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					Using your iPad
You will need:
iPad with iTunes AppStore access.
Experience and familiarity with using Toolkit CMA.
Ability to sync your iPad to your computer/notebook.

1. Login to Toolkit CMA through

2.Complete your CMA as you normally would
3. Unpon finalizing the CMA, from the “Print” Screen, choose “Create Acrobat PDF file”
4. Click OK
5. Save the created PDF on your desktop/notebook (save to desktop recommended)

6. Launch iTunes on the computer you sync your iPad with.

IF “iBooks” is already installed on your iPad, skip to step 8.

7. Installing “iBooks” on your iPad.

1. While still in iTunes on your computer, navigate to the left sidebar and click “itunes store”

2. Navigate to the search field on the upper right corner of iTunes type in “ibooks” and hit the enter
key on your keyboard.

3. When the app store loads the page click on the “Free” button under iPad Apps > iBooks.

4. A pop up will prompt you to log into your Apple account. Complete your log in information and
click “Buy” This app will now be downloaded and installed to your iTunes.

5. Once the download is completed you will see the App in your “Apps” section of iTunes.
Give the download about 1 minute.

6. You are now ready to sync your iPad with your iTunes to “transfer” the iBooks app you just
downloaded to your iPad. Makre sure the white USB cable is connected to your computer and iPad.

7. If automatic syncing does not begin you can manual sync the iPad with iTunes, by navigating to
“File” then “Sync xxxx” (xxxx stands for whatever name you gave your iPad, every name is unique)

8. When syncing, your iPad will display “SYNC IN PROGRESS” once the message disappears your
sync has completed. iBooks should now be in your iPad. (Swipe your finger towards the left to load
the next screen incase you do not see the iBooks icon, often the app might be on the next screen.)
8. Once you have “iBooks” installed, open iTunes on your computer go to
“FILE” then “Add File To Library”

9. When prompted, locate and select the PDF file that you originally saved from CMA
Toolkit onto your computer
(In this case we previously recommended you save the PDF on your Desktop for easy access)

10. Once the PDF has been selected you will notice iTunes added a link for “Books”
with the PDF file listed to the right of the left sidebar, you are now ready to sync your
iTunes with your iPad.
11. Syncing your iPad with your iTunes / Copying the PDF Listing Presentation into iPad

Before syncing make sure to adjust the sync settings to allow iBook material to be synced and
transferred. Here’s How...

1. Navigate to the iTunes left sidebar > Devices > My iPad.
2. Navigate to the “Books” tab.
3. Check the checkbox option for “Sync Books” if it is unchecked.
4. Begin the sync process by clicking the “Sync” button at the bottom right corner.

12. Wait for the Sync to complete (Sync in Progress message will disappear from your iPad)
13. Unplug your iPad.
14. Locate and open your iBooks application.
15. On the bookshelf you should see your PDF Listing presentation.
16. To Navigate through the PDF Listing presentation you can swipe to the left or right.

Present your finalized and customized listing presentation with
your CMA using your iPad. You can store multiple presentations.

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