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									973.7 SWA           Swanson, James
Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer                                              Ron’s Favorites
                                 448 p. 2006
History buffs and adventure readers alike will be captivated by this highly
charged, fast paced account of the dastardly John Wilkes Booth and his
                                                                                            TRUTH BE TOLD:
murderous accomplices as federal agents engage in hot pursuit of the                NONFICTION BOOKS FOR A
Great Emancipator’s killer. Join the chase from the comfort of your                     WINTER ' S NIGHT
favorite leather saddle.
978.032 EGA            Egan, Timothy
The Worst Hard Time:
The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great
American Dust Bowl                340 p.      2006

Melding fact with diary entries of victims, Egan’s riveting account of the
1930’s Great Plains dust bowl chronicles a time of agricultural settlement
that is both enlightening and unsettling. Winner of the 2006 National
Book Award, this is a visceral account of hubris and manmade disaster
come to life.

                                                                              362.82 WAL           Walls, Jeannette
                                                                              The Glass Castle: A Memoir      288 p.                     2006

                                                                              Gossip columnist for MSNBC, Walls, writing from a child’s perspective,
                                                                              recounts her extremely dysfunctional childhood and her rags to riches
                                                                              success story. This memoir is both unflinchingly touching and a testament
                                                                              to perseverance and triumph over adversity.

                                                                              394.12 POL              Pollan, Michael
           This bibliography was prepared by Ron Pauli.                       Omnivore’s Dilemma:
                         Readers’ Advisory
                                                                              A Natural History of Four Meals    450 p.                  2006
                       Geneva Public Library
                              11/2006                                         Named a NY Times Book Review’s best 100 books of 2006, Pollan
                                                                              addresses the conundrum when asking, “What’s for dinner?” Bridging the
                                                                              gap between consumers and producers, the author takes a bite out of our
                                                                              industrial food chain. Dinner choices many never be the same; and that’s
                                                                              a healthy choice.
641.013 KAM          Kamp, David                                              818.54 HAM              Hampl, Patricia
The United States of Arugula:                                                 Blue Arabesque:
How We Became a Gourmet Nation 392 p.                        2006             A Search for the Sublime          215 p.                       2006

How did America move, gastronomically speaking, from the science of           Matisse’s Woman Before an Aquarium, hanging at the Art Institute of
food in the 1950’s to Julia Child, French haute cuisine, and national         Chicago, becomes the focal point of self discovery by Hampl as she
branding of TV chefs? Kamp dishes up the savory ingredients of gourmet        examines art, literature, and leisure in prose both fluid and poetic. The
cuisine history, with a dash of ego excesses, that has changed American’s     cover art alone is worth the price of admission.
eating and buying habits.
                                                                              910.452 SAN             Sandler, Martin W.
759.5 HAR                     Harr, Jonathan
                                                                              The Epic Search for the Northwest Passage and John
The Lost Painting                        271 p.              2005
                                                                              Franklin, and the Discovery of the Queen’s Ghost Ship
                                                                                                                  299 p.      2006
Best selling author Harr brings his considerable palette to bear in the
compelling mystery of a long lost painting by Caravaggio. With deft pen       An epic story of mystery and adventure, Sandler chronicles Britain’s 19th
strokes, the author mixes art history, scholarly sleuthing, and great         century obsession and quest for the elusive Northwest Passage by
storytelling in a revealing look at a 16th century master and a masterpiece   following the plight of the HMS Resolute. A gripping historical adventure
brought to light.                                                             of a rescue ship turned ghost ship; this is a great armchair read for an
                                                                              arctic winter evening.
786.21 BAR            Barron, James
Piano: The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand                                 973.0496 OBA           Obama, Barack
                                  280 p.      2006                            The Audacity of Hope:
                                                                              Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
Expert craftsman have been making Steinway concert grand pianos the                                              375 p.                      2006
same way since 1880. Follow the year long construction of a masterpiece
                                                                              Is he Superman or a cautious liberal? Could the Illinois Democratic
from selecting the wood to completion of the flagship nine. Barron’s
                                                                              Senator and Time Magazine’s recently featured cover be the next
plucky account of an art not yet lost will reverberate with music lovers
                                                                              President of the United States? Read about the Chicago Tribune’s poster
and craftsmen alike.
                                                                              boy for the Democratic Party and decide for yourself if Senator Obama
                                                                              can soar above our Daily Planet.
814.54 EPH            Ephron, Nora
I Feel Bad About My Neck:                                                     973.22 PHI            Philbrick, Nathaniel
And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman                                           Mayflower:A Story of Courage, Community, and War
                                 137 p.                      2006                                              461 p.     2006
Screenwriter Ephron, whose credits include Sleepless in Seattle and When
                                                                              National Book Award winner Philbrick employs his considerable
Harry Met Sally, uses her considerable wit and humor to ruminate on the
                                                                              narrative talent to weave a masterly story of the Mayflower’s pilgrims and
concerns of aging females. From botox to menopause, mustache wax to
                                                                              their harrowing plight in the face of almost insurmountable odds. One of
sex, her essays on aging are sure to lift a sagging lower lip.
                                                                              the years best historical reads; Philbrick’s book is destined to be a classic.

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