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									20                 ANDREWES, MOUNTAIN SEED CO., LT D                           .   ,    133 KING STREET ElAST, TORONTO

                                                                                                    CARTERS SUNRISE TOMATO
 5676 The    Canadian.     Introduced by the Ontario    (Canada)
     Agricultural College. being a cross between Bonny Best
     Hnd  F::l1'liHna. P la nt growth resem bles Earliana, while                                So many stocks of Sunrise Tomato of inferior
     the smooth scnrlet fruit is larger i t is less globy, but                                Quality are now offered that we wish to inform
     'xceedingly solid. having few seeds.  Exceptionally early.                               our cnstomer::; that only the 1atest selection f\f our
     productive and very hardy.                                                               own original type: is offered by us.

      Price per Pkt.     ............ 15c.;   '4.   oz. 50.;   1 oz. $1.50
                                                                                         First  Class   Certificate, R.H.S.-indoor  cultivation. F.C.C.
                                                                                       Confirmed as Outdoor variety after growth at Wisley. An ex·
                                                                                       tensive trial of Tomatoes was made by the Royal Horticultural
                                                                                       Society, 71 varieties being sent in by the leading houses. The
                                                                                       only First Class Certificate, and the following note was given
                                                                                       to Carters Sunrise:-

                                                                                         "Tomatoes have reached such perfection that it is now
                                                                                       very difficult to raise a variety superior to those already in
                                                                                       commerce. In this trial only one stood out as being of ex·
                                                                                       ceptional vllue. viz., Sunri:;e. It is some time since such a
                                                                                       high h0110ur has been granted to a Tomato."

                                                                                         Sunrise was included in 10 Gold Medal Exhibits,                                                1D28.

                                                                                               5617-TOMATO,                                    CARTERS                     SUNRISE
                                                                                                . . '.
                                                                                   5617 Carters Sunrise.

                                                                                                                                                                        Pkt .   1,4 oz.          1 oz.
                                                                                            Price   per   .....................                                         15c.     55e.            $1.90

                                                                                   5575 Carters Golden Sunrise.-Although there seems to be a
             5572-TOMATO, CARTERS EPICURE
                                                                                        general prejudice against yellow Tomatoes, we believe this
                                                                                        kind has a great future befor.. it. A golden prototype of
5572 Carters Epicure.-A seedling from Sunrise, crossed with
                                                                                        our famous Sunrise, it is a heavy cropper of handsome
     a selection from Duke of York, the fruit is intermediate
                                                                                        medium-sized fruits. The flavour is remarkably iood,
     in type, between these two varieties, being larger and a
                                                                                        being slightly more !1cid than red varieties.
     little less spherical than Sunrise, but not possessing the
     flatness of Duke of York.                  '
                                                                                           Price per Pkt.              . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . • . . . . . .      15e.
     Both in our indoor and outdoor trials, this new tomato
     has proved itself of exceptonal merit, being particularly
     thick fleshed, and containing very few seeds.                                 5600 Carters Perfection.-Quite distinct from any other variety
     The trusses average 8-10 fruit of very even size. We                               named Perfection. It is very handsome in form, distinct
     know of no variety which produces ouch !1 high percent­                            in colour, exceedingly prolific and of exquisite flavour.
     age of even-sized fruits, it being quite exceptional to find
    any either larger or smaU�r than the normal type.                                                                                                                   Pkt.    % oz.            1 OL
                                                                                           Price    per   ..   .   .   .   . .   . . . .   .   .   . . .   ..   .   .   10c.    45e.         $1.35
      Per    Pkt. ...................................           25c.

5677 Ponderosa.-Without a doubt this is the             largest Tomato             5625 Ornamental Mixed, Carters.-A mixture of all small var·
     grown. The fruits are solid and of a'              bright crimson                  ieties, currant, cherry, plum in red and yellow. In addi·
     colour.                                                                            tion to being ornamental all the fruit is edible, and very
                                                                                        attr�ctive for using \Vh�le in salads.
                                          Pkt.         * oz.           1 oz.
     Price   per                          15e.         40c.            75c.                Price    per   Pkt.             ..............................                                 10..


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