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					                                 comp.object: Help asked in biblio search

                          Help asked in biblio search

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From: Mathieu Roger (mathieu.roger_at_imag.fr)
Date: 04/23/04

Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 13:00:49 +0200

Several years ago I came accross an article stating something like
the following opinion, as far as I can remember :

the author argued that java interface should only have one class
implementing it

basically because if some java interfaces that have several
"sub−classes" are in fact "disguised" abstract classes, especially when
the interface has a binary method

the author also said that the term "interface" was not a good choice
because it recall the notion of interface of a module while java
interface are not really manipulation interface for a set of objects
(on that last point I am not really sure that my memory is correct)

Unfortunately I did not note the reference of this article and, despite
my efforts, I could not find it again on the web. (even in a deep multi
search on google)

Perhaps some one could give me a pointer on an article saying something
like this.

My purpose is not to ask for the opinion of this newsgroup about the
opinion cited above. My purpose is not to start a debate on the opinion
contained in that topic.


PS: I also posted that question on fr.comp.objet

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