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					Thank You Letter to House Staffer
[If faxing, insert your foundation’s letterhead]

[Insert Date]

[Insert staff full name]
Office of the Honorable [insert Representative's full name]
[Insert Room #, Name of Building]
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Mr. /Ms. [Insert staff last name]:

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and [other group members, if any] on
March 17th while we were in Washington, DC for Foundations on the Hill. As constituents
of Representative [insert last name], we enjoyed talking with you about the good work of
our foundations and our mutual interests in growing philanthropy in ways that both merit
the public trust and effectively address the needs of our communities.

During the meeting, we discussed the private foundation excise tax, the Public Good IRA
Rollover Act of 2009 and the Congressional Philanthropy Caucus. We would appreciate it if
Representative [insert Representative's last name] signs on as a co-sponsor of the excise
tax (H.R. 4090), IRA Rollover (H.R.1250) and joins the House Philanthropy Caucus.

Again, thank you for meeting with our group. Please feel free to contact me by phone
(insert phone number) or e-mail (insert e-mail address) for additional information
about our foundation or philanthropy in [insert district number, community name, or
region]. You are also welcome to contact the Council on Foundations in Arlington, VA at
(703/879-0600) or the [insert regional association name] (insert regional association
phone number).


[Insert your full name. If e-mail, insert your full address as well.]

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