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					      The University of Arizona Libraries and Center for Creative Photography
                                       Revised March 6, 2007

Terms of Temporary Employment


Temporary Employees (Temps) are non-student employees who are hired with the
primary goal of supporting a team, either as fill-in-behind when a vacancy occurs, or to
work on a specific strategic project. Under normal circumstances, Temps will be hired
through a temporary employment agency.
     A Fill-In-Behind Temp is hired to do certain kinds of ongoing work resulting from
      a vacancy in a benefits-eligible Library position, whether academic professional,
      appointed personnel, or classified staff.
      o Ordinarily, that vacancy will have resulted from the resignation, retirement, or
          termination of the previous occupant of the position.
      o On rare occasions, a vacancy eligible for a Fill-In-Behind Temp will occur as a
          result of the long-term absence of a current employee on medical or personal
          leave; or as a result of an assignment to special duty elsewhere in the Library
          or on campus for a period longer than six (6) months. In these cases, the
          dean must approve the hiring of a Temp.
      o A team with a Library faculty member on sabbatical may not hire a Fill-In-
          Behind Temp, since those teams are required by Library policy to indicate
          that they can cover for the person on sabbatical.
     A Project Temp is hired to work on a specific functional or cross-functional team
     A Peak Use Temp is hired to assist with functional work which has predictable
      seasonal peaks that create more work than the functional team’s staffing model
      can support. Peak Use Temps may be rehired repeatedly, depending on their
      availability and the hiring team’s needs.
     An Extended Temp/University Temp is a temporary employee hired through The
      University of Arizona. These hires are rare, and only occur with the approval of
      the dean in situations such as those when benefits or a higher salary is required
      in order to generate a suitable pool of applicants, or when the temporary
      appointment is likely to last longer than six (6) months.

Duration of Employment: Fill-In-Behind Temps: Temporary employees hired on a fill-in-
behind basis may work no longer than six (6) months, with no possibility of extension.
Note: this portion of the policy does not apply to re-hired employees who return to the
Library to work on a part-time basis.

Duration of Employment: Project Temps: Temporary employees hired to work on a
specific strategic project may work until the project is completed.

Guarantees of Employment: Temporary agency employees work on a "daily" basis and
are not guaranteed any length of employment, although the Library may provide
estimates, both for fill-in-behind and project Temps. Both types of temporary
employees may be terminated for cause at any time.

Expectation of Re-Hire and/or Permanent Employment: Temporary employees have no
guarantee of re-hire, either in another temporary capacity or on a permanent basis.
This must be made clear during interviews and repeated at the time of hire.

Work That Should NOT Be Assigned to Temps: Cabinet and/or decision-making cross-
functional teams have determined that certain types of Library work are not appropriate
for temporary employees. Typically, these areas are those which require decisions
about and/or commitments of Library resources; policy making and/or interpretation;
contact and/or negotiation on the Library’s behalf with outside customers, stakeholders,
or suppliers; etc. Temps may be assigned support work related to the functions below,
as long as they are under the direction of a Library employee who has regularly
assigned responsibilities in the appropriate area.
     Connection development which involves initiating or building relationships with
       faculty or campus units
     Information resources management
     Reference services
     Cross-functional team assignments (such as SLRP and IRMMT, as distinguished
       from work on projects designed by permanent Library staff)

Approval Authority for Hiring Temporary Employees

    1. Fill-In-Behind Temps: Cabinet must approve funding for Fill-In-Behind Temps.
    2. Project Temps: Cabinet may approve funding for all other Project Temps.
    3. Peak Use Temps: Cabinet must approve wages for Temps hired to work on
       functional teams during seasonal peaks.
    4. Extended/University Temps: The dean must approve the hiring of an
       Extended/University Temp.

Temporary Agencies and Classifications

Each fiscal year, The University of Arizona Purchasing Department identifies local
temporary agencies which the Library can use, as well as available job classifications
and hourly pay rates. Currently there are 70 temporary classifications that range from
general to technical support.

In the Library, temporary agency employees can be hired for both Classified Staff and
Professional positions.

Teams approved for hiring Temps should contact HROE for information about
classifications currently in use by temporary employment agencies.

Temp Hiring Process & Responsibilities

1. Team Leader/Work Team Leader:
    The work/team leader is responsible for identifying a funding source (i.e. salary
      savings, emergency funding – less than $2,000 – from the dean, or one-time
      funding from Cabinet – $2,000 or more).
    The work/team leader is responsible for seeking and obtaining approval from
      Cabinet to hire temporary employee.
    The work/team leader is responsible for defining the job duties, knowledge, skills,
      and abilities needed to do temporary job. (Template available at
    The work/team leader is responsible for providing a temporary position
      description to HROE.
    HROE staff is responsible for reviewing the position description, assigning an
      appropriate classification, and forwarding the position description to a temporary
      agency to begin recruitment process.
    Work/team leaders may, if they choose, send names of prospective employees
      to the temporary agency. If the agency determines that these individuals meet
      the position description qualifications, they can be added to the referral list.
    The temporary agency is responsible for contacting the work/team leader
      regarding screening, application material, and the interview process.
    The work/team leader is responsible for notifying HROE of the name of the new
      temporary agency employee and his/her start date.
    The work/team leader is responsible for completing the “Temps Hiring Form”
    The work/team leader is responsible for providing the Temp with: a copy of job
      description, appropriate equipment and tools (e.g., terminal, email), orientation to
      the team (including a summary of the work/team services and customers), and
      work expectations (including work hours).
    The work/team leader is responsible for reviewing and approving the Temp’s
      weekly time card.
    The work/team leader is responsible for notifying the temporary agency when the
      Temp’s assignment has ended or when the Temp has been terminated.

2. ABaC$ Liaison:
    Provides monthly expenditure reports as a part of the wages & ops report to the
     dean and the team leader. The team wages & ops report will include the
     expense for Temps paid from Operations (for non-fill-in-behind).
    Processes vendor invoices to University Accounts Payable Department for

3. Temporary Employee:
    The Temp is responsible for adhering to temporary agency polices and
      procedures relating to time card procedures, leave polices and instructions

        pertaining to conduct and building regulations issued by the University of
       The Temp is responsible for faxing his/her weekly time card to the temporary
        agency by the assigned deadline.
       The Temp is responsible for requesting approval of leave dates from work/team
        leader prior to using any leave. All such leaves are unpaid.
       The Temp is responsible for reporting changes in personal information (e.g.,
        home address and phone number) directly to the temporary agency.
       The Temp is solely responsible for parking permits and any fines resulting from
        parking violations.

4. Temporary Agency Responsibilities:
    The temporary agency is responsible for advertising the position, screening for
      minimum qualifications and referring applicants based on the criteria listed in the
      position description.
    The temporary agency is responsible for providing, upon request, up to three (3)
      candidates for any given position for the Library to interview prior to hiring.
    The temporary agency is responsible for reviewing its policies and procedures
      relating to payroll, leave and benefits (if applicable).
    The temporary agency is responsible for issuing direct payment to the temporary
      agency employee, including payment of overtime (defined as time in excess of
      forty (40) hours per week). Weekend work shall not be considered overtime
      unless it is in excess of forty (40) hours.
    The temporary agency is responsible for maintaining employee records,
      accounts and reports.
    If the temporary agency knows that someone was asked by the Library not to
      return (for unsatisfactory performance or attendance problems) or was
      terminated by one unit of the Library, they should not refer that person for
      another temporary job in any part of the Library, regardless of whether the
      person meets the job description qualifications.

Work Boundaries for Temporary Agency Employees

       UA Students are not eligible to work as a temporary agency employee.
       Temporary agency employees are not eligible for Travel or Training funds.
       Temporary agency employees will not be asked to participate in scholarship or
        service activities. They are not members of the Library Faculty Assembly or the
        Staff Governance Association.
       Temporary agency employees are not eligible for salary increases issued by the
       Under special circumstances justified by the team leader, professional leave can
        be granted. An example would be attendance at a meeting which could
        reasonably be expected to result in a direct and immediate enhancement of their
        ability to do the temporary job for which they were hired.

       Except for Extended Temps, who are University employees, temporary
        employees may not be paid to attend Library meetings, workshops, etc., unless
        directed to do so by her/his supervisor in furtherance of assigned duties.


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