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Dissertation Databases: Types and Uses of These Resources


Dissertation databases are created to offer collections of many dissertations on different topics

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									Article was written as part of the internship program at
Dissertation Databases: Types and Uses of These Resources
Necessity is the mother of invention and as such, the necessity of reference
to dissertations has led to the creation of various dissertation databases.
Students are asked to write various custom essays and they often find
themselves looking for places to research from. Dissertation databases are
very useful and since their access is unlimited, they are very popular
especially among the scholarly population.
Online dissertation databases
•         There are various websites that have been created to serve as
dissertation databases. These are administered by those who created them.
•         These dissertation databases work in a way such that there are
accounts which are created on them. These accounts belong to the
dissertation writers and they post their dissertations there.
•         The students then come and search the dissertation database
through the title and the subject of the dissertation. These are then either
downloaded or viewed online and can be the references quoted in other
dissertations created by the students browsing the site.
•        Most dissertation databases enforce security measures that prevent
the copying of information on their sites. They enforce this through scanning
the dissertations posted on the database for copied material. Those found to
be copied are discarded.
Library dissertation databases
•          These dissertation databases are found in public libraries and those
in institutions of higher learning. They are hardcopy printed dissertations that
can be used as research materials by other people writing dissertations on
the same topic.
•         Those doing academic writing and have no access to the internet
find these dissertation databases very useful since they are able to do their
research without having to invest money in additional infrastructure for
internet access.
These databases have been very useful especially the online ones since they
have access to custom term papers from all corners of the earth. Students
are advised to make use of these when doing research work.

Article was written as part of the internship program at

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