project Manager                that collected them for the group - you did a great job.
                                                                                It was an exciting event to be involved in and we were
PS. Please contact IRIS for a plain large text version of                       really chuffed to receive our cheque from the Evening
    this magazine or if you require it in another format.                       Post and Nottingham Building Society”

                                                                                The group meets on the third Saturday of each month
                                                                                at the Trent Vineyard Church, off Lenton Lane,
                                                                                Nottingham, and offers the opportunity for parents and

                                       Check out the                            carers to give mutual support and establish a peer
                                                                                group for children with down’s Syndrome and for their


                                          on page 14                               For more information visit their website at

A Parent’s
Joolz is a mother and a volunteer at
Family Action Ladybrook Children’s
Centre in West Mansfield. She has
been attending with her son Heath
for over 3 years and wanted to share
her journey and support at the
Children’s Centre so far with other                                                        Left - right: Joolz (mum) Heath
parents with disabled children.                                                            (child) and Tracey (Play and learning
                                                                                           worker/inclusion lead) shoot the
                                                                                           breeze at the allotment session. 

“I first took my son to the Children’s Centre when he was           I truly feel that taking him to the centre and having all the
around 7 months old. I wanted to get him used to other              help and support that they gave me has helped me and my
children as soon as possible because I was sort of an only child    son to be where we are today. he is currently attending a
as my youngest brother was 15 years older than me.                  mainstream school and is doing very well. As a result of all my
                                                                    experiences I am now a volunteer at the centre and am more
“I never had many friends as my mum had post natal                  than happy to help any other parents and children going
depression, which in those days was not heard of and as a           through what we have because the help and support that was
result I was slightly alienated by other children. At the time      there for me and my son really helped.
he was like any other child of that age and I had no reason to
suspect otherwise. over time, the children got to know each         I also feel that we should not be frightened to take our
other and grow up together. It was then I noticed something         children out to such places because it helps the children
was not quite right as he didn’t appear to be at the same           become a part of society, it stops them being bored and gives
developmental level as them or play like the others did.            them new experiences, it gives the parents/carers a break
Thanks to the help and support of the centre’s Speech and           and someone else to talk to and most importantly it makes
Language Worker they helped me get a referral to                                  other people more aware of different
Inclusion Support and eventually this all led to a “… I often felt like childrens’ needs and how to understand them
diagnosis of Autism. The centre and other agencies          a “bad mum”           and their conditions and therefore be more
all put me on courses to learn more about the                                     tolerant and less frightened.
                                                          in front of other
condition and how to help my child’s development,
something I was struggling with at the time.                    parents”          “Put it this way - since having my son I have
                                                                                  totally changed the way I view disability.”
“In the meantime I still took him to sessions as I felt it was
important for him to mix with other children and I also felt it     Tracey is a play and learning worker with an Inclusion lead
was important for other people to see a child with a disability     role at Ladybrook Children’s Centre.
even though a lot of the time it came across as “bad
                                                                    She said “here at Ladybrook we have regular inclusion audits
behaviour”. I often felt like a “bad mum” in front of other
                                                                    to ensure that we offer all our children and families equal
parents and in the beginning I would often break down in
                                                                    opportunities to have fun while they explore, learn and play.
tears when I could not engage him in their activities or deal
                                                                    We recognise that every child is an individual and all families
with his obsessive behaviour.
                                                                    are unique. We support our families by planning our sessions
“The Staff were wonderful and did all they could to help and        to follow individual learning journeys and the interests of
reassure me as well as trying to find ways to engage him (this      each child and their family”
sometimes led them to having the cars and trains out every
                                                                    Karen is the Children’s Centre Co-ordinator and says “Both of
week!). This also made other parents aware that it wasn’t
                                                                    our Children’s Centres in the West Mansfield area - Ladybrook
my fault and they then accepted me and my son.
                                                                    and Pleasley hill - have inclusion high on their agenda.
“I also had hometalk which was a new project at the time.
                                                                    She said: “we understand the needs of families with disabled
This was where a member of the play team came to my house
                                                                    children by asking them about their child’s needs and we are
and helped me learn to play with my child and find ways to
                                                                    learning from our families all the time. If any parents are
engage him, and I also had help from a family Support Worker
                                                                    thinking about coming to groups but are unsure they can give
and a Councillor. This was particularly important because I
                                                                    us a ring for an informal chat or we can meet parents and
ended up splitting from the child’s father (on a positive note
                                                                    attend groups together”
he still is very much involved with his son and was nothing
to do with the split). I was also diagnosed as having a             To find out more about Ladybrook or Pleasley Hill
benign brain tumour and lost my job. They were always there         Children’s Centre activities, events and groups please
and still are whenever I needed to talk and help me through         phone 01623 410090.
the tough times.

                                                                  Sarah, Sam, 10, and Auntie Jane.

                                                                  “We’re here because of the article in the last IRIS Magazine!
                                                                  The fact that all around you are parents with a child with
                                                                  additional needs helps as everyone is here for the same
                                                                  reason. Everyone on the rides has a really lovely manner with
                                                                  the children too - which has made our day.

                                                                  “It’s lovely for siblings too. Sam’s brother Jack has met a
                                                                  person from his school who he never knew had an autistic
                                                                  brother, so it helps them to feel included.”

 Sarah Finney and Andrew              Dawkins       with   kids
 Louie and Freddie, both 5

 Sarah said: “We came last year and it’s really good. If you
 feel that your child isn’t enjoying the ride then they’ll stop
 it. You don’t feel awkward and it’s nice that you can meet
 other people that you haven’t seen for a long time.”

 Parents were filled with praise for a
 free (and stress free!) funfair which
 took place recently.
 The event at Bramcote hills Park on the 24th
 August was blessed with blazing sun and clear
 skies but parents said that it was the courteous
 behaviour of staff and the chance to let their
 hair down which put the shine on their day and
 a smile on their faces.

 hundreds turned up on the event which was
 hosted by the freemasons and Showman’s guild
 and took place between 10am and 1pm.

 This was the second year the event had taken

Graham, with Dominic, 6

“It’s great just for the fact that you’re
stress free. Sometimes you spend a lot
of your time thinking “what will be the
effects of his behaviour on other children”
but at this fair it’s clear that the other
children are the same and aren’t bothered.
No-one’s being shown up.

      Help Improve Accessibility Ratings System
      for Hotels
                                                                                  James in the Maldives with close friend
                                                                                  Camillia “There were no hotels with
                                                                                  specific wheelchair access but I went
                                                                                  down there to see if I could get on
                                                                                  alright anyway, which I did! “

    A Nottinghamshire based entrepreneur
    who was paralysed at the age of 21 is
    trying to launch a website to grade
    hotels on accessibility and wants your help.

    James Price, who lives in Beeston, says that after he broke     however, he says in the meantime he would love any
    his neck in a diving accident in 1999 he permanently            comments from IRIS readers regarding the look and feel of
    required a wheelchair for mobility and was paralysed in two     the site, the information provided, the grading scheme itself
    thirds of his body.                                             and what they think of the site generally.

    however the fiercely independent wheelchair rugby player        To have a look at the site visit
    says didn’t think of himself as disabled and it was only when and email
    he tried to book a holiday in 2001 that he realised how with any comments.
    difficult the process could be for people who had additional

    he said: “it came to taking my first holiday in 2001 - I was
                                                                    On Ice Or On Land –
    disgusted and shocked that a well known high street travel
    agent had no information on access in hotels, especially as     Would Your Kids Like To
    I was enquiring about New York which is in one of the most
    accessible countries in the world!”                             Try Sledge
    As a consequence he set about trying to set up a website for
    people who might not require a specialist booking company,
    but merely want to organise a hotel room or a holiday and
    have all the facts to hand.

    he added: “for people with limiting daily impairments who
    just require a hotel room for a night or want to organise a
    holiday but do not require specialist holiday tailoring it
    disgusts me that the worlds travel distribution networks do
    not facilitate us”

    The website is intended to be free for use by holidaymakers,
    with the cost met by hotels paying to be graded (much like
    AA star ratings).                                               Support for the Ice
                                                                    Sessions comes from
    At present the website is being tested but James hopes to
                                                                    the Great Britain Sledge
    have it up and running by next year.
                                                                    Hockey Team.

                                                                                    Disability Alliance Steps
   A Second Home for Indigo Kids                                                    Up To Ensure Skill’s Work
   Just six months after they acquired their first
   property Indigo Kids are ready to open a second.
                                                                                    Specialist support for students with disabilities
The autism charity is going from strength to strength and says that the             will continue after disability Alliance has picked
new premises at 186 Beardall Street, Hucknall will provide children’s               up the work of Skill.
activity clubs and a supportive environment for children with autism.
                                                                                    Skill provided advice and information to disabled
Initial activities at the EARTh (Education, Activity, Resource and Therapy          people who wanted to go into further and higher
hub) will include a drama group, a Lego therapy club and a children’s youth club.   education or access training but closed in April
                                                                                    of this year after funding difficulty.
Speaking to IRIS Indigo Kids explained that the existing premises – the ARC
on Annesley Road – is primarily a parent’s drop in centre offering help,            however thankfully the charity disability Alliance
advice, training and coffee mornings and stressed that the new building is          has been supported by the department for Business,
focused more on the children themselves.                                            Innovation and Skills to fill part of the gap.

The EARTh will be open to all children with Autistic Spectrum disorder during       disability Alliance director of Policy Neil Coyle
opening hours and will feature facilities such as an inflatable ball pool,          said: “The education sector is changing fast and
sensory tent, occupational Therapy equipment and table & console games.             disabled learners need representation. There is a
There are also plans to create a sensory area in the garden.                        natural fit between disability Alliance’s aim of
                                                                                    tackling disability poverty and Skill’s former role
Support for the move comes from flexible Support options, a provider of care        supporting disabled people to gain skills.” 
in the community who offer a befriending service and activities for children
under the 100 hours scheme currently being offered by Short Breaks. The             New support available under the agreement
charity also says that it would like to thank The freemasons, Short Breaks and      includes:
Nottingham Self help who have provided funding for some of the activities.
                                                                                    •   online information at
For more information contact Indigo Kids on 0115 9525141 or via               
email at
                                                                                    •   factsheets for disabled students and
                                                                                        advisors on topics such as funding for
                                                                                        education, applying for allowances and
An exciting new sport is available for trial at a Nottinghamshire Leisure
                                                                                        making Reasonable Adjustments to ensure
Centre. The Lammas Leisure Centre in Sutton in Ashfield will be
                                                                                        students are not discriminated against and
hosting regular Inline Sledge Hockey sessions, beginning this month.
                                                                                        can access opportunities.
Inline Sledge hockey is based on Ice Sledge hockey – one of the most
popular sports at the Paralympic Games - and features custom made sleds
                                                                                    •   A helpline for people thinking of moving
                                                                                        into further or higher education, an
with wheels – allowing it to be played in a standard sports hall.
                                                                                        apprenticeship or a job which is available
The game is as fast and as furious as Ice Sledge hockey but with the                    on 0800 328 5050, on Tuesdays between
advantage that it can be played anywhere and interestingly is one of the                11.30am-1.30pm and Thursdays between 
few sports which allow anyone – people with a disability or not - to                    1.30pm-3.30pm   
complete up to world championship level, making it truly inclusive.
                                                                                    •   or by emailing
however, those of you whose kids prefer to chill will also find your tastes   
catered to as the centre is also planning to host Ice Sledge hockey in its more
traditional form, with support from the Great Britain Sledge hockey team.
                                                                                    •   Involvement of disabled students to
                                                                                        influence campaigning policy work to
The sessions have been made possible by funding from Aiming high Short                  improve education and training for students
Breaks. In line sledge hockey costs £3.50 and takes place on Sundays. At                with a disability.
the time of going to press the details regarding Ice Sledge hockey were
                                                                                    If you have questions about the new services
                                                                                    or would like to join Disability Alliance or get
for more information on both sessions please contact Lammas Leisure Centre          involved please contact:
on 01623 511177 or via email on            

    The charity Cerebral Palsy (CP) Sport will be holding a new Football Development Day at Gresham Sports
    Pitch in West Bridgford, Nottingham on Saturday 19th November 2011.
    The day is aimed at getting children and young people together
    and attracting new individuals to play the game of ambulant
    cerebral palsy football in a safe environment, where they can
    have fun, develop their football skills and make new friends
    along the way. 

    It is open to boys and girls aged 7 upwards and will be followed
    by a regional festival in January 2012 to give players a chance
    to experience playing a game of cerebral palsy football against
    other teams.

    The organisers say it doesn’t matter how good you are at the
    game of football and that if you have cerebral palsy, are
    ambulant (able to walk) and want to play cerebral palsy
    football, you are welcome to come along to one of the
    development days and/or regional festivals.

    They also invite parents, players, teachers and coaches looking
    to start their own ambulant cerebral palsy football team
    to register for one of their football events at

    for more information please contact dermot dolan on
    07974 655 539 or email

    Those who would like to support the charity’s fundraising and
    hear more about events in Nottinghamshire can contact the
    fundraising team on 0115 9252620 or

    Could you provide safe, secure and                                     Do You Know A Sporting
    stimulating Short Breaks as a foster
    carer for disabled children & young
    people?                                                                Nominations are now open for Nottingham’s
                                                                           Junior Disabled Sportsperson of the year.
    Nottingham City Council says it is looking for patient,
    understanding people to support, care for and enable disabled          The accolade is just one of the categories in the second
    young people. It says a number of disabled children and young          year of the Nottingham Sports Awards which aims to
    people who use their Short Breaks service would greatly                celebrate the contribution to community sport by
    benefit from day to day physical, emotional and social care.           athletes, participants, coaches and volunteers.

    The short breaks service is looking for people who are in a            The Junior disabled Sportsperson of the Year is awarded to
    position to offer 240 nights care per year and regular                 a person with a disability (physical, learning or sensory)
    weekends.                                                              under the age of 18 years who has demonstrated success
                                                                           or achievement in sport or physical activity. 
    foster carers will predominantly undertake the role in their
    home.  however, in some instances care may need to be                  This can include winning or achieving success or developing
    provided in the child/young person’s own home. Allowances will         themselves as a performer/person.
    be available for necessary adaptations to the home as required.
    There is a £315 weekly allowance plus an additional payment            All information about who can nominate, details of all the
    for each child that comes to stay.                                     categories and the criteria are included on the form and
                                                                           the deadline for nominations is 30th September.
    Some of the children and young people may be on the autistic
    spectrum, present some difficult behaviour and may have a              The awards event will be held on: 24th November 2011 at
    physical disability.                                                   the Council house in the old Market Square, Nottingham.

    If you are interested in this and have any questions please call the   For more information, and to find out where you
    Short Breaks service on 0115 8838280 and ask to speak to Sarah         can get a copy of the nomination form visit
    Boulton or John Imms.                                        

for your Diary
                                                   6-7pm Want 2 Play (Nottinghamshire dis-
                                                   ability football)
                                                   Calverton MWfC Colts, hollinwood Lane,
                                                   Calverton. Contact Kevin Sanders on 0115
                                                                                                      EVERY FRIDAY
                                                                                                      2-2.30pm Group for Families with Babies
                                                                                                      under 18 Months. free, fully inclusive session
                                                                                                      for families in Broxtowe - babies with
                                                   9837406                                            additional needs & babies born prematurely
EVERY MONDAY                                                                                          including early play intervention and family
1 - 3pm Mosaic Group                               EVERY WEDNESDAY                                    support if needed. SureStart Children’s
                                                                                                      Centre, Beeston – tel: 01159 935740
A group for families who have a child under        4 - 5.30pm Inclusion Club
the age of 5 with a disability. APTCoo, Unit                                  ,
                                                   The Pearson Centre for YP Beeston. Multi-
15 Botany Park, Botany Avenue, Mansfield,                                                             4 - 4.30pm Inclusive Water Games
                                                   sports. Come and try out lots of different
NG18 5Nf Tel: 01623 629902
         .                                         games and sports from floor lacrosse to            fun, exciting water games from mini polo to
                                                   tennis to Boccia! for school years 1-11. Cost      synchronised swimming with new interac-
6.30 - 8pm Sherwood Seals                          £3 per session. Contact the sports worker          tive equipment. £4.20 per session. Ages 11-
                                                   0115 9254112 to book your child’s place.           19. Bramcote Leisure Centre. Tel the
disability swimming club. Rebecca Adlington
                                                                                                      Swimming development officer on 0115
Swimming Centre, Westdale Road,
                                                                                                      9173000 to book your child’s place.
Mansfield, Notts, NG19 7BZ. Call Shirley           6 - 8pm Indigo Kids - Youth Group & Par-
freeman on 01623 406241.                           ents Support Group
                                                                                                      Baby Group - City Hospital
                                                   Term time only. high Leys Children’s Centre,
                                                                                                      for babies up to 18 months born prema-
4.30 - 5.30pm Inclusive Football                   high Leys Road, hucknall, Notts, NG15 6EZ.
                                                                                                      turely or with disabilities/additional needs.
Kimberley Leisure Centre. fun and football         Please contact for
                                                                                                      Referral needed via your health visitor or
games for girls and boys aged 10-16.               details and booking, places limited.
                                                                                                      doctor to the Therapeutic Support Team
Contact Broxtowe Sport 0115 9173572 to                                                                (Baby Group) at the Children’s development
book your child’s place.                           5 – 6pm Oak Field Special Badminton Club           Centre, City hospital Campus, hucknall Rd,
                                                   Badminton club welcome anyone with special         Nottingham NG5 1PB. Tel: 0115 8831101.
9.15 – 10.15am Soft Play  Sessions (half           needs. Qualified coaches on hand to help &
price for children with a disability)              teach any standard. oak field Specialist           6:30-7:30pm Want2 Play (Nottinghamshire
Cotgrave Leisure Centre, Woodview, Cotgrave,       Sports College. Bilborough NG8 3hW. £2 per         disability football). farnborough Road, Clifton
Nottingham NG12 3PJ Suitable for children          session Contact Elaine 01332 799442                NG11 8LU.Tel Kevin Sanders on 0115 9837406
aged 6 months - 5 years. full price £3.70,
half Price £1.85 for children with a disability.   6.30-7:30 Want 2 Play (Nottinghamshire             7 – 9pm Nottingham Wheelchair
Tel: 0115 989 2916 or e-mail cotgrave              disability football). Bingham Town, Butt field,    Badminton Club                   Bingham. Tel Kevin Sanders 0115 9837406            for anyone who wants to play or learn to
                                                                                                      play badminton. specialist wheelchairs
                                                   EVERY THURSDAY                                     available. Cost - £3 per session . Ellis Guil-
4.30-5.30pm Want 2 Play (Nottinghamshire
disability football)                               4 - 5.30pm Inclusive Shokk Youth Gym               ford Leisure Centre Nottingham NG6 0hT.
Priory Celtic, Kimberley Leisure Centre,                                                              Tel Elaine 01332799442
                                                   Interactive gym that’s fun for kids, from the
Contact Kevin Sanders on 0115 9837406              Xbox Kinnect, to spinning & the treadmill.
                                                   Kimberley Leisure Centre. Cost £2.40 per           EVERY SATURDAY
EVERY OTHER TUESDAY                                session. for ages 11-19. Contact Broxtowe
                                                   Sport 0115 9173572 to book.                        10 - 12 noon Saturday Circles
10 - 12 noon ASD Coffee Morning
                                                                                                      Morning group for disabled children. APTCoo.
APTCOO, Unit 15 Botany Park, Botany                10 - 3pm Welfare Rights Sessions                   Unit 15 Botany Park, Botany Avenue,
Avenue,     Mansfield,    NG18  5Nf.                                                                                       .
                                                                                                      Mansfield, NG18 5Nf Tel: 01623 629902
                                                   Children’s development Centre, City
Tel: 01623 629902.
                                                   hospital Campus. Tel. 0115 8831157 or 58
                                                   for an appointment.                                1.30 - 2.30pm Inclusion Trampolining
                                                                                                      Adapted trampolining, exhilarating and fun!
5.30 - 6.30pm Disability Multisports               Radcliffe Stay and Play 1pm- 3pm                   Eastwood Community Sports Centre. Cost
Activity Club                                      free Stay and Play session for families with       £3.50 per session. for ages 7-16. Contact
River Maun Recreation Centre, Barringer            children with additional needs (no                 Broxtowe Sport 0115 9173572 to book your
Road, Mansfield, Notts, NG18 2df Ages 8 -
                                .                  specific need) run by Sure Start for children 5    child’s place.
19. for more information and to book a             years or under. St Mary’s Church hall, Radcliffe
place call River Maun on 01623 463551              -on-Trent. Tel. Claire Gore 01949 863840           EVERY SUNDAY

6.30 - 8pm Wheelchair Basketball Club              6.30-7.30pm Want 2 Play (Nottinghamshire           11 - 12am Inclusive Kayaking
The Brunts School, The Park, Mansfield,            disability football). Gedling Southbank,           for ages 7-16. Bramcote Leisure Centre.
Nottinghamshire NG18 2AT. for ages 8-19,           Lambley Lane, Gedling . Contact Kevin              Contact Broxtowe Sport 0115 9173572 to
£3 per week. for more information call             Sanders on 0115 9837406                            book your child’s place.
Andrew Tyler on 07831 267973
                                                   EVERY OTHER THURSDAY                               11 - 11.45am Inclusive Swimming Lessons
6-7pm Want 2 Play (Nottinghamshire                                                                    Smaller classes & trained instructors for a
disability football)                               9.15 - 11.15am Portage Early Education             more supported swimming class. Bramcote
Blidworth fC, Joseph Whitaker School,              Team Support Group. Activities & Workshops.        Leisure Centre. £4.20 per session. Ages 4-10
Rainworth NG21 0AG. Contact Kevin Sanders          Radford Children’s Centre, Kennington              years. Contact the Swimming development
on 0115 9837406                                    Road. Contact Jo Shaw at the Portage Team          officer on 0115 9173000 or email
                                                   on 0115 9157777 or Radford Children’s     to book a
                                                   Centre on 0115 9151526.                            place.
EVERY SUNDAY continued                            Wednesday 5th 9am until 12 noon                 Wednesday 12th
12.30 – 1.30pm Disability Trampolining            Down’s Syndrome Drop in Clinic for              CP Sport Multi Sports Day at harvey hadden
Club. for children & young people with a          children of all ages based at the Children’s    Stadium, Nottingham . for children with
disability aged 6 – 14. Please wear appropriate   development Centre, Nottingham City             cerebral palsy or a physical disability aged 5
footwear and comfortable clothing and             hospital, Nottingham. Paediatricians and        to 19. The day will include Boccia, big ball
bring a drink. £2 per person Grove Leisure        other health professionals will be available.   football, polybat and table cricket. Contact
Centre, Balderton Tel. helen Purdy on 01636       for more information please call Joyce or tel: 0115 925 6442
655797 or email             or Lyn on 0115 8831157/8
                                                                                                  Monday 10th 9.30-11.30
OCTOBER                                           Thursday 6th 9.30am-11.30am                     Newark & Sherwood Autism Support Group
                                                  Friends Together Pathways Parent/Carer          Coffee and Chat at Young People’s Centre,
Saturday 1st 10 - 3pm                             Support ‘Stay and Play’ session Prospect        Windsor Road, Newark. Parent Partnership
Mencap M8’s Youth Club for 12-19 year olds        Kilton Children’s Centre.                       Service will be available for private
with a learning disability. harpenden house,                                                      consultations. Call Rachel on 07960121027
203 Edwards Lane, Sherwood, Nottingham,           Friday 7th 9.30-11.30                           or email
NG5 3JA Tel. 0115 9209524 for details.
                                                  Newark & Sherwood Autism Support Group
                                                                                                  Thursday 13th 10 – 11.30am
                                                  Support for parents and carers of
Saturday 1st 11am - 3pm                                                                           Friends Together Parent/Carer Craft Ses-
                                                  diagnosed or undiagnosed children on
Young Pioneers Disabled People’s Youth            the autistic spectrum. hawtonville Junior       sion Play forum Unit 12, old Brewery Yard,
Forum. Email            School, holden Cresent, Newark contact          Kilton Road, Worksop
MyPlace @ Westfield Folkhouse Mansfield. or call
                                                  Rachel on 07960121027                           Saturday 15th 10 - 3pm
Saturday 1st 2.30pm                                                                               Mencap M8’s Youth Club for 12-19 year olds
Audio Described Performance of Cleopatra          Friday 7th 7-11pm                               with a learning disability. harpenden house,
(Northern Ballet) Theatre Royal Nottingham        Indigo Kids Family Fun Charity Night            203 Edwards Lane, Sherwood, Nottingham,
Tel: 0115 9895555.                                                                                NG5 3JA Tel. 0115 9209524 for details.
                                                  British Legion, Beardall Street, hucknall.
                                                  disco, Karaoke etc.
Sunday 2nd                                        Contact                     Saturday 15th
The Joseph Whitaker Family of Schools                                                             Downs Syndrome Support Group
Parents Autism Support Group. Swimming            Saturday 8th 2 – 4pm                            Trent Vineyard Warehouse, Unit 1 Easter
session at Rebecca Adlington Swimming                                                             Park Lenton Lane Nottingham NG7 2PX for
                                                  The Rainbow Group
Centre – 3.00 – 4.00 pm. Contact                                                                  parents and carers, children with down’s            A group for parents is run alongside a play
                                                                                                  Syndrome and their siblings. Contact Andy
or Tel: 01623 795610                              session. Jigsaw room, Glenbrook Primary
                                                                                                  on 07751 480377
                                                  school Site. Parents from Nottinghamshire
Monday 3rd 7-9pm                                  or Nottingham are welcome but if you re-
                                                  quire your children to be booked into the       Tuesday 18th 1.15pm-3.15pm
Rushcliffe Autism Support Group                   play session please contact Eileen Stringer     Friends Together Pathways Support Group
Student Support Room, South Notts College,        on 0115 9691177 or via email on                 Retford Central Children’s Centre
Greythorne drive, West Bridgford,       
Nottingham. You do not have to live in the                                                        Tuesday 18th 10am – 2.30pm Help!
Rushcliffe area to attend meetings. for           Saturday 8th 7.30-9pm                           Seminar on Common Toileting difficulties
more information contact Paula Webb on                                                            (for children with Autism). Concord Sports
                                                  Access Tennis Coaching Sessions (for
Tel: 0115 9149757                                                                                 Centre, Sheffield, £30 per two family members
                                                  people with a disability)
                                                                                                  for info and to book a place contact 07425
Tuesday 4th 10am-12noon                           West Bridgford Tennis Club. for more
                                                                                                  624592 or email
                                                  information contact Lesley Whitehead on
Friends Together ASD Parent/Carer                 0115 9811699
Support Group. Worksop Library                                                                    Wednesday 19th 10am-12noon
                                                  Saturday 8th 2.30pm                             Autistic Spectrum Drop In Clinic
Tuesday 4th 1-2.30pm                              Audio Described Performance Madness of          Children’s development Centre, Nottingham
Friends Together Parent/Carer Craft Ses-          King George III by Alan Bennett. Theatre        City hospital Campus. for parents of children
sion Play forum Unit 12, old Brewery Yard,        Royal Nottingham Tel: 0115 9895555              & young people with ASd up to 19 years.
Kilton Road, Worksop                                                                              Speaker on autism and sensory difficulties.
                                                                                                  Tel Lyn or Joyce on 0115 8831157/8
                                                  Sunday 9th 10 – 10.45am
Tuesday 4th 1.15pm-3.15pm                         Inclusion Skating at the National Ice Centre
                                                                                                  Saturday 22nd 2.30pm
Friends Together Downs Syndrome                   The price of the session is £6.50 for the
Parent/Carer Support Group. Retford Cen-                                                          Captioned Performance Dreamboats and
                                                  skater (this includes skate hire) and one
tral Children’s Centre                                                                            Petticoats (musical)
                                                  parent or carer can skate for free. Book and
                                                  pay in advance by calling 0843 373 3000         Theatre Royal Nottingham Tel: 0115
Tuesday 4th 7-9pm                                                                                 9895555
An evening with Fiona Spiers: Autism              Monday 10th 10am-3pm
Spectrum, Puberty, Relationships and                                                              Saturday 22nd 5pm - 7pm
                                                  Nottingham Salaried Dental Service - Open
Sexuality. Emmanuel Church, forest Road,          Day. At Mary Potter Centre, hyson Green,        Friends Together Family Fun Swimming.
Loughborough LE11 3NW £10 for parents,            Gregory Boulevard. find out more about          Retford Leisure Centre
contact                    specialist dental care.

Sunday 23rd 10 – 10.45am
Inclusion Skating at the National Ice Centre
The price of the session is £6.50 for the
                                                Wednesday 2nd 9am -12noon
                                                Down’s Syndrome Drop in Clinic. Children’s
                                                development Centre, City hospital Campus
                                                for children of all ages based Paediatricians
                                                                                                       for your Diary
skater (this includes skate hire) and one
parent or carer can skate for free. Book and    & other health professionals will be available.
pay in advance by calling 0843 373 3000         Call Joyce or Lyn on 0115 8831157/8
                                                                                                   Monday 7th 9.30-11.30am
                                                                                                   Newark and Sherwood Autism Support
Monday 24th 4pm-6pm                             Wednesday 2nd 5-7pm
                                                                                                   Group Coffee and Chat at Young People’s
Friends Together Captain Jacks Play             Active – Ate your Health free, fun nutrition       Centre, Windsor Road, Newark. Parent
Session. Chancery Lane Retford                  sessions (6 week course beginning today)           Partnership Service will be available for
                                                for more information and to book your              private consultations. Call Rachel on 07960
                                                place contact dianne on 01623 457233 or            121027 or
Tuesday 25th 1.45pm
Friends Together 2nd Chance Cinema. The
Well Community Church Retford, doors.                                                              Monday 7th 7-9pm
                                                Wednesday 2nd
film to start 2pm. film TBC                                                                        Rushcliffe Autism Support Group
                                                Athletics Development Day (for children
                                                                                                   Student Support Room, South Notts College,
                                                aged 10 up with cerebral palsy). for more
Wednesday 26th 2-3pm                                                                               Greythorne drive, West Bridgford, Nottm. You
                                                information please contact 0115 925 6442
Spectrum WASP Group Horse Riding at                                                                do not have to live in the Rushcliffe area to
                                                or email
fairview Stables. Contact SueHarpham                                                               attend. Tel: Paula Webb on 0115 9149757 or tel:
                                                Wednesday 2nd 7.30pm
01623 795610                                                                                       Tuesday 8th 1 – 2.30pm
                                                Sign Language Interpreted Performance of
                                                                                                   Friends Together Parent/Carer Craft Ses-
                                                Madame Butterfly by Opera North. Theatre
Thursday 27th 1.30pm - 3pm                                                                         sion Play forum Unit 12, old Brewery Yard,
                                                Royal Nottingham Tel: 0115 9895555
Friends Together Family Fun Swimming.                                                              Kilton Road, Worksop
Retford Leisure Centre
                                                Thursday 3rd 9.30am-11.30am
                                                                                                   Thursday 10th 10 – 11.30am
                                                Friends Together Pathways Parent/Carer
Friday 28th 10 – 12 Noon                                                                           Friends Together Parent/Carer Craft
                                                Support Caterpillar Music session Prospect
Friends Together Sports Taster Session.                                                            Session Play forum Unit 12, old Brewery
                                                Kilton Children’s Centre.
North Notts Community Arena, Worksop                                                               Yard, Kilton Road, Worksop

                                                Thursday 3rd 9.30-11.30am
Friday 28th 10am – 12.30pm                                                                         Saturday 12th 2 – 4pm
                                                Newark and Sherwood Autism Support
Retford Drop in Tall Trees, Rectory Road,       Group. Support for parents & carers of diagnosed   The Rainbow Group A group for parents run
Retford. for parents and carers of young        or undiagnosed children on the autistic            alongside a play session. Jigsaw room, Glen-
people and adults 11+ with ASd/Aspergers        spectrum. hawtonville Junior School, holden        brook Primary School Site. Parents from
Syndrome. Chat/drinks. Tel Linsey Atkins,       Cresent, Newark Call Rachel on 07960               Notts or Nottm are welcome but if you require
NoRSACA family Services on 0115 976 1805        121027 or          your children to be booked into the play
or email                                                                   session contact Eileen Stringer on 0115
                                                                                                   9691177 or
                                                Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th
Friday 28th 7.30-10pm
                                                WheelPower – British Wheelchair Sport
Halloween Disco open to any young person        First Stoke Mandeville Youth Sports Camp.          Tuesday 15th 1.15pm-3.15pm
aged 12 plus with a learning disability.        for young people 18 to 25 with a physical          Friends Together Pathways Support Group
harpenden house, 203 Edwards Lane,              impairment. overnight accommodation                Retford Central Children’s Centre
Sherwood,    Nottingham,      NG5   3JA.        available. Contact WheelPower – British
Tel. 0115 9209524 for tickets (£3).             Wheelchair Sport on 01296 395995 or e-             Wednesday 16th 10am - 12noon
                                                mail to
Saturday 29th 5pm - 7pm                         apply. Completed forms should be returned          Friends Together Worksop Parent/Carer
                                                by friday 23rd September.                          Support Group. Worksop Library. ‘Card mak-
Friends Together Family Fun Swimming.                                                              ing with Leslie’
Retford Leisure Centre
                                                Saturday 5th 10 - 3pm
Saturday 29th 7.30-9pm                          Mencap M8’s Youth Club for 12-19 year olds         Wednesday 16th 10am -12noon
Access Tennis Coaching Sessions (for peo-       with a learning disability. harpenden house,       Autistic Spectrum Drop In Clinic Children’s
ple with a disability). West Bridgford Tennis   203 Edwards Lane, Sherwood, Nottingham,            development Centre, Nottingham City hos-
Club. for more information contact Lesley       NG5 3JA Tel. 0115 9209524 for details.             pital Campus. for parents of children and
Whitehead on 0115 9811699                                                                          young people with ASd up to 19 years.
                                                Saturday 5th 11am to 3pm                           Speaker on Signs, Symbols & Visual Supports.
November                                        Young Pioneers Disabled People’s Youth             Contact Lyn or Joyce on 0115 8831157/8
                                                Forum. Email
Tuesday 1st 10am-12noon                         MyPlace @ Westfield Folkhouse                      Saturday 19th 10 - 3pm
Friends Together ASD Parent/Carer Support                                                          Mencap M8’s Youth Club for 12-19 year olds
Group. Worksop Library                          Saturday 5th - 7.30-9pm                            with a learning disability. harpenden house,
                                                Access Tennis Coaching Sessions (for peo-          203 Edwards Lane, Sherwood, Nottingham,
Tuesday 1st 1.15pm-3.15pm                       ple with a disability). West Bridgford Tennis      NG5 3JA Tel. 0115 9209524
Friends Together Downs Syndrome Par-            Club. for more information contact Lesley
ent/Carer Support Group. Retford Central        Whitehead on 0115 9811699
Children’s Centre
 for your Diary
                                                     Saturday 26th 7.30 - 9pm
                                                     Access Tennis Coaching Sessions (for
                                                                                                         Wednesday 7th 9am – 12noon
                                                                                                         Down’s syndrome Drop in Clinic. Children’s
                                                     people with a disability). West Bridgford           development Centre, City hospital Campus.
                                                     Tennis Club. Contact Lesley Whitehead on            for children of all ages. Paediatricians and
     Saturday 19th                                   0115 9811699                                        other health professionals will be available.
     CP Sport Football Development Day                                                                   Call Joyce or Lyn on 0115 8831157/8
     (Nottm). Venue TBC – Tel 07954 655 534          Tuesday 29th 1 – 2.30pm
     or email               Friends Together Parent/Carer Craft Ses-            Thursday 8th 10am-11.30am
                                                     sion Play forum Unit 12, old Brewery Yard,          Friends Together Parent/Carer Support
     Saturday 19th                                   Kilton Road, Worksop                                Craft Session Play forum Unit 12, old
     CP Sport Table Cricket Taster Day                                                                   Brewery Yard, Kilton Road, Worksop
     (Nottingham). Contact 07766 131232 or           DECEMBER
                                                     Thursday 1st 9.30am-11.30am                         Saturday 10th 2 – 4pm
     Saturday 19th                                   Friends Together Pathways Parent/Carer              The Rainbow Group
                                                     Support Christmas Crafts Session Prospect           A group for parents is run alongside a play
     Downs Syndrome Support Group. Trent
                                                     Kilton Children’s Centre                            session. Jigsaw room, Glenbrook Primary
     Vineyard Warehouse, Unit 1 Easter Park
     Lenton Lane, Nottm NG7 2PX for parents &                                                            school Site. Parents from Notts or Nottm
     carers, children with down’s syndrome &         Thursday 1st 9.30-11.30                             are welcome but if you require your
     their siblings. Tel Andy on 07751480377         Newark & Sherwood Autism Support Group.             children to be booked into the play session
                                                     Support for parents & carers of diagnosed           contact Eileen Stringer on 0115 9691177
                                                     or undiagnosed children on the autistic             or email
     Saturday 19th 2.30pm
                                                     spectrum. hawtonville Junior School, holden
     Audio Described / Captioned Performance
                                                     Cresent, Newark. Call Rachel on 07960121027         Saturday 10th 7.30-9pm
     of Journey’s End (play by R Sherriff) Theatre
                                                     or                  Access Tennis Coaching Sessions (for people
     Royal Nottingham Tel: 0115 9895555
                                                                                                         with a disability) West Bridgford Tennis Club.
                                                     Saturday 3rd 10 - 3pm                               Tel Lesley Whitehead on 0115 9811699
     Saturday 19th 10-12 Noon
                                                     Mencap M8’s Youth Club for 12-19 year
     Friends Together Worksop Parent/Carer
                                                     olds with a learning disability. harpenden          Wednesday 14th 10am – 12noon
     Support Group. Worksop Library. ‘A Speaker
                                                     house, 203 Edwards Lane, Sherwood,
     from the family fund’                                                                               Friends Together Worksop Parent/Carer
                                                     Nottingham, NG5 3JA. Tel. 0115 9209524
                                                                                                         Support Group. Worksop Library
     Sunday 20th
                                                     Saturday 3rd 2.30pm
     Swimming Development Day for children                                                               Thursday 15th 1.30pm
                                                     Audio described / Captioned Performance
     and young people with cerebral palsy from                                                           Sign Language Interpreted Performance
                                                     of Legally Blond (musical). Theatre Royal
     aged 9 who want to have a first or nearly                                                           of Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime) Inter-
                                                     Nottingham Tel: 0115 9895555
     first go at a swimming. Nottingham                                                                  preter: Sarah Gatford-Ball. Theatre Royal
     University Pool. Contact 0115 925 6442 or                                                           Nottingham Tel: 0115 9895555
     email                    Saturday 3rd 11am to 3pm
                                                     Young Pioneers Disabled People’s Youth
                                                     Forum. Email              Friday 16th 7.30 - 10pm
     Monday 21st 9.30-11.30am
                                                     MyPlace @ Westfield Folkhouse                       Christmas Disco open to any young person
     Newark and Sherwood Autism Support                                                                  aged 12 plus with a learning disability.
     Group Coffee & Chat at Young People’s Centre,                                                       harpenden house, 203 Edwards Lane, Sher-
     Windsor Road, Newark. Parent Partnership        Monday 5th 9.30-11.30
                                                                                                         wood, Nottingham, NG5 3JA Tel. 0115
     Service will be available for private consul-   Newark & Sherwood Autism Support Group
                                                                                                         9209524 for tickets (£3).
     tations. Call Rachel on 07960121027 or          Coffee & Chat at Young People’s Centre,                 Windsor Road, Newark. Parent Partnership
                                                     Service will be available for private consul-       Saturday 17th 10am - 3pm
     Thursday 24th 7.30pm                            tations. Contact newarkautismgroup@hot-             Mencap M8’s Youth Club for 12-19 year
                                            or call Rachel on 07960121027            olds with a learning disability. harpenden
     Sign Language Interpreted Performance
     of Legally Blond (musical) interpreter:                                                             house, 203 Edwards Lane, Sherwood,
     donna Ruane Theatre Royal Nottingham            Monday 5th 7-9pm                                    Nottingham, NG5 3JA Tel. 0115 9209524
     Tel: 0115 9895555                               Rushcliffe Autism Support Group. Student
                                                     Support Room, South Notts College,                  Saturday 17th
     Thursday 24th 10am – 2.30pm                     Greythorne drive, West Bridgford, Nottm.            Downs Syndrome Support Group. Trent
     Willow Weaving for parents/carers Idle          You do not have to live in the Rushcliffe area to   Vineyard Warehouse, Unit 1 Easter Park
     Valley Rural Learning Centre, Great North       attend. Tel Paula Webb on 0115 9149757              Lenton Lane Nottingham NG7 2PX for parents
     Road, Retford £5 per person. Contact dianne                                                         & carers, children with down’s syndrome &
     Edwards at friends Together 01777 274422        Tuesday 6th 10am-12noon                             their siblings. Tel Andy on 07751480377
                                                     Friends Together ASD Parent/Carer
     Friday 25th 10am – 12.30pm                      Support Group. Worksop Library                      Sunday 18th 1.30pm
     Retford Drop in. Tall Trees, Rectory Road,                                                          Sign Language Interpreted Performance
                                                     Tuesday 6th 1.15 - 3.15pm                           of Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime)
     Retford. for parents and carers of young
     people and adults 11+ with ASd/Aspergers        Friends Together Downs Syndrome                     Interpreter: Sarah Gatford-Ball. Theatre
     Syndrome. Chat/drinks. Tel. Linsey Atkins,      Parent/Carer Support Group Christmas                Royal Nottingham Tel: 0115 9895555
     NoRSACA family Services on 0115 976             Party with Caterpillar Music. Retford
     1805 or email           Central Children’s Centre
11                           Look on our website as there may be more dates added later:
A Fresh Start For Rutland House… and Fresh Paint.

Rutland House school for parents will move                        School for Parents began as a service run by Scope. Although
                                                                  remaining on the site, they registered as an independent
premises next month after more than 20 years                      charity 10 years ago. during this time, School for Parents has
in Mapperley.                                                     supported more than 1,400 children and families.
In october the school will move from Elm Bank to new              If you think you would like to help with decorating the new
premises at the Iona School in Sneinton dale.                     premises please contact
More than 20 volunteers, with staff teams from the driving        The latest swimming awards were presented to the children
Standards Agency and Nottingham Trent Uni, have so far
                                                                  on Weds 31 August when they took an educational day out to
signed up to help decorate the rooms once building work is
completed but say they would welcome more help from               Twycross Zoo.
anyone who can help out.

Erika Juhasz, Conductor Teacher and Manager said: “Leaving
Elm Bank will be emotional as it holds many memories, but
we are looking forward to a new era at Iona, with more space      October Half Term Clubs
to develop new projects, offering support to more families.”      IRIS has asked around regarding october half term activities,
                                                                  short breaks and clubs and sadly at the moment there’s not
School for Parents hopes to begin a fundraising appeal to
                                                                  too much information out there on what’s confirmed.
purchase their own premises in the future, as they ideally
need a hydrotherapy pool on site.                                 We can tell you that the Bassetlaw holiday Activity Clubs do
                                                                  not run during the october half term and run at Easter and
Regular pool sessions form part of every child’s programme,
                                                                  during the summer holidays only.
helping their confidence and leading to swimming awards for
the children.                                                     however, the good news is that the Youth Service disability
                                                                  Support Team in the county is running activities throughout
Erika said: “Leaving the pool behind will be tough and we
                                                                  the week – they can be contacted on 01623 626972 or
are searching Nottingham for alternative pools that we can
                                                                  by emailing
use. Learning to swim can be challenging when you have
problems coordinating your movements and we believe that          friends Together are also running a host of activities over
the early swimming experience complements motor                   this period – these can be found in our event listings.
development, helping sensory integration. our sessions help
children and their parents to bond - for a child with severe      for more information on october half term activities we
physical challenges, who may be uncomfortable out of the          suggest you contact the families Information Services, which
water due to spasms or restricted mobility, it’s not often        in the city can be reached on 0800 458 4114 and in the
possible for the parent to experience that close relationship.”   county can be reached on 0800 781 2168.

Focus on… Nottingham Disabled Children’s Team
     A visit from the Disabled Children’s Team is for some families the first step on the road to accessing
     the right help and support.

     The team’s occupational Therapists and Social Workers           She added: “It’s great when we are able to help parents
     carry out initial assessments for families based in the city.   get the help and support they require.”

     In these assessments children are visited at home to assess     Through the team you can also access:
     how they and their families are managing every day
     activities such as seating, mobility, toileting, dressing,      •   direct Payments
     food preparation etc.
                                                                     •   Short breaks at Crocus fields which provides short
     from this assessment the team can then go on to make                term accommodation tailored to individuals with
     recommendations for re-housing, help families access                experienced staff on hand.
     equipment, assist with adaptations to homes, provide
     advice and information and refer to other services where
                                                                     •   The Link Work Team Scheme which provides 1:1
                                                                         support for children aged 5-19 to access community
     The team has around 40 staff and includes Social Workers,
     occupational Therapists and family Support Workers.
                                                                     •   MacIntyre, who provide home care services

                                                                     You can contact the service Monday to friday between
     Any child with a diagnosed disability is entitled to receive
                                                                     8.30am and 4.50pm by telephone on 0115 8838266 or via
     an initial assessment, although this doesn’t guarantee you
                                                                     email at
     will receive a service – it will depend on the outcome of
     the assessment.                                                 Alternately you can also drop into the Mary Potter Centre
                                                                     and enquire at the Ask desk to make a referral to the
     A request for an assessment may be made by phone or in
     writing by the family or carers, the child or young person
     themselves, or any professional involved with the family
     who has consent to do so.
                                                                     What about the county?
     The team will then contact you to arrange a convenient
     date and time to visit – usually after 4pm if your child is     In the county a very similar role is fulfilled by the
     of school age.                                                  Children with Disabilities Team, who are based at
                                                                     Meadow House in, Littleworth, Mansfield. To contact
     Service Advisor Jodie Machin says that the job is non-stop,     them please telephone 01623 433433.
     but that working closely with parents is rewarding.

     Finding Your Way In The Future
     The Information Service at the Children’s Development               2012 already looked set to be an
     Centre, City Hospital, has just heard that they                     exciting    year,   with    the
     have received further funding to produce a            “I have been     olympics,      Paralympics,
     new edition of the directory Finding Your            trying to find       diamond Jubilee & now
     Way.                                             information for ages, we can add “finding
                                                                                 Your Way 2012”!
     The directory has always been popular,             and then I opened
     with demand far outweighing supply and             this directory and       If you run a group
     parents have praised the current 2010              found everything        which wasn’t included
                version.                                   I needed was        in the directory last
     “The                                                     in here”       time or if your details
                     The service say they are very                        have changed then please
directory is an grateful to Nottinghamshire County                       contact the Information
invaluable tool Council Short Breaks Project, which has                  officers to ensure they
 and is greatly       awarded this grant for updating and                are updated in the new
 appreciated”         printing the new edition, which should be          edition.
                    available early next year.
                                                                         Contact the Information
             finding Your Way is linked with IRIS, and this work         Officers on telephone
     will feed into the listings on the IRIS Website and the events      number: 0115 8831157 /8, or
     section in the magazine and will also help to update the            email:
     Notts Infoscript website

                                                                          This month Mansfield Palace Theatre has very
                                                                          kindly offered up a family ticket to its BSL
                                                                          interpreted performance of the pantomime
                                                                          Jack and The Beanstalk on Saturday 17th
                                                                          December. If you think you can be the one to
                                                                          climb to glory and claim this magnificent
                                                                          prize all you have to do is answer the
                                                                          following question:

                                                                          The pantomime features the
                                                                          well know actor Colin Baker –
                                                                          can you tell us which TV role
                                                                          he is most famous for?
                                                                          (Hint: He was more famous for travelling by
                                                                          police box than by beanstalk). 
                                                                          Answers on a postcard with your name,
                                                                          address and contact number to:
                                                                          IRIS Competition, Room 18,
                                                                          Clarendon Chambers, 32 Clarendon Street,
                                                                          Nottingham, NG1 5LN or via email at

Check out this month’s                                          

       The closing date for the competition is
            Wednesday 17th November.

Mansfield Palace Theatre
This local treasure is steeped in history, yet is                   Cultural Services Manager Andrew Tucker said: “The good
dedicated to providing inclusive services for the                   thing was that the disability discrimination Act had been
                                                                    updated two years earlier, which helped us to ensure that it
future. Last year Mansfield Palace Theatre hosted
                                                                    was ddA compliant.
its centenary celebrations – having opened as a
cinema in 1910 under the title of the  Palace                       “I met with a number of groups with experience of disability
Electric Theatre.                                                   to make the building as accessible as possible for the
                                                                    audience, staff and performers – indeed, if you’re a disabled
It has undergone many changes of ownership over the years –         musician there’s even access to the pit.”
most notably in 1949 when the cinema was closed and the
stage was enlarged to accommodate live shows.                       It’s a philosophy which continues to this day, with signed
                                                                    performances, BSL trained staff and greeters for customers
however the old building remained unforgiving & inaccessible        who need support upon request.
for people with disabilities.
                                                                    for more information and all the latest performances visit
In 1997 the theatre managed to secure National Lottery funding      their website at
to renovate the premises, which could not have been better timed.   or telephone the Box office on 01623 633133

 Disability Groups Unite To                                     Charity Jaunt to Italy – In a Car
 Launch E-Petition Criticising                                  Worth Just £50
 Welfare Reforms                                                Four brave Nottinghamshire men have driven from
                                                                Nottingham to Italy in a car purchased for just £50
 A Group of 25 Disability and Children’s
                                                                to raise funds for local autism charity NORSACA.
 charities have launched a petition challenging
 welfare reforms through the new DirectGov                      drivers derek howarth (51) of hucknall, father and son
 e-petition website.                                            Richard (57) and Gregg Stanley (30) from Ilkeston and John
                                                                Webb from Chaddesden chose to raise funds for NoRSACA as
 Petitions uploaded to the website may be debated in            derek’s son, dan, attends Sutherland house School for
 parliament if 100,000 signatures are gained.                   children with autism, which is run by the charity.

 The petition claims that the new Universal Credit              derek said “dan’s been at Sutherland house for the last four
 system could result in 100,000 disabled children losing        years and in that time he’s gained so much confidence and
 £27 per week in welfare support.                               been able to try so many different activities.

 Among the charities backing the petition are The               “Raising money like this is our way of saying thank you to the
 Children’s Society, Barnardos and the National Autistic        staff at Sutherland house School for their fantastic support
 Society.                                                       and hard work.”

 The Children’s Society Chief Executive Bob Reitemeier          Sutherland house School is a school for up to 94 pupils with
 said: ‘We need the government to understand the                autism based on five sites in and around Nottingham
 significance of this change for disabled children and
 their families. 100,000 disabled children are going to         The car has been decorated as the Sherriff of Nottingham’s
 face a substantial cut in benefits which could push them       car. Sponsors of the car include hucknall Town football Club,
 into poverty.”                                                 Notts County football Club, Jigsaw, hucknall Van hire,
                                                                Paddle Art, Pump and Gas Boiler Services, Creative Care and
 To sign the petition visit https://submissions.                24th Nottingham (Cavendish) Scout Group. Specsavers                         (hucknall), Rotary Club of hucknall and Steve hall of Custom

                                                                The Scally Rally Team say they would like to thank
 Universal Credit?                                              everyone for their wonderful support. You can read about
                                                                their adventure and sponsor them at the online blog  at
 This is a new system of claiming benefits which is   
 intended to phase out Income Support, income-based
 Jobseeker’s Allowance, income-related Employment and           (from left to right) Richard Stanley, his son Gregg,
 Support Allowance, housing Benefit, Child Tax Credit           Derek Howath and his son Dan.
 and Working Tax Credit (although not until 2013 at the
 earliest for new claimants, and longer for existing

 It will depend on the level of income but will be paid in
 and out of work, removing problems claiming benefits
 for people starting and leaving jobs and those in very
 low paid work.

 Essentially the principal is that the payments taper off
 as people earn money, with some groups, such as working
 parents, earning significantly more before their money
 tapers off.

 disability is still an area that is under consideration, but
 there is an informative factsheet available at

IRIS Exclusive – Dr Wendy Lawson’s story
Dr. Wendy Lawson, MAPS Bss, Bsw(hons),                                        Wendy as a young girl (In
Gdip(Psychstud), Gdip(Psychology) Phd (psych)                                 the dark coat), pictured
is an adult on the autism spectrum.                                                    with her sister

Here, in the second of a continuing series of
articles tracing her own life story Wendy
recounts her pre-teenage years…

for my eighth birthday I was given a new red bicycle. I loved    in a hospital 14 miles away from home. Especially when she
sitting on the floor of our driveway and spinning the wheels     didn’t drive and visiting times were when my younger sisters
of my bike. I loved the way the silver mudguards shone in        were coming home from school. The sad thing is that no one
the sunlight as they went round and round. I had learnt how      ever talked to me or explained anything, it was just done.
to ride a bike by taking my mother’s bike and standing upon
the pedals to propel the bike forwards.                          for my tenth birthday the nurses brought in a small cup cake
                                                                 with a large white candle in the middle. All the children sang
I went for many solitary rides upon my bicycle. one day I        “happy birthday” and gathered around my bed. I dived under
was following a big red bus when it turned out onto the main     my sheet and pretended to be asleep for probably ten
road. I thought that it was oK to go because the bus went.       minutes, until they gave up and went away.
however, I was wrong and I was knocked off my bike by a          I couldn’t face them because I didn’t know
                                                                 what to do. My heart beat fast and I felt        Wendy’s next
passing car coming in the other direction. They took me to
                                                                 really scared so I did what I usually did and      bite sized
hospital in the ambulance but I never saw my bike again.
                                                                 that was play “dead” and hope it would all     recollection will
When I was nearly ten years old I had to go to hospital for      go away.                                         appear in our
almost a year because of a bone infection in my leg.                                                              next edition.
Although this was a very traumatic time it was also very         This was a common way of coping. If I didn’t
stabilizing because the ward routine gave me a measure of        understand something or was unsure of how to
security.                                                        respond I ignored the situation.

The thing that I hated most was waiting for visitors at          I stayed in a world of my own that I had the control over and
visiting time and usually no one came. I couldn’t understand     when that failed I returned to various obsessive behaviour that
at that time how difficult it was for my mother to visit me      gave me back a sense of connection.

                                                The Place To Be
                                                Due to deadlines in the last edition we didn’t get the chance
                                                to tell you about the Youth Service Disability Support Team’s
                                                fantastic new location in the county.
                                                The new purpose built premises are called MyPlace and are based at
                                                Westfield folkhouse in Mansfield.

                                                funding for the 6 million pound youth centre and offices came from
                                                Nottinghamshire County Council and the Big Lottery fund.

                                                It sounds like the place to be for young people, with a youth centre
                                                featuring an arts room, sensory gardens, outside gym, basketball court,
                                                games wall and even a dance studio and dJ booth!

                                                Rebecca Kirk of Worksop is just one of the youngsters who has attended
                                                activities at the centre.

                                                She said: “I learnt to try new things and I really enjoyed meeting new
                                                young people and staff.

                                                There is too much going on to fit in here – so for more information about
                                                the opportunities in the Youth Service disability Support Team please
                                                contact us on 01623 626972 or email

 Technology Focus – Proloquo2go
                  Parents have advised us of a                                                     hoME
                  useful app for the Apple                                                         PAGE
                  iPhone which parents may
                  find useful.
                Proloquo2go is intended for people
                who have difficulty speaking and
                includes over 8000 symbols and
                converts text to speech. Using the
                software, people can construct a
 variety of phrases and sentences from symbols.

 for this reason it may be perfect for the parents
 of autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome,
 developmental disabilities, or apraxia.

 The manufacturers AssitiveWare also suggest that
 Proloquo2Go can serve adults with acquired
 disabilities such as ALS, stroke or traumatic brain
 injury and can be a useful solution in hospital and
 rehabilitation settings.

 For more information visit the website at

                                                                    You Training – Update
                                                                    Last edition we featured a short article on YOU

                                                                    The group helps parents access qualifications and
     Autistic Spectrum Condition –                                  provides support in enabling them to source and attend
                                                                    other relevant training courses.
     Puberty, Relationships
                                                                    however, since the publication of the magazine the
     and Sexuality                                                  telephone number has now changed.
     A seminar dealing with this sensitive subject will be taking   If you want to access You Training then the contact
     place at 7pm on the 4th october at the Emmanuel Church         details are as follows:
     in forest Road, Loughborough. The seminar by fiona Speirs
     costs £5 for people with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum      Either, email or
     Condition and £10 for parents.                                 contact Maria on    07967 456350,
                                                                    helene on           07856 705491 or
     for more information and for tickets contact Sarah Smith       Sarah on            0115 952 5141.
     on 0115 8473502 or email

Praise for DCATCH and Short Breaks
Nottinghamshire County Council says that parents are             Alternatively, due to complex needs or age, this can also
praising its DCATCH and Flexible Short Breaks Schemes            take place in the child’s own home or in the community
and wants to promote their benefits to our readers.              (Individual home based Packages).

It says that DCATCH support has allowed parents to               At present 202 children are being supported by dCATCh in
return to work, increase their hours at work and, in some        total, with 42 of these receiving home Based Packages,
cases, remain in employment while Short Breaks have              while 355 children receive some form of short break,
allowed parents some much needed time for themselves.            although referrals are still being processed.

The Short Breaks scheme (formally the 100 hours                  one parent receiving support from dCATCh said: “Knowing
scheme) is for disabled children and their families who          that our boys were happy to be with the workers and that
cannot access a short break through                              they felt confident to deal with the boys’ complex needs
any other County Council Service                                 provided complete peace of mind.”
and allows families to
access childcare, play
schemes, holidays,
days out and

scheme supports
disabled children
and young people
to access their
entitlement or                                                   Parents have also praised the Short Breaks service,
access childcare                                                 saying it took the pressure off and allowed them to spend
while parents are at                                             time with the other children.
work or training.
                                                                 The Flexible Short Breaks Team are based within the
The DCATCH scheme can provide personal or financial              Families Information Service and can be contacted
support in pre-school, day nurseries or at childminders          on 0800 7812168 while DCATCH can be found on
or out of school clubs (this is called Inclusion Support for     01623 520873 or 0791 7551381.

Bedtime Reading!
IRIS has been informed of some great
guidance out there which should be
incredibly useful for our readers.
from Child to Adult is a simple, comprehensive and
fantastic guide published by the charity Working
families focusing on all the financial support and benefits
you and your child can access to help with daily life and
transitions to adulthood and working life.

It can either be downloaded from their website at or via the publications
section on the IRIS website.

Another document that is worth checking out is the 4th
edition of Is it Legal? by the family and Parenting
Institute, which covers the legal side of everything from your
child damaging something by accident to internet Chat

To download the document please visit

 Direct Payments - A Parent’s Perspective
  Flexibility and familiarity are the best things                          What is a Direct Payment?
  about direct payments - according to City
                                                                           A direct payment is a cash payment made instead of a direct
  Residents.                                                               social service, and aims to give families the choice,
                                                                           flexibility, independence and control over the way in which
  Nottingham City Council asked IRIS to feed back
                                                                           needs are met and support is delivered.
  to our readers after they consulted with parents,
  carers and service users on the direct payments                          direct payments can be used to buy services from an
  process in July.                                                         organisation or to employ somebody to provide assistance.
                                                                           Carers can also use direct payments to purchase services to
  over the previous two years the number of families,                      support them in their caring role, including support that may
  children and young people accessing a direct payment to                  help maintain health and well-being.
  meet their support needs has grown rapidly and in the city
  over 110 families are now choosing to receive a direct
  payment, which can be used to hire personal assistants (PAs)
  or access services.
                                                                           Direct Payments Charity
                                                                           Supports Its 1000th Person
  Respondents said they liked:
                                                                           This month not for profit organisation Direct Payment
  •   Flexibility - families can choose exactly when they                  Service Users (DIPSU) supported its 1000th service user.
      need the support, who delivers it and how much that
                                                                           The 8 year old charity provides advice and support so
      person is paid - for example, saving money for extra
                                                                           people can live independently in their own homes.
      support during school holidays.

  •   Familiarity of PA - families choose who supports them.
                                                                           for more information about dIPSU contact 01623 435840 or
      This means that families can be supported by people
      they already know - for example, friends, family and
      school teaching assistants that already have a
      relationship with the family and young person.                       Every Little Helps –          Could Your
                                                                           Voluntary Group Grab A Grant From Tesco?
  In addition families have also identified that having money              The Tesco Charity Trust is currently accepting applications
  enables young people to access different activities, allows              for projects supporting the elderly and/or people with
  the young person to manage money themselves and builds                   disabilities.
  long term relationships with PAs.
                                                                           Community & Voluntary groups can apply for grants of between
  however families also highlighted some downsides to                      £500 and £4,000 through the Tesco Charity’s Community Awards.
  the direct payments. These downsides include a lack of                   The Tesco Charity Trust has been in existence since 1987 and
  accessible training for personal assistants, additional                  aims to provide approximately £600,000 in grants each year.
  pressures of holding and managing money and difficulty in
  finding personal assistants.                                             In the past grants have been given towards specialist
                                                                           equipment and day trips/social trip for people with a
  The council are actively working with voluntary                          disability so if you think your group could do with a helping
  organisations in order to resolve these issues and soon hope             hand then visit http://www.tescocharitytrustcommu-
  to be able to provide training standards for personal          
  assistants, increased assistance with managing direct
  payments and develop strategies to help with recruitment.                The closing date for applications is the 30th September 2011.

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