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					REHAU Awarded Contract to Construct Turf Conditioning System at New Cincinnati Bengals Stadium

LEESBURG, Va., August 30, 2000 - REHAU Incorporated has announced award of a contract for a turf
conditioning installation project at the new Cincinnati Bengals stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The turf conditioning system will consist of nearly 40 miles of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) pipe buried
deep in a gravel bed beneath the grass roots. Warm water is circulated through the PEX pipe via a
specialized manifold system located under the sidelines of the field. A central electronic system heats the
water to a level at which the root zone temperature remains optimal for growth throughout the year.

The goal of the turf conditioning system is to keep the field maintained at 60° to 65°F at the root zone in order
to promote grass growth and facilitate turf management. Using a sophisticated electronic central system, the
circulated water is heated to precisely the right water temperature to keep the root zone at optimal growing
temperatures year round. The temperatures can also be altered at any time under the discretion of the turf

The turf conditioning system is comprised of several REHAU radiant heating products, including REHAU's
EVERLOC® cold expansion compression fittings and RAUPEX® pipe. EVERLOC fittings enable <'' RAUPEX
to easily and permanently attach to distribution headers.

"REHAU has more than thirty years of production and installation experience with the RAUPEX product,"
stated REHAU heating & plumbing product department manager Bill Johansen. "RAUPEX has been utilized
in more than a dozen similar systems throughout the world that are living proof of the product's reliability and
REHAU Incorporated, with North American headquarters in Leesburg, Va., is a leading international
processor of polymers and compounds, and manufactures more than 40,000 component parts. With 160
locations in 51 countries worldwide, REHAU serves customers in many diverse industries, including
automotive, furniture, building and construction, piping, heating, plumbing, windows and doors, agriculture,
beverage dispensing, and appliances.

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