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					                     Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
                           October 6, 2011

  Deb Barker, Jason Brown, Jenni Choi, Angela Cox, Susan Davenport, Randy
  Decker, Linda DeSpain, Kathleen Duncan , Meredith Exline, Stephanie Flatten,
  Karen Flores, David Fraser, David Goin, Lee Ann Kuhlman, Stephanie McGuire,
  Angie Mote, Anita Nash, Jayne Roberts, Lynne Rowley, Susan Parks-Schlepp,
  Kim Shirley, Judy Thomas, Bret Towne, Julie Watts, Eileen West

  Public Information Officer, Susan Parks-Schlepp, opened the meeting with a
  welcome and a thank you for the wonderful food. She asked each council
  member to introduce him/herself.

 Chief Financial Officer, David Fraser, reviewed the Use of Facilities by
  Sanctioned Organization Policy.
 Any fundraising event held outside of the school day (in a school) will require
  payment of $15 per hour facility rental fee, and the organization must furnish a
  Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.
 The fee is not charged if the funds raised are deposited directly into the
  school’s activity account or if the activity is not a fundraiser and the building is
  open at the time of the event.

   Superintendent, Dr. David Goin, reviewed the upcoming November 8, 2011
    Bond Issue election.
   The district enrollment is up 650 students this year and has grown from
    17,075 in 1999 to 21,995 students today.
   Passage of the bond issue is extremely important so that the existing sites
    can be maintained and renovated and new sites and classrooms can be built
    to accommodate the growth.
   When the district renovates a school building every effort is made to
    maintain the architectural integrity of the structure.
   A super majority of 60% is required for a bond issue to pass.
   Edmond residents have passed the last 53 bond issues. If your child attends
    an Edmond school you are eligible to vote in the bond election.
   The district’s per pupil funding is low; therefore, it is necessary to include
    technology equipment, textbooks, library/media equipment, fine arts
    equipment, uniforms and child nutrition kitchen equipment in the bond issues.
   Edmond’s funding is low because of the low free and reduced lunch count,
    and the affluence of the community. As growth continues the area is
    becoming more diverse which should mean higher funding.
   The items appearing on the bond issue are determined by using the district’s
    6-year plan, needs and order that has been established for items such as
   The district will continue to participate in the Advanced Placement (AP)
    program despite the state’s discontinuing payment of $100 for each score
    above 3 on the tests. Edmond’s loss totals over $200,000. The state will
    continue partial funding of the AP program.
   The Power Point presentation and bond flyer have been attached to this
    document for your use at upcoming meetings.
   Mr. Fraser explained that the general operating budget for the school year
    is $134,371,000 and 94% of that is for salaries of district personnel.
   Because of student growth, 40 additional teachers have been hired. Also,
    the existing employees have received a salary increase.
   The $20,000,000 stimulus funding that has been in place over the last 2
    years along with the district’s prudent spending has allowed the district to
    emerge relatively unscathed while receiving double-digit funding cuts from
    the state. Currently the state funding level is up 7% and further increases
    are anticipated later in the school year.
   Additional costs will be incurred when the full day Kindergarten program is
    expanded to all of the elementary schools next year.
   The addition of the 650 new students should result in an increase of
    $3,500,000 in revenue.
   Mrs. Parks-Schlepp recognized the City of Edmond for their continued
    support of the schools. The City pays for 5 of the 6 Student Resource
    Officers (SROs), has provided turning lanes in front of the schools, in-
    pavement lighting and collaboration in building the swimming pool. The Fine
    Arts Institute was recognized at the September meeting.
   Randy Decker, Executive Director of Personnel, asked for volunteers to
    serve on a Social Media Committee to be formed. Call Mr. Decker’s office at
     340-2827 or email Judy Thomas at if you
     would like to serve on the committee.

Meeting Dates:   Dec 8 – Cimarron Middle School
                 Jan 12 – Northern Hills Elementary
                 Feb 9 – John Ross Elementary
                 Mar 8 – Centennial Elementary
                 Apr 5 – Cross Timbers Elementary
                 May 10 – Central Middle School

Next Meeting: Nov 10 – North High School
              9:45-11:00 a.m.

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