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					                             Otley Town Council

Meeting:             Community & Culture

Date:                9th November 2009

Venue:               Otley Civic Centre

Committee            Cllr S Ross (Chair)
Members              Cllrs L Bradley, N Birch, G Francis, C A Campbell,
Present              L C Campbell, M Stott, M Vickers

Members              P Bye, R Smith, J Spencer, A Furze

In Attendance: Mrs J Johnson (Community Development Officer)
               Mrs E Bradley (Committee Clerk)
               Sgt Neil Perkis (Otley Police)
               Mr M Waring (Leeds City Council Parks &
               Countryside Officer)
               Ms R Feldberg (Otley Courthouse/Literature

Apologies:           It was resolved to accept the following apologies:
                     Cllr I Jakcson

182. Declarations of Interest

Councillor Francis declared a personal interest in the matter of the
Otley Matters distributor as he was involved with the current

183. Approval of minutes

Resolved:                   that the minutes of the Community &
                            Culture Committee meeting of 21st

Council Year 2009/10. C & C Committee 9th November 2009                   105
                            September 2009 be approved for accuracy

(Cllr Spencer joined the meeting at 7.07pm)

184. Police Matters

Sgt Perkis provided the following report:

   Antisocial behaviour at the Broadwalk has been dealt with and
    one of the main instigators has been evicted and taken to court.
   Crime: Otley has had problem recently with purse dippers. Three
    people have been arrested in Bradford following an incident in the
   Burglary initiative on Cambridge estate: there has been a problem
    with sneak in burglaries. An initiative was undertaken by way of
    leaftlet drops and checking that doors were locked. As a result the
    burglaries have now stopped.
   Burras Lane – complaints have been received in relation to traffic
    speeding and with the volume of traffic. Inspector Coldwell is fully
    supportive of any speed reduction/traffic calming methods that the
    Council may wish to introduce. The issue of the volume of traffic is
    difficult to address.
   Arrests – a cannabis farm was found in Yeadon which was linked
    to an Otley person. The Police have stemmed the flow of
    cannabis. Intelligence is very positive and gaining confidence from
    people to pass on the information needed.
   Two men have been arrested on Gay Lane who were in
    possession of cannabis with intent to supply.
   Alcohol awareness week: this resulted in the seizure of alcohol,
    which was then donated to a local group for them to use to raise
   Councillor Birch asked if the police could carry out observations
    relating to traffic driving through the market place to avoid queuing
    at the traffic lights.

(Cllrs C A Campbell and A Furze joined the meeting at 7.17pm)

Council Year 2009/10. C & C Committee 9th November 2009               106
   Sergeant Perkis said he would direct the PCSO’s to make
    observations and report back to next meeting.
   Councillor Spencer said there was a problem with the park at St.
    Martin’s Fields with young people setting fires and with anti-social
    behaviour. He said that benches had been put in, which
    encouraged young people to congregate there.

Resolved:                   1. that Otley Town Council writes to Leeds
                            City Council asking for an assessment of
                            the problems of speeding traffic and the
                            high volume of traffic on Burras Lane
                            2. that Otley Town Council asks Leeds City
                            Council for suitable traffic calming
                            measures to be installed on Burras Lane

185. Youth Issues

(a) Play Parks

Mr Mick Waring, Parks & Countryside Officer from Leeds City Council
provided information to Committee on the forthcoming works on the
Playparks in Otley.

Mr Waring confirmed that he would report back to Leeds City Council
about the St. Martins fields play park and ask for the benches to be

He advised that the Wharfemeadows park would be completely
redeveloped in the next financial year.

There were no plans at present to carry out any work at the Newall
park, but at some point it would be redeveloped as an open area.

Grove Hill park. The local residents group had recently had their
lottery funding application turned down. The have now put in a Green
Leeds bid which, if successful would mean involvement from Leeds
City Council with the local residents.

Council Year 2009/10. C & C Committee 9th November 2009               107
In reply to questions from Councillors, Mr Waring confirmed that
some form of disabled play activity would remain in Wharfemeadows
Park. He would report back to Leeds City Council about refurbishing
the bowling green at Grove Hill and also about providing some form
of equipment at Newall park for the 12+ age group.

Chair asked whether Leeds City Council had any projects that the
Town Council could support. Mr Waring said that anything the
Council could provide for the Grove Hill park would be of help.

(b) Youth Council

The Community Development Officer’s report is attached.

Councillor Smith said as he was not a member of the Committee he
had not received the committee papers, but commented that it would
be very useful to have them.

Resolved:                   to request the Executive & Management
                            Committee to look at all Councillors
                            receiving all committee papers regardless
                            of Committee membership

Councillor Vickers thanked Mrs Johnson and Councillor Ross for
attending meetings and providing information to members about
youth issues.

Resolved:                   that the Community Development Officer’s
                            report is noted

186. Hospital and Medical Services

The Community Development Officer advised that she would
circulate the information to members about the consultation being
carried out about the Leeds Teaching Hospitals becoming a
Foundation Trust.

Council Year 2009/10. C & C Committee 9th November 2009             108
Resolved:                   1. that Otley Town Council will register its
                            interest in becoming a member of the Trust
                            in order to be able to vote on the Executive.
                            2. that each Councillor will register their
                            interest individually in becoming a member
                            of the Trust

187. Youth Funding Project

The Community Development Officer’s report is attached.

Ms Rachel Feldberg provided information about the funding request
for the Young Peoples Club Nights.

She reported that the costs incurred are for flyers, the disco, payment
for the technician to set up and check equipment and hire of the

Ms Feldberg left the meeting.

Resolved:                   that in principal, the Town Council would
                            like to commission three Young Peoples
                            Club Nights. That the cost be advised to
                            Council and if that cost is at or below £750
                            the Council authorises the Town Clerk to
                            authorise the payment.

188. Budget Priorities 2010-2011

(Cllr smith left the meeting at 8.24pm)

Members considered its funding priorities for the coming financial
year. In particular, funding for Behind Closed Doors, Otley Action for
Older People, Citizens Advice Bureau and Youth was discussed.

Resolved:                          that the Council should work towards
                                   a more commissioning based

Council Year 2009/10. C & C Committee 9th November 2009               109
                                   approach to community service
                                   grants to ensure that the Council’s
                                   priorities are being delivered

189. Community Development Officer’s Report

The Community Development Officer’s report is attached and was

190. Co-optees

There were no co-optees in attendance.

191. Otley Matters

The Community Development Officer’s report is attached.

Resolved:                   that under the Public Bodies (Admission to
                            Meetings) Act 1960 (as extended by s.100
                            of the Local Government Act 1972), the
                            public and accredited representatives of
                            newspapers be excluded from the meeting
                            for the following items of business on the
                            grounds that it involves the likely
                            disclosure of exempt information as
                            defined in Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the
                            Local Government Act 1972 by virtue of
                            the paragraph specified against the item.

Resolved:                   to accept the recommendations in the
                            Community Development Officer’s report
                            at paragraph 5.1 concerning the printing
                            contract for Otley Matters

Council Year 2009/10. C & C Committee 9th November 2009                  110
Resolved:                   to accept the recommendations in the
                            Community Development Officer’s report
                            at paragraph 5.2 concerning the
                            distribution of Otley Matters


                                   Chair ……………………………..

Council Year 2009/10. C & C Committee 9th November 2009           111

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