Real Estate Agency of the Southeast by gegeshandong


									  Real Estate
 Agency of the
Southeast Region
By: Claire Sheppard
          Tampa, Florida
    Tampa is a beautiful city. It is best
known for it’s citrus fruits like oranges,
limes, grapefruits and tangerines. There is
a long growing season so it is good for
cotton and all those fruits. The weather is
pretty great here. It is normally hot so it
is good to go to the beach, go swimming
and get a tan. The only thing is that
sometimes it rains.
     Jackson, Mississippi
    There is a lot of water in Mississippi.
Most of the water comes from the
rivers. In the water most people go
swimming, boat and fish. Also Jackson is
right under the Appalation mountains.
Mississippi’s weather is warm around
this time and is normally humid. Just
like Florida, Mississippi gets rain too.
Wilmington, North Carolina
    This is our last stop. North Carolina
is known for it’s natural recourses such
as minerals, coal, oil, iron ore and fuels.
There is also lots of forests and trees
here. The weather is around 50 degrees
at this time and is windy but humid.
   I got all of my information from our
green social studies books,
and Google.

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