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					                   CEN-TEX TASO BASEBALL CHAPTER
                                   Meeting Minutes
                                       February 16, 2011

 I. Call to order
          Paul Miller (President) called to order a meeting of the general membership of the
          Cen-Tex TASO Baseball Chapter at 7:00 PM on Febraury 16, 2011, at the Cedar
          Park YMCA.

II. Roll call
          A sign-in sheet was located at the entrance of the meeting room. Attached sign-in
          sheet shows attendees and their signatures.

III. Open issues

                   Paul Miller: Non required situation discussion after meetings. Go to
                   proper position between innings. Do not coach players. Checks bats before
                   every game. Check for proper equipment & fit of equipment. Do not email
                   John asking for specific games. Sent email to all coaches and general
                   consensus is we are doing well. Test due March 23, mail answerds to Ken
                   or let Ken know if you take online.

                   John Wilson: Anyone needing scrimmage to get with John. Minimum of
                   4 scrimmages per member required or a $40 per scrimmage penalty will
                   be assessed to chapter dues. Try to stay as local as possible to prevent
                   excessive mileage. Tournaments are schedule so go in an accept or reject.

                   Ken on vacation so John spoke on some training
                   Mechanics – R1 on 2nd base umpire takes R1 to 3rd
                   Get batters interference
                   Get to field 30 to 45 minutes prior to game & let the coach know
                   Mention no jewelry at the plate meeting
                   Take care of things during the scrimmages to training and prepare for

                   Jason Whitehead: Read meeting minutes from Jan 5. Gary Lawrence
                   motioned to accept as read, Tim Flores 2nd, motion approved. Read
                   meeting minutes from Jan 19 with 1 ammendment. John Davis motioned
                   to accept as read with ammendment, George Flores 2nd, motion approved.
                   Read meeting minutes from Feb 2. Gary Lawrence motioned to accept as
                   read, Gordon Glaze 2nd, motion approved. Get Forms & Dues in ASAP.
                   Chapter dues due March 15th.
IV. New business

V. Adjournment
       Motion to adjourn made by Gordon Glaze and seconded by Steven Lockhart
       Paul Miller adjourned the meeting at 8:01 PM.

  Minutes submitted by: Jason Whitehead

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