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					Selling Your Online Business -
Something To Think About.....
   I was lucky to NOK for a holiday in Monte Carlo recently and was
   surrounded by luxury yachts and other symbols of extreme wealth, and I
   intend to retire :-)

   Well, I know, I was too young to retire, but maybe one day NOK to work
   without a connection (or work!) Can I sell my business and, of course, this
   applies to owners other companies.

   Which brings me about this paper - the perfect time to reflect on the sale of
   your business (and this applies to companies online and offline), long before
   you want to sell. Preparing a business for sale is not as simple - forward, as
   one might first think, especially if you want the best possible price. The
   company was established in a formal and structured, with specific operational
   procedures, etc.. There are more and more attractive to potential buyers in
   one of the "informal" more than that.

   Usually an easier time to ensure that structures and procedures in place, when
   he became the first company and now - of course you can always add them as
   a business evolves and grows, but some "time in this area "to begin to pay big
   dividends later

   The biggest problem I see with online business (in the form of selling in the
   future) is that often they are "personal". This means that the website owner
   has built its business because of knowledge / experience and knowledge, and
   that means the site of a report number. I am guilty, I built my own pages on
   my experience, and will be located on the site.

   Now it's really not a bad thing, because it is that I can develop my experience
   and knowledge are invaluable and make a good living, but? If you want to
   sell sites, it is unlikely that the buyer may wish to purchase a site refers to
   "Richard Grady" and "experience" the best locations, which means it should
   not change any reference to my question in this area to some extent. Because
   most of my written content to be, at best, and worst of the major renovation
   of the region can affect the sale of the company (and I wonder if a copy of the
   "new" for the sale of the original "?)

   It's a difficult choice. In an ideal world, I created a website for companies to
   become more "corporate" - this means that the area gave the impression of
   the company rather than the individual behind them. But if you are in the
   beginning, and my sites will be successful as it is today? My feeling is - I
   know many of my customers bought, they can be applied to cases that were
   found to have something that is witnessing a similar situation to myself. The
   two sites, faceless, and then maybe my customers become customers in the
   first place?
I'm not sure of the answer, which is the best approach - personal or business -
there are advantages and disadvantages of each. But I can offer some simple
things you can do in the beginning of your life in companies that will help
you when / if you want to end the sale:

   Accurate financial records are in one first thing a potential buyer will ask
how much money does the work. This is not a good image and wait at
customers to tell him / to believe that - the application must be supported by
documentation. Also, do not people trapped in the thinking that will keep the
accounts when the company made a decent income - which can takes many
years, and if you wait until after the fact "lost" is 12 months the value of your
work history. The buyer will be much happier if we see how the company
grew, the first day, instead of having accounts that start the game and show a
direction of flow in the $ 100,000. (And the record will be the happiest man
much tax to the full!)
   Open a business bank account - many people are beginning to make their
finances through personal accounts. This means that it can be very difficult, if
commercial transactions and bill on weekly groceries. Business bank account
is key to preserving historic documents and financial information for the
same reason, as soon as possible, and should have a separate business bank
   Make sure that tax returns and other official requirements for submission
at the time - if you have an account clearly, there should be no reason for the
tax cannot be delivered (and paid) to time. In addition, be fined, and will also
look well for potential buyers - who want to buy a business, and returning the
following year, and a penalty for late payment on a regular basis?
   Talk about the brokerage business for at least a year before you want to
sell, broker management of the company to sell your business for you, but it
is important to include the sales process as soon as possible. In this way, at
least one year before you plan to sell a good idea because it cannot give you
time to take all the tips on how your company can become more attractive to
potential buyers.

Of course, the only thing you should do to make your business attractive to
potential buyers suspended - you will get the first priority is to make money

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