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					                                      MANITOBA TEXT BOOK BUREAU
                                                        130 - 1st Avenue West
                                                             P.O. Box 910
                                                      Souris, Manitoba R0K 2C0
                                                   Tel:      (204) 483-5040
                                                             (866) 771-6822 (MB & Sask.)
                                                   Fax:      (204) 483-5041
                                     A Special Operating Agency of Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth

Dear School Staff Members:

Your Division has participated in the “Partners Program Software Licensing” with MERLIN. The intent of this
program is to enable schools to maximize purchasing power, keep technology current, lower administration and ease
compliance with computer software licensing requirements. Included in this package is the opportunity to have select
software products available to faculty and staff under a “Work at Home Rights” agreement. This is available to
individuals at a very affordable price to use on their own computers to accommodate work from home.

The distribution and administration for the issuance of this software will be completed by The Manitoba Text Book
Bureau (MTBB). The software products currently available under this “Work at Home Rights” agreement are listed on
the order form.

In order to complete your order you must:

    1.   Complete the attached Teacher/Staff Order Form and Agreement
    2.   Ensure that your principal or vice-principal has signed verifying your employment and eligibility
    3.   Ensure payment is attached or indicated
    4.   Forward this to MTBB, Box 910 Souris, MB R0K 2C0 or fax to 1-204-483-5041.

Your order will be verified to ensure you meet all the purchasing eligibility requirements. If for some reason you do not
meet the requirements, your payment and application form will be returned. We will only fill orders that meet all of the
licensing requirements. They will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

Licensing Requirements
     School Division must have signed agreement with MERLIN and MTBB
     Applicant must be employed by participating school and verified by way of signature of Principal/Vice-
     Division number of authorized “Work at Home” licenses must not have been exceeded
     Payment must be received

Customer orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. There will be a limited number of licenses issued for
each Division.

For further information please call 1-866-771-6822.

To save costs and ease processing your school may be collecting order forms and sending them to the MTBB in one
package. Please check to see if your school is offering this mailing service to you.

Yours truly,

The Manitoba Text Book Bureau
                                 Teacher/Staff Order Form and Agreement
                                          Work at Home Rights
                                       Microsoft Partners Program
                                     The Manitoba Text Book Bureau
Name: _______________________________________________________
School: ____________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Day Time Contact Phone Number: _____________________________________________
Division: __________________ ________________________

Work at Home Products:
                                                                Stock #
Windows XP Pro                               English            5062      $16.00         _____
Office Pro 2003 Win32                        English            5063      $16.00         _____
Office Mac Pro 10.0                          English            5064      $16.00         _____
One NoteTM 2003 Win32                        English            5069      $16.00         _____

Acceptable Use Policy

I certify that I am an employee of the Division indicated above, and as such I am eligible to purchase the Microsoft
Work at Home Rights for the above software. I understand that I have the right to run one copy of this product on a
home PC that I own or lease, for school-related purposes only and that I will adhere to the following terms and

Terms and Conditions for Work at Home Rights

The right to run the software is limited as follows:
   1. You may not separate the components of software made up of multiple components by running them
        on different computers, by upgrading or downgrading them at different times or by transferring them
        separately, except as otherwise provided in the product use rights.
   2. You may not rent, lease, commercially host or lend any copy of the software.
   3. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software
   4. You may not make copies of the software and distribute them on media to your student users or
   5. You are eligible to run an upgrade version of a Windows operating system if you have a valid license
        for any previous Microsoft operating system or Macintosh operating system.
   6. You are not licensed to use the Software for personal purposes.
   7. You must remove the Software from your machine at the time of agreement expiration, termination or
        if you leave the employ of the school division.

Signed _____________________________________________ Staff Member

I verify that the applicant is an employee of the School Division as indicated above.

Signed __________________________________________ Principal or Vice-Principal

Print name ___________________________________________

I have enclosed payment in the amount of $16.00 each plus GST & PST for a total of $18.08 each product. The product
will be bulk shipped to your school once per month in a group package.
Check or Credit Card Payment accepted.
Check* __                  MC/Visa # ____________________________ expires _______
*payable to Manitoba Text Book Bureau

Or – I have included an additional $2.00 each plus GST a total of $2.12 each, for quick ship direct to the address below.
Return to: MTBB, Box 910, Souris, MB R0K 2C0 or Fax 204.483.5041 or your school may be collecting them and
submitting a group package.

                    ** All sales final – non-refundable ** Limit one copy per title per person **

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