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500 Most Common Words


									Rank             Word
       1   the
       2   of
       3   to
       4   and
       5   a, an
       6   in
       7   is
       8   it
       9   you
           you (informal)
   10      that
   11      3rd-pn top
           3rd-pn 2
           3rd-pn 3
           3rd-pn 0
   12      was
   13      for
   14      on
   15      are
   16      with
   17      as
   18      I
   19      his
   20      they
   21      be
   22      at
   23      one
   24      have
   25      this/here/now/mine
   26      from
   27      or
   28      had
   29      by
   30      hot
   31      but
   32      some
   33      what
   34      there
   35      we (excl)
           we (incl)
   36      can
   37      out
   38      other
   39      were
   40      all
   41      your
   42      when
   43      up
44   use
45   word
46   how
47   said
48   an
49   each
50   she
51   which
52   do
53   their
54   time (occurrence/occasion)
55   if
56   will
57   way
58   about
59   many
60   then
61   them
62   would
63   write
64   like
65   so
66   these
67   her
68   long
69   make
70   thing
71   see
72   him
73   two
74   has
75   look
76   more
77   day
78   could
79   go
80   come
81   did
82   my
83   sound
84   <negation>
85   most
86   number
87   who
88   over
89   know
90   water
91   than
92   call
 93   first
 94   people
 95   may
 96   down
 97   side
 98   been
 99   now
100   find
101   any
102   new
103   work
104   part
105   take
106   get
107   place
108   made
109   live
110   where
111   after
112   back
113   little
114   only
115   round
116   man
117   year
118   came
119   show
120   every
121   good
122   me
123   give
124   our
125   under
126   name
127   very
128   through
129   just
130   form
131   much
132   great
133   think
134   say
135   help
136   low
137   line
138   before
139   turn
140   cause
141   same
142   mean
143   differ
144   move
145   right
146   boy
147   old
148   too
149   does
150   tell
151   sentence
152   set
153   three
154   want
155   air
156   well
157   also
158   play
159   small
160   end
161   put
162   home
163   read
164   hand
165   port
166   large
167   spell
168   add
169   even
170   land
171   here
172   must
173   big
174   high
175   such
176   follow
177   act
178   why
179   ask
180   men
181   change
182   went
183   light
184   kind
185   off
186   need
187   house
188   picture
189   try
190   us
191   again
192   animal
193   point
194   mother
195   world
196   near
197   build
198   self
199   earth
200   father
201   head
202   stand
203   own
204   page
205   should
206   country
207   found
208   answer
209   school
210   grow
211   study
212   still
213   learn
214   plant
215   cover
216   food
217   sun
218   four
219   thought
220   let
221   keep
222   eye
223   never
224   last (adj)
225   door
226   between
227   city
228   tree
229   cross
230   since
231   hard
232   start
233   might
234   story
235   saw
236   far
237   sea
238   draw
239   left
240   late
241   run
242   don't
243   while
244   press
245   close
246   night
247   real
248   life
249   few
250   stop
251   open
252   seem
253   together
254   next
255   white
256   children
257   begin
258   got
259   walk
260   example
261   ease
262   paper
263   often
264   always
265   music
266   those
267   both
268   mark
269   book
270   letter
271   until
272   mile
273   river
274   car
275   feet
276   care
277   second
278   group
279   carry
280   took
281   rain
282   eat
283   room
284   friend
285   began
286   idea
287   fish
288   mountain
289   north
290   once
291   base
292   hear
293   horse
294   cut
295   sure
296   watch
297   color
298   face
299   wood
300   main
301   enough
302   plain
303   girl
304   usual
305   young
306   ready
307   above
308   ever
309   red
310   list
311   though
312   feel
313   talk
314   bird
315   soon
316   body
317   dog
318   family
319   direct
320   pose
321   leave
322   song
323   measure
324   state
325   product
326   black
327   short
328   numeral
329   class
330   wind
331   question
332   happen
333   complete
334   ship
335   area
336   half
337   rock
338   order
339   fire
340   south
341   problem
342   piece
343   told
344   knew
345   pass
346   farm
347   top
348   whole
349   king
350   size
351   heard
352   best
353   hour
354   better
355   true .
356   during
357   hundred
358   am
359   remember
360   step
361   early
362   hold
363   west
364   ground
365   interest
366   reach
367   fast
368   five
369   sing
370   listen
371   six
372   table
373   travel
374   less
375   morning
376   ten
377   simple
378   several
379   vowel
380   toward
381   war
382   lay
383   against
384   pattern
385   slow
386   center
387   love
388   person
389   money
390   serve
391   appear
392   road
393   map
394   science
395   rule
396   govern
397   pull
398   cold
399   notice
400   voice
401   fall
402   power
403   town
404   fine
405   certain
406   fly
407   unit
408   lead
409   cry
410   dark
411   machine
412   note
413   wait
414   plan
415   figure
416   star
417   box
418   noun
419   field
420   rest
421   correct
422   able
423   pound
424   done
425   beauty
426   drive
427   stood
428   contain
429   front
430   teach
431   week
432   final
433   gave
434   green
435   oh
436   quick
437   develop
438   sleep
439   warm
440   free
441   minute
442   strong
443   special
444   mind
445   behind
446   clear
447   tail
448   produce
449   fact
450   street
451   inch
452   lot
453   nothing
454   course
455   stay
456   wheel
457   full
458   force
459   blue
460   object
461   decide
462   surface
463   deep
464   moon
465   island
466   foot
467   yet
468   busy
469   test
470   record
471   boat
472   common
473   gold
474   possible
475   plane
476   age
477   dry
478   wonder
479   laugh
480   thousand
481   ago
482   ran
483   check
484   game
485   shape
486   yes
487   hot
488   miss
489   brought
490   heat
491   snow
492   bed
493   bring
494   sit
495   perhaps
496   fill
497   east
498   weight
499   language
500   among
      <indirect obj>
      <direct obj>
      <quantifier conjunction>
simple past (preterite, imperfect)
past progressive
past perfect

simple present
present progressive
present perfect

simple future
future progressive
future perfect


perfect subjunctive
imperfect subjunctive
        Root                       Meaning                         Note
a-, ab-            apart, away from                         cf. e-
a-, an-            not, without                             cf. in-, un-
-able              capable of being
ac-                toward
ac-, ak-, acu-     sharp, needle
acri-, acro-       height, summit, tip
ad-                toward
adip-              fat
aer-, aero-        air, atmosphere
aesth-             feeling, sensation
af-                toward
ag-                toward
-age               belongs to
agen-              to act
agr-, agri-        field
-al                like, suitable for
alb-               white
-algia             pain
allo-              different, another                       cf. hetero-, var-
alt-               high
am-                toward
am-, amor-         love, loving
ambi-, amphi-      both, on both sides
an-                toward
-ance              state of being
anim-              breath, life
ann-, enn-         year
-ant               thing or one who
ant-, anti-        against, opposed to, preventive
ante-              before, in front of, prior to, forward
anth-, antho-      flower
anthro-            man
anti-              against
ap-                toward
apo-               away from
apocr-             hidden                                   cf. crypt-
aqua-              water
-ar, -ary          relating to, like
ar-                toward
ar-, ars-          burn, dry
arb-               to judge, consider
archa-, arche-     ancient
archo-             leader, first, chief
arct- , arcto-     bear (and by extension: cold)
arg-               silver
arthr- , arthro-   joint
as-                toward
astr- , astro-     star
at-                 toward
-ate                to become associated with
athl-               prize
aud-, audi-         hearing, listening, sound
aug-                grow, increase
aur-                gold, gold-colored
auri-               ear                                   cf. ot-
aut- auto-          self
axi-                axis

bac-                small berry
baena-              walking
balan-              acorn
baro-               weight, pressure                     cf. gravi-
basi-               at the bottom
bat-, batis         skate, ray
bdella-             sucker
bel, belli-         war
ben-, bene-, bon-   good, well
bi-, bis-           two                                  cf. deut-, di-, duo-
bibl-, biblio-      book
bio-                life
blast-              germ, embryo, bud, cell with nucleus
bon-                good                                 cf. eu-
bor-                north
bot-                plant
botr-               small bunch of grapes
bov-                ox
brach-              arm
brach-              short
brad-               slow
branch-             gill
brev-               short (time)
briz-               to nod
brom-               oats, broom, shadow
bronch-             windpipe
buc-                mouth, cavity
bulb-               bulbous
bulla-              bubble, flask
bullat-             wrinkled
bun-                hill
bursa-              pouch, purse

cabr-, capr-        goat
caco-               bad                                   cf. mal-
calc-               stone
calli-              beautiful
calor-              heat
camp-               field
cand-                glowing, iridescent
cani-                dog
cant-, canti-        sing
cap-, capi-, capo- head
capt-, cept-, ceive- to take, hold, grasp
carci-               cancer (disease)
                     relating to the heart
card-, cardi-, cardio-
carn-, carno-        flesh
carp-                relating to the wrist
carpo-               relating to fruit
cata-                down
cav-                 hollow
cede-, cess-         to go, to yeild, to withdraw
cele-                honor
cell-                to rise, project
cent-, centi-        hundred
cephalo-             head
cera-                horn
cert-                to be sure, to trust
cerv-                relating to the neck
chelo-               relating to a turtle
chiro-               of the hand or hands
chloro-              green
chord-               cord
choreo-              relating to dance
chrom-               color
chron-               time
chryso-              relating gold
cid-, cis-           to cut, to kill
cili-                eyelash
circum-              around
cirr-                tentacle
civ-                 citizen
clast-               broken
clau-                close, shut, block
clav-                key
cleist-              closed
cleithr-             bar, key
clin-                bed, recline
cochl-               shell
coel-                hollow
cogn-                know
coll-                neck
com-, con-, co-      with, together, joined, against   cf. syn-
condum-              protective armor
cono-                cone
contra-              against                           cf. counter-
copro-               dung
cora-                raven
coron-                crown
corp-                 body
cort-                 bark
cosm-                 world
cost-                 rib
cotyl-                cup
counter-              against                    cf. contra-
crac-, crat-          to rule
crani-                skull
crass-                thick                      cf. pachy-
cred-                 to believe
crep-                 shoe
cribi-                sieve
cric-                 ring
cris-, crit-          separate, judge, discern
crisp-                curled
crist-                crest
crosso-               fringe, tassel
cruc-                 cross-like
crurals-              shank
cryo-                 cold                       cf. psychro-, frig-
crypt-                hidden                     cf. apocr-
cten-                 comb
culp-                 fault
cun-                  wedge
curr-, curs-, corr-   to run
cusp-                 lance, point
cuti-                 skin
cyan-                 blue
cyber-                to direct, to guide
cycl-                 circular
cyn-                  dog
cyst-                 capsule
cyt-                  cell

dactyl-               finger
de-                   down, away from
deci-, deka-          ten
dei-, deus-           god
dem-                  people
dendr-                tree
dent/dont-            teeth
derm-                 skin
deut-                 second                     cf. bi-, di-, duo-
dextro-               right (hand)
di-                   two, half                  cf. bi-, deut-, duo-
di(a)hn-              across
dia-                  through, across
dict-                 to speak, to say
dict-               say, speak
digit-              finger
dino-               terrible, fearful, great
dis-                not, apart                 cf. an-, in-, un-
divin-              godly
dog/dox-            opinion, teaching
dom-                power                      cf. dyna-
dors-               back
dub-                doubt
dulc-               sweet
duo-, du-           two                        cf. bi-, deut-, di-
dur-                hard
dyna-               power                      cf. dom-
dys-                difficult, bad

e-                  out, away from             cf. a-
eco-                house
ecto-, exo-         outside
-ectomy             to cut
eg-, ego-           self, I
-ell, -elle         (diminutive)
embol-              thrown in
-emia               blood
-ence               state, fact, quality
endo-, ento-        inside
engy-               narrow
ensi-               sword
-ent                to form
eo-                 dawn, east
epi-                upon, on top of
episteme-           knowledge, science
equi-               equal                      cf. iso-
equi-               horse
ethm-               sieve
ethn-               nation
-et, -ette          (diminutive)
eu-                 well, good, happy          cf. bon-
eury-               wide
ex-, exo-           from
extra-              over, above

fab-                bean
fac-, fic-, fact-   to make
falc-               sickle-shaped
fallax-             false
famil-              family
fasc                bundle
fatuus-             foolish, useless
feder-              league, pact
feli-                 cat
fen-, fend-           to strike
fer-                  carry, bring
ficar-                fig
fid-                  faith
fil-                  thread
fin-                  end
fistul-               hollow, tube
flacc-                flabby
flav-                 yellow
flex-                 bend
flu-                  to flow
foen-                 hay
foetid-               foul smelling
foli-                 leaf                     cf. lam-
fore-                 before
form-                 shape, structure, form
fornix-               vault
fort-                 strength, luck
fovea-                dimple, depression
frater-               brother
frig-                 cold                     cf. cryo-, psycrho-
fuge-                 to flee
fulg-                 brightness
fum-                  smoke
fund-                 to pour
furc-, furcul-        fork
fus-                  to pour, to melt

gam-                  marriage
gen-                  begin, start
gen-                  race, family, kind
geo-                  earth
gig-                  giant
gloss-, glot-         tongue
gno-, gni-            know
grad-, gress-         walk, step, go
gram-, graph-         write, draw, record
grandi-               large, big
grat- thank, please   thank, please
grav-                 heavy                    cf. baro-
gymn-                 naked                    cf. nud-
gyn-                  woman, wife

hab-                  to dwell
hal-                  salt                     cf. sal-
hemi-                 half                     cf. semi-
hep-                  liver
hepta-                seven                    cf. septa-
hetero-              different                           cf. allo-, var-
hex-                 six
hibem-               winter                              cf. hyernal
hier-                sacred
hippo-               horse
hirsut-              hairy
hispid-              bristly
histri-              uterus (and by extension emotion)
holo-                complete, whole                     cf. toti-
homal-               flat
homo-                human, man
homo-                same
hormon-              excite
hortens-             garden
hosp-                guest, host
host-                enemy, stranger
humidi-              wet
humus-               ground, earth, soil
hyal-                glass
hydr-                water, wetness
hyemal-              winter                              cf. hibern
hyg-                 health
hyo-                 U-shaped
hyper-               above, over                         cf. super-
hypo-                beneath, under                      cf. sub
hypno-               sleep

-ial                 function of
-ible                capable of being
-ic                  like, having the nature of
ichthy-              fish                                cf. pisc-
idem-, iden-         to be the same
ideo-                idea, thought
idio-                personal
-ify                 make, do
im-, in-, il-, ir-   not, without                        cf. an-, un-
im-, in-             in, on
-ine                 having the nature of (feminine)
init-                to begin, to enter upon
infra-               under, below
inter-               between, among
intra-, intro-       within
-ion, -tion          being, the result of
-ism                 act, condition
iso-                 equal, the same                     cf. equi-
-ist                 one who
itin-                route, way
-ive                 of, belonging to, quality of
-ize, -ise           to become like
jac-, ject-          throw, expel
jus-, jur-, judic-   law, justice
juven-               young, youth

kil-, kilo-          thousand                           cf. mil-
kin-                 movement, motion

lab-                 lips
labor-               work
lacr-                cry, tears
lact-                milk
lam-                 leaf                               cf. foli-
lat-                 wide, side
laud-                praise
leg-, lex-           law, rule                          cf. nom-
leon-                lion (and by extension: bravery)
lev-                 lift, hover
levi-                left                               cf. sinestra-
liber-               free
libr-                book
lin-                 line
ling-, lang-         tongue, language
lith-                stone
loc-                 place
locu-, loqu-         word, to speak
log-                 word, thought, idea
luc-, lum-, lux-     light
lun-                 the moon                           cf. men-
lut-                 yellow
-ly                  like, to the extent of

macr-                large, great                       cf. magn-, mega-
mag-, magn-          large, great                       cf. macr-, mega-
mal-                 bad, wretched                      cf. caco-
mam-                 breast
man-                 hand
mania-               crazy, insane
mar-, mer-           sea
mater-, matr-        mother
max-                 larger
med-                 middle                             cf. meso-
medic-               to heal
mega-, maj-          large, great                       cf. macr-, magn-
melan-               color, pigment
melli-               honey
memor-               mindful
men-, min-, mon-     remind, advise, warn
men-, ment-          mind
menin-             membrane
-ment              a means, product, act, state
meo-               moon                               cf. lun-
mer-               part
meso-              middle                             cf. med-, mid-
meta-              above, beyond
meter-, metr-      measure
metro-             city
mica-              grain
micro-             small                              cf. parvi-
migr-              to travel, to move
mil-               thousand                           cf. kil-
mim-               copy, imitate
min-, mini-        smaller
mir-               sight, wonder, amazement
mis-               bad, poor, less, wrong
miso-              hate, hatred
miss-, mit-        to send
mito-              thread
mixi-              mingle, mix
mnem-              memory,
moll-              soft
mon-, mono-        one
monil-             string of beads
mor-               fool, manner, custom
morph-             form, shape
mort-              death
mot-, mob-, mov-   to move, motion
multi-             many, much                         cf. poly-
mur-               wall
mus-               mouse (and by extension: thief)    cf. myo0
musc-              fly
mut-               change, exchange
myo-               mouse (and by extension: muscle)   cf. mus-
myri-              countless
myx-               mucus
myz-               sucker

na-, narls-        nose
nano-              dwarf, small
nat-               birth
naut-              ocean, to sail
nece-              need
necro-             dead, death
necto-             banana
nema-              hair
nemoral-           forest, woods
neo-               new                                cf. nov-
nephr-             kidney
neth-            under, below
neur-, nerv-     nerve, brain, mind
nictitat-        wink
nigr-            black
nil-, nhil-      nothing, void
noct-, nox-      night
nom-, nomen-, -nym
nom-             arrangement, law                 cf. lex-
non-, ne-        not
nona-            nine
noth-            spurious
notho-, noto-    south (and by extension: back)
nov-             nine
nov-, nova-      new                              cf. neo-
nu-, nuc-        nut
nuch-            back of the neck
nud-             naked                            cf. gymn-
nul-, nulli-     none
numer-           number
nutans-          to nod

o-, ob-, oc-, of-, op-against, toward
obes-                 fat
obtect-               concealed, hidden
obtur-                closed
obtus-                blunt
occiden-              west
occip-                back of head
oct-                  eight
-ode-                 way, path
odont-                tooth
odor-                 smell, fragrance
oec-, oeci-           house of
oed-                  swelling
oen-                  wine
oesoph-               throat, gullet
-oid-                 like, similar to
oleo-                 oil
olfact-               smell
oligo-                few
oliva-                olive
ology-                study
oma-                  cancer
omni-                 all
omo-                  shoulder
omphalo-              navel
onto-                 existence
oo-                   egg                         cf. ovo-
op-, opt-             eye                         cf. ophthal-
operc-             small covering
ophi-              snake
ophthal-           eye                                    cf. opt-
opistho-           behind
opoter-            either
or-, ora-          mouth                                  cf. osc-
orbi-              circle
ord-               order
-or, -er           person or thing that, one that sells
oriental-          East
ornith-            bird
ortho-             straight
-ory               place for
osc-, osti-        mouth
oss-, ost-         bone
ostrac-            shell
ot-                ear                                    cf. aur-
-ous               characterized by
ovi-               sheep
ovo-               egg                                    cf. oo-
oxys-, oxus-       sharp, pointed

pac-, pax-         peace
pachy-             thick                                  cf. crass-
palae-, palaeo     old
palli-             mantle
pallid-            pale
palustri-          marsh
pan-, panto-       all
pan-, pani-        bread
par-               arrange, get ready
para-              near
parie-             wall
pars-, part-       portion, part
parv-              little, small                          cf. micro-
patell-            (small) dish
patens-            spread
pater-, patr-      father
pect-, pector-     chest
pectin-            comb
ped-               boy, child
ped-, pes-         foot
pel-               to drive
pen-               tail
pend-, pond-, pens-to hang, to weigh
pene-              almost
penia-             deficient
pent-              five
per-               through, beyond
peregrin-        foreign, strange
peri-            around
persic-          peach
petr-            rock
phaeo-           dark
phag-            to eat
phalang-         (closs formation of troops)
phalar-          shining
phanero-         visible
phe-             to speak about
pher-, phor-     to carry
phil-            love, friendship
phloe-           tree bark
phob-            fear
phon-            sound
phos-, photo-    light
phragm-          fence
phren-           mind
phryno-          toad
phyl-            tribe
phyll-           leaf
physa-           bladder
physio-          nature
phyt-            plant
pil-             hair
pinea-           pine cone
pinnat-          feather                       cf. plum-
pino-            to drink
pisc-            fish                          cf. ichthy-
pisum-           pea
plac-            plate, tablet
plagio-          oblique
plan-            flat                          cf. platy-
platy-           flat, broad                   cf. plan-
pleco-, plect-   twist, pluck
pler-            to fill
plesio-          near
pleth-           full
pleur-           side
plex-            to interweave
plica-           to fold
plum-            feather                       cf. pinnat-
plur-, plus-     more
pneumo-          air, lung
pod-             foot
pogo-            beard
-poiesis         to make
pol-             to sell
polio-           grey
polit-, polis-        city, state, citizen
poll-, pollex-        thumb
poly-                 many                    cf. multi
pon-, pos-, posit-    to put, to place
pon-, poss-           to place
pons-                 bridge
porc-                 pig
porphyr-              purple
port-                 to carry
porta-                gate
post-                 after, behind
pot-                  power
potam-                river
potero-               drinking cup
prae-, praeco-        early
pratens-              meadow
pre-                  before, in front of     cf. pro-
prim-, prin-, prom-   first                   cf. prot-
priv-                 separate
pro-                  before, in front of     cf. pre-
prob-                 prove, test
proct-                anus
procumbens-           lying flat              cf. prostrat-
profund-              deep
proliger-             to bear offspring
pronto-               first
proso-                front
prostrat-             lying flat              cf. procumbens-
prot-                 first                   cf. prim-
prunus-               plum
psamma-               sand
pseud-                false
psych-                mind, spirit
psychro-              cold                    cf. cryo-, frig-
pter-                 wing, fern
pubescens-            downy
pubi-                 sexual maturity
publi-                people
pulmo-                lung
pungens-              strong odor, smell
pusill-               very small
pygo-                 rump
pyl-                  gate
pyo-                  pus
pyr-                  heat, fire
pyrus-                pear

quadr-, quart-        four
ques-                 to ask, to search for
quin(t/que)-          five

rach, rhach-          spine
radi-                 root                                  cf. rhiz-
ram-                  branch
ran-                  frog
rapa-                 turnip
raph-                 seam                                  cf. sutur-
re-                   again
rect-, reg-, rig-     straight, right, government, rule
ren-                  kidney
rept-, repens-        crawl
resp-                 to answer
ret-                  net
retro-                behind, backward
rhabd-                rod
rhage-                tear, rent
rhin-, rhynch-        nose, snout
rhiz-                 root                                  cf. radi-
rhodo-                red                                   cf. rub-, ruf-
ripar-                river
robor-                oak (and by extension: strength)
rode-                 gnaw
rogos-                wrinkle
ros-                  pink
rostr-                beak, face (and by extension: prow)
rota-                 turn, wheel
-rrh-                 flow
rub-, rubr-, ruber-   red                                   cf. rhodo-, ruf-
ruf-                  red                                   cf. rhodo-, rub-
rumen-                throat
rupt-                 break

sacchar-              sugar
saccul-               little sac
sacr-                 holy, sacred                          cf. sanct-
sagitta-              arrow
sal-                  salt                                  cf. hal-
sanct-                holy, sacred                          cf. sacr-
sang-                 blood
sapien-               to think, to know
sapon-                soap
sarc-                 flesh
sativus-              cultivated
saur-                 lizard, reptile
saxum-                rock
scala-                ladder
scalene-              uneven
scaph-                something hollow
schizo-             split
scio-               to know
scler-              hard
scop-, scept-       to look at, examine, observe     cf. specto-
scrib-, scrip-      to write
scut-               shield
scyph-              cup
se-, sed-           apart, aside, away
seba-               tallow, wax
sect-               to cut
sed-, sid-, sess-   to settle
segetum-            corn field
selen-              moon
sella-              saddle, seat
seme-               seed
semi-               half                             cf. hemi
sent-, sens-        to feel
sept-               wall
septa-              seven                            cf. hepta-
sequ-, secut-       to follow
ser-, sero-         body fluid
serot-              late
serra-, serrat-     saw
sesqui-             one and a half
set-                hair
sex-                six
sec-, sic-          dry                              cf. xero-
simi-               monkey, ape
simil-, sembl-      same
sinestra-           left                             cf. levi-
sinus-              bay (and by extension: hollow)
sipho-              tube
sol-                sun
sol-                alone
soleno-             pipe, channel                    cf. syring-
solus-, solat-      to comfort
soma-               body
somn-               sleep
son-                sound
soph-               wisdom
sover-, sobr-       above, over
spas-               hope
spec-, specto-      to watch, to look at             cf. scop-
specios-            showy
sperm-              seed
sphen-              wedge
sphinct-            close
spin-               spine
spond-, spons-      to pledge, promise
spondyl-              vertebra
squam-                scale (as in fish or lizard scales)
squarros-             to spread out
staerlt- fat          fat
stas-, stat-          to stand, to be still
steg-                 covering
stell-                star
steno-                narrow
stereo-               solid
steril-               sterile
stern-                breadbone
stom-                 mouth
strat-                layer
strept-               twist
strictus-, strigos-   upright, stiff
stroph-               turning
struct-               form, structure
stup-                 wonder
styl-                 column
sub-, subt-           under, below                          cf. hypo-
sucr-                 sugar
sulc-                 furrow
super-, supra-        beyond, above, over                   cf. hyper-
supin-                lying back
sutur-                seam                                  cf. raph-
sym-, syn-, sys-      with                                  cf. com-
syring-               pipe, channel                         cf. soleno-

tab-, taph-           table
tac-, tic-            silence
tachy-                fast
tact-                 touch
taenia-               ribbon
talus-                heel
tapetum-              carpet
tard-                 late
tarsus-               ankle
techn-                art, skill
tect-, tegmen-        covering
tel-, teleo-          far, end, complete
temno-                to cut
temp-                 time
ten-, tain-, tent-    to hold
tend-, tens-          to give heed
tent-                 to spread
tenu-                 slender
ter-, terti-          three
teres-                round
term-                 boundary, limit, end
test-                to witness, to affirm
tetr-                four
text                 to weave
thalam-              chamber, bed
thalass-             sea
thana-               death
the-, them-, thet-   to place, to put
theatr-              to see, to view
theca-               case
thei-, theo-         god
therm-               heat
thero-               breast, mammal
thyreo-              a large shield
tinctori-            dye, color, tint
tom-                 to cut
topo-                locale, place
torpe-               numbness
tort-                twist
tot-                 total                      cf. holo-
tox-                 poison
trab-                beam
trachy-              rough
tract-               to pull, to draw
trago-               goat
trans-               across, through
trapez-              four-sided table
trema-               hole
tremul-              to tremble
tri-                 three
trib-                to allot, to give
trich-               hair
troch-               wheel
trop-                to turn
troph-               to feed on, to eat
tussi-               to cough
twe-, twi-           two
-ty                  condition of, quality of

u-                   not, without
-ul, -ule            (diminutive)
uligin-              marsh
ulo-                 wool
ultra-               above, over, beyond
umbil-               navel
umbra-               dark, shadow
un-                  not
un-, uni-            one
unc-                 hook
ungui-               nail, claw, hoof
uro-                 tail
urs-                 bear
util-                to use, to be useful
uv-, uvul-           grape
uxor-                wife

vacu-                empty
var-                 different                    cf. hetero-, allo-
velum-               veil, hide
ven-                 air, wind
ven-                 to come
ventr-               belly
verd-                green                        cf. virens-
ver-, veris-         truth
verm-                worm
vern-                spring (the season)
vers-, vert-         to turn
versi-               various
vesic-               blister
vesper-              evening, west
vest-                to adorn
vestig-              to track
via-                 way, road
vid-, vis-           to see
vill-                hair
vir-                 man
virens-              green                        cf. verd-
visc-                body cavity, bowels
vit-, vita-, viva-   life
vitell-              yolk
vitr-                glass
voc-                 sound, call, voice
volu-                wish
vora-                to eat, to devour
vulg-                common
vulp-                fox

xeno-                strange, foreign
xero-                dry                          cf. sec-

-y                   (creates abstract noun)
-y                   quality, somewhat like

zo-, zoa-            animal, living being, life
zyg-                 yoke, joined, paired
zym-                 to ferment

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